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# 09, September 2011

Science and Education
Decision Support on the Base Design Patterns.
# 09, September 2011
I.P. Norenkov, M.Yu. Uvarov
Semiautomatic knowledge extraction from text documents are considered.  The approach is based on Design Patterns forming from concepts  of given ontologies. The pattern structures are suggested and  the examples of patterns  are represented.
77-30569/225699 Temporal relational data model adaptation in the multidimensional space
# 09, September 2011
A.V. Baldin, D.V. Eliseev
The article is devoted development of the technique of temporal relational data model adaptation in the multidimensional space. Limitations of temporal relational data models with modified data structure have been described if existing methods of their implementation are used. The multidimensional space structure for temporal relational model is offered and the multidimensional matrix algebra for operating with such space is specified to reduce these disadvantages. Transformation from the relational data model to the multidimensional space and inverse transformation have been developed based on particular structure of the multidimensional space and the algebra of multidimensional matrixes. As a result the technique of temporal relational data model adaptation has been specified which includes the single transformation from an initial relational data model to multidimensional space, change and performance of queries to such multidimensional temporal relational model with modified data structure.
77-30569/223554 Making decisions about the choice of rational structure of the company's capital on the basis of the analytic hierarchy process
# 09, September 2011
I.N. Omelchenko, A.V. Pilyugina, A.G. Ivanov
The article focuses on the major factors influencing process of construction of the capital structure of the enterprise. It also shows the possibility and gives ground to the expediency of utilization of the analytic hierarchy process when choosing the rational capital structure. Finally, the article considers the stages of construction of the enterprise's capital structure management model and its test results.
Predicting the acoustic performance tires. Methods of measuring noise and experimental data processing
# 09, September 2011
L.F. Jeglov
The methods of tire noise measuring and processing of obtained information have been examined. On the basis of the method of synchronous averaging analyze the effect of perturbations on the components of the process of tire noise for motion for the case of bench trials has been analyses. The adequacy of the procedures used in tire noise measurement bench and road conditions was estimated by correlation analysis. The integrating and separate- frequency assessment of correlation coefficient has been done. The algorithm of quality improving of experimental appraisal has been presented. The experimental data were performed with the use of the synchronous with an external sample of one turn of the wheel using a rectangular weighting window. Statistics and regression accordance with results of tiers trial using the different methods have been presented. Checking the linearity of the regression was carried out by statistics F, which has F-distribution Fischer.
Researches of constructions of foreign prototypes of pressure gages
# 09, September 2011
Yu.N. Tinyakov, S.A. Mileshin, K.A. Andreev, V. Yu. Cygankov
Practically in all fields of manufacture pressure gages are applied. In Russia out-of-date gages of control of parameters of the technological processes developed in the eighties last century are applied. So it is necessary to start creation of microelectromechanical of gages of pressure. For the purpose of optimization of designs and manufacturing techniques domestic microelectromechanical pressure gages the researches design and technological approaches of creation of microelectromechanical pressure gages are carried out.
77-30569/216010 Methodical approach to managing the process of experimental compliance of strategic missile systems with operational requirements based on current reliability estimates
# 09, September 2011
V.V. Istomin, I.D. Komarov, M.R. Korolev
In this article the approach is considered, allowing to adapt for the developed now and predicted organization, engaged in experimental rocket complexes. The methodical approach offered in article is based on use during the experimental working off a rocket complex’s quantitative estimation indicators of reliability during the development of operating influences and allows to consider and compensate the revealed defects and to increase the experimental working off of rocket complexes’ efficiency as a whole.
Theoretical force calculation at swaging in a profiled die block.
# 09, September 2011
V.A. Krivoshein
The article deals with calculation of the swaging force of axisymmetric tubing stocks with use of a die block the body of which has ring grooves. Positions formulated by E.A. Popov are used as basic theoretical preconditions of the analysis. The article shows a scheme of internal and external forces during swaging as well as piece-part shaping stages. When using the die block with ring grooves the edge of the swaged tubing stock makes movements into the a groove during the shaping process, and then it moves out, being out of contact with the die block surface. Such way of swaging by means of flutes allows to reduce swaging force and to increase the degree of forming at the expense of reducing the contact friction force, thus reducing the number of process steps at stamping.
