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# 12, December 2011

Machine Building and Engineering Science

77-30569/286475 Segment model of spherical aerostatic bearings
# 12, December 2011
DOI: 10.7463/1211.0286475
A.M. Guskov, .A. Poshekhonov R
The authors proposed a simplified segment-model of spherical aerostatic bearings which allows to determine static and dynamic behaviour of bearings. The model is based on two physical assumptions: the number of estimated segments is considered large, and the speed of tangential bearing surfaces is considered negligibly small. Bearing reactions are estimated on the basis of a series of preliminary calculations of air pressure in a separate segment field. The pressure field estimation is performed with the finite-element method in MATLAB program in a nonlinear formulation. The proposed model was tested on spherical aerostatic bearings with porous boost limiters developed for the high-precision nonferrous metal-turning work spindle. The segments number influence on accuracy of load characteristics is estimated.
77-30569/279781 Estimation of energy efficiency of hydraulic drive for auto wheels at different control modes
# 12, December 2011
M.A. Andreev, S.E. Semenov
The article presents analysis of hydraulic drive for auto wheels in terms of its energy efficiency. Three main control modes are described – by volumetric change of pump capacity per revolution and change of flow sections of common valve gap (with two types of pump regulators). The authors provide comparison of these modes and indicate areas of their efficient application.
77-30569/274914 Hydrodynamic loading of the rotors of centrifugal pumps by step response processes
# 12, December 2011
D.N. Popov, N.G. Sosnovskii, M.V. Siuhin
Loads on centrifugal pump details change when disbursements of liquid in the “pump – pipes” system change. Mathematical model of the system and calculations indicate possible increase of hydrodynamics forces in the double-entry pump. The results can be used in pump bearings design.
77-30569/280579 Knapsack problem solving procedure in the case of boundaries vector
# 12, December 2011
A.A. Karpunin
Modification of classical method of solving the knapsack problem as the task of bivalent programming in the case of boundaries vector is proposed. Algorithm of knapsack acquisition problem solving in the case of one criteria and vector of boundaries is presented. Problems of solution existence and optimality solution check are considered. An example of the problem solving on the basis of proposed method is given.
77-30569/280873 Trajectory safety ensuring for the problem of fly-around of dynamic circle zone
# 12, December 2011
E.M. Voronov, A.A. Karpunin
The problem of trajectory safety ensuring for the dynamic controlled object (DCO) that moves on a plane in which circle forbidden zone exists is considered. Mathematical model of DCO motion is described. At first the case of static circle forbidden zone is considered for the formalization of the fly-around problem, intervals of non-safety courses of motion which form a zone of dangerous trajectories for the class of piecewise path segments of motion consisting of trajectory of sharp turn of the maximum curvature and linear path segment after it. Problem of evaluation of the zone of dangerous trajectories in the case of dynamic circle forbidden zone is considered on the basis of the obtained description. As a result iteration algorithm of the zone of dangerous trajectories evaluation is formed.
77-30569/286502 Design and experimental study of connecting rod strength and reliability at the stages of high performance engine creation and modernization.
# 12, December 2011
N.D. Chainov, A.B. Matisen
The main stages of studying modern high performance engine connecting rod strength and reliability are shown. The study includes combining and analysis of calculation and experimental results.  The hierarchical system of mathematical models for structural analysis and cyclic strength estimation of connecting rods has been considered. The rationality of combining macro-element method (used at the first stage) with three-dimensional finite-element analysis used at the final stage is shown.

