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# 01, January 2012

Science and Education
77-30569/242645 Database constructor on basis of entities and their properties with possibility of normalization
# 01, January 2012
MVinogradova, EIgushev
The authors consider principles of creating database constructors which have a convenient graphical user interface and a universal normalization tool. The constructor allows operating not only with attributes and functional dependences, but also with entities which unite attributes. The database structure normalization algorithm is based on Ullman algorithm which additionally carries out analysis of keys entry into determinants and dependant parts of functional dependences, and which also reveals entities unambiguously determining one another. The algorithm is adapted to the presence - in the structure - of not only attributes but also entities that unite attributes.

Machine Building and Engineering Science

77-30569/325824 Industrial safety through technological capabilities of ultra-jet diagnostics
# 01, January 2012
A.L. Galinovsky, A.A. Barzov, O.A. Elagina, A.V. Berestov
This article deals with the prospective use of diagnostic ultra-fluid jet in order to ensure the safety of industrial plants. The basic approaches to implementation of this technology, its purpose, features, functionally - diagnostic capabilities and etc. were considered in this work. Some results of theoretical and experimental studies were included.
77-30569/306686 Influence of an error in running-in of flexible gear on the kinematic error VZP-80
# 01, January 2012
S.E. Lyuminarskii
The article depicts the origin of harmonic drive kinematic error. Basing on computer calculation, the author studied influence of the accumulated error of the flexible gear pitch on the drive kinematic error dependence. It is shown that at low loads side clearance may significantly increase kimematic error of the drive.
77-30569/303217 Studying feasibility of replacing Allen-Bradley carbonic pressure sensors with over-the-counter resistors
# 01, January 2012
S.G. Andreev
Linear calibration dependencies were obtained under static stress with pressures up to 100 MPa for the following resistor types: Xicon, SEI Electronics, Russian TBO resistors and reference Allen-Bradley resistors. Under dynamic loads with pressures up to 0.5 GPa, calibration dependency for a Xicon resistor (rated resistance 470 Ohm, dissipation power 0.25 Wt) is shown to nearly match that of an Allen-Bradley sensor. Feasibility of using Allen-Bradley carbonic sensor calibration dependencies for Xicon resistors is asserted for the pressure range of 5 to 7 GPa. Authentic oscilloscope records of various symmetry flows in homogeneous and heterogeneous mediums, including explosive ones, are provided in order to testify feasibility of using over-the-counter Xicon resistors instead of well-known Allen-Bradley sensors.
77-30569/260312 Method of generating design solutions for assembly of the product, using oriented hypergraphs
# 01, January 2012
V.A. Tarasov, P.V. Kruglov
This article deals with the discrete multistep method of assembly technology selection with finite number of selection options on each step. It’s suggested to generate the set of allowed selection options automatically with the usage of oriented hypergraphs. The hypergraph is defined with the set of vertices – parts to be assembled, and the set of edges – assembly operations. The proposed method is based on the system of constraints on allowed assembly variants in the form of oriented hypergraph, introduced by a developer, followed by generating of the full solutions set, with these constraints taken in the account.
77-30569/259988 Model representation of two-phase zone for calculating the shrinkage porosity in nickel superalloy castings
# 01, January 2012
D.V. Romanov
In this article the mathematical model of shrinkage defect in  nickel superalloys was introduced. Several important models dendritic skeleton permeability of two-phase zone were considered. The output of original permeability coefficient model was shown. This model takes in account the influence of casting microstructure on the nature of processes in two-phase zone. The simulation of quasi-stationary directed crystallization of nickel superalloy was carried out. The results of this simulation are in good qualitative and quantitative correlation with known experimental data.
77-30569/256412 Imitating models of hydropressed conical pressure coupling
# 01, January 2012
S.L. Zayarnyi
In this article the imitating models of hydropressed conical pressure coupling were developed. The constructive and technological features of the coupling were taken in the account. Conditions of oil layer forming in the coupling both for static and dynamic processes were defined. The results of numeric experiment for static process are included. The algorithm for dynamic numeric experiment is described. An application domain of the imitating models is defined. Effectiveness of the imitating model usage is shown.

