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# 05, May 2009

Science and Education
Research of accuracy of a carving at covering carving-milling
# 05, May 2009
O.V. Malkov, I.M. Golovko
At designing  the tool on the basis of a carving-forming mill the basic attention is necessary to give it carving-forming to a part which influences accuracy of a profile of a cut carving.
Tools of creation and support of electronic collections of informational resources
# 05, May 2009
I.G. Ignatova, I.V. Zhdanova, N.Y. Sokolova, Y.S. Shevnina
In clause the comparative analysis of the tools of creation most popular on today and supports of informational resources is resulted. At research the special attention was given questions of the organization of access to informational resources of an electronic collection and methods of adapting of user interfaces to a concrete direction of a data domain of activity
Teplofizichesky aspects of increase of capacity of active zones of reactors with water under pressure
# 05, May 2009
A.A. Satin
Ways of increase of capacity of nuclear reactor core of a pressurized water reactor are considered. The special attention is given a way of increase of capacity at the expense of leaving from boiling crisis.
Magnetic Materials Application In The Space techniques
# 05, May 2009
A.Yu. Kolobov, V. A, Ermakov, J.A. Petrov, A.A. Sazhaev
This article presents an experience of using magnetic materials in the space branch, which was saved up in Lavochkin Association.

Foreign Education

SERBIA: Preserving tradition under Bologna
# 05, May 2009
Despite a 200-year tradition, Serbia is facing challenges in its higher education sector - chiefly the adoption of European standards and accession to a common European education system - writes Bojana Milovanovic for the Southeast European Times. In 2003 Serbia signed the Bologna Declaration, a key document endorsed by 46 countries. The agreement envisions establishing a single university space and introducing equal standards for instruction and grading in European countries. This will allow disparate degrees to be valued on equal footing in the European labour market.
3800 new student places in higher education
# 05, May 2009
The Government proposes the establishment of 3 800 new student places at universities and university colleges as of fall 2009. In addition, the Government also increases the funding for the higher education institutions with 80 million kroner. The measures are part of the Revised National Budget. Increased capacity in higher education is a central priority for the Ministry of Research and Higher Education. In addition to more places in higher education, the Government proposes to increase grants to post-secondary vocational education by 20 million kroner, which gives room for 400-450 new places.
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