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Bauman Moscow State Technical University.   El № FS 77 - 48211.   ISSN 1994-0408

# 04, April 2012

Machine Building and Engineering Science

77-30569/367809 Multi-variance of structural solutions for development of technological process of machine processing
# 04, April 2012
G.P. Lazarenro, A.G. Lazarenco
The article refers to the common question of project process multi-variance that can be used in efficient problem solving. The authors consider one of the approaches to multi-variant project solution generation during the development of technological processes of machine processing at the phase of creating the functional structure and operational instruments. It was shown that methodology of the decision-making theory can be used as a means of formally informed choice of the preferred alternative from a set of generated solutions.
77-30569/362423 Optimization of batch size for manufacturing machine elements in order to meet the demands of assembly
# 04, April 2012
I.L. Volchkevich
The article covers an urgent methodological approach to solving the problem of determination of the number of assembly sets of details and batch sizes in order to provide continuous mechanical assembly production with minimal costs. Non productive time consumption for machinery manufacturing facilities invariant to their production lines were taken into account in calculating the optimum number of assembly sets. The author provides an example of calculating an optimum number of serially produced assembly sets for multiproduct manufacturing. The proposed technique was aimed at solving design and planning problems of mechanical assembly production.
77-30569/361759 High efficiency technologies of machining of products made of composite materials
# 04, April 2012
DOI: 10.7463/0412.0361759
V.M. Yaroslavtsev
The author proposes standard solutions for choosing a rational technology of dimensional processing of constructions made of composite materials – these solutions are based on researches conducted at BMSTU and on their practical application. It was shown that development of new processing techniques and special equipment, purposeful creation of the required energetic state of work material, application of combined energy deposition are promising directions to improvement of the cutting process which ensure high quality and economical performance of the product at the stage of dimensional processing.
77-30569/354225 Analysis of oil film separation from underside of piston cooled with impinging jet
# 04, April 2012
L.L. Myagkov, Yu.V. Mihailov
In this article oil jet piston cooling efficiency is investigated. By means of numerical simulation non-stationary hydrodynamics and heat transfer problem was solved. The analysis of oil film flow on piston surface showed the regions of film separation. Heat transfer coefficient was highly affected by the relative jet speed. To obtain better efficiency of the piston cooling system it was necessary to keep the initial jet speed higher than the maximum speed of the piston.

Constructional Material Processing in Machine Building

77-30569/361706 Numeric simulation of axial-symmetric machine parts calibration with technological liquid
# 04, April 2012
A.S. Sof'in, A.V. Strijkov, N.V. Ul'vis, O.V. Zarubina, R.V. Boyarskaya
The article considers the results of the finite element simulation of loading and unloading of thin-walled axial-symmetric machine parts during calibration with liquid in the ANSYS APDL framework. The results of the calculation of the elastic blowback were compared with the experimental data on calibration of half-spheres with a fixed flange.
77-30569/359525 Method of estimation of resistibility to cold crack’s formation in heat-treated alloy steel while temepering in the conditions of multilayer welding
# 04, April 2012
Yu.G. Romanov
The author proves practicability of the phenomenological approach to estimation of resistibility of researched steels to formation of cold cracks (CC) in the conditions of partial tempering of martensite. The author considers the main stages of developing the proposed method and presents an algorithm of estimation of a particular steel resistibility to XT. Particular characteristic of the developed method was given. The possibility of application of the method was shown by estimation of changing of resistibility to XT of steel 30XH3M2ФА in the conditions of multilayer welding.

Power Machine Building, Metallurgical Machine Building and Chemical Engineering

77-30569/354657 Creating parameterized 3D-models of the flow part in centrifugal pumps
# 04, April 2012
V.O. Lomakin, P.V. Scherbachev, O.I. Tarasov, P.A. Pokrovsky, S.E. Semenov, A.I. Petrov
The article describes a new method of automated building parameterized 3D-models of centrifugal pumps. The purpose of modeling is to provide source data for optimization of air-gas channels in type HM pumps by hydrodynamic simulation methods. The first element to be optimised was a volute pump. The algorithm for constructing 3D-models of the discharge device is based on the Bezier curves. Basing on the basic geometrical parameters of the drain, the proposed method allows to automatically create its geometry in the most popular graphics packages SolidWorks and CATIA, and to export the package simulation STAR CCM +.

