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Bauman Moscow State Technical University.   El № FS 77 - 48211.   ISSN 1994-0408

International Congress on Arts, Communications, Science & Technology, Hilton Edinburgh Grosvenor Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland

Date: 29.06.15 - 6.07.15

The title of this Congress starts with the word Arts. Wikipedia describes this word as ‘a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities’. According to the definition human activity that led me to the stage of the Art Congress is the mysterious insight of Dr. Natarajan. Consequently, the product of this activity is me. The story is the following. I assisted Dr. N. at International Economic Forum in Moscow and later he invited me to the Congress. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. Today I’ll try to justify the credit of trust. Frankly speaking, I do not know whether I speak on behalf of India, Russia or both. Let’s consider I represent BRICS and lay a brick in the building of international communication.

As an Indian I’m Dr. Natarajan’s guest and assistant, as a Russian I’m a representative of Bauman University training school titled PEBW. Probably this school predefined my cooperation with Mr. N.

My task here is to reveal the mystery of modern Russia. The story is delivered at the first hand by a University graduate – a «turn-key product» of modern Russia and it’s upgraded educational system.

In 1939 Winston Churchill described Russia as «riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma». Since that time many try to understand the essence of the quotation. There is a practical exercise in PEBW school – to perform literary translation of the quote. Students present translation of their own, traditionally they are different. What’s the reason of such diversity? That is the lack of direct and efficient communication.

PEBW school is really a combination of arts, communications, science and technology. The author of the concept and the director of the school Mr. Yaminsky prefers to be in the sidelines completely dedicated to his students.

We are being taught all this art in the framework of intensive interdisciplinary training conducted in English. The training is the combination of three key points.

We title it «Russian method of education». Two of them are theory and practice. The third one is communication skills. We are taught that WORD is power. Studying in PEBW we exercise this power implementation.

This is really elite training course. There is no advertising; new trainees traditionally apply based on the opinion and efforts of former graduates. Thus it directly corresponds to the original meaning of the French word ‘elite’ – providing reproduction. The school is non-profit. Education and upbringing can’t be done on paid basis.

As it was mentioned, word is power. My next story is the illustration of the magic power of the word and breakthrough of PEBW diplomacy (2011):


VIDEO. ‘Visit of presidents of university communities of USA’ and guests’ opinion placed in Internet:


When I first got to Russia, I saw dark skies, bad food, and monotonous people. After spending an entire week, I see a country with great potential, people who are no different from us, and a younger generation who is ready to take the future into their own hands. Based on who I met this week, I believe the future is much brighter than the skies over me at the beginning of the week.

The hospitality we received at Bauman was unparalleled to any place we have visited. The students at Bauman were the most welcoming group we have encountered and were extremely hospitable.


Another miracle is the following. In June 2014 we received a letter from University of Johannesburg with a request to host RSA delegation. In September the delegation came to Moscow. It was a 6-hours-long triumph of mutual understanding and sharing ideas. By the end of the summit the delegation was so excited that started singing the anthem of South Africa. Our local press highlighted the event. Then we translated the article and sent it to UJ. So, what happened next? In October UJ had its annual University ball, this time it was titled «From Russia with Love», and even the interior décor was dedicated to Russia. Our video address to the UJ annual ball may be also considered as a greeting to you.


VIDEO. ‘Bauman Student Address to UJ RSA’.


All victories of PEBW are unthinkable without its students. The warmest words of thanks I would like to say to my colleagues: Irina K., Michael Y., Dinara and Ainura A. who contributed to the organizing UJ visit and this presentation. You are the greatest team that makes a lot of PEBW victories possible.

The colors to the presentation are added by the professional and inspiring photos by Nikolai Demchuck who attends all our summits.

The warmest thanks to my tutor and author of PEBW Andrey Yamisky who not only teaches English. He teaches his students to find their own voice, to be highly professional and creative in any situation.

Special thanks to the sponsors of my participation of the Congress on Arts who opened PEBW School to the world. Personally Dr. Natarajan, Alagesh, Rupert, Dr. Samiappan and Dr. Rengasamy and family who kindly accommodated me in London.

We are still a riddle. Living in the open society we prefer the language of love, friendship and persuasion which is more efficient than the language of opposition and sanctions. Just reveal your own Russia and welcome to PEBW BMSTU.

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