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# 08, August 2011

Science and Education
Researches of interaction of the pneumatic wheel with ultralow pressure and the snow roadbed
# 08, August 2011
A.N. Blokhin, D.V. Zezyulin, V.A. Gorelov, V.V. Belyakov
In this paper the question of interaction of pneumatic extra-low pressure tires with snow is considered. The simulation model of contact interaction of pneumatic extra-low pressure tires with snow is presented. The model is realized by means of numerical computing environment MATLAB. Comparison of the settlement data with the data of experimental researches for the vehicle "Viking"-2992 on tires 1300х600-533 models "Trekol" is made. The analysis of parameters of wheel-terrain interaction of the off-road vehicles is carried out. The interaction parameters are received in mathematical dependence on air internal tires pressure in taking into account known physico-mechanical parameters of snow.
Rising of operating speed for the problem of conflict-optimum target setting of small groups of aircrafts
# 08, August 2011
E.M. Voronov, T.Yu. Karabahina, Syan'czyan' Chjan, N.G. Ahmetgaryaev
The problem of conflict-optimum counteraction of small groups of aircrafts in the form of two-stage procedure of ranking-allocation and conflict optimization by Nash for obtaining the stable-effective decision in the shape of matrix of conflict-optimum target setting is considered. Calculating time in the case of the exhaustive search is far from real-time, therefore the procedure of thinning of the counteraction effectiveness matrix is proposed, as a result the operating speed for the problem of counteraction of 4-by-4 aircrafts is rising twenty-fold.
Prediction of acoustic parameters of automobile tires. Engineering of experimental researches
# 08, August 2011
L.F. Jeglov
By virtue of importance of noise reduction of vehicle tires in 2005 UNECE approved the following regulations: “Uniform provisions concerning the official approval of tires with regard to the road roar.” Thus, creation of low-noise tires and their acoustic characteristics control is an important task.The article touches upon the basic problems of creation of techniques and systems providing fulfillment of conditions during measuring. This concerns fulfilling both acoustic and mechanical requirements to constructions-in-progress. The article covers the approaches to creation of devices for benchmark tests and road tests at measuring tire acoustic performance. A new design of surface profilometer is offered.
System of external forces. Possible forms of connectedness oscillations of mechanical systems at action of several external factors
# 08, August 2011
R.S. Bolshakov
Approach of change of dynamical condition of vibroprotection systems through  introduction of additional connection force influence are considered. Such approach accordances to form of  automatical control by force of influence.
Dynamical absorbtion of oscillations as means of control of dynamical condition of vibroprotection system
# 08, August 2011
S.V. Eliseev
Dynamical interactions in mechanical oscillation system are considered, in which object of protection is connected with additional mass through kinematical couple. Is shown that introduction of additional ties if there is absorber of oscillation may change frequencies properties of the system significantly.
About creature of structural models of vibroprotection systems with dynamical absorber
# 08, August 2011
A.N. Trofimov
Questions of building of mathematical models of dynamical absorbers as additional feed beck ties in vibroprotection systems are considered in difference from usual ideas the structure of  original model of protection of object. Nase big influence on parameters on conditions of dynamical absorbtion; it is depend from particulates of structure of system of external forces.
Classification of organizational and technological solutions for information systems of production management
# 08, August 2011
M.F. Menyaev
The paper considers the possibility of classification of organizational and technological decisions on the following levels: 1) accounting system of data processing, 2) complex systems of information processing; 3) the integrated information system; ( 4) dynamic control systems. It is shown that the accounting system, will allow to show the result of a major business and financial operations. The decision of complex level focused on the operation of the control loop "planning - accounting - control - analysis" in the complex. Integrated control systems of the enterprise allow to generalize the assessment of the state of processes of management of all resources of the company. WITH the help of dynamic technological-organizational structures are formed control systems with distributed in time and space resources.
Formation of organizational structure of industrial enterprise management with use of multirole business games
# 08, August 2011
K.A. Barinov, A.B. Vlasov, V.Yu. Stroganov, G.G. Yagudaev
The summary. Primary goals, methods and models of organizational structure of industrial enterprise management are considered. Formalized methods of organizational management structure synthesis from the point of view of staff recruitment for each work cycle chain of the general production process of the enterprise are described. The article describes the definition of the problem of definition of the structure of a technological communications pseudo-optimum control system, and also methods, models and algorithms of its decision. The article considers principles of multirole business game organization in the form of decomposition, and also tell about the assessment procedure and reassessment of the staff qualification according to the results of a business game.
Analysis and planning of maintenance service and repair of difficult object on the basis of his functional condition
# 08, August 2011
K.E. Andriyan, D.A. Kursin
The problem of revealing and use of a current functional condition of difficult object for the organization of his maintenance service and repair is considered. Classification of systems of diagnostics from the point of view of the organization of maintenance service and repair on reliability of their forecast is offered. The model of events depending on quality of system of diagnostics is developed and the comparative analysis of expenses for the basic cases (degrees of quality) is lead.
