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# 10, October 2011

Science and Education
77-30569/250866 Spiral Drills Failure Generation in Automated Operation
# 10, October 2011
A.E. Dreval', N.A. Ragrin, V.A. Sаmsonov
The article is considered with origin of spiral drills failure.  Experimental  results of  functional failure (drill breaking) are presented.  Changing of physical parameters  leading to failure in drilling  was studied.  The article identify influence of process parameters  to  drill cutting tip  wear.
# 10, October 2011
V.S. Buloshnikov
In the article a conclusion is made about the influence of the parameters of the characteristics of diamond grinding disk, formed by the method of grinding, cutting properties of abrasive instrument by analyzing the number of diamond grains per unit of area of the cutting surface, cutting the number of active grains and topography height of the cutting surface at the given parameters of single-pass encoding mode of grinding.
77-30569/245898 Promising small aperture antenna system for millimeter range special applications
# 10, October 2011
V.A. Usachev, N.A. Golov, A.R. Vilenskii, N.V. Kudryavceva
In this paper the analysis of advanced technologies to create small antenna systems for millimeter range for used in radar seeker. Considered technology of antennas based on a multilayer printed circuit technology, liquid-crystalline polymers technology, and technology of  low-temperature co fired  ceramics. The basic characteristics of these antennas vas reviewed, and show the validity of their application for a small antenna on-board electronics.
77-30569/245694 Track mathematical modeling
# 10, October 2011
E.B. Sarach, A.A. Staduhin
This article contains an example of track mathematical model. Discussed previously developed similar models and listed their shortcomings. The new model is designed to work with transmission, suspension and running gear models and requires low computation time. A qualitative verification of the adequacy of track mathematical model was provided.
77-30569/216417 The problem of choice of efficient working frequency range for space vehicle imaging radar
# 10, October 2011
S.I. Nefedov
The method of choice of efficient working frequency range for space vehicle imaging radar is discussed. Developed imaging radars are considered. Calculation relations of finding efficient working frequency based on criterion of equal potential are developed. The result is that frequency range 8 mm is best suited for solution of the this problem.
77-30569/245235 Complex techniques select areas of deployment of missile interception for a given set of variants of placing measuring instruments
# 10, October 2011
S.V. Voronin, Yu.S. Vorotnyuk
Paper is devoted to the development of the methodological apparatus for determining the spatial grouping of information and build missiles, solving the problem of destruction of ballistic targets in the middle part of their flight trajectories. In the process of building a group of missile trajectories are taken into account a range ballistic targets, generalized characteristics of the radar and missile systems to intercept, and the time sequence diagram of the balance of information interaction, kinematic and dynamic limitations implementing the method of interception.
77-30569/245509 Approach and methodology for assessing the contribution of space systems for the fighting efficiency
# 10, October 2011
V.A. Kuznecov
We propose a methodological apparatus that formalize the dependence of the efficiency of the fighting on the composition and characteristics of space systems provide. We introduce the notion of a generalized consumer. The model includes a generalized consumer decomposition timeline functioning of precision weapons in separate stages, and establishes the dependence of its efficiency of execution probabilities of individual stages. Perform steps made dependent on the characteristics of information management, with the participation of space systems.
77-30569/243927 Possibility of evaluation of the fact of defeat for the case of a direct hit by an interceptor to target
# 10, October 2011
Yu.V. Podcheko
Practical interests make it necessary for rapid assessment of the status of objects that could have a clash. But the problem of forecasting the results of collisions of objects in space currently has no comprehensive solutions. No statistics suggest that fragmentation is a reliable indicator of the collision objects. It is hypothesized that a collision will change the speed of rotation of objects relative to the centers of mass. By mathematical modeling shows that this feature is available for tool control.
77-30569/244105 The problem of "gray" area of international space law and possible ways of solving
# 10, October 2011
S.L. Starchak
The questions of security of spacecraft from intentional exposure. Analysis of international space law and the UN Charter allows the hypothesis of the possibility of solving the problem of "gray" area of international space law. A model of the influence of space systems in terms of balance of the opposing sides. Shows a generalized mechanism of the effect of space systems on the efficiency of the armed struggle. Proposed concept and definition of acceptable limits impact on space systems.
77-30569/245155 The choice of control law synthesis method for guidance of space objects during their inspection
# 10, October 2011
G.V. Zavoruev
Algorithms homing of inspection of space objects, the best on the criterion of "accuracy-efficiency." A comparative analysis of algorithms for homing, synthesized on the basis of Pontryagin maximum principle and Bellman's dynamic programming method. The results obtained can be used to investigate the capacity of existing and the design of advanced inspection of space objects.
77-30569/243000 Modelling of the diamond turning process of large-sized surfaces of mirrors
# 10, October 2011
S.V. Grubyy
A simulation of diamond turning operation process of metal optic components with aluminum and copper surfaces was carried out. Theoretical basis of the process were studied and algorithms of machine parameters optimal operation were developed. Diamond turning technologies of large sizes surfaces up to 1000 mm in diameter were examined. Researches of natural diamonds crystals and ultra wear resistance for large sizes surfaces machining were made. Above these questions a condition of optic surfaces was researched and their high quality in roughness and reflectance was explored.
77-30569/245950 Advanced technical solutions and trends for radio systems guidance for high-class weapons "Air- Surface"
# 10, October 2011
V.A. Usachev, N.A. Golov, N.V. Kudryavceva
The article describes the main technical solutions and global trends for missiles  seeker. A number of domestic and foreign-made weapons, and their characteristics were investigate. We investigate variants of complex seekers, including radar, thermal, laser and television sensors. The basic directions of development of electronic equipment to achieve the seekers for  domestic products for achieve modern scientific - technical level.
77-30569/242041 Synthesis of parameterized dynamic conceptual model of diverse systems special weapons
# 10, October 2011
S.V. Voronin
The paper proposed a universal basis for the development of mathematical models of weapons systems, regardless of their purpose and scope. Universality is ensured by the use of inductive-deductive approach to the synthesis of a conceptual model of a system consisting of information, managing and firing components. Dynamic parameterization defines static and dynamic properties of the system and its elements, the order and dynamics of the interaction. As part of the conceptual model achieved a complete description of the theoretically possible set of options for building the system.