Constructional Material Processing in Machine Building

77-30569/256359 The dynamic of cathode spots movement along the cathode surface in transverse magnetic field
# 01, January 2012
D.V. Duhopel'nikov, D.V. Kirillov, S.A. Schurenkova
The effect of the value of arc magnetic field induction and discharge current on the speed of cathode spots on a cold cathode of vacuum-arc evaporation system in inert and reactive gas atmosphere was explored. The cathode spots’ speed dependence from the value of the magnetic field induction and discharge current was investigated. It was shown that the induction and discharge current increasing leads to a rise of the cathode spots’ speed. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether we use reactive or inert gas.

Transportation, Mining and Construction Machine Building

77-30569/346660 Design procedure of characteristics of a pneumo-hydraulic operated suspension bracket with a two-level damping of multi-wheeled vehicles
# 01, January 2012
M.M. Jileikin, G.O. Kotiev, E.B. Sarach
Required level of a damping of multi-basic oscillatory system depends on character of external indignation. In connection with this, regulation of the characteristic of damping, depending on operating modes of amortization systems, is one of the basic directions of their further improvement. This direction for improvement of quality of suspension systems of multi-wheeled vehicles (MWV) with quantity of axes more than three is rather perspective. Mathematical model and design procedure of design parameters of a pneumo-hydraulic spring with counter-pressure and two-level damping were developed for operated suspension brackets of MWV. The example of calculation of spring for suspension bracket of the MWV with the wheel formula 8x8 in the lump of 60 tons was included in this article.
77-30569/330258 Results of numerical simulation of rectilinear motion of two-component wheeled transport system on deformable rock mantle
# 01, January 2012
V.A. Gorelov
Some ways to improve the passability of multi-component wheeled transport systems were presented. Urgency of the development of mathematical apparatus for conduction of theoretical studies of rectilinear dynamics of various road-trains at the design stage with different characteristics of hitch mechanisms and in case of separate component movement. The results of mathematical simulation of two-component wheeled transport system’s dynamics on rock mantle for the following cases: combined component movement with different characterisrics of hitch mechanism and separate movement of passive trailed unit by means of auxiliary in case of different character of draft force application. Conclusions about conducted theoretical studies of transport system’s dynamics were generalized.
77-30569/260341 Mathematical modeling of screw oil-filled compressor’s working processes
# 01, January 2012
I.V. Filippov
Nowadays there is no method reliable enough to calculate the set of important screw oil-filled compressor parameters analitically, in particular, parameters of inner compression and injection. The results of the survey, included in the article, have allowed creating a mathematical model of different processes, taking place in screw oil-filled compressor, and developing the methods for the calculating of inner compression and injection parameters. The comparative analysis of theoretical and experimental results showed good correlation between each other, that means this method can be recommended for the forecasting of the compressor working mode and calculating the basic parameters of this mode.

Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling

77-30569/312834 NP-hard of step backward problem in generalized cellular automaton
# 01, January 2012
P.G. Klyucharev
 Step backward problem for generalized cellular automaton was proved to be NP-hard in this article. This problem can be described as follows: to obtain the initial states of defined automaton when its states after the first step are given. The existence of polynomial solution algorithm for this problem was also proved for the case when local coupling function of generalized cellular automaton was binary. Obtained results have theoretical significance and can be applied to justify cryptosecurity of encryption algorithms based on generalized cellular automaton.
77-30569/282121 The calculation of optimal recovery for the model system with parallel structure
# 01, January 2012
I.V. Pavlov
 For model systems with parallel structure established formula for the main characteristics of quality and reliability of the system, which then gives a formula for numerical calculation of optimal critical level ofbeginning repair in the system, as well as established  approximate analytic formula for the basic characteristics of an optimal rule of repair.

