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# 05, May 2011

Science and Education
Quickly proceeding transitive modes of functioning turbine dtive shaft of the powerful turbine unit
# 05, May 2011
M.I. Kiselev, V.I. Pronyakin
The article contains research results of transients into turbine shafts of power turbine units of thermal power station and a state district power station made with a help of new phase-chronometric method using precision measurements with the relative error no more than 5∙10-4 on industrial frequency. The acceptability  of  a method is also regarded in respect of turbine units diagnostics. The researches have been executed on two types turbine units Т-250 and Т-200. There are shown in details the results of transients registration at generator switching  in an external network and switching off it, influencing weariness accumulation in turbine shaft metal. There is also presented an influence of impulses from an internal network on a turbine shaft rotation mode, not  be registering by regular equipment of thermal power station. The turbine shaft twisting fluctuations spectra of turbine units  are presented
Motion control biped walking robot on the program trajectory
# 05, May 2011
A.K. Kovalchuk, D.B. Kulakov, S.E. Semenov
The article deals with motion control actuator bipedal walking robot on the program of path. A mathematical model of the tree-actuator robot, recorded by the apparatus of the block matrices and graph theory, presented in a way traditional for actuators with a simple kinematic chain. Presented, developed by the authors, the algorithms forming the trajectory of the robot on a horizontal plane and the results of their implementation on the operating experimental two-legged walking robot with electrohydraulic actuators .An algorithm for stabilizing the movement of the actuator robot controlled by changes of the moments on the feet and the block diagram of the stabilization system, which implements this algorithm. The results of experimental studies robot walking on a horizontal surface.
Dynamic system attainability domain boundaries construction via composition of multiple integration and vector field approximation approaches
# 05, May 2011
DOI: 10.7463/0511.0185335
D.S. Kulesh, A.P. Karpenko, V.A. Fedin
Dynamic system attainability domain approximate construction problem is considered. We studyefficiency of using composition of multiple integration approach and vector field approximation of model differential equations system for solution of this problem. We present description of specified methods and their tests on application of approximate construction of attainability domain of aircraft, described by model. For given research we reach a conclusion about usability condition of approach composition involved.
Information flows in the system of management of industrial enterprise
# 05, May 2011
M.F. Menyaev
For the effective use of business information, formed on the basis of the information-information technologies, the system of management is organized information resource, defining interaction of internal and external information, as well as the methods, technologies and means of search, processing and distribution information for managerial decision- making. Its active use allows to get additional advantages in the management of the organization in the direction of organization of technological processes, increase the property, the search for and development of new technological solutions, virtualization management of manufacturing processes. Also processing the operative information on each stage of the management of manufacturing processes to determine the optimum amount of adding the cost of the product, can contribute to the generation of new technological knowledge, allowing to let out a new product, to form a corresponding segment of the market, reduce production and commercial risks and to receive additional profit.
The use of "trees" search states to support decision making in complex operational estimation systems on board spacecraft
# 05, May 2011
H.V. Sarkisyan, M.M. Matyushin
Any on-board system is a complex technical system, and its analysis requires special mathematical methods. The number of parameters describing the state of the spacecraft, there are tens of thousands. Each such parameter characterizes the state of node, block, unit, subsystem of any on-board system, or any aspect of the operation of this site, the block unit. To estimate the state of the spacecraft and support decision –making requires an estimate of the set of parameters describing the state of this spacecraft. One of the approaches that allow facilitates the process of search for a solution to a group of flight control of spacecraft is presented in this article. This method is the use of "trees" search condition. This approach allows us to optimize the process of analysis of the systems on board. Also, the use of "trees" search state allows you to automate the analysis process and implement its program, organizational, hardware.
Development of parallel algorithm for obtaining initial basic feasible solution of a transportation problem
# 05, May 2011
A.A. Al-khulaidi
This paper describes a parallel algorithm for finding the basic feasible solution of the transportation problem, developed on the basis of the Vogel’s approximation method (VAM). Effectiveness of the proposed algorithm was proved by experiment.
Slot Width Controlling for Filter Structure Produced by Deformational Cutting
# 05, May 2011
N.N. Zoubkov, A.D. Sleptsov
The article presents the main principles of through-wall slot width controlling for polymer filtering tubes produced by deformational cutting technology. Dependence of the machining parameters on slot width at the beginning and the end of slotting was determined. Authors proposed the  technique providing the slot width uniformity along the filter tube. This technique is based on changing the axial feed value when machining the beginning and the end of slotting. Experimental researches proved this method. Slot width variance along the slot for adjustable filter tubes with helical through-wall slot rows was described and proved experimentally. The main factor influencing on slot width variance is inclination  angle of helical slot rows.