77-30569/241982 Investigation of the characteristics of a missile command and control by the state space
# 10, October 2011
S.A. Serov, I.A. Chepurnov
A method for analyzing and evaluating system performance using a missile command control of the state space. With this method we construct the system response to the kinematic trajectory of the second-order target.
77-30569/240203 The method of reduction metallurgical cored wire
# 10, October 2011
M.V. Dzudza, V.M. Lushnikov
A new method of reduction metallurgical cored wire, allowing for preservation of the plastic properties of the shell to provide high density and uniform distribution of the powder filler. Experiments were conducted in which samples were obtained from the density of the filler wire above the industrial counterparts by 12%. Changing the scheme of reduction to reduce the number of stands of the production line and save the metal shell.
77-30569/240001Means of identifying aircraft movement based on relative trajectory changes.
# 10, October 2011
V.V. Istomin, M.R. Korolev, C.M. Yakushin
This article proposes a method of information processing, based on the results of relative measurements made by optical trajectory tracking facilities, which work in the conditions of undetermined orientation relative to local meridian and horizon, the presence of unaccounted constant errors or in case of both factors. Under current conditions of a limited budget and time for organization of measurements, the proposed method is highly relevant and provides the optimal solution of thesurveyed object motion determination problem.The algorithm of surveyed object coordinates determination is shown in particular.
77-30569/240531 Experimental study of performance characteristics of different types of cored wire
# 10, October 2011
M.V. Dzudza, V.M. Lushnikov
Cored wire of different design and density of the filler obtained in various ways, been tested: torsion, bend, flattening and bending. Results of experiments showed that if the plastic properties of the shell of a resource to increase the density of the filler.
77-30569/239990 Research of automatic frequency control system as the tunable narrow-band filter
# 10, October 2011
V.A. Kovrigin
Functional features of automatic frequency control system usedas a Doppler frequency trackingfilter in the close-range zone are being analyzed. Some issues of deriving amathematical model of automatic frequency control system are considered. The results obtained by analytical approach and mathematical simulation are presented. The mode of echo-signals Doppler frequency tracking applied to the dot and extended type targets is discussed.
77-30569/241308 Cellular automations based on Ramanujan graphs in the field of the generation of pseudorandom sequences.
# 10, October 2011
P.G. Klyucharev
The problems of an explicit construction of generalized cellular automations for the generation of pseudorandom sequences are considered in this article. It is theoretically approved and empirically confirmed that the avalanche effect parameters of the generalized cellular automations based on Ramanujan graphs are nearly optimal. The pseudorandom sequence generator of the cryptographic quality based on these cellular automations is introduced in the article.
77-30569/239713 Surface analysis of Bi2Te3 based thin films obtained using pulsed laser deposition.
# 10, October 2011
A.G. Grigor'yanc, V.V. Makarov, A.I. Misyurov, V.M. Bashkov, A.E. Shupenev, Yu.M. Mironov
The quality of Bi2Te3 based thin films was studied. Thin films were deposited on heated up monocrystalicsilicium substrate using the method of Pulsed Laser Ablation with the use of Kr-F2 excimer laser. The morphology of a surface and nano-relief of the films deposited at various temperatures in the camera and different substrate-to-target range were researched.
77-30569/239757 Computing experiment technology in the research of coal industry development
# 10, October 2011
K.Ch. Chin'
The article describes the computing experiment technology, based on usingof the tools environment which including information-software package (ISP) "Coal" to solve of difficulty formalized tasks in the coal industry research, database “Perspective” and external tools as agent modeling system AnyLogic, open source tools for OLAP-analysis, electronic tables Excel. This technology using can reduce a load on the researcher, the ability to simultaneously perform analysis of the several forecast periods, the presentation of the obtained results by a convenient way to compare and adjust data before storing them in a database. Implementation of the ISP "Coal" was developed by Java, FireBird is applied as the underlying DBMS.
77-30569/237424 Current trends in the market for educational services and intellectual labor: mental-structured approach to competency training of technical profile
# 10, October 2011
A.A. Dobryakov, E.V. Smirnova, V.V. Belous
This article describes the special mentality and a structured approach to the preparation of technical specialists, based on the patterns of memory and thinking. It is shown that foreign word "competence" in some cases it is advisable to replace a wider methodological and meaningful sense the concept of "thought-literacy." To this end, proposes a methodology for assessment of key competencies (thinking of literacy), known as the "House of Quality."
77-30569/239406 Evaluation the effectiveness of ordered set operations
# 10, October 2011
V.A. Ovchinnikov, G.S. Ivanova
The efficiency of using ordered set operations is considered by example of partitioning a complex system structure into subsystems. The article considers a formal definition of this problem as separation of the hypergraph vertex set into disjoint subsets. The article describes the main design routines of computer scheme partitioning by sequential algorithm. The partitioning process was fulfilled by using unordered and ordered set operations. The computation complexity assessment of both member functions was fulfilled. The efficiency of using ordered set operations may be proportional to the quantity of network elements.
77-30569/236947 Predicting tire acoustics performance. Algorithm for determining test-bench tire acoustic performance with specified surface of the roller
# 10, October 2011
L.F. Jeglov
The article covers treadmill bench tests of tire acoustics experimental prediction. The roller has three physical models of road surface with different levels of roughness. The authors give reference surface parameters and the roller reference surface. They also give recommendations on the choice of roller coating parameters and consider the structure of tire noise evaluation in test-bench conditions. The article tells about a method of reduction of control surface measurement results to a standard (virtual) surface. They describe computational procedures for determining the approximating dependence parameters for predicting tire noise level.
77-30569/237464 The basic principles of mental-structured educational technology competencies focused on the formation of technical specialists
# 10, October 2011
DOI: 10.7463/1011.0237464
A.A. Dobryakov, E.V. Smirnova, A.P. Karpenko
 This article describes an innovative mental-structured educational technology focused on training technical specialists, built on the basis of human memory and thinking laws.  This training provides technical specialists’ high competitiveness in rapidly changing market requirements for educational services and intellectual work. There are five basic principles of mental-structured educational technology. 