Transportation, Mining and Construction Machine Building

77-30569/377553 About selection of algorithm of an earthmover’ active suspension control
# 04, April 2012
D.K. Grishin
On the basis of mathematical simulation the author proposes an algorithm of an earthmover’s active suspension control; the algorithm provided the required degree of deformation of the main coupled modes. An active force was applied in the function of oscillatory velocities to one linear and two angular coordinates. The combination of an elastic element and the control device, sequentially connected to it, in suspension allows to decrease oscillations of the case over a wide range of frequencies. In this case, high-frequency indignations are filtered by the elastic element, and the low-frequency oscillations of the case are damped by the active system. Decrease of oscillations leads to productivity improvement of the machine

Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling

77-30569/367901 Simulation of the plankton's population dynamics using a predator-prey model with weak mobility of the predator.
# 04, April 2012
A.N. Krenke, V.L. Chernyshev, D.S. Kolomenskii
The paper considers the possibility of organizing the spatial patterns of plankton's population densities defined solely by biological factors, under the condition of homogeneous environment. To simulate self-organization of two plankton's species populations a mathematical model of the "predator-prey" type with regard to the effect of limited seeking by the predator was studied. The simulation results showed the fundamental possibility of spatial structures organization through limited self-movement of plankton.
77-30569/348389 About accurate solutions of one special case of the theory of non-linear boundary layer.
# 04, April 2012
A.S. Romanov, A.V. Semikolenov
One of the problems of teaching modern sections of natural sciences and mathematics is the absence of illustrative examples of application of the general theory due to complexity of analytical description of events. At the Physics Department of BMSTU the special course “Non-linear transport processes” has been reading for several years as a part of profession “Applied physics”. This article deals with analytical solution of one specific problem of the non-linear boundary layer theory in the non-Newtonian liquid that confirms the general theory.

Aeronautical and Rocket Space Engineering

77-30569/353104 Double-pulse flights from near-earth waiting orbits to F-orbits of the three-body-problem
# 04, April 2012
F.V. Zvyagin
The article provides the results of the author’s study of the possibility of a double-pulse flight to F-orbits of the Earth-Sun system of the three-body-problem from circular waiting orbits near the Earth. It is indicated that F-orbits are stable, which leads to creation of many various possible applications both for research and practical purposes of deep space exploration. The author gives the F-orbit’s energy characteristic and presents possible flight schemes with quantitative estimations of needful impulses of characteristical speed for flights. Typically, the total required impulse of the characteristical speed for the orbital injection of a spacecraft into F-orbit is less than the total expenditure on the ascent to the parabolic orbit. Variants of possible application are generalized in the conclusion.

Instrument Engineering, Metrology and Information-Measuring Devices and Systems

77-30569/364381 Selection of a test-object for resolution estimation of digital optic-electronic systems monitoring the Earth surface
# 04, April 2012
Yu.G. Veselov, A.A. Danilin, V.V. Tihonychev
This paper covers selection of resolution tools (test-objects) for visible digital optic-electronic systems. The measurement accuracy of physical quantity depends on the measuring tool type, in other words precision of measurements to the true value of the measured quantity. The given task is solved by a physical experiment method. The experiment was conducted in laboratory and flight conditions. The experiment results were statistically analyzed.
77-30569/361884 Laser fluorescence method of remote control of plants state under stress
# 04, April 2012
M.L. Belov, O.A. Bullo, V.A. Gorodnichev
 The authors consider a laser fluorescence method of detection of plants state under stress. It is shown that the laser fluorescence method is an advanced method for remote detection of plants stress states, and it requires further research and development.
77-30569/355592 Development of multichannel quasi-distributed information-measuring systems on the basis of nanoscale fiber-optic strain sensors.
# 04, April 2012
V.A. Lazarev, D.A. Shelestov
The authors consider a question of metrological assurance of a measuring system model on the basis of fiber-optical Bragg gratings. The article describes of stand construction schemes for research of spectral characteristics of signals formed with fiber-optical Brag sensors and also for research of a group delay. The authors analyzed design parameters influencing metrological characteristics of the model. The results of the experimental researches of metrological characteristics with use of the developed stands are presented.
77-30569/342529 Informative parameters of signals in remote strobes of pulse locators
# 04, April 2012
G.L. Pavlov, V.K. Hohlov
 The article considers algorithms of detection and recognition of random non-centered signals and disturbances in remote strobes of pulse locators. Neural network and regression algorithms were proposed for formation of decision-making areas. For single deterministic signals quasi-optimal filtering was considered.