Modeling of mechanical linkages. Contractibility conditions
# 05, May 2011
A.N. Bojko
We consider a model describing the positional  mechanical connections of products. This model is a hypergraph. Necessary conditions for the existence of the sequence of contractions, transforming the original hypergraph in unimodal discrete state, are proved. These conditions can be used for verification of projects in the early stages of design and construction. It is shown that the violation of a linear relationship between vertices and edges of the hypergraph leads to intractable dimensional chains and the emergence of excess bases. We find all the nonisomorphic noncontractible  hypergraphs of fourth order, which remain valid for the necessary conditions
Definition of the Distribution Diagram of Contact Pressure in the Connections of Details on Cylindrical Surfaces with Small Gap (if Details with Hole Are Considered Boundless).
# 05, May 2011
D.S. Blinov, V.F. Alyoshin
The lack of reliable and comfortable methods of engineering calculations of connections of the details on cylindrical surfaces with accounting of radial gap, that is somewhat of a key component in such calculation, is becoming more and more obvious. The following group of articles has to improve this situation. The calculation can generally be divided into three parts in accordance with rigidity of the detail with hole. This article is dedicated to the development of methods of engineering calculations of connections of the details on cylindrical surfaces with small gap, that can be considered as boundless in radial direction
Сoncept graph as the basis for student knowledge model
# 05, May 2011
I.A. Girya
Adaptive technology in designing computerized educational systems is one of the major tendencies today. Student model here is the main component, on which adaptive course control is based. The paper is focused on a proposed approach to designing student knowledge model based on an expandable graph of concepts. The graph presents educational concepts and terms in a form of hierarchy. Each node is connected to related objects of computerized teaching system (e.g. chapters, pages, quizzes etc.). Thus, the system is able to track student’s level of knowledge of concepts from graph, node by node.  The proposed principle can be used to design  competence-oriented model of specialist knowledge.
The procedure of a typical hotel complex services ranging on the basis of personal requirements ranks for hospitality sphere
# 05, May 2011
V.B. Demurin
The article contains the results of personal requirements expert ranging for hospitality sphere and model of a typical hotel complex which describes dependence of services set from requirements and personal activities. The procedure of services ranging on the basis of personal requirements ranks is proposed. There are also numerical values of services ranks for main purposes of accommodation: rest, treatment and business trip. The results of the procedure are the basis for implementing the method of intellectual selection of a hotel room and can also simplify the process of selecting a services set, corresponding to the desired number.
Modification of gears with an overlapping coefficient more than two
# 05, May 2011
D.V. Dorofeev, I.V. Shevchenko
Gearings with contact ratio big 2 have some advantages in comparison with standard straight-toothed transfers: high flexural and contact strength, low vibrations and small dynamic loads. At their projection there are some problems - jam origination, high contact loadings on crimps of teeths, heightened speeds of a slip, a heightened heat release. For elimination of these problems it is offered to use modification of a line of a structure of teeths. The article presents results of comparison of various kinds of the profile modification applied to steams of aviation toothed wheels: with contact ratio big 2, and also with contact ratio equal 1.5. Comparison was conducted for the gears applied in aircraft.
System modeling of information processes of industrial organization
# 05, May 2011
M.F. Menyaev
System model of the organization of the information resource lets show the interaction of the main information flows in the management system and to identify the main elements required for control of information space of production. Depending on the level of use of information technologies it is possible to allocate two basic levels of forming the system of information management. The first level will make decisions implemented on the basis of the operational database. The second level is determined by the solutions implemented on the basis of the local network of the organization.

Foreign Education

New Zealand boosts promotion of education to foreign students
# 05, May 2011
New Zealand is almost doubling the amount of money it spends promoting its education system to foreign students.The new international education agency would have a budget of 84 million NZ dollars (68.01 million U.S. dollars) over four years, almost double the amount allocated to its predecessors, the government announced last week.
Brazil to expand scholarship program for studying abroad
# 05, May 2011
President Dilma Rousseff Monday reaffirmed her commitment to provide scholarships enough for 75,000 Brazilian students to study abroad, up from 5,000 at present.It will be difficult but possible, the president said during her weekly radio address "Breakfast with the President". "Today, 5,000 Brazilians study abroad with government-funded scholarships, most of them are in France, Germany and United States. We want to grant 75,000 scholarships until 2014," she said.
