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# 1, January 2007

Science and Education
The calculation and analysis of heat liberation inopportuneness coefficient in piston engines
# 1, January 2007
Calculated research of the heat input inopportuneness coefficient under characteristics of allocation and removal of heat in a piston engine are resulted here. The analysis of determining factors of size of the heat input inopportuneness coefficient and its formation in development of a cycle is given in this work. In a basis of research is put the accumulated experience of use of a method of the analysis of the internal-combustion engine indicated efficiency.
Information support system of vocational guidance in engineering education
# 1, January 2007
The information system «Vocational guidance» is developed for problems of vocational guidance solving.  Diagnostics of professional gift in the information system is made by means of the expert system entering into its structure. The productional model is chosen as a model of knowledge representation. Several experts’ opinions are considered by means of an expert judgement method for reduction of a subjectivity degree. For knowledge uncertainty processing it is offered to use the combined method on basis of three methods: Chris-Naylor, Shortleaf and Buchanan, Dempster-Sheifer. To E.L. Klimov’s classifier the additional group of trades uniting interdisciplinary specialties is added. Entrants monitoring is carried out in the subsystem of the cartographical analysis with use of GIS-technologies.
The methods of structural models representation
# 1, January 2007
In this paper matrix and analytic methods of graph structural models representation are analyzed and systematized. Methods of hierarchic models representation are suggested. Relationship features of model elements are determined and representation methods are characterized.    
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