Constructional Material Processing in Machine Building

77-30569/289392 Effect of natural frequency timing of weld metal crystallization oscillatory mechanism and frequency of external periodic influence on technological strength in welding process.
# 12, December 2011
V.P. Morozov
Existence of oscillatory mechanism of solidification of metal welded bath in the form of recurrent formation isotherms of crystallization is characteristic for different metals and alloys. It was found that under the influence of heat from an external periodically active source with the frequency corresponding to natural frequency of crystallization of weld material, resonance conditions which contribute to crushing the cast structure of seam and heat-affected zone are created. Fine structure of the welded joint obtained by effective control of the oscillatory mechanism of the crystallization front, can significantly improve hot cracking resistance and, probably, cold cracking due to changes in conditions of structural transformations, unachievable by conventional welding. Frequency of external action which creates conditions for parametric resonance can have several meanings according to the theory of oscillations.
77-30569/282012 Raman spectroscopy of nanomodified polymer composite materials exposed to mechanical load
# 12, December 2011
Yu.M. Mironov, Yu.V. Hrapovickaya, M.O. Makeev, V.A. Nelyub, A.S. Borodulin
In this article the authors present a research of physicochemical properties of constructional polymer composite materials (PCM) with addition of nanomodificatiors – astralene by method of Raman spectroscopy (RS). The authors conducted a research of polymer matrix chemical bonds with nanomodificators and parameters of packing characteristic of macromolecule. The authors made a conclusion of applicability of Raman spectroscopy method for estimation of on-stream PCM deformation degree when PCM are exposed to mechanical load.
77-30569/282085 Characteristic patterns of transition of liquid molten metal in the solid state at the crystallization front in the framework of the phenomenological model.
# 12, December 2011
V.P. Morozov
The process of metal melt during welding with subsequent crystallization is characterized by several features. Transition of liquid melt to solid state occurs simultaneously at the interface in the so-called germ band. It is in the embryonic area that during crystallization there appears an oscillatory mechanism which is considered within the framework of a phenomenological model. Modeling the dynamics of particle motion in simple liquids confirms transition from the chaotic state of the particles into the ordered one with preliminary formation of clusters of several particles. The mechanism of layer-wise phased transition of the particles occurs at establishing a specific frequency and mode of unstable equilibrium or breakdown. Using an external source of fluctuations synchronous with the process of crystallization rate, you can control the formation of the structure by creating a resonance condition. This would be a significant improvement in the properties of welded joints by grinding the cast structure of the weld metal.

Transportation, Mining and Construction Machine Building

77-30569/347444 Development of adaptive algorithm of relay management by a two-level damping of a suspension bracket of multi-wheeled vehicles
# 12, December 2011
M.M. Jileikin
Now in the Russian army and in the national economy of Russia a considerable quantity of cars with number of axes four and more is used. Operating experience of these cars showed that the problem of increase of mobility of these cars at the expense of decrease vibration crew and transported cargo was urgent. One of directions of improvement of the given property is management of damping in a suspension bracket by compulsory change of factor of damping. Developed algorithm of management of two-level damping of a suspension bracket multi-wheeled vehicles allows to decrease essentially the level of fluctuations of the case of the cars and to raise their speed on dirt roads. The algorithm is simple in implementation, provides fast reaction of suspension system on changing road conditions and doesn't demand high-speed executive powers of a suspension bracket that positively affects their durability. On the basis of the analysis of the results of modeling for various traffic conditions of the car with the wheel formula 8x8 the conclusion about the efficiency of the developed algorithm was made.
77-30569/346642 Experimental research of loading characteristics of a two-chamber pneumo-hydraulic spring of a suspension bracket of new generation automobile platforms of average and big load-carrying capacities
# 12, December 2011
M.M. Jileikin, G.O. Kotiev, E.B. Sarach
Along with widely used theoretical methods of research of internal dynamics with use of imitating mathematical simulation, only natural tests can provide the final conclusion about working capacity of a design and correctness of a choice of options. Natural tests also allow to verify imitating mathematical models that is to estimate their adequacy and accuracy. The mathematical model of a two-volume pneumo-hydraulic spring (PHS) suspension brackets of new generation automobile platforms of average and big load-carrying capacity was developed. Benchmark tests of the natural sample of such PHS to check the adequacy of the developed model and research of behavior of a design were conducted at various kinds of loading. It was shown that the mathematical model described the processes, proceeding in a design two-volume PHS, precisely enough.
77-30569/282533 Synthesis of control traction motor for individual drive wheeled vehicle
# 12, December 2011
G.O. Kotiev, V.A. Gorelov, A.V. Miroshnichenko
The authors give a detailed description of car electromechanical transmission control at the individual distribution of power in the wheels, the main essence of which is proportional to the relative distribution of the normal load to be carried by the wheel. The law is adapted for two versions of drive control: "angular velocity" and "torque". Effectiveness of the law is proved by the results of mathematical simulation of car motion with 8×8 wheel formula on the basis of non-deformable reference to two cases: upgrading (with “angular velocity” control) and curvilinear motion with a fixed radius (with “torque” control). The directions of future research is the need to study car movement with the proposed transmission control in a wide range of external influences ("mixed doubles" motion, acceleration, motion on a deformable substructure, etc.), and also in comparison with the results of movement with traditional transmission patterns.

Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling

77-30569/274059 Modeling the dynamics of temperature field soil base of the building in permafrost
# 12, December 2011
A.V. Glasko, A.A. Fedotov, N.I. Sidnyaev, P.V. Hrapov, Yu.S. Mel'nikova
We simulated the dynamics of temperature field soil base of the building, installed on a ground floor in a continuous permafrost in areas with seasonal freezing and thawing of the soil. The model is based on boundary-value problem for the heat equation with phase transitions. The equation describes the variation with time of the temperature field in a rectangular area of ground under the building and take into account the thermal effect of heated buildings on the ground and seasonal changes in climatic conditions (air temperature). The problem was solved numerically using method of control volume, the solution is implemented in the environment of Compaq Visual Fortran. The simulation results allow to analyze the possibility of dangerous cryogenic processes, resulting in a building in an emergency situation (heave, settlement, etc.).

Aeronautical and Rocket Space Engineering

77-30569/306807 Application of microwave method for measuring the burning rate of energetic condensed systems under extreme pressure
# 12, December 2011
B.P. Lavrov, A.V. Sergeev, V.V. Kozichev, M.V. Antonov, D.M. Yagodnikov
The article deals with the problem of designing microwave diagnostic systems, which are used in multifactor stressful conditions and require multi-parameter optimization with involving various disciplines, such as thermodynamics, mechanics and electrodynamics. Complex assessment of mechanical and dielectric properties of materials for use as a load-bearing element and a matching element of the microwave path was carried out. Simulation of the unit was performed using the software HFSS – a CAD package for the electrodynamics modeling; the simulation resulted in the definition the optimal geometry of the waveguide for the particular conditions.
77-30569/291243 Influence of structural defects on Evolution of detonation wave in high explosive charge
# 12, December 2011
A.V. Kozyrev, V.S. Soloviev
Technology imperfections, operational and functional affects on high explosive charges of projectiles and ammunitions cause birth structural defects. Influence mechanisms of compact and flat local defects on the evolution of detonation wave were studied with the help of computational fluid dynamics method. Amplitude of detonation wave front deformations in relation to the compressible behavior of point defects and cracks with different orientations was calculated.
# 12, December 2011
V.A. Zverev, V.V. Lomakin
This paper deals with the basic principles of physical  simulation  of units starting complexes. Simulation was performed  by using the methods of finite elements and superelements. As an example, the authors present a physical model of the starting system for space rockets family "SOYUZ". The results were used for the design of the starting system in French Guiana.
77-30569/270659 Calculation studies on optimization of the diagram and parameters of propellant components supply into RDMT combustion chamber which works on gaseous oxygen-kerosene
# 12, December 2011
D.M. Yagodnikov, A.V. Novikov, Yu.V. Antonov
The authors consider parametric studies of different factors’ influence on the working process characteristics in the combustion chamber(CС) of rocket thruster (RT), which made it possible to formulate recommendations regarding operating regime optimization and CC sizes. The authors obtained calculation dependences of the coefficient of the consumable complex and parameters of the RDMT combustion chamber working process on influencing factors with the use of gaseous oxygen as oxidizer, and kerosene – as a combustible. The authors provide a comparative analysis of the results of using these two components under similar conditions, which made it possible to determine the influence of physical properties of the combustible component on the effectiveness of working process organization.
77-30569/239824 System analisis for the reconnaissance photography complexes
# 12, December 2011
E.I. Afinogenov, T.M. Volosatova, N.I. Sel'vesyuk, N.V. Chichvarin
This paper covers the study of developing a method and means of creating requirements for navigation equipment, aircraft control systems and aerial reconnaissance systems to ensure the required quality of aerial films. In their research the authors attempted to apply system analysis to airborne prospecting complexes created on the basis of using aerial cameras, particularly digital ones. The goals of this analysis are: support of flight task development for aerial reconnaissance aircrafts in service; support of prospective complexes development subject to real-time use.