77-30569/238212 Experimental study of viscoelastic characteristics of muscles in algorithms of assessing human fatigue
# 10, October 2011
E.V. Smirnova, M.S. Kurbatov, Al.A. Shaihutdinov
 The article describes an experiment aimed at defining the dependence of muscle vibration parameters (frequency and damping decrement) on a sportsman’s physical fatigue. Experimental results and summary allow to combine training load and rest in order to achieve more efficient training process.
77-30569/238113 Metastability in digital devices
# 10, October 2011
S.R. Ivanov, V.S. Burenkov
 This paper considers the causes of metastability during the interaction of devices controlled with asynchronous clock signals. The article suggests different ways of eliminating metastability and proposes using a FIFO buffer with asynchronous FIFO pointer comparison.
77-30569/238271 Filtering methods based on multipoint approximation of the estimation probability density in defining the target motion rate parameters with nonlinear sensor
# 10, October 2011
S.V. Mikaelyan
The article considers nonlinear filtering methods based on approximation of estimation probability density by means of a set of weighed points in phase space. The given methods are applied to one problem of a target tracking with nonlinear radar sensor. The article provides results of modeling the algorithms in comparison with widely used classical and extended Kalman filtering algorithms.
77-30569/237276 Computerized simulation of the finishing process of a parabolic reflector
# 10, October 2011
V.I. Lomaev, G.R. Sagatelyan
The article describes working surface finish of a radio antenna parabolic reflector made of a composite material. This operation is carried out on a specialized machine tool by using the method of fixed axes. A special computer program was developed: it allows to calculate the expected real shape of the processed surface depending on a variation of factors of the finishing process. The article suggests a classification of estimated deviations of the processed surface from sphericity. The required accuracy of the surface shape of a paraboloid of revolution is reached by neutralization of initial deviations which arise at forming of a reflector during the finishing process.
77-30569/234573 The regression analysis as instrument for planning and monitoring the results of the work for airline company
# 10, October 2011
M.R. Akchurin, A.A. Egorova
The rising demand for air transportation, introduction of a new generation of aircraft technology and modernization of the infrastructure sectors are making new demands for qualitative reliability and flight staff of commercial aviation maintenance staff. Airlines are interested in retaining their employees and improving motivation programs. Taking into account the fact that the target of business is profit (for all motivation programs require expenses), the problem of cost optimization is particularly acute. Different methods of motivation require different investments and have a different impact on staff. It’s obvious that reasonable combination of motivation methods will lead to the target results or get closer to them. The article covers questions of using a regression analysis for assessing employees’ reaction to the change of the motivation system and for forecasting results of organization department work. The authors provide an example of calculations for an airline department.
77-30569/235503 Analysis of components ratio in the structure of porous tools made of abrasive composites
# 10, October 2011
G.R. Sagatelyan, N.V. Makushina
The article covers potential ratios of abrasive powder, pores and couplant in the composite material of an abrasive tool. Analytical relations for calculating maximum fillings by a heterogeneous phase were obtained. The optimal composite structure is the structure which has a maximum proportion of the abrasive material in the tool. It is shown that for abrasive grain the size of which is less than 30 microns an optimal size of pores is 0,5 mm. Maximum volume filling of abrasive composites at continuous distribution of particles of heterogeneous phases according to sizes was calculated. It is shown that the maximum content of abrasive in the tool volume accounts for 15-16%. The authors describe an empirically defined criterion of tool formability characterizing the binder’s ability to keep abrasive grains.
77-30569/234879 Parallel algorithms for relational connection on graphics processors
# 10, October 2011
V.V. Korobicyn, D.A. Lyfar'
 We present two parallel algorithms for relational connection on graphics processing units (GPU). The article considers the cases when the connection result is located in GPU memory and is returned by portions. Performance tests show five-fold advantage of GPU over CPU for non-indexed nested loops and 1.4-fold advantage for indexed nested loops.
77-30569/235842 Distribution of software modules for unified-memory computer network components for parallel algorithm flowgraphs
# 10, October 2011
Yu.M. Rudenko
This paper covers a method of program module allocation into computer subsystems (CS) for the cases when the program module execution time is known. This allows you to pre-make plans to address the problem of parallel computing system, which is an important factor in developing solutions for a computer system parallel task. The authors propose creating a plan for solving the problem of information and information-logical unified-memory flowgraphs. The plan is presented in the form of parallel task flowgraph threads which a serial arrangement in computer system components. Pre-planning allocation routines for computation modules reduces the problem solution time and increases the efficiency of computing resources.
77-30569/234986 Numerical investigation of execution behavior of the reference member and multirip bench with circular translating motion of saw blades
# 10, October 2011
S.S. Gavryushin, M.A. Blohin, V.S. Prokopov
 Dynamic behavior of essentially new log processing equipment – cranked multirip bench with circular translational movement of saw blades was researched. Mathematical models for core element of the bench (saw module) and for system as a whole were created. Motion stability of saw module is analyzed using Floquet-Lyapunov’s method and qualitative research techniques are used for whole system’s motion analysis. The author studied design factors influence on the core element behavior and system as a whole. The author discovered that though the core element (saw module) has nonlinear behavior and certain unstable modes, the system as a whole consisting of six core elements displays mostly linear behavior and is independent of neither the rotation angle nor the angular velocity of drive shaft. The results obtained in this work are included in the author’s methodology for efficient design of essentially new log processing equipment.
77-30569/233673 Laser method of measurement of thickness and refraction index of a nanofilm on a substrate based on determination of first-order derivative of reflection coefficient
# 10, October 2011
M.L. Belov, V.A. Gorodnichev, V.I. Kozincev, Yu.V. Fedotov
This article considers laser method of measurement of thickness and refraction index of a nanofilm on substrate. It is shown that the method based on determination of the first-order derivative of reflection coefficient allows to measure (with very few measurement errors) thickness and refraction index of a film at a measurement error of determination of reflection coefficient and first-order derivative of reflection coefficient by ~ 0,3 % in a wide range of refraction index (~ 3…7 and more) and thickness (~ 10…100 nm and more).  
