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Power Engineering

77-30569/359008 Research of the working cycle of a closed gas turbine in a tri-generation unit operating on a sequential scheme
# 03, March 2012
A.N. Arbekov, S.A. Burtsev
The authors consider the scheme which they previously introduced in cooperation with A.I. Leontyev. It is a closed gas turbine tri-generation unit operating on a sequential scheme. The unit can simultaneously produce electric power, heat and cold (on specified temperature levels) ensuring conditioning and/or thermostatic control. The results of the research of its thermodynamic cycle with the assumption of realistic efficiency of unit components and non-zero temperature differences in heat exchangers are presented in the article. The authors define the field of reasonable rates of pressure rise in the compressor. The pressure increase provides high efficiency and small-scale dimensions and mass of the energy unit. The authors propose recommendations on choosing the rate of pressure rise in the compressor for design simplification of a closed gas turbine tri-generation unit operating on sequential scheme.
77-30569/331076 Choice of vehicle diesel engine full-load curve
# 02, February 2012
V.A. Markov, V.I. Shatrov
The mathematical model of automatic control system for a vehicle diesel engine was presented in the article. Calculation research on the influence of a full-load curve shape on diesel engine dynamic characteristics, exhaust toxicity characteristics in the transient process was carried out.
77-30569/322717 Theoretical and experimental research of Field Reversed Configuration.
# 02, February 2012
I.V. Romadanov
The main aim of this work was the study of the process of formation of reverse-field magnetic configuration (RMC) and search of the way to increase the plasma’s energy content at this stage. New method was proposed to manage this task; it suggested to form a compact tore. Experimental research of this method was carried out; it was shown that the usage of this scheme allowed to increase the efficiency of energy transfer from capacitors batteries into plasma. The main result was that method of RMC formation was experimentally confirmed. Efficiency of energy transfer up to 90% was achieved. The main distinctive feature of this method was a new technique of configuration formation. Obtained results could be applied to the research of possibility to use a compact tore configuration as a fundamental of fusion reactor that is the source of high-density plasma. Also the possibility of using RMC as a basis of a rocket engine was discussed. Various types of thrust were presented in this article. For a more detailed investigation of the properties of obtained plasma and possibilities of its application the future development of experimental set-up was needed.
77-30569/308995 Сonvergence acceleration of iterative solutions of SLAE by means of neutralization of big characteristic values in the transfer matrix
# 02, February 2012
V.I. Boevkin, A.B. Shnyrov
The authors propose a method of convergence acceleration for iterative solutions of SLAE from electrical network modeling systems. This method was based on the neutralization of the transfer matrix dominant characteristic values. By the example of AC electrical networks’ computation defined with matrices with complex numbers the dependence of iteration number of Gauss-Seidel method on the number of neutralized roots was shown. The calculated data corresponded well to theoretical convergence estimate obtained from the characteristic equation roots. The ability of additional convergence acceleration by means of root neutralization was shown in the successive over-relaxation method.
77-30569/306859 Creating and verification of pollution model of workshop in case of emergency emission of gaseous uranium hexafluoride
# 02, February 2012
S.P. Babenko, A.V. Bad'in
Pollution model of workshop in case of emergency emission of gaseous uranium hexafluoride was described. The results of calculation of parameters, which characterize the distribution of uranium hexafluoride hydrolysate in the volume of workshop, were presented in the article. The method of experimental determination of these parameters and the results of their measurement were described. The experimental results are in good correlation with calculated ones, that’s why developed model is suitable for the calculation of the dose that safe for the human in the workshop
77-30569/256283 Experimental survey of heat transfer characteristics in inner channels of turbomachine cooling systems when using thermochromic liquid crystals
# 01, January 2012
I.N. Baibuzenko, A.A. Sedlov, V.L. Ivanov, N.L. Schegolev
The non-stationary method with the usage of thermochromic liquid crystals is one of the modern approaches to the heat transfer characteristics evaluation. It allows calculating the local heat transfer coefficients distribution in the inner channels of turbomachine cooling systems. The structural scheme and technical implementation of experimental stand are shown. The process of data collection and processing for computing of local heat transfer coefficients was described.
Investigation of the operation of temperature lamination device working on the water and natural gas
# 5, May 2005
DOI: 10.7463/0505.0529473
S.A. Burtsev
This work describes the test configuration of gas dynamic energy disjunction device (Leontiev’s tube) working on the water and natural gas. This device works by means of local disbalance between heat generation and dissipation during the flow of compressible gas. Results of experimental investigation of the specified device are presented in the article; it was shown that the replacement of heat-transfer material in the external (infrasonic) channel (substitution of natural gas for water – heat-transfer material with greater heat transition coefficient) doesn’t change the efficiency of heat passage from the heat transfer agent flowing through the internal supersonic channel to the heat transfer agent flowing through the external infrasonic channel. Updated method of calculating this class of devices was proposed; the comparison of the results obtained from numerical experiments with a use of updated method with the results obtained from the same experiments with a use of basic method and experimental data was carried out. It was also shown that results of this research obtained using the updated method describe the growth of natural gas’ enthalpy better than ones obtained with a use of basic method.
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