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# 04, April 2016

Machine Building and Engineering Science

Analysis of the Thread Milling Methods
# 04, April 2016
DOI: 10.7463/0416.0838440
O.V. Malkov
pp. 1-33

Aeronautical and Rocket Space Engineering

Flyby of Large-Size Space Debris Objects Situated at Leo with Their Successive De-Orbiting
# 04, April 2016
DOI: 10.7463/0416.0838417
A.A. Baranov, D.A. Grishko, N.V. Chernov
pp. 48-64

Informatics, Computer Science_and_Management

Completely Described Undirected Graph Structure
# 04, April 2016
DOI: 10.7463/0416.0835978
G.S. Ivanova, V.A. Ovchinnikov
pp. 106-123
Real Time Adaptive Stream-oriented Geo-data Filtering
# 04, April 2016
DOI: 10.7463/0416.0835995
A.A. Golovkov, G.S. Ivanova
pp. 156-169

General Problems of Engineer Education

Principles for Checking the Statistical Results Processing Correctness of the Cavendish Classic Experiment
# 04, April 2016
DOI: 10.7463/0416.0837664
V.N. Tutubalin, Yu.M. Barabasheva, G.N. Devyatkova, E.G. Uger
In teaching mathematical statistics it is desirable that students of engineering and natural sciences could study the methods of statistical processing based on data of real experiments. Conditions for these experiments are of critical importance to justify the application of statistical methods. The article considers a classic Henry Cavendish’s experiment to determine a mean density of the Earth from this point of view.The article gives a detailed description of the experimental Cavendish’s setup, ideas, his experiments are based on, and a method to determine the values used for assessment of the mean density of the Earth. It also concretizes the equation of a pendulum model with friction on which Cavendish implicitly (and neglecting a friction) relied.It is shown that the formal use of methods of mathematical statistics is not always justified. Detailed records of all experiments, published by Cavendish, enable us to study these data in terms of mathematical statistics, convince us of their statistical inhomogeneity and impossibility to construct a confidence interval to estimate accuracy.The article proposes an alternative way for processing Cavendish's data implicitly using the pendulum model equation with friction to reduce an effect of systematic errors and improve matching the Cavendish results with modern data.
Scientific and Practical Commentary on Specialists’ Professional Standards in Thermal
# 04, April 2016
DOI: 10.7463/0416.0837485
M.Yu. Semenov, A.E. Smirnov, R.S. Fahurtdinov, P.P. Andreev
This article presents a scientific and practical commentary to the Russian official professional standards for specialists in installation and testing of thermal equipment; analysis and diagnosis of the technological complexes for thermal treatment; automation and mechanization of the processes of thermal manufacturing. The norms for classifying of the professional engagements and skill levels of these specialists according to the technical difficulty of thermal and thermo chemical equipment and corresponding technological processes were clarified. The concrete examples are represented. The necessity to ensure a high level of professional training of specialists in these areas is shown.Key wards: professional standards; thermal equipment; technological processes; technical difficulty; levels of professional skills.
On Competence Clusters and Great Masters
# 04, April 2016
DOI: 10.7463/0416.0835961
A.V. Yaminskii
Approaches of different epochs ranging from the era of Emperor Nicolas I to nowadays on evaluation and development of abilities, skills and motivation developed by educational system are discussed in terms of notion ‘competence’ recently introduced as the main measure and standard of graduates compliance with the labor market demands. In XIX-XX centuries the benchmark related to real achievements of the graduates dominated, at the turn of the Millennium it accepted more formal and impersonal form. Term ‘competence’ origin and meaning evolution is discussed. Based on the experience of pilot school Proficient English in the Business World (PEBW BMSTU) it is shown that succession and innovation traditions are predefined more by competency, experience and toil of the trainers than by formal templates and guidance documents.

Foreign Education

FRANCE: Research Minister Outlines Steps to Reduce Red Tape
# 04, April 2016
Major changes are coursing through France’s research and higher education system, many of them intended to simplify bureaucracy and promote research excellence, writes Declan Butler for Nature.Higher Education and Research Minister Thierry Mandon, who was minister for state reform and simplification before his current role, told Nature that his most pressing priorities were to “simplify the rules that govern higher education and research; to have more PhD students and researchers recruited by companies and by the public sector, and so instil a culture of research in the places where decisions are made; to help universities to develop their own sources of income, so that they can be more independent of the state; to promote a renaissance of the social sciences; and to spur the digitalisation of higher education.”
SWEDEN: Swedish Universities Can Deny International Students Refunds
# 04, April 2016
Several Swedish colleges and universities are charging students who hope to come to Sweden to study from outside the European Union thousands of krona in tuition fees, even when the students never actually make it to Sweden, reports Swedish Radio News.These students don't have the right to get the money back, according to an investigation by Swedish Radio News. Olle Lundin, a professor of public law at Uppsala University, is critical of the law. "It's strange legislation. It's been made so sloppily," he said.
Chilling Higher Ed Cooperation in China?
# 04, April 2016
A stringent new law regulating foreign non-governmental organisations in China could potentially constrain the activities of overseas higher education institutions in a variety of ways.The law, approved by China’s legislature late last month, requires foreign NGOs conducting activities in mainland China to register with police agencies and to operate under the supervision of approved Chinese sponsoring organisations. The law requires foreign NGOs engaging in activities in mainland China to either conduct them through registered representative offices or register activities of a temporary nature with Chinese partner entities that agree to serve as sponsors.
SINGAPORE: More Students Expected to Choose Australian Universities
# 04, April 2016
More Singaporean students are expected to head to Australian universities to pursue higher education following Singapore’s recent decision to recognise more Australian degrees in the fields of law, medicine and allied health, as part of the Singapore-Australia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, writes Hetty Musfirah Abdul Khamid for Channel News Asia.A total of 8,165 Singaporean students were enrolled in Australian institutions in 2015. International student placement service IDP Education facilitates the entry of about 1,500 to 2,000 Singaporeans to Australian universities each year, and it is expecting the number to increase. It said there has been growing interest in the areas of allied health such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

History of Progress

In memory of B.P. Grabowski (1901 – 1966)
# 04, April 2016
DOI: 10.7463/0416.0839874
V.P. Samokhin, K.V. Mescherinova, E.A. Tihomirova
A brief overview of the life and work of Boris Pavlovich Grabowski, an outstanding Soviet inventor, the creator of the world's first real acting, fully-electronic television installation "telephot". Data on parents BP Grabowski, interesting facts from his childhood hobbies in Kharkov Komsomol youth in Kyrgyzstan and first success Uzbekistan. Based on the memoirs of the events partners, details of creating and testing "telephot" in Saratov, Moscow, Leningrad, its creators love with BL Rosing and finishing works in Tashkent. Studied the reasons for "telephot" was unclaimed and forgotten for many years to the device, and the circumstances leading up to the international recognition of the merits of BP Grabowski, the author of 12 inventions and 50 certificates of nomination, Honored inventor of the Uzbek SSR.
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