77-30569/234292 Development of MATLAB-Simulink model of visualization in virtual reality of controlled spatial motion of underwater vehicle
# 10, October 2011
M.M. Skobelev
Purpose - to present the results of research of complex spatial motion of submersible vehicles in graphic form for quick evaluation and possible adjustment of the simulation model. The method of study -  computer animated 3D simulation in virtual reality. Scope of the results - a simulation study with different modes of spatial motions of underwater vehicles. The resulting model is useful for rapid prototyping and application in training, presentations and research purposes. Creating such a complex model is not difficult for non-programmers who have almost no knowledge and skills in programming in any programming languages. The disadvantage of this way of development of the model – it requires a lot of computer resources. To reduce the resources it’s necessary to optimize the work of the system by using RealTimeWorkshop MATLAB.
77-30569/234514 Model of a priori efficiency evaluation of projects in indeterminacy typical to early stages of development.
# 10, October 2011
I.D. Komarov, Yu.M. Dan'kov, V.V. Istomin
 The article shows the importance of a single complex efficiency criterion for innovative projects, which is centrally approved, and will allow an a priori evaluation of projects in indeterminacy typical to early stages of development. The criterion of efficiency not overloaded with a considerable quantity of parameters reflects target directivity of the task (operation) and in the conditions of restrictions and superimposed uncertainties allows solving so-called "direct" research problems of operations which help to create formation of programs from engineering positions.
77-30569/235311 Grammar with memory for creating compilers for parallel languages of computing systems
# 10, October 2011
Yu.M. Rudenko
The article presents WR-grammar which is the basis for creation of a compiler which is adjusted to processing of programs written in various languages or their dialects and for various types of processors. Compilers of this type can be applied successfully in data processing computing systems. Necessity of creating compilers is due to existence of a lot of programming languages and their dialects focused on various types of processors, which causes certain difficulties at task solving on computing systems – even a very skilled programmer has difficulty solving them. Using a parametrical compiler, computer system administrator or operating system only has to do the following: to adjust the compiler to the required language or the language version and type of the processor by means of setting corresponding parameter values from a predefined list.
77-30569/232774 Analysis of key parameters of computer systems by the method of the spectral theory of graphs
# 10, October 2011
A.M. Andreev, G.P. Mojarov
The article considers problems of choosing a structure of multiprocessing computer systems. Using the spectral theory of graphs, methods of choosing multiprocessing computer systems structures are described. The authors study the influence of structural performances of graph computer system on complexity, productivity and fault tolerance of computer system.
77-30569/233470 Powder material cutting
# 10, October 2011
I.I. Danilov
 The article presents the data obtained after comparing compressed powdered metal parts cutting with their analogs made of identical compact materials. Comparison of workability of identical materials both in powder and compact design is made in identical conditions. The authors obtained similar dependence of wear of different tools, which allows using extensive data at design of porous molded parts process technologies which are known for their compact analogs. There is certain decreased accuracy of powder materials processing in comparison with their compact analogs. The data of tool wear are obtained by two different methods.
77-30569/230816 Spectral analysis in Hartley basis: theoretical foundations
# 10, October 2011
V.V. Syuzev
 The article covers theoretical basis of spectral analysis in the Hartley basis, including the original scalar method of fast Hartley transformation algorithm synthesis using static and sliding time intervals. Theoretical results are illustrated by concrete examples. 
77-30569/233628 Economical aspects of developing remote Earth sensing systems based on “Soyuz – Sat – O” microsatellites
# 10, October 2011
Yu.M. Dan'kov, V.V. Istomin
 The article sets out the necessity of establishing a global multifunctional space system of remote Earth sensing focused on integrated sensing of terrestrial objects, including the sensing with the expansion of the spectrozonal range. Currently, at restricted financing, creation of such a system is impossible without carrying out a feasibility study and a performance analysis of its usage, which is an important state task. The basic principles of a feasibility study is the approved methodical device using a cost-based mechanism in space systems creation.
77-30569/228694 Analysis of the problem of developing vehicles for northern climate
# 10, October 2011
I.A. Pliev, A.M. Saikin, G.V. Korshunov, A.V. Arhipov
 The paper gives an analysis of the problem of developing vehicles for northern climate. The article gives an overview and analysis of selected publications, prospectuses of companies, websites of companies - manufacturers of vehicles with low-pressure tires. The article describes a series of standard size vehicles with low-pressure and superlow-pressure tires both of domestic and foreign production (U.S., Canada, Belarus). The paper provides examples and describes basic models of vehicles of standard size series. The authors draw conclusions on the issue of developing vehicles with low-pressure and superlow pressute tires in the northern climate.
77-30569/228456 MEMS gyroscope-based stabilization system concept
# 10, October 2011
A.I. Antohin, A.I. Vlasov, I.A. Kosolapov
The report introduces a MEMS gyroscope-based stabilization system concept and considers various types of stabilization systems, their advantages and disadvantages as well as fields of their application. The choice of a MEMS gyroscope for stabilization system is reasoned. The report also describes the basic principles of MEMS gyroscopes operation and gives an account of comparison of characteristics of analog and digital MEMS gyroscopes. A number of models by different manufacturers is presented. The authors designed a prototype version of the stabilization system. Some experimental circuit boards for MEMS gyroscopes in a stabilization system are also presented.
77-30569/228338 Ultra ink-jet express diagnostic of functional coatings
# 10, October 2011
A.A. Kovalev, L.A. Tischenko, S.A. Kozubnyak
 The article considers the application of ultra ink-jet express diagnostic to select the optimal functional coating and technology of application. It is shown that the ultra ink-jet diagnostic is a universal method for analyzing the wear resistance of coatings by real simulation of most types of mechanical wear: abrasive, hydroabrasive, hydroerosion, cavitation. The authors propose an opportunity to analyze the wear rate and fatigue wear in the development of physico-mathematical and probabilistic models, application of acoustic emission data and the use of macro-and mikrofraktographical analysis results. 
