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# 01, January 2011

Science and Education
The choice of ways to reduce the dynamic loads in the manual transmission of the hybrid electric vehicle when starting ICE on the move
# 01, January 2011
V.V. Selifonov, Khac Tuan Nguyen
This paper proposed a method for determining dynamic loads in the transmission of the parallel hybrid electric vehicle when starting ICE while vehicle is running in the motor mode. The results of calculations and ways to reduce dynamic loads in the branches of the transmission of automobile UAZ-3153 are presented.
Approximation of a set of attainability for trunk multisectional robot-manipulator
# 01, January 2011
DOI: 10.7463/0111.0165078
A.P. Karpenko, A.S. Semenikhin, M.N. Cherviatsova
The paper is dedicated to an approximation of a set of attainability for type “trunk” multisectional robot-manipulator. SPSO method was developed and used for the task resolution. SPSO is based on well-known MOPSO method that is used for multi-objective optimization task. SPSO method as well as MOPSO method implements one of the version of particle swarm optimization method (PSO) that is often used for global optimization tasks. Sigma-algorithm is used for finding non-dominated solutions. SPSO effectiveness is demonstrated for several tasks of a set of attainability search for both with and without obstacles.
Temperature calibration of a strapdown inertial navigation system based on MEMS sensors
# 01, January 2011
D.B. Pazychev
The inertial sensor signals caused by the temperature changing are very difficult to determinate. To observe the errors, this paper presents an error model of MEMS sensors. The error model consists of the arrays of the coefficients defined for each navigation system sensor. Processing sensor signals, I show how to calculate the parameters of the error model during the temperature changing. The method uses the least square method adapted by an increment of the temperature. This adaptation provides the calculation of the coefficients without influencing of the sensor temperature not changing during the calibration. Navigation system CompaNav2 based on ADXRS300 and ADXL210 Analog Devices sensors was calibrated using the method. The calibration results demonstrate that the method provides a practical and accurate technique for calibrating a strapdown inertial navigation systems based on MEMS sensors
The analysis of the current situation in Russian machine-tool industry comparing to the world level and existing types of international cooperation
# 01, January 2011
I.N. Omelchenko, L.Yu. Zimmer
The analysis of current situation of the Russian machine-tool industry includes the dynamics of development of last years, the state of branch according to the world level, international activities, hr-policy and the prospect for future development comparing the corresponding indices of the machine-tool industry of Germany - the world leader of this industrial sector.
Meta-optimization method of search optimization algorithms
# 01, January 2011
DOI: 10.7463/0111.0164546
A.P. Karpenko, Z.O. Svianadze
The problem of parametrical optimization of search optimization algorithms (meta-optimisation problem) is considered. The meta-optimization method which basic feature consists in search of optimum strategy of algorithm in the course of normal operation of the program realizing it is offered. The method uses sets clusterization of the considered class problems by means of Kohonen network and the decision actually problems of meta-optimisation by means of continuous genetic algorithm.
The role of natural-science education in increasing the professional competence of future technical specialists
# 01, January 2011
N.N. Dvulichanskaya
The article deals with the role and tasks of natural-science education in training students of a technical profile to meet current labor market needs. Substantiates the possibility of the formation of core competencies in the learning process general subjects of natural-science cycle, determined their structure and revealed the contents. It is shown that natural-scientific knowledge and skills contribute to the improvement of professional competence of future professionals. Formulate the problem for further research aimed at effective implementation of competence-based approach to the teaching of natural-science cycle.
The scheme of realization of the difficult project in the problem of the automated designing
# 01, January 2011
V.P. Pavlov
Process of designing of the multi-purpose technological car is presented as a part of life cycle of the car. The formalized representation of the project includes in quality a component the design assignment and conditions of realization of the project. The technological scheme of realization of the project provides sequence of design operations and procedures. In designing methodology concepts of the general and private problem are used, the place of methods and techniques in system designing is shown. Degree of participation of the developer increases at the decision of problem problems. Dialogue procedures provide adaptation of developers to the used technological scheme of designing and features of a design problem.
Development of a dynamic model for the manual transmission of the parallel hybrid electric vehicle
# 01, January 2011
V.V. Selifonov, Khac Tuan Nguyen
The chief objective of this paper is to study a method investigation of the influence of friction clutch on the dynamic load of manual transmission of the parallel hybrid electric vehicle, taking into account two phases of slip and stick of friction clutch

# 01, January 2011
More and more US universities are apparently giving up on Japan as a target for recruiting students, as a survey showed that the number of US universities taking part in publicity events in Japan has sharply dropped in recent years, reports Yuji Yoshikata for The Daily Yomiuri.Japanese students used to be the largest group among foreign students at US universities. But their number is now far below that of Chinese students.

Foreign Education

CHINA: Hong Kong's Universities Decide Bigger Is Better
# 01, January 2011
Universities in Hong Kong are counting down towards one of the most significant transformations ever attempted in the territory's higher education sector, and the logistics are daunting: thousands of extra students, hundreds of new lecturers, realms of new curricula to write and hours of additional courses to fill, writes Liz Gooch for The New York Times.At a time when universities in many Western countries are pinching budgets, Hong Kong's are gearing up for a massive expansion of the undergraduate population: starting in the 2012 academic year, all Hong Kong undergraduate degrees will be extended from three years to four.
UK: Top companies 'recruiting staff directly from school'
# 01, January 2011
More companies are recruiting staff directly from school amid fears bright teenagers are turning their backs on university, according to research.A report published today found that growing numbers of top employers are targeting school leavers instead of limiting vacancies to applicants with a degree. The disclosure, in a study by the Association of Graduate Recruiters, follows claims that thousands of talented teenagers are shunning higher education because of rising student debt and mounting competition for university places. According to figures, more than a quarter of leading businesses now employ staff directly from schools and colleges and a fifth of remaining firms are considering opening up recruitment schemes to this age group.
Visa restrictions will damage growth of UK business schools
# 01, January 2011
UK government plans to restrict the number of students entering the UK, and restricting employment visas for graduates, could be damaging to the growing popularity of UK graduate business degrees, according to GMAC, the the US-based Graduate Management Admissions Council, which administers the GMAT test.Though the past five years has seen business schools in Europe become an increasingly popular destination for international students choosing to study an MBA, this growth could be curtailed if potential UK students cannot get visas, says Julia Tyler, executive vice-president of GMAC.
SCOTLAND: University fears over tough new visa rules
# 01, January 2011
Universities warn that Scotland will have one of the most restrictive visa regimes in the world for overseas students under UK government plans to crack down on immigration, writes Andrew Denholm for Herald Scotland. Universities Scotland, which represents university principals, argues the proposals will make visa conditions here tougher than those of countries such as America, Canada, Australia and Germany, which are in direct competition for students. The organisation has written to all MPs calling for support for a separate immigration policy for Scotland.
INDIA: Women engineering student numbers soar
# 01, January 2011
Women have more than doubled their number across the country's engineering colleges over the past decade, pushing against one of the most resilient glass ceilings in Indian academia. Latest University Grants Commission (UGC) statistics show that a total of 276,806 women were enrolled in engineering and technology courses at the start of the 2009-10 academic session as compared with 124,606 in 2000-01.
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