Radio Engineering and Communication

77-30569/400050 Research of influence of smart jamming on error probability of direct-sequence spread-spectrum systems at coherent reception
# 04, April 2012
A.V. Galev, A.S. Косolapov
The aim of the study was analysis of error probability of direct-sequence spread-spectrum systems under condition of smart jamming and noise in communication channel. The research was based on broadband systems of coherent reception with opposite and orthogonal signals. In the total the authors obtained expressions for definition of error probability at reception of signals depending on the degree of mutual correlation of smart jamming and a useful signal, parity of their powers and noise level in the channel. The results of the research can be used for analyzing and calculating error probability of direct-sequence spread-spectrum systems with smart jamming and noise.
77-30569/373951 High efficient pumping sources for pulse semiconductor laser bars
# 04, April 2012
A.A. Gramakov, A.P. Fefelov, A.V. Chernyshev
Nowadays progress in laser technology is determined by the progress in laser diode pumping. Modern power supply for diode lasers must provide stable output impulses, suppress reverse current surges and maintain stable temperatures of diode arrays. Inter-channel interference and noise immunity problems arising during generation of current impulses were solved. An automated laser test bench was developed; it included a special microprocessor-based circuit to control operation of the pumping source. A scheme of a temperature maintenance channel was developed along with s special regulation algorithm, which allowed to stable laser radiation at frequencies from 30 to 50 Hz with the longest possible impulse lengths. The developed multi-channel pulse-periodic pumping source for diode bars generates current impulses with frequencies up to 50 Hz and durations between 60 and 500 microseconds. The running current of laser diodes can be as high as 250 Amps. Instability of current from impulse to impulse is lower than 0,5 %. Several implemented protection features (both hardware- and software-based) along with modular design increase reliability of the pumping source. The pumping source was used to conduct experimental researches of new laser quantrons with semiconductor pumping developed at The Radio-electronic Technology Research Institute. The latter experiments resulted in some unique findings.