Instrument Engineering, Metrology and Information-Measuring Devices and Systems

77-30569/316296 Method of selection of classification characteristics in pattern recognition problems of complex spatial objects
# 01, January 2012
S.P. Gulevitch, R.A. Shevchenko, S.P. Pryadkin, Yu.G. Veselov
The methodology of selecting of classifiers’ features was described in this article; these classifiers were used in processing of diffraction image of complex spatial objects. The substantiation of the separation of the object class into subclasses in terms of information theory, as well as reasonable selection of object classes with the usage of ellipsoidal estimation were given. The criteria of qualitative selection of classifier’s feature vector, answering questions about the size of teaching selection, the cardinality of the set of classes, the essential dimension of feature vector, were developed. Evidence-based approach to the selection of informative features of classifier of signals, based on the concept of entropy of information theory and ellipsoidal estimation, were proposed.
77-30569/259313 Algorithmic base of the method for forecasting the residual resource of technical objects based on formalization of expert information
# 01, January 2012
A.E. Kun'ko, A.V. Spesivcev
A fuzzy-model for quantitative estimation of the generalized indicator of the chemical current source technical state, built in multifactorial space of fuzzy variables, was the source of new information in the form of partial derivatives for gradient computation at any time interval. It became the foundation of creating a method for forecasting the residual resource of similar technical objects. This method allows controlling technical state of working object, increasing validity and efficiency of making the decision about whether or not to extent the term of exploitation. The developed method is multipurpose and can be easily adapted to any particular object.

Radio Engineering and Communication

77-30569/293090 Algorithm of maintainability of maneuvering targets with account taken of signal preprocessing
# 01, January 2012
M.A. Logvinov, A.S. Burov, S.N. Barcevich
The authors present an algorithm of maneuvering targets maintainability; the algorithm uses signal preprocessing data of radar-tracking information for detection of the beginning and the end of the maneuver. Information about the beginning and the end of the maneuver consists in changing the spectrum width of the received signal. The authors propose an algorithm for estimation of spectrum width of the maneuvering target, and study its characteristics. The authors draw a comparison of characteristics of the offered algorithm with a well-known algorithm which uses information about discrepancy between measured and filtered parameters for maneuver detection. Simulation results characterizing efficiency of algorithm are presented. Research methods are: mathematical synthesis and mathematical simulation. Application domain – pulse-Doppler radar stations.
77-30569/293307 Modified algorithm of compensation of interferences for pulsed-Doppler BRLS on the basis of direct calculation of weight coefficients
# 01, January 2012
V.A. Rodzivilov, S.A. Kolotov, P.V. Golosov
The article describes an algorithm for compensation distortions in sidelobes of a beamformer. Due to using received signal redundancy in frequency domain the algorithm doesn’t need any extra time for adaptation when the signal-distortion situation changes. The algorithm could be applied in multichannel pulse Doppler radars. The research was based on linear algebra and mathematical modeling.
77-30569/293828 Ensembles of GMW sequences for systems with code channel separation
# 01, January 2012
S.S. Yudachev, V.V. Kalmykov
The article considers software implementation and evaluation of properties of one of the classs of nonlinear sequences - GMW sequences for use in CDMA communication systems with code division multiplexing.
77-30569/290967 Research of interference immunity of communication system with frequency modulated signal and modulation index mismatch in case of coherent reception
# 01, January 2012
A.I. Senin, S.V. Chernavskii
Influence of error in modulation index on error performance of a communication system is studied when continuous phase modulation is used. An error performance calculation method is presented in case of modulation index error.
77-30569/290478 Sequential algorithm application for solving navigation signal accelerated search problem
# 01, January 2012
I.B. Vlasov, Ya.V. Mykol'nikov, I.S. Slepova
This article considers a satellite navigation signal sequential search algorithm with complex statistics, which is optimal for average search duration minimum criterion in condition of weak signal receipt. Matched filtering in frequency domain, based on Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is used in order to increase speed of signal acquisition. Signal detection block characteristics are researched in MATLAB. In addition, the considered algorithm and decision algorithm based on Neiman-Pirson criteria are compared.
77-30569/291354 Code sequences for communication system based on UWB-CDMA technology
# 01, January 2012
V.V. Kalmykov, S.S. Yudachev
The authors consider a method of creating ensembles of code sequences obtained on the basis of Legendre sequences, for use in communication systems with ultra wideband signals (UWB).
77-30569/293597 Algorithm of interference space compensation for side-looking airborne radar with phased array
# 01, January 2012
V.G. Tyutyugin, R.S. Tihonov, V.V. Smirnov
The aim of this work was the development of adaptive algorithm for antenna array (AA) for side-looking airborne radar; the characteristics of this algorithm were independent of reflection from underlying surface, including that from the main lobe of antenna directivity diagram. Proposed algorithm provided an operation of interference canceler of point sources with intensive reflection from local objects in “review” mode, that is the case of restricted time of radio-locating contact between side-looking airborne radar and target. The following investigation methods were used: mathematical synthesis, mathematical simulation. Application domain was the following: adaptive antenna arrays in side-looking airborne radars.
77-30569/255100 The development of algoritm for decision-making process quality estimation when using heterogeneous information sources simultaneously.
# 01, January 2012
S.I. Nefedov, Yu.S. Nefedova, E.Yu. Ivat'ko
The new method of estimation of the decision-making process based on usage of heterogeneous information sources is proposed in this article. The results of mathematical simulation of this method are analyzed.
77-30569/253065 Experimental research of different target types radar pictures in milieter wave range.
# 01, January 2012
S.I. Nefedov, V.N. Skosyrev, S.A. Rastvorov, A.B. Vostorgov, M.I. Noniashvili, A.V. Shumov
In this article the results of experimental research works of composing data bank of  radar pictures for different target types in millimeter wave range. The comparative analysis of produced radar pictures depending on angle of the object and wavelength range is included. To solve the detecting and recognizing problems, the possibility of using the oscillating components from Doppler’s images of targets was considered.  
77-30569/248250 Monopulse irradiator for receiving and trasmitting system with four-channel receiver.
# 01, January 2012
Yu.S. Rusov, M.Ye. Golubtsov, V.S. Ovechkin
In this article the development of monopulse millimeter wave irradiator is described. This irradiator works with circular polarization of electromagnetic waves and was proposed to be used in receiving and transmitting system with digital four-channel receiver. The main advantages of the developed construction were analyzed; the plan of construction is included.  