77-30569/228079 Polarization of nanoparticles in a tunneling microscope
# 10, October 2011
K.V. Malyshev
 With the Green functions method the authors studied metal particles polarization on the conductor substrate in an inhomogeneous electrostatic field of a scanning tunneling microscope. Mutual shielding of 10 nm nanoparticles reach approximately 10% and is expressed more greatly when the nanoparticle size difference is bigger. Calculation results will be applied in nanotechnology and nanometrology. 
77-30569/227902 Virtual room "Design of process equipment"
# 10, October 2011
V.G. Mokrozub, A.A. Borisyak, E.S. Egorov
 The article considers functions, structure and content of a virtual room intended for teaching fundamentals of designing and calculation of technological equipment to students of technical specialties. Address of the virtual room: www.gaps.tstu.ru/kir
77-30569/228008 Processing variables detection for structural and engineering optimization on reliability criterion of microwave radio signals mixers based on resonant tunneling diodes .
# 10, October 2011
V.D. Shashurin, N.A. Vetrova, N.V. Nazarov
To detect the factors defining phasing out of the next-generation microwave radio signals mixers based on resonant tunneling nanodiodes, researches of regularities of their formation are conducted. It was established that the possibility of increasing reliability of these radio signals mixers lies in optimization of characteristics of the resonant tunneling nanodiode structure.
77-30569/262420 Problems of high-skilled personnel training in non-stop professional development system
# 10, October 2011
T.Yu. Cibizova
This article is about current problems of high-skilled personnel training in non-stop professional development system. There are schemes of continuing  education and non-stop professional development provided. Key characteristics of a highly knowledgeable specialist are considered. The author shows the role of enterprises in personnel training, defines problems of such training and reasons for educational dip of today high-school graduates. Possible up-to-date solutions to abovementioned problems are also provided.The author concludes that package solution for development of non-stop professional education system is a relevant and crucial objective for present-day postindustrial society and necessary condition for a personality’s professional self-determination, development of his/her powers, personal and professional potential implementation through the whole life-time.
77-30569/227784 Skid-steer loaders operating parameters calculation method
# 10, October 2011
V.V. Minin, D.D. Nikonov
The authors propose an operating parameters calculation method for skid-steer loaders with a side turn with regard for their technical level. The calculation method is based on application of dimensionless criteria of design parameters’ interrelation. The article presents statistical analysis results with an estimation of coordination of the quantity of models produced by manufacturers with their operational mass for the retrospection period of 1972 - 2010. The tendency of producing models with the operational mass of up to 3000–3500 kg is defined. On the basis of calculating experiment in Mathcad environment regularities of operational parameters influence on an index of estimation efficiency are revealed.
77-30569/233500 About the importance of preliminary test runs of on-board equipment for innovative satellites of a new generation
# 10, October 2011
A.A. Murashov, Yu.M. Dan'kov, V.V. Istomin
 The article sets out the main reasons for preliminary testing on-board equipment of new generation micro-satellites at the present stage of rocket and space technology development. As proof of this the authors present a comparative analysis of domestic developments in the field of micro-satellites and platforms for them, and as a result, “Soyuz-Sat-O” satellite is selected. The basis of creating a micro-satellite “Soyuz-Sat-O” is the latest achievements of cooperation in equipment developments, which can serve as an analog in development of perspective micro-satellites with different purposes of use.
77-30569/219888 Cost estimating of difficult machine-building product’s life cycle at decision-making on perfection of the project
# 10, October 2011
D.A. Kursin
 The article considers an approach in the field of management of a difficult machine-building product life cycle at design stage. The authors offer a model of the product and methods of cost estimating of its life cycle during its operation. Computer simulations are considered as a prediction method of operation results.
77-30569/219257 Hybrid microelectromechanical gyroscopes and acceleration gages
# 10, October 2011
S.F. Konovalov, Yu.A. Ponomarev, D.V. Maiorov, V.P. Podchezercev, A.G. Sidorov
 The article describes the ways of development of microelectromechanical gyroscopes and acceleration gages in navigating devices of missile systems. The authors propose variants of design of microelectromechanical compensatory acceleration gages and of rotor vibrating gyroscopes. It is shown that microelectromechanical two-coordinate gages of angular speed have some advantages in comparison with solid-state ones. Designs of microelectromechanical acceleration gages and gages of angular speed are technological and easily realized on practice.
77-30569/219402 Switched reluctance machine mathematical model
# 10, October 2011
V.A. Dmitrievskii, V.A. Praht, F.N. Sarapulov, V.A. Klimarev
 The mathematical model and the computer program described in this article can be used in designing a switched reluctance machine and in its control. It can reduce costly and lengthy development cycles "design - manufacturing - test." In addition, the mathematical model can be used for training purposes during computer practical work.
77-30569/216198 Details of modeling electrical transmission of a vehicle as an example of a propulsion linear electric drive.
# 10, October 2011
E.B. Sarach, A.A. Staduhin
 This article contains an example of a track-type vehicle transmission model. Transmission is made on the basis of a valve-inductor linear motor. The authors consider the issues of mathematical modeling of a valve-inductor linear motor. The main emphasis was placed on universality of a geometric configuration modeled engine. The authors suggest a method for creating mechanical characteristics of the motor using a simulation model.
77-30569/215179 Experimental investigations of fuel element cluster dynamic characteristics of WWER-440 fuel assembly
# 10, October 2011
V.V. Perevezentsev
In the experiments the author used a full-scale model of a WWER-440 fuel assembly of the second generation with lead imitators of nuclear fuel tablets. The pilot study technique consisted in free oscillation excitation of a fuel element cluster by sudden removal of concentrated transverse static load which provides the initial sagging of the fuel element cluster. Vibration movements were fixed on the signals of piezoresistive accelerometers which were included in measuring channels with integrating amplifiers. Data on the damping factors indicate the determining role of hydrodynamic processes of dissipation of vibrational energy of a fuel element cluster in comparison with the effects of structural damping.
