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# 07, July 2011

Science and Education
Neural network based blood glucose level prediction in type I diabetes patients
# 07, July 2011
DOI: 10.7463/0711.0199871
A.P. Karpenko, K.N. Kosorukov, A.A. Saburov, S.,A. Chernetsov
The research was a part of the project aimed at developing an automated optimal insulin dose forecasting system, which, when combined with an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system, could serve as an artificial pancreas. Paper investigates the effectiveness of neural network algorithms for predicting the blood glucose values in type I diabetes patients. The aim is to choose the optimal neural network and its training algorithm for use in predicting optimal doses of insulin. This research was performed using a software system MatLab.
Business continuity management of datawarehouse
# 07, July 2011
A.S. Markov
The problems of a datawarehouse business continuity based on the methods of control and database recovery are discussed. The analysis of a limited stochastic control of databases in comparison with a known deterministic approach is done.
Methodical positions of working out UN Regulations, as an element of risk management in the motor transportation systems
# 07, July 2011
V.V. Komarov
In the article technical and legal aspects of a problem of working out the international documents, establishing safety requirements to wheeled vehicles, are analyzed. Practice and approaches to establishment of scope of the United Nations Regulations, attached to the 1958 Geneva agreement, are in detail considered. Methodical positions of working out UN Regulations, as an element of risk management in the motor transportation systems, included into the international documents, are presented. 
Multidimensional matrix algebra for adapted data model processing
# 07, July 2011
D.V. Eliseev, A.V. Baldin
The article is devoted development of the mathematical tool for processing of the adapted data model. The generalized structure of the multidimensional space which describes the relational model is offered for the adapted data model. The offered structure of multidimensional space is considered as a multidimensional matrix. The multidimensional matrix set based on the multidimensional matrix of the whole multidimensional space defines various parts of this space. Different operations for the multidimensional matrix set are entered and the multidimensional matrix algebra is defined.
About indefiniteness of own frequency of a drosselling hydraulic actuator.
# 07, July 2011
D.N. Popov, A.A. Knyajanskii
The wave model a current of liquid in a hydraulic actuator is considered. It is shown that own frequency of a drosselling hydraulic actuator can decrease in 1,41 times at the identical weight led to a target link. As a result of numerical experiments influence of nonlinearity of a dynamic characteristic on self-oscillatory processes arising in a hydraulic actuator is defined. Results of numerical experiments have been compared with results of tests of the hydro-mechanical monitor drive applied in laboratory installation of chair E-10 "The hydromechanics, the hydrocars and Hydro-pneumatic Systems" MSTU named after N. E. Bauman. Values of frequencies of self-oscillations received at tests of the laboratory sample of a hydromechanical actuator and registered at numerical experiments are almost equal and differ from calculated on linear mathematical model in 1,41 times. Thus, it is possible to conclude that the decrease in own frequency of self-oscillations of a hydromechanical drive found out at mathematical modeling represents the facts.
Hardware implementation of Berlekamp-Massey key equation solver for Reed-Solomon codes in FPGA
# 07, July 2011
S.V. Fedorov
A review of different aproaches for decoding Reed-Solomon codes in terms of hardware cost and performance is given. We have developed a modified version of the key equation solver for Reed-Solomon decoder based on the Berlekamp-Massey algorithm. A distinctive feature of the proposed implementation is the combination of size and speed, which places it between existing implementations based on Berlekamp-Massey and Euclid algorithms.
Efficiency of thin films deposition in vacuum as object of quality management
# 07, July 2011
M.A. Kolesnik, L.L. Kolesnik
Questions of effective quality management system for production with required properties are considered. Methodology of finding key setting of technology process and building quality area which can guarantee getting production with required features is shown by example of multilayers thin films depositions on large area substrates.
Collapsibility conditions. Sufficiency theorems and enumeration
# 07, July 2011
A.N. Bojko
This article is a continuation of works devoted to the modeling of mechanical linkages machinery and mechanical appliances. To describe the positional relationships of mechanical products author is offering to use the language of hypergraphs. It is shown that this medium is an adequate model-based environment and can provide product assembly process as a sequence of normal contractibility of the hyperedges. The necessary conditions for the contractibility of the general form of hypergraphs. We prove sufficient conditions for a number of important cases. The technique of enumeration contracted hypergraph. We obtain recurrence relations that allow to find the number of such objects with n vertices.
