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The Provement of the Conditions of End Mill Operation in External Panels of the Aluminum Alloys
Engineering Education # 05, May 2014
DOI: 10.7463/0514.0709770
We have worked out the calculation procedure of cutting force and contact pressures between the back surface of tool tooth and aluminum alloy component used for mill operation with end-milling cutter. This force calculation includes the aluminum alloy softening under the impact of cutting temperature. The calculated force figures and figures of contact pressures on the back surface of tool tooth are used for evaluation of the bottom strain and deformation appearing while digging and pocket mill operation inside the external panel of aluminum alloy. The cutting techniques and mill operation conditions have been also approved. The testing of the research results held within the processing the mill operation technologies of the external panels in manu-facturing environment has also been carried out
Research of end mills during milling of body parts made of aluminum alloys
Engineering Education # 12, December 2013
DOI: 10.7463/1213.0634375
Conditions of milling cut of work pieces made of aluminum alloys by end mills were considered in this article. The authors analysed parameters of the cross-section cutting layer, shear angle, contact pressure on working surfaces of the tooth’s cutting edge. A technique for calculating power, torque and contact pressure from a tool’s cutting edge on the processed surface during milling cut by end mills was developed. The method was designed for taking into account the restrictions on power parameters of the milling process when selecting operational parameters. In the experimental part of this work cutting properties of interlocking and solid hard-alloy end mills were investigated during milling of grooves, pockets, ledges in work pieces made of aluminium alloys.
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