77-30569/230463 Russia’s engineering elite: notion, concept and pilot school
# 10, October 2011
A.V. Yaminskii, A.V. Myshakov
Based on the analysis of the origin and current usage of the word «elite», Russia’s engineering elite notion is proposed. Constituent components of the definition are substantiated. Engineering communication competence development concept is proposed in the framework of interdisciplinary training in English – the language of international communication. The main achievements of the pilot training school of Bauman university are presented.
77-30569/211688 The models of centrifugal governors in the collection of Bauman Moscow State Technical University
# 10, October 2011
M.K. Sakharov, V.B. Tarabarin, N.A. Manychkin
This article deals with BMSTU collection of centrifugal governors collected at the end of the 19th century.  It gives a brief description of governors, their distinctive features and working principles; article also provides information on the history of their creation and production.  Main problems of the governors and solutions, suggested in publications of Maxwell, Vyshnegradsky and Chebyshev, were analyzed. Wrong directions in the development of governor design were identified. These mistakes have led to the creation of invalid mechanisms, which can be found in the collection of BMSTU. The experimental determination of governor’s characteristic is described; also 3D models of several governors, created by authors, are shown.

Transportation, Mining and Construction Machine Building

77-30569/347169 Synthesis of adaptive dynamic continuous system of oscillation damping of the case of multi-wheeled vehicles
# 10, October 2011
M.M. Jileikin
The requirement of increase in mobility of wheel technics at movement on all variety of kinds of the basic basis causes necessity of development of large quantity of specialized algorithms of management of suspension systems of multi-wheeled vehicles (MWV) raising such operational qualities as smoothness of a course, controllability, stability. The author developed adaptive algorithm of dynamic oscillation damping of the case of the MWV, which allowed to provide high indicators of smoothness of a course and mobility of the car. In this article the technique of synthesis of the adaptive dynamic continuous law of oscillation damping of the case of the MWV was described, and also the results of the simulation confirming high efficiency of developed algorithm of management were included.

Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling

77-30569/243762 Functional matrix rank computation
# 10, October 2011
A.A. Shevlyakov
A problem of finding rank of non-square functional matrix, whose elements are smooth functions, is considered. Such matrices arise in course of analysis of regularity and involutivity of vector distributions. To find rank of these matrices, it is convenient to use computer algebra systems, which can perform symbolic computations. Alternative to checking all possible minors is the Gauss algorithm of transforming matrix to row-echelon form. When considering regularity and involutivity, it is often of interest to know the rank of a matrix in the neighborhood of a point. Usual Gauss algorithm cannot answer this question, since it is possible for basis minor to become zero at chosen point.  A modified algorithm is presented. This algorithm allows to say if there exists a neighborhood of constant rank containing a chosen point. Examples are presented.
77-30569/239866 The properties of the distribution of Gaussian packets on a spatial network.
# 10, October 2011
V.L. Chernyshev, A.A. Tolchennikov
The description of the statistical behavior of Gaussian packets on a metric graph is considered. Semiclassical asymptotics of solutions of the Cauchy problem for the Schrodinger equation with initial data concentrated in the neighborhood of one point on the edge, generates a classical dynamical system on a graph. In a situation where all times for packets to pass over edges are linearly independent over the rational numbers, a description of the behavior of such systems is related to the number-theoretic problem of counting the number of lattice points in an expanding polyhedron. In this paper we show that for the final compact graph packets almost always are distributed evenly. The formula for the leading coefficient of the asymptotic behavior of the number of packets with an increasing time is obtained. The situation is also discussed where the times of passage over the edges are not linearly independent over the rationals.
77-30569/239840 Path following simulation of wheeled vehicle
# 10, October 2011
O.G. Andrianova
Stabilization algorithm of the wheeled vehicle on the planned path is studied by means of numerical modeling. Synthesis of stabilization algorithm is based on theory of normal form of the affine system. Smoothing algorithm of the first derivative of curvature in the case of setting the path by parametric cubic spline is suggested. Methods of finding distance from the wheeled vehicle to the planned path are considered. Efficiency of the method is shown, high sensitivity of control to curvature of the path is established.
77-30569/239563 Feynman formula for semigroups with multiplicatively perturbed generators
# 10, October 2011
Ya.A. Butko
A new method of describing linear dynamics is considered.  This method is based on representations of corresponding evolution semigroups (or, what is the same, representations of solutions of corresponding evolution equations) by Feynman formulae, i.e. by limits of n-fold iterated integrals, when tends to infinity. Green functions of many initial-boundary value problems are not known explicitly, whereas   it is possible to obtain Feynman formulae containing only elementary functions as integrands for some of these problems. Such Feynman formulae, that allow to calculate solutions of evolution equations directly, to approximate  transition probabilities of stochastic processes, are useful  for computer modeling of quantum and stochastic dynamics. The notion “Feynman formula” (in this context) and the method to obtain such formulae were introduced in works of Smolyanov and his coauthors in the late  nineties. In the last decade it has been actively applied to describe different types of dynamics in domains of Euclidean spaces and Riemannian manifolds, in infinite dimensional linear and non-linear spaces. In the present note the multiplicative perturbations of generators of strongly continuous semigroups on a Banach space of some continuous functions are considered.  A Feynman formula   is obtained for the semigroups with   perturbed generators.  Therefore, a new formula is given for the description and the investigation of the perturbed dynamics. Also some particular examples, when the obtained Feynman formula contains only elementary functions as integrands, are considered in this note.
77-30569/239583 Visual modeling of spaceships angular motion
# 10, October 2011
A.V. Kavinov
The paper describes KOKON software package developed at the Mathematical modeling Department (FN-12) of Bauman Moscow State Technical University. The software allows to construct visual three-dimensional models of spacecrafts and spacestations. Realistic 3D Stereo visualization is also included. The process of spacecraft motion and, in particular, angular rotation of the spacecraft under the influence of attitude control can be simulated and visualized. The developed software also contains tools for visual design of three-dimensional models.