Innovative "KOM-NAMI" gearboxes with mechanical and automatic control
# 09, September 2011
A.N. Blokhin, V.V. Man'kovskii, A.P. Nedyalkov
The article tells about original constructions of non-blocking synchronizers, planetary space-saving demultiplicators with inbuilt synchronizer and high load-carrying capability, “KOM-NAMI” space-saving gearboxes that were developed on the basis of these devices with prospective qualitative characteristics. There is information about gearboxes for light commercial vehicles, buses and multiple-speed gearboxes for heavy dump trucks and tractor-lorry-trailer combinations. The paper describes clarified analytical dependences that are based on minimal source data available from any advertising pamphlet or catalogue and could be used for estimation of load-carrying capability of an aggregate or its elements. This could be used for calculating of metrics impartial assessment including gears contact and bending durability factors that are necessary for design of new and prospective gearboxes.
Nanoprocesses at cutting
# 09, September 2011
DOI: 10.7463/0911.0214260
V.M. Yaroslavtsev
It is shown that in-cut contact interaction of an instrument and a raw part is interaction of fields at the atom-molecule level. The article tells about processes and phenomena accompanying the cutting process on the nanolevel: mechanical, thermal, thermoelectric, electromagnetic, structural changes of material. New spheres of technique and technology of cutting are indicated.
Structural, algorithmic and hardware organization of landing autopilot for robotic airship with visual navigation
# 09, September 2011
R.V. Fedorenko
In this paper structure for a robotic airship landing autopilot is proposed. Blocks of this structure are considered: the controller, the unit of estimation of external forces, visual navigation block, a navigation system and sensors. Visual markers navigation algorithms are also considered. The article gives a description of the autopilot hardware implementation. The results can be used in autopilots for robotic aeronautical platforms design.
Competency-based approach in design and implementation of future engineers▓ research activity
# 09, September 2011
N.Yu. Ershova, S.Yu. Kurskov, Shtykov.A.S.
The paper shows formation of common cultural and professional competencies of Applied Physics students at Petrozavodsk State University in the course of performing their research work. It is suggested that the graduates’ cultural and professional competencies should be assessed according to the list of these given in the respective federal state educational standards.
Method of solving the task of scheduled repairs of enterprise technology equipment by use of genetic algorithm
# 09, September 2011
K.S. Myshenkov, A.Yu. Romanov
This article covers solving one of the tasks of enterprise equipment repairs control system - tasks of planning maintenance service and repairs of industrial enterprise technology equipment. The article gives a mathematical problem definition of this task as a scheduling problem with limited resources. For solving the task three optimization criteria are offered – they are based on: cost function, labor resources, on duration of idle time of enterprise lines. A short review of task solving methods of the class in question is given. The article also tells about a heuristic method of solving the scheduling enterprise equipment repairs problem, the method is based on a genetic algorithm. The article describes an algorithm and a program complex which implements it. Results of a program complex operation are given.
Characteristic features of registration of ties superposition effects for system with couplings
# 09, September 2011
Yu.V Ermoshenko
General questions of mathematical modeling of mechanical oscillation systems with couplings are considered. The article covers an extension of a well known theorem about superposition effects.
Physicochemical researches of the roasting process of Lysakovsky concentrate and a liquid hydrocarbonic reducer
# 09, September 2011
A.A. Mukhtar, I.A. Verner, G.L. Katkeeva, E.V. Kochegina, A.S. Makashev
The article shows the opportunity and expediency of using liquid hydrocarbons during thermal treating of Lysakovsky gravitational-magnetic concentrate for metallurgical redistribution. Use of tar and oil as a reducer allows to lower the roasting process temperature up to 650-700°С. It has been found that high-viscous oil has the highest reductive activity.
Pressure fluctuations, random hydrodynamic loads and vibration of fuel rods beams in WWER fuel assembly
# 09, September 2011
V.V. Perevezentsev
The article covers a methodology of determining random hydrodynamic loads on the fuel rods beam of WWER fuel assembly by coolant turbulent flow; the methodology is based on measurements of pressure fluctuations distributions on the external perimeter fuel rods beam. Data on random  hydrodynamic loads on a start-up hydrodynamic station and in the area of steady currents for different conditions of input flow pattern formation.  There are two typical areas of influence of random hydrodynamic loads on the intensity of fuel rods beam vibration.
