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Optimisation of a middle turnaround diesel engine with pressurisation at restriction of the maximum pressure of a cycle.
Engineering Education # 01, January 2010
 The article is dedicated to the question of optimization of engine work cycle. The engine is 16 ЧН 26/26. The computer simulation was made. As a result the optimal magnitudes of boost pressure Pint and angel of fuel injection φовт  were identified. Optimization was made with 3 meanings of maximal cycle pressure Pmax =15,2; 17 and 21MPa.
Mathematical model of working process DVS and its identification
Engineering Education # 12, December 2009
In this article there is an description of mathematical model, which is used in computer program VIS, besides You can find some information about its identification. Empirical equations and coefficients were selected as a result of identification. A good convergence of calculation and experimental data confirm that identification is true.
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