Network of the organizations as institute of long-term economic growth: problems of management
# 08, August 2011
A.A. Vorobev
Problems of management by associations of the organizations in a network are considered: management of object of management without precise borders, necessity of delimitation of a network, management of object without uniform control centre, material and information restrictions of management on communications between the organizations.
Minimization of costs of the supply chain in conditions of the astable environment
# 08, August 2011
M.O. Orlov
The risks are considered as an economic category and their classification is given. The supply chain (SCh) and the measures for its optimization are submitted. The analysis of macro and micro environment of SCh is given as a source of risk rising costs. The relation between the types of risks and factors of their uprising in the macro-and micro-environment is shown.
Method of cooling reduction of bar at transfer table between roughing and finishing trains of hot rolling wide-strip mill (h.r. WSM), their heat and energy effectiveness
# 08, August 2011
V.N. Hloponin, A.N. Tinigin
Hot rolling wide-strip mill (h.r. WSM) continue to reserve the leadership in the production of hot rolled strips. Transfer table between roughing and finishing trains the problematic place in the technological line of h.r. WSM where essential uneven cooling along the length of transfer bar. Passive methods heat insulating or reflecting are widely applied at continuous (3/4 continuous) h.r. WSM for cooling reduction of transfer bar don’t eliminate the mentioned phenomenon totally. Last years active methods of influence upon transfer bar temperature at transfer table began to appear in industry: active tunnel furnace Techint (Italy), pseudo-active panel Istok ML JSC (Russia). Heat and energy efficiency of these methods for holding transfer bar temperature are analyzed below.
Performance analysis of searching rational variant connection of new consumers to the electronetwork
# 08, August 2011
I.A. Kuzmina
In this paper the algorithms of searching optimal numbers and locations of transformer substation and algorithms of searching connection of increase power consumption to the electronetwork variant are given. Execute the benchmark analysis of 6 combinations these algorithms on example of solution tasks of several dimension.
Approximation of dynamic system vector field using neural networks in approximate aircraft attainability domain construction problem
# 08, August 2011
DOI: 10.7463/0811.0204143
A.P. Karpenko, A.N. Morozov, V.A. Fedin
Dynamic system attainability domain approximate construction problem based on “multi-finish” and model differential equation system vector field approximation methods combination is discussed. The main point of the first method is multiple model differential equation system integration with different controls values. The idea of the second method is preliminary approximation  of model differential equation system’s right side. The purpose of this article is to find out the efficiency of neural network approximation. The research is carried out for 7th order differential equation system, which describes aircraft center-of-mass motion. Three-layer feed-forward neural network and similar cascaded neural network are analyzed.
Modeling methods of manufacturing processes in engineering enterprises
# 08, August 2011
M.E. Sirotkin
The article reviews the basic modeling techniques used for industrial processes, includes short brief of methods, descriptions and examples. Advantages and disadvantages of methods has been mentioned. Typically, modeling is performed using the mathematical methods– this is the main part of the article. Today the most popular method is simulation, due to a wide range of tasks and the possibility watch the solutions in form of animation. Also reviewed physical and natural modeling. Using of modeling is vital for any company in a competitive environment. Reviewed methods will help manager to make a quick decisions in terms of lack of time
Methodology for establishment of system stimulating a withdrawal of out-of-date vehicles from operation.
# 08, August 2011
V.V. Komarov
The article deals with aspects of the motor transport system stability management, associated with the technical level of vehicles. Established and defined the criteria that characterize the risk of getting the vehicle in road accidents and the severity of their consequences, depending on the technical level of a particular vehicle, determined the level embedded in the design of the vehicle safety requirements regarding the level set by requirements of international agreements in the field of motor transport.
System of measuring angular mismatch axis of working and adjusting laser beams on basis of diffraction grating
# 08, August 2011
N.V. Baryshnikov, D.G. Denisov, I.V. Jivotovskii
In article consideration system of measuring mutual angular position axis of power laser beam and beam of adjusting laser on basis of diffraction grating for the challenge radiation of working channel and for opto – electronic system coordinate measuring. To introduced method of calculation diffraction grating to provided given diffraction efficiency in first diffraction maximum. Considered system challenge of two diffraction grating. To trace simulation introduced optoelectronic system in optical CAD «Zemax», showed accounting errors of installation diffraction grating and bandwidth of laser radiation on accuracy angular position of axis laser beam. To exhibited possibility registration of power laser beam with factor of bend  KОИ = 10-6…-10
Mechanics of cutting processes of plastically deformed metals with non-uniform properties of cutting layer
# 08, August 2011
DOI: 10.7463/0811.0195350
V.M. Yaroslavtsev
Mechanism of influence of metals surface strain hardening to chip disposal process has been studied. It has been clarified that the form changing process evolution while two continuous stages of deformation in cutting of mechanical hardened materials satisfy the condition of linear addition of deformation specific works in accordance with unite flow curve σi - εi, which can be appreciated as a theoretical base of mechanics of cutting process for deformed metals with non-uniform in depth mechanical properties. Theoretical relationships have been derived for estimation of main component of chip disposal force. Figs. 5.