Informatics, Computer Science and Management

77-30569/403744 Model of support element for boundary scanning technology for digital system testing tasks
# 04, April 2012
T.A. Demenkova, S.A. Nikolaev
The authors consider the task of creating a model of the element easily integrated into various devices ensuring access to performance capabilities of boundary scanning. The multifunctional support element for boundary scanning was developed as IP-kernel specified as RTL-model in the Verilog Hardware Description Language. The authors describe the test logic architecture and consider the results of simulation and configuration technique of the element according to the developer’s specific requirements. The proposed and implemented selection mechanism for optional CCS, the possibility of change of the binary code determining the commands through macro definitions allows to eliminate extra elements for any particular implementation at the corresponding stage.
77-30569/400433 Network packet tracking method
# 04, April 2012
A.O. Kryuchkov, V.A. Krishchenko
The paper describes a method of tracking individual IP packets throughout the network from their creation to delivery. The method keeps tracking various events including fragmentation, tunneling and NAT. An experiment with a software implementation of the method is described. Possible applications of the method include troubleshooting and studying of computer networks.
77-30569/400027 Description of the structure of technical objects with interchangeable components
# 04, April 2012
V.G. Mokrozub, A.A. Borisyak, D.A. Lagutin
The relational database provides a description of display methods for structure of technical objects with interchangeable components and rules of interchanging. Algorithm of composing the product’s tree was described in SQL format; every tree’s node consists of one element only.
77-30569/387243 Analysis of query execution processes in parallel database systems with SE, SD, SN architectures.
# 04, April 2012
V.L. Pluzhnikov, V.M. Gasov
 The authors propose an approach to estimation of time characteristics of query execution to a parallel database system (PDBS). A model of query execution to PDBS with a p F(R) plan as a closed-loop queue system was developed. It was shown that the model could be reduced to a “repairman” model if there was a bottleneck. The possibility of reducing this model to an open-loop queue system is proved. Parameters of this model are determined. A policy of calculation of performance indexes of PDBS built on any architecture (SE, SD, SN) is formulated.
77-30569/382161 Automation system of communication process
# 04, April 2012
D.Yu. Gudzenko, G.I. Kazakov, M.V. Yuzov
The authors analyze several methods of creating a communication system for information interchange between workers on the shopfloor, managers in the office and clients. The most economical method was selected on the basis of using an additional database which interacts with the “1С:Enterprise 8.1. Trade control” program. Also the system comprises a website where clients can monitor the order state. The system was implemented at the particular enterprise.
77-30569/380603 Estimation of mean time of tables connection by NLJ and HJ methods in parallel database system
# 04, April 2012
Yu.A. Grigor'ev, V.M. Gasov
Known architectures of parallel database systems are analyzed in this article. The authors also consider expressions for evaluating the mean time of connection of two tables by NLJ and HJ methods; relevant mathematical expectations for SE, SD, SN architectures of parallel database systems are also considered. The authors provide examples of query processing in the following resources: disk array, RAM, connecting bus and processor. If there is a bottleneck in the resource, processing in that resource can be simulated by using the M/M/1 queue system. Parameters of that queue system are evaluated. The example of calculation which allowed to make several non-trivial conclusions is considered in the article.
77-30569/373672 Issues of formal verification of engineering systems
# 04, April 2012
V.S. Burenkov, S.R. Ivanov, A.Ya. Savel'ev
Improving the verification of hardware and software systems is associated with the usage of formal methods among which the authors consider the model checking method which provides an automated consideration of all possible "paths of functioning" of the system. The problem of “explosion of the number of states” inherent in the method of verification of model checking is analyzed in the article; various methods of dealing with this problem are discussed. Particular attention is paid to verification of coherence memory protocols; possible approaches to solving this problem are outlined.
77-30569/363023 Review: population methods of Pareto set approximation in multi-objective optimization problem
# 04, April 2012
DOI: 10.7463/0412.0363023
A.P. Karpenko, A.S. Semenikhin, E.V. Mitina
This authors present a review of numerical methods of approximate Pareto set generation in the multi-objective optimization problem. The following methods are discussed: "naive" methods, switching objective functions methods, methods of objective functions aggregation, methods based on ranking of population agents, and other methods. All cases referred to methods involving the use of genetic or swarm algorithms, such as particle swarm optimization algorithm.
77-30569/359132 Influence of initial conditions and time of simulation on characteristics of conditional non-stationary processes
# 04, April 2012
D.V. Stroganov, A.A Solncev, P.S. Yakunin, R.V. Batov, A.A. Karasev
In the article a provisionally non-stationary Gaussian process was proposed for analytical research of simulation processes convergence. This Gaussian process was considered as a stationary Gaussian process with a specified pre-history. The authors studied dependence of medium-integral estimation on different factors. It was shown that the trend of the medium-integral estimation had a lasting character, contains a significant systematic error at the initial stage and depends on the process correlation, initial values and time of simulation.
77-30569/355664 Application of wavelet-transforma for analysis of spectrograms obtained with Auger spectrometer
# 04, April 2012
T.N. Romanova, M.V. Plaksina
 The method of Auger-electron spectroscopy for studying the content and structure of a solid body external surface is considered in this article. The authors propose a procedure of clearing the electronic spectrum from noise, based on the wavelet-transform. A comparative analysis of the quality of clearing for three types of wavelets was carried out.
77-30569/355792 Co-hybridization of PSO
# 04, April 2012
DOI: 10.7463/0412.0355729
E.Yu. Vorob'eva, A.P. Karpenko, E.Yu. Seliverstov
This article deals with co-algorithmic hybridization of two Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithms, using click-type and ring-type neighborhood topologies of particles. Each of these topologies has their disadvantages which can be eliminated by using co-algorithmic hybridization. The authors compared the efficiency of canonical PSO and its co-algorithmic modification and found optimal values of free parameters.
77-30569/354740 Mathematical simulation of temperature fields considering phase transitions in cryolithic zone
# 04, April 2012
D.A. Krylov
One of the most dangerous processes that reduce stability of constructions in permafrost is seasonal soil thawing and heat accumulation beneath buildings. This paper describes a three-dimensional mathematical model for analyzing and forecasting temperature distribution under buildings subject to seasonal temperature fluctuations. An example of calculation of a temperature field under a building is included in the article. The developed model and software package can be used for geotechnical investigations at any stage of construction projects in the permafrost zone.
77-30569/353914 Estimation of influence of harmonic interference on phase locked loop.
# 04, April 2012
B.I Shahtarin
The harmonic interference affecting the phase locked loop can cause a number of unwanted effects, reducing stability of the phase locked loop and distorting the information contained in the incoming signal. Several dynamic characteristics of phase locked loop were obtained by the method of harmonic balance, under the stipulation that the frequency of harmonic interference lies outside the phase locked loop synchronization band.
77-30569/349781 Analytical model of estimation of organizational structures operation for operational inquiry processing systems
# 04, April 2012
V.M. Postnikov, M.E. Postnikov
The authors propose a simple analytical model for estimation of performance characteristics of organizational structures of customer inquiry in-line processing systems formalizing as a multiple channel queue systems.
77-30569/349943 Development of software for automatic rotation of landscape photographs in order to eliminate departures from horizontal or vertical lines
# 04, April 2012
A.E. Shivarov, V.V. Inflyanskas
The authors analyzed possible distortions of photographs caused by the camera tilt; known software allowing to rotate the photographs were also analyzed; the urgency of development of automatic rotation method is shown. The authors propose a method of automatic determination of the rotation angle for elimination of departures from horizontal or vertical lines in landscape photographs. Software solution was implemented for automatic rotation of photographs with the usage of the proposed method.
77-30569/350020 Recognition of text image subject to word morphology
# 04, April 2012
I.V. Rudakov, A.S. Romanov
Algorithms of auto-correction in documents were analyzed. The authors proposed a method of correcting grammar mistakes by means of a morphological analysis. The authors present a bundled software allowing to recognize text images by means of neural network and to correct mistakes with the usage of the proposed method. Creation of a special storage for the dictionary allowed to increase productivity and decrease the complexity of word selection for the operation of the bundled software. The dependence of correction accuracy on the mistake location in the word was identified.
77-30569/350058 Method of mistake reduction in expert systems of interactive training systems
# 04, April 2012
K.A. Maikov, S.M. Jiryakov
 The authors propose a reduction method of fuzzy output mistakes in production expert systems (ES); this method doesn’t require modification of initial expert knowledge base. Sugeno algorithm was taken as a foundation of the proposed method. Error correcting at the stage of logic output using Faber-Schauder functions allowed to correct the fuzzy solution according to the requirements of control precedents without changing the initial definitions in the knowledge base of ES. The advantages of the Sugeno modified algorithm are shown by the example of ES for assessment of an airplane maneuver.
77-30569/348787 Supersonic flutter analysis for axisymmetric shell with meridian as a spline, based on SolidWorks API
# 04, April 2012
M.V. Chugunov
The problem of the supersonic panel flutter for the axisymmetric shell was solved with Mach numbers, above 1.7. This shell was an element of a complex structure, and its meridian was formed with Bezier-spline. FEM was used for the analysis. Aerodynamic pressure was calculated according to the piston theory, but a flow density and velocity had local values corresponding to the non-uniform flow. These parameters were defined by SolidWorks FlowWorks Simulation code, and functions, which were necessary for the analysis of a flutter problem, i.e. formation of the asymmetrical eigenvalue problem, and the analysis of the behavior of the eigenvalues was added to SolidWorks as the AddIn-module with usage of the COM-interface, based on API SolidWorks and API FlowWorks Simulation. The examples are included in this article to illustrate the technique.
77-30569/342072 Page frame reclaiming method with scanning access detection
# 04, April 2012
V.N. Semenov, V.A. Krishchenko
The authors describe problems with the current LRU-based page reclaiming algorithm used by Linux kernel that arise in the case of a regular memory access pattern. Basing on the results of some preliminary experiments, a pattern detection method is proposed. The method uses page fault history as an input. The developed reclaiming algorithm and its implementation for Linux kernel are described. Experiment results with the method software implementation of this algorithm are presented.
77-30569/342083 IP packet processing monitoring in Linux
# 04, April 2012
A.O. Kryuchkov, V.A. Krishchenko
The paper discusses a method of retrieving detailed information on IP packet processing in Linux operating system. Modifications to Linux networking subsystem source code are described, along with the architecture of a monitoring tool based on the method being discussed. An example of the monitoring tool output is provided.  Possible applications of the method include troubleshooting and studying computer networks.