Informatics, Computer Science and Management

77-30569/324435 Synthesis of optimal education trajectories
# 01, January 2012
N.K. Sokolov
Theoretical part of this article was devoted to the important problem solving that is the development of methods and algorithms of creating of the adaptive environment for the development of educative resources. Application-oriented part of this article was devoted to the implementation of proposed methods and algorithms in particular teaching system. The aim of this work was the development of methods and algorithms of synthesis of optimal education trajectories along with the implementation of proposed methods and algorithms in teaching system.
77-30569/307963 New algorithm of node splitting for R-tree, based on double sorting
# 01, January 2012
A.E. Korotkov
Spatial data storage and spatial queries processing are crucial tasks for modern databases. Efficiency of the spatial queries processing depends on index structure described below. R-tree is one of the most famous index structures, designed for spatial data storage. There are different versions of R-tree and their main distinctive feature is an algorithm of node splitting. Some algorithms of node splitting for two- and more dimensional R-trees contain one-dimensional node splitting as a composant. The problem of node splitting in one-dimensional R-tree may mistakenly seems trivial to consider it separately, because one-dimensional intervals can be divided, basing on their sorting. But existing algorithms fail to operate properly when dealing with different difficult cases. New algorithm of node splitting based on two sorts for one-dimensional case was proposed in this article. This algorithm tends to work better with those difficult problems. Algorithm of node splitting for two- and more dimensional R-trees based on that one-dimensional algorithm was also proposed in this article. Benchmark problems displayed that proposed algorithms worked better than existing ones in case of highly intersected data.
77-30569/307193 Analysis of sigma-delta modulator
# 01, January 2012
B.I Shahtarin, A.A. Bykov, A.A. Kovalchuk
A sigma-delta modulator with negative feedback was considered in this article. The structure and working principles of devices built on the basis of sigma-delta modulation were presented. Application areas of the sigma-delta modulators were explored. Mathematical models of the sigma-delta modulator’s operation in the time domain were described. Analysis of operation of the sigma-delta modulator of the first and the second orders was also presented in the article. It was determined that a noise band appeared in the sigma-delta modulator because modulator was a chaotic attractor. Sigma-delta modulator’s ability to form the frequency fractionality in output spectrum was also indicated. Mathematical models without additive noise were considered; the conclusion on the influence of the modulator’s order on the noise level. The graphics, which displayed basic characteristics of sigma-delta modulator’s operation with different inputs were included.
77-30569/297921 AnalyAnalysis of phase locked loop in the presence of harmonic interference
# 01, January 2012
B.I Shahtarin
Dynamic characteristic of phase locked loop in the presence of harmonic interference at its entrance along with desired signal were considered; this interference was out of PLL synchronization band. Critical values of parameters of system and interference were obtained with harmonic balance method.
77-30569/296143 Estimation of SQL-query execution time
# 01, January 2012
Yu.A. Grigor'ev
Mathematical apparatus of analysis of SELECT-query execution time in distributed database, considering the mechanisms of complex query decomposition into sub-queries and connection of their results, the parameters of logic scheme and random characteristics of database filling. Proposed approach could be used at early stages of design for estimation of time characteristics of execution of different complex queries on different hardware platforms. In this manner, estimation was in form of Laplase-Stieltjes transformation, that allowed to estimate not only average values but also dispersions and other issues.
77-30569/294486 Algorithm of synthesis of suboptimal scheme of relational database
# 01, January 2012
Yu.A. Grigor'ev
This article deals with algorithm of synthesis of database scheme based on the given set of functional dependences. Bernshtein’s algorithm was described; it was shown that usage of (G* + J)+ = (G + J)+ condition caused calculation problems, because covering of FD F+ set could exponentially depend on the size of F. Algorithm, based on Ullman’s ideas, was proposed; it provided relatively simple implementation. Generated database scheme had the property of lossless connection, maintenance of functional dependences and each sub-scheme of this database was in the third normal form. Example of database scheme synthesis using the proposed algorithm was included in this article.


