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Physicomechanical properties of snow as cloths of a way for movement of cars
Engineering Education # 10, October 2010
Considered depending on the strain of snow on the normal load, shear resistance of the snow and its frictional properties, as the most important parameters of the snow path, determining the resistance to movement, traction properties and off-road capabilities of the tracked vehicle. Examined quantitative relationships and the nature of the processes of the vertical deformation snow by the flat die. There are given the dependence for determining the immersion of a cylindrical punch in snow. There are proposed four types of snow to assess off-road capabilities of the tracked vehicle. There are introduced the concept of a distributed on the sliding surface of the specific force of friction and the dependences of the specific force of friction on the pressure for low and very low temperatures of various materials. There are given numerical values of the specific friction force  for carbon and alloy steels, duralumin, teflon
Influence of design data caterpillar движителя on passableness
Engineering Education # 09, September 2010
It is shown that the search for ways to improve off-road capabilities of tracked vehicles in the snow must be based on comprehensive analysis of the influence of design parameters of the caterpillar drive as a quantitative resistance force, diving machines, traction control, and on the nature of the interaction of a caterpillar drive with snow cover. Computational and theoretical research, experimental-design work has shown that off-road capabilities of tracked vehicles in snow can be enhanced by quantitative changes in the geometric parameters of the chassis (track width, base, ground clearance) and a qualitative change in the nature of the interaction of caterpillar drive with snow cover (lining of the pressure diagrams and increasing the active length of the support surface caterpillar drive). There are shown the dependence of the resistance movement, traction and traction supply of track width, clearance and pressure drive in the snow.
Substantiation of working capacity of caterpillars with elastic expanders
Engineering Education # 09, September 2010
The article discusses a series of works on the justification of durability of caterpillar’s flexible wideners, including the following milestones: development of a mathematical model and algorithm for calculating the deflections of wideners; the study of the deformed state in order to select the geometric and force parameters; the development of design wideners; conducting laboratory bench and road tests. There are compiled computational model that simulates the passage of widener single obstacle and widener dive into the snow.  There are shown the solution of the problem of determining the strain state of a rubber track widener in a geometrically and physically nonlinear formulation.  There are presented the results of computational studies on a rational choice of elastic stiffness widener caterpillars.
Working out of designs особолегких tracklaying vehicles
Engineering Education # 08, August 2010
  We consider the design of special lightweight tracked amphibious vehicle developed in the laboratory of TM and TTK the Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University named by RE Alexeev: all terrain tracked vehicle "Ukhtysh”; passenger and cargo versions all terrain tracked vehicle “Uzola"; two-tier all terrain tracked vehicle "Unzha”. The main technical characteristics of all terrain tracked vehicle: curb terrain vehicle, trailer weight, maximum speed, dimensions, track, ground clearance, the average ground pressure under full load, overcoming obstacles on firm dry ground, the minimum turning radius, power reserve of fuel, characteristics of the engine, transmission, suspension, caterpillars.
The analysis of resistance to movement of tracklaying vehicles on snow
Engineering Education # 08, August 2010
Consider the forces of internal and external resistance to the movement of tracked vehicles in the snow. There are shown the dependence of the resistance to movement due to vertical deformation of the snow tracks, including a resistance force due to the deformation of the snow under the track roller with the highest peak pressure, the drag force due to the additional deformation of the snow, extruded into internal space between track rollers. The expressions for the case bottom pressure heads in the snow, the value of the bottom case immersion in the snow, the resistance forces due to interaction with snow cover the case bottom. It is shown that this resistance is composed mainly of expenses for the vertical deformation of the snow and friction the surfaces on the snow. There are given a graph of components of the resistance movement depends of the snow height.
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