77-30569/402924 Relaxation resistance of coiled spring under the conditions of neutron irradiation
# 04, April 2012
M.P. Gusev, V.L. Danilov
The authors formulate a mathematical model for relaxation resistance of a spring working under the conditions of neutron irradiation and high temperature; a method of its analysis was developed. The model and the analysis method are based on the fundamental equations of the creep theory constructed with the use of the finite-difference algorithm. This model is capable of creep and relaxation analysis of a spring based on various initial spring loads and geometrical parameters. Comparison of results of the proposed model with the well-established industrial analysis computer program “Ansys 12” is included in the article.
77-30569/383658 Estimation of quartz plate surface damage kinetics’ influence on quartz resonator q-factor
# 04, April 2012
E.A. Korovaiceva
The author proposes a finite-element quartz resonator model which allows to take into account the quality of the quartz plate surface layer for calculating its characteristics. For modeling the development of a damaged plate layer a modified law of crack growth in geological materials is proposed. Results of calculation of the resonator Q-factor change as a function of time are presented. In the calculations the proposed law of damaged layer development was taken into consideration. The results of the experiments confirming the proposed resonator model and development of the quartz plate damaged surface layer during its vibrations in quartz oscillator scheme are included in the article.
77-30569/377653 Change of dynamical properties of mechanical oscillation systems on the base of introduction of link connection
# 04, April 2012
S.V. Eliseev, S.V. Belokobyl'skii, P.A. Loncih
The authors consider questions of creating mathematical models of mechanical systems with couplings. Usually the couplings are simple rotational kinematical ties. The authors propose a method of model creation – this method consists of implementation of a certain sequence of actions based on selection of points of possible coupling of two bodies and a system of corresponding coordinates. If the elements of the planned coupling are identified as points of possible contact and are interconnected with an elastic or dissipative coupling, the difference between the coordinates of two selected points defines the relative coordinate. This coordinate can be removed out of the coefficient matrix of the system of motion equations with an appropriate column and line delineation. Coupling introduction is accompanied with a decrease in the number of degrees of freedom. Several examples, including one for two couplings, are considered in the article.
77-30569/362856 Axisymmetric oscillations of dual-density liquid in the cylindrical tank
# 04, April 2012
D.A. Goncharov
This article considers a model problem for a funded system of capillary suction device of a spacecraft fuel tank. Two fluids undergoing a joint motion with a flexible membrane are considered. Axisymmetric vibrations of the system, dynamic and kinematic conditions impact on the membrane, irrotational fluid motion are explored. The author introduced the velocity potential of fluid, for which the Laplace equation can be written. The Laplace equation was solved by Fourier method. The dynamic boundary conditions for a membrane were obtained by the characteristic equation for natural frequencies of the vibration of joint fluids and membrane. The dynamic characteristics of the oscillatory system were defined by their dependence on the geometric parameters of the tank.
77-30569/353180 Mathematical simulation of contact interaction of elasto-plastic environments
# 04, April 2012
I.V. Stankevich, M.E. Yakovlev, Tu Htet Si
The authors consider an algorithm of solving of a contact problem of the theory of elasto-plasticity on the basis of alternating Schwarz method. The article includes a numerical solution of the theory of elasticity contact problem with the use of implementation of an iterative process of the alternate appointment of displacement vectors and surface forces on surfaces of the contact, and also their corresponding correction. The authors consider the mechanism with account of friction and elasto-plastic deformations when solving contact problems with the use of the developed algorithm. Results of numerical simulation of contact interaction of heated bodies are included in the article. The geometry of finite-element models of contacting bodies after deformation is shown.
77-30569/309571 About kinematics and loading of support structure of horse’s front leg at the stage of ground approaching as a part of four-footed engine’s operational cycle.
# 04, April 2012
A.Yu. Vykolov
The experimental-based analysis of kinematics and loading of horse's front legs at the stage of "step" and "trot" allures were presented in this paper for hoof landing preparation phase. Estimations of linear and angular speeds were given; stress pattern of the leg as a mechanism with variable structure were produced with simple calculations. Estimation of hoof’s damping properties and determining of damping power characteristic were also given. This paper was based, in fact, on the author's investigation that has been described in [8].
77-30569/311247 Localization of a critical section along the length of a bridge span basing on experimental data
# 04, April 2012
N.N. Scheglova
The author considers the problem of localization of a hidden fracture in a bridge span, basing on the experimental data analysis. Monitoring system, which allows to record spectrums of natural frequencies of certain spans of a bridge, was developed at the “Apparatuses and systems of orientation, stabilization and navigation” department of BMSTU. It was shown in the article that analysis of fractional variation of the first six frequencies of each span of a bridge makes it possible to localize the critical section.