77-30569/207618 Tools of business games in tasks of product sales management in competitive environment
# 09, September 2011
K.A. Barinov, A.A Solncev, P.A. Timofeev, V.M. Rachkovskaya
The analysis problems of principles and methods of distribution and products promotion in competitive environment as well as game models of the choice of management strategies for product sales are considered. The efficiency of multi-role business games approaches in defining a coherent pricing policy in competitive environment is given. This problem is related to the formalization of the representation of the scenario of user actions in the course of a business game. At the same time to implement the interaction of user processes between main stream of the scenario and supporting processes the formal operations of data exchange and synchronization are introduced.
The architecture of the system management information resource intensive production
# 09, September 2011
M.F. Menyaev
The article considers the architecture of an information management system containing information-technological, interactive and organizational platforms interrelation between which is carried out with the help of dataware outline. The information-technological platform acts as an informational and technological basis for input, processing, storage and management data distribution. The organizational platform is designed to control the process of development of new management methods on the basis of information technologies. The virtual platform allows to activate opportunities for all participants of business: customers, employees, private investors. Architecture landscape changes opportunities for enterprise management, while reacting minimally to the changing environment - both of production and the market, and plays an additional role of added value generator.
Formal models of business games presentation and organization
# 09, September 2011
K.A. Barinov, L.V. Ivanova, V.M. Rachkovskaya, B.S. Goryachkin
The article tells about business game properties as a method of active training and test control of knowledge of industrial enterprises staff. A formalized model of realization of a multiuser business game script on the basis of Petri net theory is offered. A formalized description of a multirole business game script design process is considered. The article also considers the structure and principles of creation of programmed software environment for computer multirole business games design.
Theoretical lattice structural model
# 09, September 2011
A.N. Bojko
This article continues the series of the author's works on mechanical systems modeling during process design. It is proposed to use a lattice model describing the product’s mechanical constraints. This model is defined as a partial order on the set of contractible subgraphs. It is shown that many design and technological solutions are described in lattice terms. A set of components that are coordinated relative to each other can be described as an act of a closure operator defined on the set of parts. The images also form a lattice operator which is defined as an algebraic structure.
Fuzzy-multiple modeling of regional labor market needs for human resources
# 09, September 2011
I.V. Ivanov, E.A. Lazebnaya
The article covers the approach to modeling indicators that characterize the need for human resources both at an individual enterprise and a regional labor market (RLM) as a whole, with the use of fuzzy sets. RLM need for human resources is based on criteria values aggregation received for each individual RLM enterprise participating in the study. For this the following were used: a criterion to assess the degree of using human resources on the basis of employment analysis of employees, and a criterion describing human resources motion at an enterprise. Analysis of the received values can be used to forecast future need for human resources.
Software For Optimum Design Based on SolidWorks API
# 09, September 2011
M.V. Chugunov, Ju.A. Nebaykina
The work covers a method and its software implementation for the optimum design based on API SolidWorks. Optimization functions are approximated step by step by simplified analytical functions the analysis of which does not demand greater computing expenses. The application is realized as the AddIn DLL-module with COM-interface to SolidWorks. Thus SolidWorks is used by the program as a processor to define current parameters of the model and also as pre- and the postprocessor. To illustrate the work gif-animations are included in the paper.
Composition GLOTEON: glossary + thesaurus + ontology
# 09, September 2011
V.E. Klyukin
We consider the extension of an ontological model of knowledge representation in intelligent systems of computer text recognition. For the proposed extension a special term is introduced (GLOTEON): glossary +  thesaurus + ontology. Use of GLOTEON would increase the efficiency of text recognition both on the basis of an ontological model and on the basis of a domain model. The proposed extension would also extend the "ontological" approach to intelligent systems beyond computer linguistics.
Management of knowledge derived from text documents.
# 09, September 2011
I.P. Norenkov
Growing attention paid to methods of knowledge management tasks is caused by rapid growth of document databases and by difficulties connected with searching for the necessary information and its online processing. There appeared a lot of publications dedicated to automation of solving semantic search problems and information analysis. Nevertheless, approaches to automated solving the knowledge management tasks require further development and study. The paper includes a short review of recent approaches. An approach based on ontology clasterization is suggested.
Contours of management of the modern network organizations
# 09, September 2011
A.A. Vorobev
The article considers an application of contours of management in modern network organizations as one of the ways of network management as a whole for achieving the purposes set by a network and the purposes of each separate organization. The article gives a description of management contours, a scheme of interaction of network organizations, results of application of this way of management, and also requirements to network organizations and separate streams between them.