New in cutting process
# 07, July 2011
DOI: 10.7463/0711.0195080
V.M. Yaroslavtsev
It is shown that cutting is an explosion modification, and the data confirming this statement are given. New concepts of deforming and destruction at cutting are presented; a combined physical-technological model of the process of chip formation and formation of surface layer quality is elaborated. A new version of classical "σi–εi" diagram, namely, diagram of large deformations for dynamic destruction is proposed. A common mechanism of formation at metal cutting of chip of any type is theoretically substantiated. It is shown that physics of high dynamic pressures can serve as a research basis for machining by cutting. Figs. 2. Tabs. 3.
Modeling of viscoelastic properties and mechanical behavior of polymeric composite leaf springs
# 07, July 2011
N.N. Staroverov, G.O. Kotiev, I.Z. Dashtiev
The method of hysteretic damping systems modeling using fractional calculus is analysed in this article. Mathematical model of mechanical viscoelastic behavior of composite leaf spring with polymer interleaves is described. The properties of the model is analysed in the article, the calculation of ride comfort parameters of the vehicle with such leaf springs is made.
Modelling support of the learning systems. The review
# 07, July 2011
DOI: 10.7463/0715.0193116
A.P. Karpenko, A.A. Dobryakov
The paper presents the review of the basic mathematical models used in modern learning systems. We discuss the models of knowledge, the learner, the learning process, the control of educational achievements, and also some other models. As models of knowledge we present the frame-model, formal-logic models and models based on semantic networks. Such classes of the pupil models, as overlay models, imitating models, difference models, perturbation and stereotypical models are considered. From all variety of the training process models the review includes the models based on the Petry networks, probability models and the models based on the finite-state automations. As models of the control of educational achievements of the learner the paper presents the models based on the classical test theory (CTT) and models based on the item response theory (IRT).
A hypergraps operations application for partitioning networks
# 07, July 2011
V.A. Ovchinnikov, A.A. Plamadyalov
In this paper, we present the two realizations networks partitioning: in set operations and with using hypergraph operations. The second variant partitioning description is more compact and clear. The asymptotic computation complexity of both realizations is equal. The formal description of multilevel hypergraph partitioning is received. This description make possible easily to estimate the transformations that demand very large quantity actions.
Theoretical prerequisites and the practical realization of the electric-contact welding of wire with the braking of the contact roller
# 07, July 2011
V.V. Bulychev
The theoretical prerequisites of an increase in strength of the electric-contact welding of wire due to its slippage on the base layer are examined. The method of welding with the braking of contact roller and the results of its use with the forming of multilayer coatings is examined.


The tools for z/OS & Linux operation systems installation and maintanance: comparison
# 07, July 2011
E.V. Smirnova, I.K. Bolshakov, A.S. Kostyrko
The article is for comparison analysis between the operation system z/OS and Linux which operate with mainframes. The comparison criteria are flexibility and manageability of the installation and support tools working with the software.. Because of every installation of the operation system rate on a proper applied tasks, the complex of installed applied software is very important as well as the supporting process also. To maintain the installation and the applied software, and operation system components themselves there are a special tools for every operation system. The article would be interested for students studying mainframes and for specialists who work with operation systems.

Foreign Education

FIJI: University Aplenty
# 07, July 2011
For a small islands nation, Fiji has too many universities that are creating waste and un-necessary duplication of roles and courses, a Fiji-born lawyer and former diplomat has said, writes Samisoni Pareti for Islands Business.And Ravindran Robin Nair, who held the rare distinction of serving as a lawyer and diplomat for the governments of the country of his birth, Fiji, and his adopted country Australia, is proposing major changes to the focus and structure of the three universities currently based in Fiji - the University of the South Pacific (USP), University of Fiji (UOF) and the Fiji National University (FNU).