Equipment and methods of experimental physics

77-30569/347947 Application of the many-particle density functional method in the description of two-component systems
# 04, April 2012
V.L. Glushkov
The article covers workability of the density functional theory in systems consisting of two subsystems which include two various types of Fermi particles. At the description of similar systems, in particular, molecules and nanoclusters, the density functional method is carried out in the assumption that system properties can be described while considering the basic condition of non-uniform electronic gas moving in the potential created by motionless nuclear kernels. In this work it was shown that such an approach results in an error in definition of the basic energy of the system. Ways of quantitative estimation of this error were specified.


77-30569/415359 Method of manufacturing of the lightened optical elements.
# 04, April 2012
V.V. Sychev
Main mirror is the most complex and expensive part of the contemporary telescope. Its surface must keep its form with accuracy up to small fractions of wavelength with any working inclinations of mirror in entire working temperature range. In this case it must be maximally facilitated in order to ensure acceptable requirements for the framework of telescope.Today, perhaps, there is no doubt that composite mirrors only will be used as the main mirrors of telescopes of the fifth generation; their mutual attitude of separate elements during the work will be continuously corrected for the purpose of the maintenance of the assigned form and for the purpose of the adaptive compensation for the distortions of the wave front of the emission formed with telescope.In this article the original method of manufacturing of the lightened optical elements was proposed. It was shown on the basis of calculations and experimental data that the errors in the production of optical elements were found within the permissible limits.An example of the procedure of the production of the lightened mirror was given.
77-30569/413768 Method for determination picture information capacity in large-sized telescopes.
# 04, April 2012
V.V. Sychev
Method of determination of the storage capacity of visual, photographic and TV - images in the telescope, considering the influence of different distorting factors (physical, technological, instrument) was proposed. It was shown that the presence of the distorting factors (factor) led to considerable reduction in contrast of images and, as a result, to reduction in resolution, decrease in brightness gradations and drop in the storage capacity of fixing images, by the example of atmospheric turbulenceFormulas, which allow to determine the storage capacity of the image of telescope under the assumed operating conditions were proposed. It’s possible when the values of the diameter of the telescope’s main mirror (variable value) and angular dimensions of the real image of object (constant value) are known.Calculations showed that increase in the diameter of main mirror with given angular value of the image’s circle of smearing led to reduction in the storage capacity of image under the actual practice. Therefore with the study of the problem on the creation of telescopes with the increased diameter of main mirror it is necessary to simultaneously solve the problem of an improvement in the quality of image both due to the minimization of the influence of the distorting factors of telescope itself and by the means of the adaptive correction of this influence.Proposed method allows to determine the maximum permissible dimensions of the main mirror of telescope and, correspondingly, the possible price of entire work on creation and installation of telescope. It’s only possible when the specific value of storage capacity and the angular dimensions of the image of point are known.Method is applicable for both classical and adaptive telescopes.
77-30569/364110 Computing experiment in mechanics problem of radiating gas. Method, algorithm and software for research of repetitively pulsed gas-discharge lamps.
# 04, April 2012
V.M. Gradov, I.A. Jelaev, I.V. Lomovskoi
The authors propose a realistic non-stationary mathematical model of gas-discharge emitting sources with periodical pulse, considering transfer of radiation of complex discrete-continuous composition in plasma and coat stabilizing the charge. System for information fitting of computing experiments was developed. Appropriate software was created. The authors compared the obtained data with the results of the experiment; the comparison proved applicability of the developed software and computer tools for investigation of systems and technologies using infrared, ultraviolet and visible radiating of powerful discharge lamps with wide nomenclature of gas and metallo-gas plasma-generating media.
77-30569/324148 Conducting an experiment and processing its results in order to investigate 3D Fizeau effect
# 04, April 2012
P.S. Tiunov
Methods of conducting an experiment to investigate 3D Fizeau effect and processing its results were developed. Proposed processing method allowed us to increase S/N ratio up to approximately 105. Developed method of conducting an experiment allowed us to carry out an experiment and process experimental data by series automatically.

