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77-30569/252747 The method of enhancement ISAR image resolution on basis of modeling lengthening coherent radar return burst
# 11, November 2011
S.I. Nefedov
The author proposes a technique for building high resolution ISAR image using prior information about type and geometry of the target based on minimal-parametric simulation. Limits of usage are estimated and results of mathematical simulation are given.
77-30569/248297 Ka-band quick-operating reflective waveguide ferrite phase shifters research
# 11, November 2011
E.V. Komissarova, Yu.S. Rusov, A.A. Budkin, V.M. Krehtunov
The article presents results of a research of waveguide ferrite Faraday type phase shifters of a Ka-band. The phase shifter with magnetic memory, based on a square ferrite core which has no electrically conductive composition on the lateral face is characterized by enhanced performance and low power consumption. The phase shifter can be installed in phased-array antennas with beam scanning ±45˚. The authors performed an analysis and optimization of parameters of the phase shifter with the use of FEM electrodynamic models.
Determination of optimum tolerances in size of planar lever mechanisms
# 11, November 2011
DOI: 10.7463/1111.248778
A.A. Golovin, A.V. Ivanov
The article presents a method of determining optimum tolerances in size of elements of planar lever mechanisms according to assigned deviations of output component. In contrast to the matrix method developed earlier by the authors, the approach presented in this work gives the possibility of determining the global space of admittances, and then directly evaluate admittances for the elements of planar lever mechanisms. A special feature of the proposed method consists in the possibility of random setting of the function type of the mechanism error and determining nonexistent solutions of the problem at an early stage of designing the mechanism. The order of admittances determination is illustrated with an example of positioning four-link lever mechanisms - jointed four-link mechanism and slider-crank mechanism. The authors provide a comparison of the calculation results according to the proposed approach and the previously developed matrix method.
77-30569/249978 Parameter selection for continuous phase modulation with Gaussian filtration for broadband communications
# 11, November 2011
I.V. Kryuchkov, A.I. Senin, S.V. Chernavskii, S.I. Nefedov
 This paper covers the question of parameter selection for continuous phase modulation with Gaussian filtration for obtaining appropriate characteristics in noise immunity and spectral properties. The authors present a method of parameter selection. The results enable to select appropriate parameters of continuous phase modulation.
77-30569/248346 Design of V-shaped wideband radiation source for printed antenna array
# 11, November 2011
V.N. Mitrohin, N.Yu. Fadeeva, V.I. Litun
The authors present results of 3D wideband microstrip antenna design. Dependence of simulated VSWR on the geometrical characteristics is shown. Constructional features and manufacturing method of phased array fragment are described. Results of prototype antenna VSWR measurements are given.
77-30569/247813 Use of integral and differential methods of the diffraction theory for predicting field strength above the Earth surface
# 11, November 2011
V.V. Ahiyarov
In this article the author considers numerical methods for field prediction above the Earth surface, based on the solution of the integral and parabolic equations. The author presents diffraction problem solutions for real profiles. It is shown that the parabolic equation method has high computational efficiency and ensures accuracy of the solution which is comparable with the rigorous method of integral equations.
77-30569/247762 Development and study of a modified Vivaldi aerial as part of a flat wideband X-band antenna array
# 11, November 2011
S.L. Chernyshev, A.R. Vilenskii, S. Syu, S. Lyui, Yu. Lyu
 This paper presents the results of development of radiators for ultrashot impulse wideband X-band printed phased antenna arrays. Ultra-wideband travelling wave slot Vivaldi antenna was studied and adapted for radiation at X-band as an effective wideband radiator with required characteristics. The modification of this aerial is presented.  Matching characteristics and radiation patterns were obtained both for single radiator and for radiator in periodic flat antenna array.
77-30569/246035 Step frequency change signal modelling and processing
# 11, November 2011
V.A. Usachev, N.A. Golov, N.V. Kudryavceva, A.A. Sagdatov
 This article considers the step frequency change signal which is often used for radar detection of foliage covered and subsurface targets. Signal design, processing approaches and ambiguity function calculation are also discussed in this paper. Step frequency radar range resolution is estimated.
77-30569/245994 Technology miniaturisation for special electronics based on three-dimensional layout
# 11, November 2011
V.A. Usachev, N.A. Golov, N.V. Kudryavceva, Yu.D. Sasov
 In this article the authors review physical limitations that determine the level of increasing the density of the layout of electronic equipment in the case of two-dimensional layout. There is a need for a new technology of assembling electronic equipment. The authors present a complex of 3D technologies for miniaturization of electronic devices which was developed in BMSTU and allows to reduce the weight and size parameters of the equipment and significantly improve its reliability a multiple number of times. The authors show the efficiency of creating equipment on a three-dimensional technology for a wide range of products of weapons and military equipment.
77-30569/228671 Early career-guidance of scholars as the first step in academic and teaching personnel training in innovative Russian economic life
# 11, November 2011
D.M. Yagodnikov, T.Yu. Cibizova
This article considers current problems in training high-qualified academic and teaching personnel. It is shown that early career-guidance is the first and one of the most important factors in further professional orientation. The authors show the latest statistical data on academic competition (Olympiad) among scholars “Step in future”, analyze advantages of students’ selection through pre-university training system. It is concluded that the best results and high motivation to professional choice and further training in University is the consequence of non-stop career-guidance workout with scholars, which allows to make a choice appropriate for all participants of educational process and correspondent with the demands of society and state.