77-30569/330203 The variational method of the least fatigue for calculating the optimum trajectory of active motion
# 01, January 2012
L.A. Pokrovskii
In present work we propose a mathematical model of horse fatigability and then using the model we derive motion equations with the help of calculus of variations. The equations are solved in general integral form and then numerically taking in account Yin & Yang boundary conditions at the point of entering (or leaving) the circle. The results are presented in graphic form and supplied with the discussion. Trajectories, obtained in this paper, are equally applicable not only for horses, but for other actively moving objects such as motorcycles, bicycles, race cars etc.
77-30569/300281 Development of the method of stabilization of pump unit’s platform
# 01, January 2012
DOI: 10.7463/0112.0300281
M.P. Gusev, A.M. Guskov, V.L. Danilov
The method of stabilization of the trunk pump unit (TPU) was presented in this article. Since TPU increased oil pressure during its transportation through the pump, the heavy shear force arose. This force was applied to pipes, which had been jointed to the pump, and to unit frame. To reduce the influence of negative shear force it was offered to compensate this force with system of hydrocylinders
77-30569/300828 Hydraulic accumulator: working parameters dependence from its effective volume of liquid
# 01, January 2012
M.P. Gusev, V.L. Danilov
The mathematical model of hydraulic accumulator performance was described in this article. The mathematical model was based on equations of the ideal gas law and the soft shells theory. Developed model allowed to analyze various hydraulic accumulator operating regimes numerically. The aim of this article was to compare the obtained results with the experimental data, i.e. to understand whether the created model was correct.


77-30569/297102 Collation of mechanoluminiscence features in the crystals of ZnS and (Ba, Sr)Al2O4
# 01, January 2012
A.I. Pisarevskii, K.V. Tatmyshevskii, A.M. Golubev
The physical phenomenon of "mechanoluminescence" was the subject of study conducted by groups of researchers from different countries. Despite the information about the processes in zinc sulfide and strontium and barium aluminates, the comparison of ways for their further use in the instrument was not carried out. This article was devoted to this comparison. There was a description of the process in the groups of mechanoluminescence compounds, marked above. Comparison of physical characteristics of processes was described in this article. Despite the similarity of the cause (mechanical action), that provides the glow the physical mechanism could vary greatly depending on the type of chemical compound. In the article the propositions about future research, aimed at finding the best ways of usage and applications of the mechanoluminescence, were made.