Transportation, Mining and Construction Machine Building

77-30569/347058 Static algorithm of control of a suspension bracket of multi-wheeled vehicles: the automated overcoming of the escarp
# 08, August 2011
M.M. Jileikin
Increasing of requirements on average speeds of movement, under all other equal conditions, demands permanent improvement of suspension system of multi-wheeled vehicles (MWV), suspension bracket creation as a difficult mechatronic system. The traditional design of a suspension bracket of wheels can't resolve the contradiction set in the technical project on the MWV – maintenance of high average speeds of movement on road and district and mobility in the case of overcoming of large individual roughnesses. The algorithm of the automated overcoming of the escarp was developed, allowing to reduce loadings on bearing system of the MWV and corners of a longitudinal list of the case that promoted traffic safety increase. The results of simulation allowing to visualize the process of moving across the escarp by wheel car 8х8 were included in the article.

Foreign Education

SWEDEN: Stockholm University Invests in International Students
# 08, August 2011
Stockholm University is not only one of the largest universities in Scandinavia, with around 50,000 students, but is also generally ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide. That makes it a great choice for prospective students in search of a vibrant and diverse study environment.The institution has recently made great strides in its efforts to further international cooperation, in a bid to remain at the forefront of internationalization of the higher education sector.Earlier this year, Stockholm University's board voted to set aside 38 million kronor ($6 million) for increasing international research cooperation and recruiting overseas students. The cash will be made available in 2012 and 2013 but the internationalization investment, known as Stockholm University Academic Initiative, is already well underway.The investment will also finance visits from prominent guest lecturers, research trips, as well as ambassadorship activities, aimed at increasing connections between Stockholm University and other participating institutions.
TAIWAN: Fo Guang sets up Taiwan's First Private Interuniversity System
# 08, August 2011
The Taiwan-based Buddhist monastic order Fo Guang Shan has combined its four institutions of higher learning, located in three different countries, to establish Taiwan's first private inter-university system, reports Taiwan Today."Besides integrating resources available to the universities and facilitating the sharing of their academic research, this new system will help increase each school's international competitiveness," said Yung Chaur-shin, President of Fo Guang University.
Gang of Five MBA Schools Address Societal Agenda
# 08, August 2011
Five international business schools are pooling resources to address some of the critical issues at the intersection of business and society. The five - the Tuck school at Dartmouth (US), Essec (France), Mannheim Business School (Germany), Fudan University (Shanghai) and Keio Business School (Tokyo) will work together on specific research topics and present the results at an annual conference.The Council on Business and Society, as the group is called, will hold its first conference in Paris towards the end of 2012 and the topic will be corporate governance and leadership.
UK: Postgraduates 'Priced out of the Market' by Sharp Fee Increases
# 08, August 2011
Universities are raising their fees for home and European Union postgraduate students sharply, a survey suggests, prompting warnings about access to academia and other professions.The National Survey of UK Tuition Fees, for the coming 2011-12 academic year, indicates that rises in taught postgraduate fees for home and EU students outstrip increases for non-EU postgraduates and undergraduates.Based on data gathered from 147 UK higher education institutions, the fees survey shows that taught home/EU postgraduate fees range from £3,400 to £31,738.
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