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Method of cooling reduction of bar at transfer table between roughing and finishing trains of hot rolling wide-strip mill (h.r. WSM), their heat and energy effectiveness
Engineering Education # 08, August 2011
Hot rolling wide-strip mill (h.r. WSM) continue to reserve the leadership in the production of hot rolled strips. Transfer table between roughing and finishing trains the problematic place in the technological line of h.r. WSM where essential uneven cooling along the length of transfer bar. Passive methods heat insulating or reflecting are widely applied at continuous (3/4 continuous) h.r. WSM for cooling reduction of transfer bar don’t eliminate the mentioned phenomenon totally. Last years active methods of influence upon transfer bar temperature at transfer table began to appear in industry: active tunnel furnace Techint (Italy), pseudo-active panel Istok ML JSC (Russia). Heat and energy efficiency of these methods for holding transfer bar temperature are analyzed below.
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