Power Engineering

77-30569/256283 Experimental survey of heat transfer characteristics in inner channels of turbomachine cooling systems when using thermochromic liquid crystals
# 01, January 2012
I.N. Baibuzenko, A.A. Sedlov, V.L. Ivanov, N.L. Schegolev
The non-stationary method with the usage of thermochromic liquid crystals is one of the modern approaches to the heat transfer characteristics evaluation. It allows calculating the local heat transfer coefficients distribution in the inner channels of turbomachine cooling systems. The structural scheme and technical implementation of experimental stand are shown. The process of data collection and processing for computing of local heat transfer coefficients was described.

Economic Sciences

77-30569/296719 Selection of rates and factors for ranging of the industrial enterprises by their innovative potential
# 01, January 2012
N.S. Knyazev
Modernization of Russian economy and transition to innovative way of enterprise development are impossible without external investments. Because of weak development of venture capital it is necessary for the government to become an investor. However government support will be carried out only for those projects, which will have high feedback. The tool of an assessment of project’s perceptivity is ranging the industrial enterprises by their innovative potential. For assessment of enterprise’s innovative potential it was suggested to consider rates of financial stability and liquidity of the enterprise, moreover there was a selection and a background of most important of them in the article. But except the rates, giving only a quantitative assessment of innovative potential, it was proved to take factors defining technological stability of the enterprise into account; they were human development, presence of competent approaches in management, regular perfection of the organization of production, commercialization of innovative production, a degree of a computerization.
77-30569/279099 Estimation of the current management level at industrial company according to Business Process Improvement
# 01, January 2012
O.L. Pererva
Author estimates the current level of industrial company managment according to Business Process Improvement (BPI) levels – the levels of continious company's business processes improvement. The feature of current managment level is based on the quantitive estimatation of key processes' maturity level, characterizing particular BPI level acheivement. Author pays attention to the key processes to achieve the second BPI level (“Control”), detecting certain reserves of increasing the current management quality.
77-30569/279120 The topicality of crisis diagnosis at the current development stage of Russian companies
# 01, January 2012
M.Yu. Krasavina, A.A Glazova
The integration processes have led to the domestic financial systems dependence from the world economy. This dependence resulted in the crisis of 2008. The crisis detected weak spots of national economics and brought the opportunity to create more effective tools for preventing crisis’ negative aftermath. It also enabled companies to develop the management level and even increase it.
77-30569/279292 Development of the industrial company taxation system as an element of its intellectual capital
# 01, January 2012
N.V Lavruhina
Author succesfuly proves the necessity of system approach to the organization of industrial companies taxation for tax planning improvement and tax burden minimizing. In this case taxation is an element of company’s intellectual capital. Author justifies structure, content and role of the taxation subsystems needed for target goal achievement and appropriate intangible Goodwill’s asset appearance.
77-30569/279469 Bankruptcy as a form of allocative innovation
# 01, January 2012
O.L. Pererva, A.V. Razmahova
This article deals with the allocations in the bankraptcy, which have a rehabilitation nature in regard to bussiness. Authors consider the bankruptcy as a form of allocative innovation. Great attention was paid to the basic form of restructurization after the bankruptcy, which is based on company assets, equity and liabilities allocation in order to restore solvency. During bankruptcy proceedings the reorganizing allocations  are the most effective. They are aimed to preserve existing business based on assets replacement or sale of the debtor company.

Education Sciences

77-30569/257144 The method for ensuring the distance learning courses in «Nanoengineering»
# 01, January 2012
S.V. Kovalev, Yu.O. Tolokоnov, E.A. Skorohodov
 This article deals with the application of information models for different educational purposes and composing methodical recommendation based on their quality  estimations. Also the method for determination of visibility of the information representation is described. This method satisfies the state educational modern standard of distance learning «Nanoengineering». This standard defines new principles of training the specialists.

History of Progress

77-30569/308976 A short essay on the history of the department of physics.
# 01, January 2012
G.V. Balabina
This article is a short essay on the historical development of the Department of Physics at Bauman Moscow State Technical University from its very first days in 1832 until now. The role of the great scientists-physicists, who have worked at the department in the 19th-20th centuries and made a significant contribution to the physics course, was outlined. Their main works were briefly described in the article.
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