Instrument Engineering, Metrology and Information-Measuring Devices and Systems

77-30569/290540 Aircraft movement prediction using a linear model identification
# 12, December 2011
O.N. Korsun, Yu.G. Veselov, S.P. Gulevitch
 The authors consider a simplified linear model of aircraft pitch movement for real-time prediction to support control design. The model is derived out of the full nonlinear system of aircraft space movement. The model parameters estimates are achieved through the least square regression estimator using moving interval. Some examples of flight test data processing are also presented.
77-30569/282054 Application of methods of planarization substrate surfaces in nano -and microsystems technology
# 12, December 2011
V.V. Kholevin, Yu.N. Tinyakov, Yu.O. Tolokоnov
The authors consider application of a chemical-mechanical polishing method for planarization substrate surfaces in nano -and microsystems technology. The authors propose a method to calculate distribution of magnitude of wear on operating surface which undergoes chemical-mechanical polishing. The authors provide results of calculating distribution of magnitude of wear on the operating surface for some modes of processing wafers. The results can be used for design of chemical and mechanical polishing of substrate surface in nano- and microsystems technology.
77-30569/255578 Influence of spectral noise on errors of substance concentration recovery at substance detection in aero-space by Fourier spectroradiometer data
# 12, December 2011
A.N. Morozov, I.L. Fufurin
 The authors consider numerical solution algorythms for identification and concentrations calculation of substances in the atmosphere. Instead of solving the multidimensional system of linear equations it is proposed to solve one or several one-dimensional systems. Conversion to one-dimensional problem is performed by correlation analysis. The influence of noise in the initial spectrum on errors of inverse problem solution was studied.
77-30569/228502 Analysis of the impact of technological errors on output electrical parameters of microwave radio signals mixers based on resonant tunneling diodes.
# 12, December 2011
V.D. Shashurin, N.A. Vetrova, E.A. Skorohodov
 The authors carried out an analysis of the impact of technological errors on the output electrical parameters of microwave radio signals mixers based on resonant tunneling diodes and stability of this impact in time (in the process of degradation products) . Obtained results are very important for their technological optimization according to the reliability criterion.