UK: School swallows merger medicine
# 05, May 2011
The only higher education institution in the UK that is devoted to the study of pharmacy is to become part of University College London after merger proposals that have opened deep rifts between academics were approved by governors.After several months of often angry debate over the plans, the council of the School of Pharmacy, University of London voted by 12 to eight to merge with its huge neighbour in what was described as a "wonderful opportunity" by the institution's dean, Anthony Smith.
Dutch university to open research branch in China
# 05, May 2011
THE HAGUE - The Delft University of Technology will establish a research branch in Beijing, the university said Tuesday.Delft will be the first Dutch university to open a branch in China.The new Delft University of Technology - Beijing Research Center will be based at the Institute of Semiconductors at the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS).
VIETNAM: HCM City colleges to be moved from centre
# 05, May 2011
HA NOI — Two thirds of universities and colleges, except those located in Districts 7, 9 and Thu Duc, will be relocated from the centre of HCM City to its suburbs following a decision made on Wednesday by the HCM City People's Committee and the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET). MoET asked city authorities to give priority to developing public transport to cater for students and workers that would be affected by the decision.MoET said that the universities and colleges in question would be announced soon.
Bradford to launch MBA in Umbrian capital of Perugia
# 05, May 2011
The MBA degree has never been particularly popular in Italy, but two institutions are now hoping to change that with the launch of a full-time degree in the Umbrian capital of Perugia in September this year.Bradford University School of Management, the long-established UK business school, has teamed up with the University of Perugia’s faculty of engineering to launch a joint MBA programme that will give students the chance to study both management and specialist engineering modules. Initially there will be 50 participants on the one-year degree, which will be taught in English.
Stanford University creates first stem cell science PhD program in U.S.
# 05, May 2011
Stanford University’s Faculty Senate has approved the creation of what officials believe is the first stem cell science PhD program in the nation and, perhaps, the world. The new doctoral program in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine is also the first interdisciplinary doctoral program created by the School of Medicine in recent years.School officials say the fact that the university is taking the rare step of creating a new doctoral program acknowledges the growing importance of stem cell research in the realm of biomedical science. The senate unanimously approved the PhD program at its April 28 meeting; the initial approval extends for five years.
INDIA: Business schools face faculty crisis
# 05, May 2011
While academics of Indian origin such as Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria, and Chicago Booth dean Sunil Kumar are scaling the professional ladder in the West, business schools within India are struggling to find the same calibre of talent to fill faculty positions, reports Cool Avenues.com.India's top institutions, such as the centrally-funded Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) have reported a 25% shortage in faculty. The urgency of the situation has led the central government to form three review committees to address issues relating to the growth of the IIMs such as governance, faculty and funding.
ARGENTINA: Enrollment in State universities increases 13%
# 05, May 2011
Recently created State universities “make sense and are sustainable” because of the need “of many students that are their families’ first member to go to university and if they hadn’t had this chance, they wouldn’t have been able to keep on studying," said Education Minister Alberto Sileoni.Many of the 3000 students that enrolled in the Florencio Varela university, one of the newest ones, wouldn’t have done so in any other university. These aren’t students that are taken away from UBA Buenos Aires University or the University of La Plata”, Education Minister Alberto Sileoni said.
MALAYSIA: Ministry Suggests PhD As Basic Requirement For Lecturer Post At IPTA
# 05, May 2011
he Higher Education Ministry on Thursday suggested that doctorate degree (PhD) be made the basic requirement for lecturer post at all public institutions of higher learning in the country.Its deputy minister, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, said this was necessary to achieve the 75 per cent lecturers with Phd in research universities and 40 per cent at other universities.
Insead adds international relations to its portfolio
# 05, May 2011
Stand alone business school Insead is continuing to build partnerships outside the business school world through an agreement with Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. The two will launch a dual-degree masters programme from which participants will graduate with both an Insead MBA and a Master of Arts from SAIS.The Insead-SAIS programme is designed for those who want to follow a career that combines international relations and business. Students admitted to both programmes will be able to complete the two degrees in two and a half years, instead of the three years required to complete the degrees separately.
POLAND: Universities respond to market demand
# 05, May 2011
Polish universities are finally responding to market demand by offering courses that reflect the needs of the economy, according to a Dziennik Gazeta Prawna survey of universities, the Warsaw Business Journal reports.This academic year, many universities will start offering majors in ecophysics, nuclear energy, interactive marketing and LNG terminal servicing.
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