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Standard Symbols for Books, Journals, and Newspapers Through the Use of Barcode
# 05, May 2014
T.A. Titiova, L.A. Los'
Barcode is the most applied technology in automatic identification. Barcode reminds of zebra with dark and light strips of different weight.  It is very interesting that the first three positions of barcode have the indicia 978 for books and 977 for journals.
Availability of Russian scientific periodicals: meaning of Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory and publishers’ web-sites
# 06, June 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0613.0585718
O.V. Kirillova, A.V. Dimentov, Testerman Halyna
The ambition of Russian periodicals to join international scientific and informational space and citation indexes, which is regulated by state documents, can’t be successful without increasing the qualitative level and availability of journals by means of indexing in the leading foreign databases. Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory is the main source of information about journals for the international society and experts of citation indexes. This base covers more than 220 thousand existent journals published in 200 languages and in 90 thousand publishing houses. The authors analyze data on Russian periodicals in Ulrich’s database. The main statistical and actual data on Russian journals contained in this database are presented in the article. The analysis results showed that only 40% of Russian periodicals are represented in this database. As journal websites are the main source of information for Ulrich’s and other databases, including citation indexes, creation and development of websites is a crucial problem. Solving this problem would allow publishers to get the most complete image of Russian periodicals in Ulrich’s database and provide a better “visibility” and “availability” of Russian scientific journals for the international scientific and information community. This article presents basic recommendations on the structure and content of information on a website along with the strategy of its development into a full-fledged publishing platform.
77-48211/425211 Models of relational tables and information in tabular form
# 07, July 2012
A.V. Breshenkov, Thet Tin Min
Structural models of relational tables and information in tabular form are considered in this article. Their similarities and distinct features were revealed. It was stated that the method of transformation of information in tabular form into relational tables was based on exclusion of information which make this model different from a the model of relational tables.
77-48211/425220 Analytical review of traditional approach to the formation of relational tables considering the use of existent information in tabular form
# 08, August 2012
A.V. Breshenkov, Thet Tin Min
The authors consider features of traditional approach to design of relational tables in the presence of tabular style information. It was concluded that the presence of tabular style information allowed to formalize the development process. That, hence, allows to minimize the number of design errors and reduce laboriousness of formation of relational tables.
77-48211/425188 Algorithms for assignment of primary keys in filled tables
# 06, June 2012
A.V. Breshenkov, Thet Tin Min
In the article the authors define a set of algorithms required for automated assignment of primary keys in filled relational tables. The problem of assigning primary keys is formulated. Informal algorithms are proposed for assignment of primary keys in filled tables.
77-30569/327076 About metrological examination and most compelling problems of metrological support
# 02, February 2012
V.V. Poduvalcev
The article deals with problems of metrological assurance and forms of state regulation in the field of assurance of uniformity of measurements. It was shown that in terms of successful implementation of the innovation policy metrological assurance was only one of the few instruments of innovation development of science, engineering, technology and material science for their critical issues. It is necessary to develop an order of organization and conduct of metrological examination of contractual documentation, procedures for formalizing and implementation of results of metrological examination of contracts and  agreements. And it must be a very serious document of real professionals.
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