Informatics, Computer Science and Management

77-30569/296744 Pattern recognition of shorthand texts of XVII century based on structural frame description
# 12, December 2011
I.A. Zelencov, Yu.N. Filippovich
The mechanism of abstract pattern recognition, that was the foundation of the general recognition method of the XVII-th century Old Russian shorthand text was considered. The structure of the recognition system’s knowledge base was described. The abstract pattern recognition algorithm based on the introduced knowledge base was defined and researched. The given algorithm forms a basis for recognition of specific types of images – shorthand’s letters and words.
77-30569/296965 Recognition of Old Russian shorthand’s words and letters of XVII-th century
# 12, December 2011
I.A. Zelencov, Yu.N. Filippovich
 This article is devoted to the recognition of Old Russian shorthand’s letters and words of XVII-th century. These recognition mechanisms are the part of two-level structural recognition technique. The method of structural description of shapes of letters and words was introduced along with the corresponding frame-based knowledge representation method. The algorithms of the recognition of shorthand’s letters and words, based on the proposed method of knowledge representation, were defined and researched in this article.
77-30569/296014 Average time before tracking loss and average value of frequency disagreement of phase lock loop with composite action
# 12, December 2011
B.I Shahtarin, T.G. Aslanov
Average time before tracking loss and average value of frequency disagreement of phase lock loop were considered when adaptive combination of signal, harmonic interference and noise was received as an input signal.
77-30569/292997 Formalized structural model of OS Windows 2000
# 12, December 2011
V.M. Chernen'kii, A.S. Shul'min
The article describes an attempt of creating a formalized structural model of Windows 2000 OS. The authors present structural descriptions which lay no claim to a functional analysis. All the information in the article is obtained from the open sources (Microsoft Press [1]), or was obtained independently as a result of reverse-study of the system components. The authors propose a definition of the OS structure which, in turn, includes descriptions of the structures of its base components - such as the environment subsystem block, system support library, actuator system, operating system kernel, device drivers, system processes. The system basic structural components are given with the indication of their interrelation.
77-30569/282904 Control algorithms of Hamiltonian systems with unknown parameters
# 12, December 2011
Yu.I. Myshlyaev, A.V. Finoshin
The authors consider the problem of achieving an energy desired level with unknown parameters. Two-stage control synthesis algorithm based on double-speed gradient is proposed. The objective function depends on unknown parameters. The identifiability of the model’s parameters is obtained basing on self-tuning model. The algorithm efficiency is demonstrated via a pendulum example.
77-30569/292913 Integration of algorithmic description of system functioning
# 12, December 2011
V.M. Chernen'kii
Article deals with the methods of union the descriptions of discrete system functioning, represented as algorithmic models. The way of process description as an operator-parametric scheme was considered. The concept of homogeneous process was defined. It was shown that the functioning of homogeneous processes could be briefly described with introduction of new united elementary operator and the concepts of local process environments, connected to initiator. Obtained results allowed introducing the concept of blocks and classify them. It, in turn, allowed specifying different approaches to system functioning description; a class of streaming description schemes was defined and analyzed.
77-30569/281576 Methodological ways of knowledge control in programming disciplines
# 12, December 2011
S.A. Bol'shakov
The article covers students’ knowledge control methods on a formalized approach basis. On the basis of ideas concepts as scope of information, and transition between them variants of students’ knowledge control methods are created in connection with disciplines which teach programming. Examples of tasks are given, and advantages of this approach are marked out.  Special features of using various control methods are considered.
77-30569/280351 Study of operating speed of neuro-network handwriting parser
# 12, December 2011
V.A. Galkin, S.N. Chernuha
The authors studied dependence of speed of on-line handwriting parser created on the basis of artificial neuron networks, on the architecture of these networks and program solution as a whole for manual and automated methods of symbols (letters) selection from a connected sequence (words). For each method the authors developed s simulation model which is realized in GPSS language. The simulation results showed that personal pocket computers (PDA) make it possible to carry out handwriting parsing software capable of granting the user useful functionality at an acceptable level.