Metallurgical Engineering

77-30569/377160 Thermodynamic analysis of nitrogen phase state when producing hot-resistant casting alloy HA30-VI
# 04, April 2012
D.E. Kablov, V.N. Simonov, A.R. Alieva
This article deals with the results of a thermodynamic analysis of nitrides phase state, their quantity in the alloy HA30-VI when the quantity of nitrogen varies in the initial furnace-charge at different melting stages. Thermodynamic calculations allow to estimate the phase composition of liquid melt and crystal nickel alloy HA30-VI. It was investigated whether titanium nitride, hafnium and carbides in equilibrium conditions were part of that alloy. Minimal permissible quantity of nitrogen required to eliminate the formation of nitrides was calculated.
77-30569/377117 Research of regularities of nitrogen behavior when producing mono-crystals of hot-resistant nickel alloy HA30-VI
# 04, April 2012
D.E. Kablov, V.V. Sidorov, V.V. Gerasimov, V.N. Simonov, P.G. Min
Nitrogen behavior under different thermo-time modes of the melting alloy HA30-VI in the induction furnace was investigated; optimal temperature of melted nitrogen depuration was determined. The negative influence of nitrogen on the formation of parasitic grains with random orientation near the surface of mono-crystal casting was shown. Non-uniform distribution of nitrogen with the height of cast mono-crystals was determined.
77-30569/365792 Estimation of gas mixture composition’s influence on the properties of coatings withstanding hydroabrasive wear problem
# 04, April 2012
G.V. Orlik, N.V. Kabernik, A.G. Orlik
This article is a review of up-to-date techniques of enhancement of abrasive wear resistance of materials. It was shown that heterophase composite structures are the highest wear resistant ones. The article deals with methods of wear resistant coatings. The influence of gas mixture composition on overlays’ structures and properties was considered. The data on hydroabrasive wear of arc welded composite coatings was given.


77-30569/332565 Advanced charge instability control methods in gate dielectric of MOS devices
# 04, April 2012
S.A. Loskutov, V.E. Drach, I.V. Chuhraev
The authors analyze modern control methods of MOS-devices and charge stability of gate dielectric structures of metal-dielectric-semiconductor. Features of modern MOS-devices were defined subject to reduction of engineering rates. It was shown that the most perspective method was the electrophysical one based on the method of controlled current load; it allowed to analyze fast relaxation processes in dielectric directly after stresses.

Economic Sciences

77-30569/370866 Method of probabilistic and linguistic network modeling of the project of highway network development
# 04, April 2012
M.V. Izmailova, S.R. Alekseev, S.N. Катyrin
This article deals with problems of creating a performance evaluation method for projects of highway network development. Integral index NPV was chosen as an efficiency criterion; its evaluation is based on simulation of the project implementation schedule chart under the conditions of stochastic and linguistic uncertainty.

Mathematical and Software Tools for Economics

77-30569/382108 Model of dependence of transport company’s profit on vehicle fleet size
# 04, April 2012
Yu.V. Gugnin, E.V. Sokolov
 Economico-mathematical model considered in the article allows to calculate an optimal vehicle fleet size for maximum profit of a transport company. The algorithm, tools, implementation of the model are described. The evaluation of cost-effectiveness  of the proposed approach is presented in the article.

Education Sciences

77-30569/362595 Programs of forming leadership competences for students with disabilities (from the experience of Bauman Moscow State Technical University)
# 04, April 2012
A.G. Stanevsky, O.A. Oreshkina, Yu.A. Safonova
The authors analyzed and summarized their experience in forming leadership competencies in BMSTU hearing-impaired students with the help of special programs through social practices and project activity. The authors consider the key aspects and technology of implementation of the Leaderships School as a universal tool of forming leaderships features for those vocational and higher education institution health impaired students. The proposed system approach to forming leaders from disadvantage group of students at National Research University within BMSTU is an example of implementation of the innovative form and content of engineering education and its high humanization. The Leaderships programs become the needed element of engineering training from the position of social and management aspects.
77-30569/360710 Comparative analysis of educational systems in Germany and Russia under conditions of Bologna process.
# 04, April 2012
T.Yu. Cibizova, A.V. Fomichev
This article covers modern problems of restructuring educational systems according to the Bologna declaration guidelines. The comparative analysis of a three-level professional education system “bachelor – master – doctor” is considered by the example of Germany and Russia. The main differences of educational process in German universities is taken into account. It is shown that the new teaching approach replaces the traditional teaching concept and focuses, first and foremost, on students, and is reorganized subject to training. According to the new teaching concept the final results of teaching is the first-defined matter when the educational program is being worked out. Authors conclude that during Russia’s adoption of the high-school system according to the Bologna process, restructuring should be held gradually and carefully to keep Russia’s teaching traditions. And students with their need for education should be the center of this process.