77-30569/236936 Affine System Controllability Condition
# 10, October 2011
D.A. Fetisov
 This note deals with a controllability condition for affine systems with scalar control on all space of states for any final interval of time. Research is based on system transformation to a quasicanonical form and the further analysis of terminal problem solution existence for the transformed system. It is shown that for system with the right part of a special form the terminal problem has the solution for any initial and final states of system and any interval of time. Thereby it is proved that such system is controlled on all space of states for any final interval of time. A possible scope of the received results is the solution of technical systems control problems. 
77-30569/236859 Asymptotic stabilization of linear Lagrange's systems with delayed controls
# 10, October 2011
A.V. Gorbunov
 The author considers the problem of a Lagrange's system equilibrium point asymptotic stabilization with delay in the control loop. For linear Lagrangian systems of a general type the author found dynamic feedback providing the solution of a task in view. The offered approach is based on the use of change of variables excluding delay from the control loop, keeping the plant equations of motion without changes. The considered change of variables represents the modified transformation known as an Artstein reduction. The energy method is applied to solving the stabilization problem for the system in the new variables. Efficiency of the offered control method is shown trough numerical simulations. The results received in this note can be used to design control algorithms for mechanical systems under conditions of limited speed of reception, processing and transfer of an operating signal. 
77-30569/217245 On principal ideal rings with divisors of zero
# 10, October 2011
O.G. Styrt
 The problem under consideration is a generalized concept of a principal ideal ring and does not suggest that the ring does not have divisors of zero. The problem of classification of principal ideal rings in the new sense and their connection with principal ideal rings in the usual sense are investigated. It is proved that each principal ideal ring (maybe with divisors of zero) without nilpotent elements can be decomposed into a direct product of finitely many principal ideal rings without divisors of zero. For principal ideal rings with nilpotent elements the classification problem is not studied.
77-30569/236884 The compatibility test of measurement data, produced by different magnetometers onboard an Earth artificial satellite
# 10, October 2011
V.A. Pankratov, V.V. Sazonov
Complicated mathematical models are usually used for processing measurements of the Earth magnetic field carried out onboard an Earth artificial satellite. It is desirable to verify the measurement data by humble tools before such processing. If a few onboard magnetometers made their measurements at the same instants, then one ought to check a simple geometrical compatibility of the measurement data. One can estimate constant shifts in the data and transition matrices between proper coordinate systems for each pair of magnetometers in case the check proved to be successful. Below, we described the method for checking the compatibility of the measurement data produced by two magnetometers. We illustrate the method by checking the compatibility of the magnetic measurements produced by the equipment Mirage onboard Foton M-2.
77-30569/236916 Flat control systems and transformations of C-spectral Vinogradov sequences
# 10, October 2011
V.N. Chetverikov
 Control systems that have a linearizing output are called flat. Solutions of such system are expressed through functions of this output and a finite set of their derivatives according to the system. Such output allows to synthesize control algorithm in the form of dynamic feedback. In the article the problem of flatness checking is investigated by methods of infinite-dimensional differential geometry. Earlier this problem was reformulated as the problem of search of an invertible differential operator which transforms a column of given 1-forms to a column of exact 1-forms. In the article an equation for such an operator is derived. The solubility of this equation means flatness of system.
77 - 30569/233615 Output feedback control of ships planar motion
# 10, October 2011
A.E. Golubev
 This note deals with a ship positioning control problem. The dynamics considered are nonlinear ship dynamics on the plane. Only the center of mass coordinates and yaw angle are supposed to be physically measured. The main result states that separation principle holds for the nonlinear model in question. Specifically, the stabilizing control law is synthesized in two steps. First, the state feedback control law is found using the feedback linearization technique. Then, the global asymptotical observer is designed and the observer’s state is put into the state feedback control instead of the system’s state. The resulting system in closed-loop with the observer state feedback is shown to be globally asymptotically stable. The proved theoretical results are also illustrated through simulation.
77-30569/226125 Independence of residual quadratic sums in the with noncentral hi-2 distribution
# 10, October 2011
N.I. Sidnyaev, K.S. Andreytseva
 A model adequacy test should be carried out on the basis of accurate aprioristic ideas about a class of adequate models, as in solving of practical problems this class is final. This article considers quadratic sums of a dispersive analysis equation and their independence is proved. Necessary and sufficient conditions of existence of adequate models are given. It is shown that the class of adequate models is infinite.

Economic Sciences

Организация производства (по отраслям)

77-30569/207709 Organization of interactive processes for management information systems in a virtual environment
# 10, October 2011
M.F. Menyaev
 This article covers questions of website organization for realization of interactive negative processes occurring in a production management system. It is shown that the control system implemented on the basis of web-technology should identify the participants of the forum, ensure prompt moving to the conference from different points of the web site, organization of web site pages reflecting production processes and organizational structure of the enterprise, a window of interactive publications - the conference itself at which there is a public exchange of information and personal section for confidential information transfer. The authors explain the sequence of actions supported by the developed software that defines a set of tools interactive process (tools). 

General Problems of Engineer Education

77-30569/262388 Proposals for the use of modeling complex simulation and modeling center SIC RKO 4 Central Research Institute of the Defense Ministry in the process of teaching students at the BMSTU Military Institute.
# 10, October 2011
V.M. Grigorenko, D.I. Mel'nik, A.A. Pankeev, V.N. Vysockii, A.V. Zorin, A.V. Rodionov, A.V. Holuyanov
Assessed possibilities and expediency of using modeling complex, created for international command and staff exercises in theater missile defense, for the improvement of forms and methods of teaching students at the BMSTU Military Institute.
77-30569/233419 Innovative technology of training engineers of underwater robotics and marine industry in Russia
# 10, October 2011
S.P. Severov
The author tells about scientific and methodological treatment and evaluates a large - very widespread abroad but almost unknown in our country - innovative educational project technology. The technology is based on a methodologically verified system of regional, national and international competitions, championships of student project teams – developers of high-tech engineering systems. In the annual life cycle, the technique involves design of the system by students according to a particular task, making its prototype, testing its sample, demonstrating it in action, and a rating competition with similar design developments in physical modeling of extreme situations. Based on personal experience of a BMSTU professor - mentor of a student team, the author provides a well-reasoned proof that Russian students who know the basics of automated design technologies - CAD, CAM, CAE, CASE, CALS - and who have 3D-printers are able to successfully compete with professional teams of top foreign universities.

