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Engineering Bulletin # 08, August 2016
УДК: 519.688
The Method of Image Retrieval Using Wavelet Technology
Radiooptics # 05, September 2015
DOI: 10.7463/rdopt.0515.0813256
pp. 87-100

Engineering Bulletin # 05, May 2014
УДК: 004.91
77-30569/359383 Estimation of steganographic algorithms undetectability
Engineering Education # 03, March 2012
The authors propose formal criteria of estimation of steganographic algorithms in the context of undetectability of hidden information by the opponent. A method of creating optimal detection methods is also presented in the article. The article also contains the results of the analysis of known and prospective stenographic algorithms operation with the usage of methods constructed in this manner.
77-30569/340957 Performance analysis of bilateral filtering algorithms
Engineering Education # 02, February 2012
Usage of bilateral filters for image smoothing allows of removing small-scale noises and details, and, at the same time, saving clearness of borders. The authors present the results of the comparative analysis for four well-known algorithms of bilateral filtering and give recommendations for their usage for image digital processing.
77-30569/340562 Method of fast restoration images blurred by motion
Engineering Education # 02, February 2012
Motion blur is a common defect that leads to blurry images with inevitable loss of information. If motion blur is shift-invariant it can be modeled as a convolution of a latent image with shift kernel, where the kernel describes the trace of the sensor. In that case removing the motion blur from an image becomes a deconvolution operation. The authors present a fast blind deconvolution method that produces a de-blurred image in only a few seconds. High speed of this method results from accelerating the steps of both kernel and latent image estimation in the iterative de-blurring process.
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