77-30569/244189 Variant of creating a device for synchronous generator-field control
# 11, November 2011
A.B. Borzov, A.V. Bumagin, A.V. Gondar, K.P. Likhoedenko, V.B Suchkov
The article covers realization of a device for synchronous generator-field control. It is shown that the proposed device is meant for transient response data optimization in electric generators due to adaptation of the field regulator parameters to the current state of power system. The device is able to adapt the parameters of the operational unit (regulator) to the parameters of electrical power network by means of continuous teaching during the operation.
77-30569/245147 Method of calculation of mass transfer coefficients at drainage of hydrocarbon rocket propellant
# 11, November 2011
S.V. Kobyzev
The author evaluates the possibility of hydrocarbon rocket fuel (UVG) drainage from the water which it contains by means of bubbling it with gaseous nitrogen. The author indicates water concentration in as-received condition of UVG and provides physical UVG parameters, calculates similarity numbers which are necessary for calculating the parameters of bubble motion and convective diffusion of water into a gas bubble for the case of stationary emersion of the bubble. The data cover UVG temperature range from -40 to 30 ° C and diameters of bubbles from 1 to 4 millimeters, which corresponds to the parameters of bubblers used in launch and technical complexes of rocket-space technology. The results of calculating mass transfer coefficient are given.
# 10, October 2011
V.S. Buloshnikov
In the article a conclusion is made about the influence of the parameters of the characteristics of diamond grinding disk, formed by the method of grinding, cutting properties of abrasive instrument by analyzing the number of diamond grains per unit of area of the cutting surface, cutting the number of active grains and topography height of the cutting surface at the given parameters of single-pass encoding mode of grinding.
77-30569/250866 Spiral Drills Failure Generation in Automated Operation
# 10, October 2011
A.E. Dreval', N.A. Ragrin, V.A. Sаmsonov
The article is considered with origin of spiral drills failure.  Experimental  results of  functional failure (drill breaking) are presented.  Changing of physical parameters  leading to failure in drilling  was studied.  The article identify influence of process parameters  to  drill cutting tip  wear.
77-30569/244635 Creating an automatic voltage regulator for synchronous generator
# 11, November 2011
A.B. Borzov, A.V. Bumagin, A.V. Gondar, K.P. Likhoedenko, V.B Suchkov
The authors consider realization of an electric generator control unit for weakening adverse effects of overloads or transient processes. The authors review the work of the regulation characteristic calculator on the basis of using an ultra-fast annealing algorithm. It is shown that the device is capable of solving problems of decreasing the energy of transient processes (which appear during disturbances in power grids) due to the parameter optimization of the field regulator of the synchronous generator according to the variation of primary voltage at the installation stage.
77-30569/245898 Promising small aperture antenna system for millimeter range special applications
# 10, October 2011
V.A. Usachev, N.A. Golov, A.R. Vilenskii, N.V. Kudryavceva
In this paper the analysis of advanced technologies to create small antenna systems for millimeter range for used in radar seeker. Considered technology of antennas based on a multilayer printed circuit technology, liquid-crystalline polymers technology, and technology of  low-temperature co fired  ceramics. The basic characteristics of these antennas vas reviewed, and show the validity of their application for a small antenna on-board electronics.
77-30569/216417 The problem of choice of efficient working frequency range for space vehicle imaging radar
# 10, October 2011
S.I. Nefedov
The method of choice of efficient working frequency range for space vehicle imaging radar is discussed. Developed imaging radars are considered. Calculation relations of finding efficient working frequency based on criterion of equal potential are developed. The result is that frequency range 8 mm is best suited for solution of the this problem.
77-30569/245694 Track mathematical modeling
# 10, October 2011
E.B. Sarach, A.A. Staduhin
This article contains an example of track mathematical model. Discussed previously developed similar models and listed their shortcomings. The new model is designed to work with transmission, suspension and running gear models and requires low computation time. A qualitative verification of the adequacy of track mathematical model was provided.
77-30569/244105 The problem of "gray" area of international space law and possible ways of solving
# 10, October 2011
S.L. Starchak
The questions of security of spacecraft from intentional exposure. Analysis of international space law and the UN Charter allows the hypothesis of the possibility of solving the problem of "gray" area of international space law. A model of the influence of space systems in terms of balance of the opposing sides. Shows a generalized mechanism of the effect of space systems on the efficiency of the armed struggle. Proposed concept and definition of acceptable limits impact on space systems.
77-30569/245509 Approach and methodology for assessing the contribution of space systems for the fighting efficiency
# 10, October 2011
V.A. Kuznecov
We propose a methodological apparatus that formalize the dependence of the efficiency of the fighting on the composition and characteristics of space systems provide. We introduce the notion of a generalized consumer. The model includes a generalized consumer decomposition timeline functioning of precision weapons in separate stages, and establishes the dependence of its efficiency of execution probabilities of individual stages. Perform steps made dependent on the characteristics of information management, with the participation of space systems.
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