Theory and Methodology of Professional Education (Higher Education)

77-30569/286116 Model of estimation of results of learning progress diagnosing
# 04, April 2012
E.A. Vlasova, N.Ya. Ir'yanov
 The authors suggest an algebraic model of estimation of results of testing conducted in the form of traditional written examinations or contests with a complete solution of each task required. In this model solutions of the test tasks are evaluated by primary scores according to the traditional fractional scale. The advantages of the model are its simplicity, objectivity in measurement of the task complexity, estimation of students' preparation level by breadth and depth of their knowledge, opportunity of the objective ranking of the level of those participants who produce hardly comparable results.

Foreign Education

Taiwanese Holding Degrees Increase to 39% of Population
# 04, April 2012
The number of Taiwanese with a college, university or other type of higher education degree has increased every year to 39 percent of the population in 2009, statistics released by the Ministry of the Interior showed on Saturday.Compared with other countries, Taiwan’s higher-education population is higher than the average of 30 percent of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development member states.It ties with South Korea’s 39 percent, but is lower than Japan’s 44 percent, the findings show.
Greek Universities To Go Abroad
# 04, April 2012
In response to the severe financial crisis, Greek academics decided to search for collaborations with foreign students and institutions to prove that they are still thriving.China is among the countries, which seem the most suitable of candidates. Many Chinese companies have established a professional connection with Greece, such as COSCO.At the same time, collaborations with universities from other countries are up for discussion, including Russia and other countries around the Persian Gulf. In 2013, Greece is expected to have found its first academic branch in these countries.
Sino-US University to Open
# 04, April 2012
The country's first Sino-US higher education institute - New York University Shanghai - will start to admit undergraduate students in 2013, sources from the university said on Thursday. The university was co-established by New York University in the United States and East China Normal University, and was approved by the Ministry of Education in early 2011. According to the enrollment plan, about 300 undergraduate students will be selected from across the world in the autumn semester of 2013, with Chinese students making up 51 percent of the intake.
MALAYSIA: EU to Help Malaysia Become a Higher Education Hub
# 04, April 2012
The European Union is to help Malaysia towards its goal of becoming a regional and international hub for higher education, according to Vincent Piket, EU ambassador and head of a delegation to Malaysia for MyEULink 2012.On why the EU chose Malaysia as a collaborative partner, Piket said: "Malaysia and the EU share common challenges in the area of transnational education. Furthermore, with Malaysia demonstrating its commitment to engage with partners regionally and internationally, we see promising signs."
AFGHANISTAN: Afghan to Double the Number of Students in India
# 04, April 2012
Afghanistan proposes to double the number of its students in Indian and Turkish universities as part of moves to boost educational standards in the war-torn country, reports the Press Trust of India. According to Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the numbers of Afghan students to be sent to Indian and Turkish universities would be raised from 500 to 1,000 this year and for this the government was increasing the foreign study allocation to US$10 million from the present US$5 million.
SOUTH AFRICA: Revitalise humanities — Nzimande
# 04, April 2012
The government’s focus on maths, science and technology in higher education had come at the expense of the humanities, which should be revitalised in the interest of South Africa’s overall development, Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande said last week. Nzimande — who holds a doctorate in sociology — was referring to seriously declining student enrolment and falling graduation rates in the humanities and social sciences.
SCOTLAND: Universities Join Forces in Bid to Boost Spin-outs and Research Income
# 04, April 2012
Scotland's universities are joining forces to increase the number of spin-out companies they launch and the amount of their research being licensed out to industry.Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Strathclyde universities have submitted plans to the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) for a “modular” system that could be used by institutes to boost business formation rates.The eight modules will cover topics such as business planning, finance and mentoring.

History of Progress

77-30569/364552 Alexander M. Poniatoff (his 120th anniversary)
# 04, April 2012
V.P. Samokhin
 The article presents a brief review of main works and achievements by Alexander M. Poniatoff, an outstanding engineer and founder of AMPEX – American company that gained the world recognition in the field of magnetic recording of signals. His background as well as some interesting facts from his life and activities is given. The AMPEX engineers created the world's first tape recorders and videotape recorders of professional quality, which contributed to a radical improvement of radio and television broadcasting technologies worldwide.
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