Transportation, Mining and Construction Machine Building

77-30569/347098 Static algorithm of control of a suspension bracket of multi-wheeled vehicles: the automated overcoming of the trench
# 09, September 2011
M.M. Jileikin
Increasing of requirements on average speeds of movement, under all other equal conditions, demands permanent improvement of suspension system of multi-wheeled vehicles (MWV), suspension bracket creation as a difficult mechatronic system. The traditional design of a suspension bracket of wheels can't resolve the contradiction set in the technical project on the MWV – maintenance of high average speeds of movement on road and district and mobility in the case of overcoming of large individual roughnesses. The algorithm of the automated overcoming of the trench was developed, not only allowing to reduce loadings on bearing system of the MWV and corners of a longitudinal list of the case, but also to increase the width of an overcome trench at invariable quantities-dimensional characteristics of the chassis. The results of simulation allowing to visualize the process of moving across the trench by wheel car 8х8 were included in the article.

Foreign Education

New Zealand Sets 15-year Targets for International Education
# 09, September 2011
New Zealand is aiming to expand its education services abroad to treble the number of foreign students enrolled and to double the economic value of international education to 5 billion NZ dollars (4.1 billion U.S. dollars) over the next 15 years.Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce Tuesday released the first version of the "International Education Leadership Statement," which "sets bold aspirations for the growth" that New Zealand wanted to achieve over the next 15 years.Doubling the economic value of international education to New Zealand was at the heart of the government's statement, said Joyce.
KOREA: Five South Korean Public Universities to Face Reform
# 09, September 2011
Five underperforming public universities in South Korea will have to undergo drastic reforms under government supervision, the education ministry said Friday.The five state-funded four-year universities -- Kangwon National University, Chungbuk National University, Gangneung-Wonju National University, Kunsan National University and Busan National University of Education -- are required to draw up reform measures by January next year and have the government check the progress each quarter.
Ceibs Brings China Expertise to Europe
# 09, September 2011
In a bid to extend its global footprint, Chinese business school Ceibs is to teach its first executive programme in Europe. The school, which started life in Shanghai but now has several campuses across China, already teaches an Executive MBA degree - an MBA for working managers - in Ghana.
USA-AFRICA: Carnegie Mellon University to Open Campus in Rwanda, a Milestone for Africa
# 09, September 2011
Carnegie Mellon University plans to open a branch campus in Rwanda next year, making it one of the few American colleges offering degrees in Africa.While a number of American universities work on the continent, often establishing partnerships with local institutions on research, faculty-training programs, and other educational ventures, Carnegie Mellon's appears to be the largest commitment to date.The Pittsburgh-based institution will be the first American university to operate a full-fledged campus in Africa, said Kevin Kinser, co-director of the Cross-Border Education Research Team at the State University of New York at Albany, which tracks branch campuses worldwide.
SRI-LANKA: Laws to Prevent Dons Joining Private Universities
# 09, September 2011
New laws will be introduced to discourage government university lecturers joining private universities, Higher Education Minister S B Dissanayake said. The minister said laws will be introduced to prevent government lecturers joining as full time staff of private universities within three years after resigning from state universities. “However, government university teachers will not be prevented from functioning as visiting lecturers of private universities,” he added. Higher Education Ministry sources said that the ministry has decided to initiate these measures since there is a tendency for state university lecturers vacating their posts to join private universities for better perks and privileges.
Applications to MBA Programmes Drop, Says GMAC
# 09, September 2011
As widely expected, applications to MBA programmes have dropped this year, according to the latest statistics from the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), which administers the GMAT test, widely regarded as the entrance test for business school. But applications to specialised masters degrees are on the up.Two-year MBA programmes, the bread and butter of US business schools, have been particularly badly hit. More than two-thirds (67 per cent) of business schools offering two-year, full-time MBA programmes reported a decline in application volume in 2011 compared with 2010.
SCOTLAND: Universities and Colleges Face Wave of Mergers in Education Shake-up
# 09, September 2011
Colleges and universities across Scotland are set to be merged under a major shake-up of further and higher education.Education secretary Mike Russell outlined plans for removing what he called "wasteful duplication" across the college sector, by establishing regional groupings of institutions.He also called for greater collaboration between Scotland's universities, outlining the possibility of mergers there too if they made "educational and financial sense".
