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Search for links in the information structures
Engineering Education # 02, February 2011
Properly built architecture significantly accelerates the deployment of information access and enables to identify different patterns. Most of the models can be represented as graphs. Arcs define some interaction or communication between nodes. In constructing the database is an important question about the relationship between the tables, then there is a reciprocal link. Two tables can not be linked directly, but to be strongly dependent on each other through intermediate tables. In this case, to accelerate access to information makes sense to add a direct link. For a sufficiently large database, this task is very important, especially if the database was designed initially not entirely, and grow in the process. Consideration of this system leads to the same model, if the vertices of the graph to take a table and set of edges will be determined by constraints. Therefore, the relevance of the article is how to find connections in intractable situations.
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