77-30569/280624 Analysis of data transferring and processing in local automated information systems of duty units of the Interior
# 12, December 2011
V.M. Chernen'kii, D.Yu. Solonenko
Article deals with the analysis of architecture and procedures of data transferring in distributed information system of the Interior. Based on the flow of documents analysis, it was shown that the duty unit is the main link of any Interior organization. The flow of duty unit’s documents was analyzed; classification of these documents was introduced, it allowed varying the burden on operational staff; model of working with documents for staff was introduced; the architecture of information system was corrected. Mathematical models and algorithms for listed problems were described in the article.
77-30569/280112 System of determining geometric parameters of 3D objects
# 12, December 2011
A.I. Korotaev, V.I. Kuzovlev
The authors consider 3D objects characterization by their two projections (photos). Mathematical aspects and algorithms are described. A description of corresponding software is also given.
77-30569/279763 Evaluating the effectiveness of mental-structured educational technology training of technicians
# 12, December 2011
A.A. Dobryakov, E.V. Smirnova, M.A. Kolesnik, V. Vorobev
The paper examines approaches to assessing the economic efficiency of the new mental-structured educational technology, which is based on the idea that the content of education, need to "adapt" to the psychophysical abilities of students in accordance with the laws of the objectively existing functional systems of the brain. From an economic point of view is assessed in basic contradiction between higher professional education exponentially growing amount of new information and strictly regulated terms of learning how to optimize the objective function to evaluate the effectiveness of new technology. It is shown that implicit in the heart of the new educational technology computer-aided opportunity to obtain quantitative indicators of the quality of training can help achieve the strategic objectives of the educational institution.
77-30569/274006 Frequency dictionaries time stability rating in texts identification
# 12, December 2011
Y.N. Pavlov, E.A. Tihomirova
 The article presents the time stability assessment results of F. Dostoevsky’s and M. Gorky’s vocabularies. The resulting statistical characteristics suggest that frequency dictionaries are unstable. That is why informativity of identifying the authors of the frequency dictionary is poor. The authors also show that a large percentage of words found by these authors are statistically indistinguishable. This fact, in the authors’ opinion, will help to improve authorship examination quality.
77-30569/270497 Cost-criterion selection algorithm of parallel system database architecture
# 12, December 2011
Yu.A. Grigor'ev, V.L. Pluzhnikov
In the article the authors suggest expressions which make it possible to estimate the aggregate value of possessing database parallel systems (DPS). The authors developed an algorithm of DPS selection which allows for specific character of the comparison of DPS architectures and special feature of cost estimates. By means of sequential growth of the number of AMP-processors and SMP-units the algorithm orders the database parallel systems with SE, CE and SN architectures according to their cost increase. It is shown that in this sequence it is possible to isolate the subsequence in which DPS are ordered according to descending ordering of the mean time of responding to requests. As in the algorithm all DPS versions are consecutively analyzed, in the finite number of iterations optimal solution will be found
77-30569/292620 Algorithmic model of discrete process description of system functioning
# 12, December 2011
V.M. Chernen'kii
This article deals with algorithmic process model as a form of process description. It was suggested to specify the process description as a linear sequence of elementary operators; each operator compute only one point in state space of the system. The properties of every component of an algorithmic model were described; these components are elementary operator, track and initiator. The transformation of the track allowed introducing the concept of structure that led to the decreasing of description dimension. Different structure types were analyzed; the high adaptive specifying form of the structure was presented.  It was shown that proposed model covers a wide range of processes of discrete system functioning.
77-30569/284291 Analysis of the state of the magnetic circuit of the DC motorwith an electric model
# 12, December 2011
V.I. Volchenskov
The method of using electrical simulation to analyze themagnetic field distribution in a DC motor. The main modes of operation of the engine, taking into account the saturation of individual sections of the magnetic circuit, which leads to a change in its output characteristics.The proposed method allows to solve the issues discussedboth qualitatively and quantitatively. The simulation results are compared with experimental results.