INDIA: Distance PhD Bar Off
# 09, September 2011
The University Grants Commission (UGC) has lifted its two-year-old ban on MPhil and PhD courses through correspondence, the U-turn apparently forced by legal opinion against the move following protests from universities.Open universities like Ignou and several general universities had protested the ban on the ground that their respective laws, passed by Parliament or legislatures, allowed them to offer such courses. Ignou had even continued to offer such programmes. Faced with the resistance, the higher education regulator sought legal opinion on whether it could override such powers conferred by the acts to the universities.
ETHIOPIA: Agency Shuts Private Colleges over Quality
# 09, September 2011
The Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA) of Ethiopia announced last week that it had banned five private higher education institutions because of quality concerns, writes Yonas Abiye for Ezega.com.The agency also said it had given another 13 private colleges one year to improve the quality of their education and achieve the necessary standards based on the inputs and directives the agency demands.
Chinese Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business Opens Overseas Office
# 09, September 2011
LONDON, Sept. 6. - One of China's top business schools opened an office in London on Tuesday.The Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) is Chinese mainland's first "homegrown" business school to establish an overseas branch. The school seeks to provide customized business courses for European executives who are or will be dealing with business issues related to China and the rest of Asia.CKGSB's European branch will offer leading corporate clients insights into China's economy and businesses, like how multinational corporations, state-owned enterprises and private companies compete and collaborate in China, East Asia and even in the global market.
MALAYSIA: Identifying Number of Universities Needed
# 09, September 2011
The Malaysian government is conducting a study to find out the total number of universities - public and private - needed by the country in order to produce the desired number of graduates. Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin said the purpose of the study was to maintain the quality of Malaysian universities and strengthen the higher education sector, writes Husna Yusop for The Sun Daily.
EU: Female Research Dropouts Threaten Europe's Targets
# 09, September 2011
A failure to retain female researchers remains a major barrier to recruiting an extra 1 million researchers by 2020, a leading European official has warned. Stefaan Hermans, head of the European Commission's research and innovation unit, said too many female postgraduate researchers were dropping out of a research career because entry-level jobs were "precarious" and unsuited to family life. Speaking this week at an international conference in Manchester organised by the research career development body Vitae, Mr Hermans said the lack of women in the profession could frustrate the commission's efforts to recruit an extra 1 million researchers by 2020.
Malaysia Is 11th Most Sought After Country By International Students
# 09, September 2011
Malaysia is the 11th most sought-after country for tertiary education among international students, reports the official agency Bernama. Private Higher Education Institutions Deputy Director-general Datin Dr Siti Hamisah Tapsir said last week that Malaysia now accounts for 2% of the international student population around the world.
GHANA: New Campus for IT Visionary's University
# 09, September 2011
It took a bit longer than expected, but the university in Ghana started a decade ago by a visionary Microsoft engineer finally has its own campus. Ashesi University is moving from rented space in the city of Accra to a 100-acre suburban campus due to formally open this weekend, writes Brier Dudley for The Seattle Times.A contingent of supporters from the US, many with Microsoft ties, was expected to join ambassadors, Ghanaian officials and village chiefs for the opening. Several said the campus is much more than a collection of new buildings for the school. It represents the vision and commitment of Patrick Awuah, who left the security of a job writing software in Redmond to pursue a crazy dream building a university in his homeland.
Ten Foreign Universities are to Open their Campuses in Sri Lanka
# 09, September 2011
Sri Lanka is on track to attract about 10 foreign universities under an initiative to expand tertiary education, with the Bangkok-based Asian Institute of Technology among them, reports Lanka Business Online. The AIT is expected to set up a campus in Hambantota in southern Sri Lanka, Higher Education Ministry Secretary Sunil Jayantha Navaratne said. India's Manipal University is to set up a campus near Negombo, north of Sri Lanka's capital Colombo.
Sweden to Hold Nobel Quiz in Bangalore
# 09, September 2011
The first qualifying round of the Sweden-India Nobel Memorial Quiz 2011 will be held in this tech hub Sep 10, the Swedish embassy said on Thursday.Being organised by the embassy in partnership with leading Swedish firms operating in India during the upcoming Nobel Memorial Week, the inter-collegiate quiz contest will celebrate the spirit and contribution of Alfred Nobel, the Swedish innovator, entrepreneur and philanthropist."The quiz will bring together undergraduate and post-graduate students from colleges and institutes in the city. Winners of the Bangalore round will represent the city at the grand finale to be held October 15 at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) in New Delhi," the embassy said in a statement.
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