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# 01, January 2014
УДК: 338.45; 615.47

# 10, October 2013
УДК: 338
77-48211/574663 Analysis of population’s health status as the determinant of priority segments of medical device market
Engineering Education # 06, June 2013
This article describes results of a research of key segments of the domestic market of medical products determined by health status of the population. Basing on the research of Russian population’s health status the 2005-2010, the authors concluded that the incidence of a disease of the population determines a need for providing treatment process with simple medical devices; chronic morbidity and mortality need equipping of the treatment process with high-tech equipment, and disability leads to demand for prostheses. The article also justifies the necessity of studying social and economic consequences of public health aggravation in order to give a more comprehensive assessment of public health service’s demand for medical devices. The obtained results could be successfully applied in practice by healthcare administrators, medical industry managers and analysts.

# 05, May 2013
УДК: 338.054.23; 314.17

# 04, April 2013
УДК: 338.3; 338.45; 61; 339.13

# 06, June 2013
УДК: 338.3; 006; 61
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