Foreign Education

Nigeria: "More Than Half of Nigerian Lecturers Don't Have a PHD"
# 10, October 2011
At least 61% of an estimated 35,000 lecturers in Nigeria are still on the lowest rung of academics, 'lecturer 1', according to the National Universities' Commission, which regulates university education in the country, writes Judd-Leonard Okafor for the Daily Trust.Executive secretary of the NUC, Professor Julius Okojie, said "more than half [the number of lecturers in Nigerian universities] do not have a PhD". The figure is about 21,350.
SCOTLAND: Agricultural Colleges Plan Merger as "Rural University"
# 10, October 2011
A “RURAL university college for Scotland” is set to be created by the merger of four of the country’s further and higher education institutions.The Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) looks set to merge with three “land-based” colleges in a process which would affect thousands of students.Discussions about a possible merger were already under way between the SAC and both Elmwood College in Fife and Oatridge in West Lothian, but they have now been joined by Barony College in Dumfries.While all the colleges are likely to retain their regional bases, the move would lead to a reduction in the number of courses being duplicated across the four institutions.
UK: Number of European Students Soars by a Third in a Decade
# 10, October 2011
The number of students admitted to British universities from mainland Europe has soared by more than a third in the last 10 years, figures show. A record 125,000 students from European Union member states claimed places at higher education institutions last year – a rise of some 35,000 compared with a decade ago. The increase was around twice as fast as the rise in admissions among British students. Undergraduates from the EU are subsidised by the taxpayer and are eligible for the same low-interest Government loans as those taken out by British counterparts.
FRANCE: Sarkozy's Reforms Herald French 'Ivy League'
# 10, October 2011
Radical plans to create a French "Ivy League" are gathering pace as the first winners of a new elite universities scheme worth €7.7 billion (£6.6 billion) start to receive cash. The Initiative d'Excellence (Idex) scheme is part of the biggest shake-up in French higher education for almost 40 years. It is designed to establish five to seven "world-class" universities capable of competing internationally for the best students and academics.Driven by President Nicolas Sarkozy, the proposed "Sorbonne League" will require non-selective universities, the highly selective grandes écoles and France's independent research organisations, such as the National Centre for Scientific Research, to work together for the first time in exchange for investment.
Last of the free: will Norway's Universal No-fee Policy Endure?
# 10, October 2011
As Sweden introduces tuition fees of up to €15,000 (£13,145) for non-European Union students this year, Norway is now one of the few European states to stick to the once-sacrosanct belief in "free education for all".While its Nordic neighbours Sweden and Denmark continue to provide free tuition for domestic and EU students only, Norway stands alone in offering free higher education to students regardless of citizenship.
UK: University College London will Scrap First Class Degrees to Combat Award Inflation
# 10, October 2011
University College London will stop telling students whether they have received a first, second or third, and instead given them an American-style "grade point average". It gives students a score based on all the courses they have taken as undergraduates. The move comes after "award inflation" which has undermined the traditional undergraduate degree classification. Official figures showed almost two-thirds of students gained a first or upper-second class degree in 2010. Some 46,825 students – one in seven – were awarded first class degrees by UK universities, double the number a decade ago.
UK: Business-backed University Technical Colleges to Open Next Year
# 10, October 2011
A new wave of comprehensive schools backed by firms including the developers of the BlackBerry, Toshiba, Boeing and Rolls Royce will open in England next year as part of a new generation of vocational schools in which businesses will help shape the curriculum.Known as university technical colleges, the schools include one in Newcastle with a focus on engineering; one in Liverpool, specialising in life sciences and backed by the pharmaceutical firm Novartis, and one in Plymouth backed by the Royal Navy and Babcock, which manufactures defence equipment.Research in Motion, which developed the BlackBerry smartphone, will be one of the business partners of a school in Buckinghamshire, which is also being backed by Hewlett Packard and Cisco.
Abu Dhabi Varsity to Launch Online Courses
# 10, October 2011
Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi University has announced an e-learning programme that will offer undergraduate and postgraduate online courses starting this academic year. The online courses will follow the regulations given by the ministry of higher education and scientific research.
DENMARK-CHINA: Chinese Talents, Danish Universities Pair Up
# 10, October 2011
Denmark has launched the first-ever website which would enable talented Chinese students and professionals to connect directly with Danish universities and firms.Backed by top Danish companies and universities, the Sino-Danish Network (www.sinodanishnetwork.com) aims to become a platform for Danish companies to recruit from the pool of future Chinese talents, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.The website's partners include leading Danish companies such as Arla Foods, Carlsberg, Chr. Hansen, Danfoss, Grundfos and Maersk, which will provide the network with open vacancies for Chinese students and professionals.
WALES: University of Wales, Newport to Set Out Plans for New Super-institution for South-east Wales
# 10, October 2011
A university mapped out its blueprint for a new super-institution bringing together partners in southeast Wales. The University of Wales, Newport, talked of a new era for higher education in the region which would leave behind "any competition and rivalry that may have hampered collaboration in the past", writes Gareth Evans for the Western Mail.The new institution would be led by one vice-chancellor and a single management team, but would maintain "locally focused brands and missions" for each of its constituent parts. It would be called the University of South-East Wales or South Wales Metropolitan University, with an add-on specific to its location.
US: Princeton Adopts Open Access Policy
# 10, October 2011
The movement to make research freely available got a high-profile boost this week with the news that Princeton University’s faculty has unanimously adopted an open-access policy. “The principle of open access is consistent with the fundamental purposes of scholarship,” said the faculty advisory committee that proposed the resolution.The decision puts the university in line with Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a growing number of other institutions with policies that encourage or require researchers to post open copies of their articles, usually in an institutional repository.
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