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Development of a program complex for solving inverse problems of chemical kinetics and its implementation in a virtual test bed
# 07, July 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0713.0601521
K.F. Koledina, I.M. Gubaidullin
In this paper the authors formulated an inverse problem of chemical kinetics and analyzed existing software systems allowing one to determine kinetic parameters. A database of kinetic studies was designed, developed and implemented; a methodology of a parallel computing process was also formulated in this work. A software complex that allows one to simulate chemical processes in distributed virtual test beds was developed and integrated into the DiVTB system. This work is supported by RFBR (grant № 12-07-31029, № 12-07-00324) and the Federal Target Program "Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia " for 2009 – 2013 (Government Contract N 14.B37.21.2088).
77-48211/369475 Optimization of routes on road network
# 05, May 2012
V.P. Stepanov
 The author proposes an algorithm of solving the problem of determination of optimal and all near-optimal routes from one point to another. The problem was turned into determination of multiple paths between two nodes in the graph representing the city. A modification of the Dijkstra algorithm was proposed to solve the problem. The algorithm was implemented in JAVA as a software system. The calculations carried out by means of a program complex showed the efficiency of the algorithm when solving good-sized problems.
77-48211/368573 Methods of digital signal processing of diaphragm type tactile sensors
# 05, May 2012
A.I. Vlasov, V.B. Steshenko, V.A. Nesterov, E.V. Myslovskii
 Nowadays, tactile sensors are widely used in robotics, biomedicine, construction activities and mechanical industry – everywhere, where it’s necessary to respond to physical contact. This article considers methods of digital signal processing of diaphragm type tactile sensors.
77-48211/368628 Methods of Dummy-structure optimal allocation
# 05, May 2012
A.A. Gladkih, V.V. Makarchuk, V.M. Kureichik
 The article deals with methods of dummy-structure allocation on the patterns of topological layers of VLSIC, allowing to minimize the crystal surface remanent relief when creating multilayer metal coating. These methods are based both on simulation of chemico-mechenical planarization operation (CMP) (MBDF) and usage of filling rules (RBDF). The authors present an algorithm of calculation of local density of VLSIC topological layer filling. This local density filling was used in the method of topology filling with dummy-figures based on simulation of CMP operation.
77-30569/308104 Optimization of transient processes in technical systems using simplex method and MatLab system
# 02, February 2012
V.Yu. Aliver
The author developed a complex of programs allowing to automate numerical multiple criteria optimization of transient processes. The simplex method and MatLab system were used for optimization. The complex is convenient, easy to expand and applicable for a wide range of technical systems.
77-30569/275638 Computerized complex for testing outboard motors.
# 12, December 2011
V.I. Belyakov, V.A. Graf
The authors studied a complex for acceptance, periodic and a number of special tests of boat motors which have a power of up to 5hp on the basis of using a personal computer and industrial logical controller on FGUP “MMPP” “Salut”. The test complex consists of hydromechanical, information-measuring and dynamoelectric subsystems, drive of the gas handle, section of boat motors preparation. Hydromechanical subsystem contains a test counter with a force measuring transom board. The information-measuring subsystem contains gauges of boat motor physical quantities and of environment (9 gauges: frequency of rotation of the crankshaft of internal combustion engine; thrust of screw propeller; temperature of the water in discharge; and others). The basis of the dynamoelectric subsystem is a high-speed servomechanism of alternating current. Advantages of the test complex are the following:  high accuracy and objectivity; minimization of time and reduction of the cost of tests; possibility of conducting complex tests during a short period of time.
The tools for z/OS & Linux operation systems installation and maintanance: comparison
# 07, July 2011
E.V. Smirnova, I.K. Bolshakov, A.S. Kostyrko
The article is for comparison analysis between the operation system z/OS and Linux which operate with mainframes. The comparison criteria are flexibility and manageability of the installation and support tools working with the software.. Because of every installation of the operation system rate on a proper applied tasks, the complex of installed applied software is very important as well as the supporting process also. To maintain the installation and the applied software, and operation system components themselves there are a special tools for every operation system. The article would be interested for students studying mainframes and for specialists who work with operation systems.
Multithreaded searching the signals with given correlative properties on SMP-systems
# 12, December 2010
A.A. Chusov, A.A. Kovylin, L.G. Statsenko, Yu.V. Mirgorodskaya
The article introduces a program application for searching binary codes of variable length that have given autocorrelative and mutual correlative properties. Side lobes of them must be less than given values. The article contains speed analysis of the program working in the single threaded and multithreaded modes, conditions of speed reductions specific for multithreaded environment on the assumption of probability equations that are also introduced in the text.
Information technology and the physical experiment in teaching research laboratory of mechanics
# 11, November 2010
V.V. Dubinin, V.V. Vitushkin, A.V. Pashkov
The article represents the basic results of long-term work on creation and introduction to educational process of the automated laboratory at courses «Theoretical mechanics» and «the Theory of fluctuations». The short description of eight laboratory installations is given. Each of them is a hardware-software complex which gives the chance to automate made experiments both at the task of operating modes of installations, and at processing of results. The basic directions of researches connected with creation of laboratory and with its further use in educational process and in research work are stated.
Experience in the practical application of the method of adapting of interfaces of users on the terminology of a data domain in systems of creation and usage of distributed heterogeneous informational resources
# 11, November 2010
Y.S. Shevnina
This article describes how we used the method to adapt user interfaces to the terminology of subject areas in the systems of formation and use of distributed heterogeneous information resources in developing the working space department of the university.
The program module for input of mathematical functions on C #
# 04, April 2010
A.B. Djamanbayev, O.G. Petrosyan
In article creation possibility in the ready project of a special window for input from the keyboard of mathematical expressions, carrying out of numerical calculations and construction of schedules is considered.
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