77-30569/284968 About conductivity quantum limit and high-frequency conductivity of metallic alloys
# 12, December 2011
N.I. Yurasov, A.N. Yurasov
 It is of great interest to analyze the limit of specific resistance of disordered alloys both for massive models and for thin films and small particles in porous medium, and also to examine its influence on high-frequency conductivity. This work is dedicated to solution of these problems. All calculations are carried out for the model of metal as a model of Fermi gas of electrons o condition that the free path is equal to the average bond radius. The authors obtained formulas for static and dynamic conductivity of thin films and small particles in porous medium which can be applied both for nonmagnetic and magnetic alloys. The authors stated the field of applicability of the obtained formulas. They proposed and justified a hypothesis about reasons of the quantum limit existence for conductivity of alloys which is independent of magnetic order.

Economic Sciences

77-30569/275271 Mechanism of administrating a higher educational institution on basis of core competency development
# 12, December 2011
E.V. Larina
The article covers basic questions of increasing competitiveness of institutes of higher education in Russia. The author developed a mechanism to control faculty's professional qualifications as the core competency of the higher educational institution. The author proposed a technology of individual development of a teacher's professional competence; the technology is based on effective achieving strategic goals and higher educational institution tasks.
77-30569/275220 The analysis of innovative initiatives proposed by participants of “Zvorykinsky project”
# 12, December 2011
G.M Solov'eva, A.A. Shumskaya
The authors studied a file of initiatives presented by young participants registered in 2010-2011 on “Zvorykinsky project” Internet portal (http://zv.innovaterussia.ru). The structural and thematic analysis, selective patent analysis of the file of initiative offers (innovative ideas, projects, products) were carried out. Data on structural proportions and thematic distributions, on relations of participants, authors, inventors and owners of intellectual property rights was received. Results are applicable for integrated estimation of innovative activity in Russia.

Education Sciences

77-30569/281057 Theoretical and practical approach to development of professional competence of future professionals in the context of mechanical engineering requirements of the regional labor market.
# 12, December 2011
T.Yu. Dranitsyna
Vocational education is being actively re-oriented to educational programs that shape students' competence. Transformation is related to objectives, contents, conditions and educational organization which is based on regional characteristics of labor market, employers demands to the level and quality of graduates in engineering industry.


77-30569/275638 Computerized complex for testing outboard motors.
# 12, December 2011
V.I. Belyakov, V.A. Graf
The authors studied a complex for acceptance, periodic and a number of special tests of boat motors which have a power of up to 5hp on the basis of using a personal computer and industrial logical controller on FGUP “MMPP” “Salut”. The test complex consists of hydromechanical, information-measuring and dynamoelectric subsystems, drive of the gas handle, section of boat motors preparation. Hydromechanical subsystem contains a test counter with a force measuring transom board. The information-measuring subsystem contains gauges of boat motor physical quantities and of environment (9 gauges: frequency of rotation of the crankshaft of internal combustion engine; thrust of screw propeller; temperature of the water in discharge; and others). The basis of the dynamoelectric subsystem is a high-speed servomechanism of alternating current. Advantages of the test complex are the following:  high accuracy and objectivity; minimization of time and reduction of the cost of tests; possibility of conducting complex tests during a short period of time.

Foreign Education

AUSTRALIA: New Journal to Promote Study of Private Higher Ed
# 12, December 2011
A peer-reviewed journal for the study of private higher education is part of a plan to foster research in this growing part of the sector. Claire Field, chief executive of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training, said the idea for the new journal came from the peak group's higher education members."Mostly they are looking for ACPET's support to help them build a research culture,'' Ms Field said. "I guess it's something that universities are funded to do.''
THAILAND: Cabinet Backs Proposal for One University
# 12, December 2011
Anticipating a drop in the number of students studying at universities in future, the Thai cabinet has approved in principle an education ministry proposal to merge state-run institutions into one university per province, write Samatcha Hoonsara and Wannapa Khaopa for The Nation.The third annual meeting of the Higher Education Commission had projected that in the next 30 years, the number of people going to public universities would shrink. Therefore, the focus should not be on opening new universities but on improving the teaching and learning quality and efficiency of existing ones.

History of Progress

77-30569/282286 To the memory of Thomas Alva Edison (11.02.1847 – 18.10.1931)
# 12, December 2011
V.P. Samokhin
Brief review of the main achievements of Thomas Alva Edison was presented; Thomas Edison was an outstanding American inventor, the author of more than 1000 USA patents and several thousand patents of other countries, Honored Academician of USSR Academy of Science. The biography of Thomas Edison and some interesting facts from his life and work were included in the article. The world’s first sound-recording apparatus (phonograph) and carbon microphone created by Edison became an advent of the sound technology development, and his disc-type phonograph with grooves for recording served as a basis for mechanical video-recording half-century later. Therefore, Edison could be considered a founder of the multimedia technology.
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