CHINA: Foreign Universities Plan More Local Alliances in China to Attract Greater Student Numbers Amid Rising Demand
# 07, July 2011
Foreign universities are getting ready to grab a bigger slice of the education pie in China by firming up their existing partnerships and forging new alliances with Chinese educational institutions. Much of the optimism in Western academic institutions stems from China's strong economic growth, the increased spending power of its citizens and its growing demand for quality education.At the same time, several extraneous factors like the global financial crisis and economic weakness in the United States and Europe have also forced several of these venerable educational institutions to seek greener pastures in countries such as China and India to offset their flagging revenues.
AUSTRALIA: International Student Fees Keeping Universities Afloat
# 07, July 2011
AUSTRALIAN universities are so chronically under-funded in their teaching activities that every domestic undergraduate is effectively subsidised to the tune of $1200 by international student fees. That almost matches the commonwealth's own subsidy for domestic law and business students of $1765 a year.Glyn Davis, vice-chancellor of the University of Melbourne, yesterday warned that this reliance meant that crashing international student numbers risked undermining the Gillard government's policies to dramatically boost domestic university participation.
IRELAND: Measuring the Yield from Research Spending
# 07, July 2011
A hard-hitting review of engineering research in Irish universities and its potential for making a contribution to economic development was recently published by the Irish Academy of Engineering, writes Professor John Kelley for the Irish Times.The figures show that in the four years from 2005 to 2009, the last government spent EUR1.35 billion (US$1.9 billion) of public funds on research in universities, with 85% allocated to the disciplines in sciences, 8% to engineering and 7% to other, mostly arts, disciplines.
UK: Two English Universities Consider Going Private
# 07, July 2011
Two English universities are actively considering becoming private institutions, research suggests.This would mean they would no longer get direct funding for research or teaching from the government. The government has said it wants to open up the system to private providers of higher education.The two universities, which have not been named, took part in a survey of vice chancellors by management consultants PA Consulting Group.
THE NETHERLANDS: Universities to Get Tougher
# 07, July 2011
Dutch universities are planning to introduce a range of measures, including compulsory attendance at lectures, in an effort to boost standards. As well as making lectures and exams compulsory, universities want to reduce the number of retakes and increase student selection.
S. Korean Textbooks to be Digitized by 2015
# 07, July 2011
South Korea will digitize all textbooks for elementary, middle and high school students by 2015, the government said Wednesday.The plan for "smart education," which requires about 2.23 trillion won (2.07 billion U.S. dollars), aims to materialize instructional methods customized to each student's level of ability, according to a report submitted to President Lee Myung- bak by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the President's Council on "Information Strategies."Under the plan, digital textbooks will be introduced in elementary schools in 2014 and will be expanded to middle and high schools the following year, the government said.
SOUTH AFRICA: Students Keen to Learn an African Language
# 07, July 2011
Multilingualism advocates say there is considerable evidence that university students and academics are keen to learn an African language as part of their courses, writes Dianne Hawker for the Independent Online.A group of academics who call themselves the South African Interest Group on Multilingualism plan to meet in September to discuss ways in which universities and academics can promote the use of and instruction in African languages at university level.
UK: Tuition Fees Increase Could Spell Return of Polytechnics
# 07, July 2011
Colleges charging less than £6,000 a year in tuition fees will be free to recruit more students under government proposals that could lead to a new generation of polytechnic-style institutions teaching vocational skills.A forthcoming white paper is expected to herald the expansion of employer-focussed education in courses ranging from engineering and social care to zoology and graphic design.Further education colleges could form a new generation of polytechnics – although the term is unlikely to be revived – offering a "no frills" alternative to the classic university experience of spending three years away from home.
KENYA: Colleges to be Elevated to Universities
# 07, July 2011
The Vision 2030 directorate has called for a well-planned elevation of tertiary colleges to universities, even as orders for elevation of Narok, Kisii and Dedan Kimathi colleges to fully fledged universities by Commission for Higher Education (CHE) seemed certain. The CHE has also earmarked five other mid-level colleges to be elevated to university-college status, bringing the number of such institutions to 20.They include Kibabii Diploma Teachers, Kirinyaga Institute of Technology, Garissa Teachers Training, Taita Taveta and Machakos Teachers Training.
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