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# 06, June 2011

Science and Education
Engineering Methods of Calculations of the Connection of Details on Cylindrical Surfaces with Small Gap (if Details with Hole Are Considered Boundless). Examples.
# 06, June 2011
D.S. Blinov, V.F. Alyoshin
Engineering methods of calculation of the connection of details were defined with the usage of the theory of elasticity. Several graphs were acquired. The methods described in the article are easy to employ and have much in common due to the usage of dimensionless forms. The main parameter is radial gap. The methods are probabilistic, for size of the details can vary.
An application of polymeric composite materials in the suspension systems of wheeled vehicles
# 06, June 2011
N.N. Staroverov, G.O. Kotiev, A.A. Smirnov
The suspension system dynamics of special all-road vehicles with low pressure tires is analysed in this article and concluded an opportunity of decrising of the required damping measure. The optimal parameter of linear-viscous damping in the suspension system of the special all-road vehicle is calculated while it drives along different roads throughout the range of possible speeds. Russian and foreign developer’s experience of polymeric composite material’s and other polymeric material’s application in the suspension systems of the vehicles is analysed in this article.
Estimation of insurance efficiency of the risk industrial and economic activity
# 06, June 2011
D.S. Reznichenko
The article examines the main approaches to assessing the effectiveness of risk management and assessment of the effectiveness of the insurance of industrial and economic activities of industrial enterprises by the example of the relationship model of insurance risk and insurance transactions. Also give definition of the efficiency the insurance process, the mathematical model of risk management and examine specific character and objectives of each subject of the insurance process. And make suggestions to facilitate the procedures of insurance risks and improve risk management.
Structural strain in metalwork of rotary parking lift under different combinations of loads.
# 06, June 2011
S.G. Gnezdilov
Presented here is the procedure for determining cases of most unfavorable combination of loads upon load-carrying metalwork of a new design of rotary /car/ parking system - rotary /car/ parking lift. This procedure was set out within the framework of thesis suggesting optimization methods of the said metalwork design. In accordance with this procedure using Pro/Engineer program, cases of most unfavorable combination of loads for a particular design of load-carrying metalwork of rotary /car/ parking lift were determined and relevant information concerning loading of its components under different combinations of loads was made available.
Ordered set operations
# 06, June 2011
V.A. Ovchinnikov
The decisive rules of algorithms execution ordered set operations are substantiated. Conditions for achieving maximum of multitude elements comparisons are formulated. The asymptotic computation complexities of operations are received. The efficiency of using ordered set operations is estimated.
Conceptual bases of simulation of interactive informational space
# 06, June 2011
M.F. Menyaev
Intensive production assumes the organization management system, formed on the basis of the knowledge about the production situation. For the establishment of a knowledge needed to manage information space. In this sense one can speak about the system of management of interactive communications, enabling to form the new knowledge for the management of complex manufacturing processes. For its analysis of proposed conceptual approach, based on a system of axioms, determining interaction of objects in the process of interactive communication. Based on the developed system of axioms in the form of the geometry of the information space it is possible to model the basic interactive processes, show conditions of domination in the process of interactive communication, to determine the requirements to ensure the sustainability of the interactive process in the information space of industrial organization
Forecasting quality of the welded pipes
# 06, June 2011
O.V. Sokolova, A.E. Lepestov
The Article is dedicated to production of the oil-gas welding pipes and discovery parameter technological process, under which occurs arising the marriage. Present-day day possible to minimize the amount unimproved tubes, as well as shorten time an testing work when mastering new type welding tubes from different marks of steel, by analysis result modeling behaviour bands under forming. Hereunder avoiding disadvantage conditions of the process.
Estimation of query excution time
# 06, June 2011
V.L. Pluzhnikov
This article analyzes existing architectures of parallel database systems. The process of query execution in parallel database systems is reviewed in details. Laplas-Stiltes transform is produced for time of query execution in parallel database systems. Properties of Laplas-Stiltes transform are used for deriving of averages of distribution of query execution time for different parallel database systems architectures. Practical example of query execution time computation for SE, SD and SN architectures is shown. Dependence of query execution time from number of processors in defined architecture is analyzed and corresponding conclusions are made.
Definition of Tension and Travel in Covering Details on Cylindrical Surfaces with Small Gap (if Details with Hole Are Considered Boundless).
# 06, June 2011
D.S. Blinov, V.F. Alyoshin
The methods of definition of contact pressure affecting the hole of covering details were described in the previous article. The research was held in accordance with the theory of elasticity’s flat deformation problem. The dependencies obtained can be used to calculate tensions, travels and deformations in covering details. Several graphs for calculations of the late parameters were built.
Present-day technologies of high-performance computing in modeling of detailed mechanism for catalytic olefin hydroalumination reaction
# 06, June 2011
I.M. Gubaidullin, K.F. Koledina, Yu.B. Lind
To investigate mechanisms of complex chemical reactions an experiment for detailed particular reactions is conducted. This causes complexity in kinetic parameters estimation – the same set of rate constants ought to describe both particular and general schemas for the reaction. In this paper solution of this problem for olefin hydroalumination reaction is presented. To optimize the computational process a methodology of paralleling has been proposed. On its base a kinetic model for the reaction has been constructed and physical-chemical conclusions on its mechanism have been made. The character of breakdown time for olefin hydroalumination reaction with diisobutylaluminium chloride has been estimated.
Digital asset in the system of production management
# 06, June 2011
M.F. Menyaev
Technique is considered the application of the digital asset management system on manufacture, allows to increase the efficiency of production due to the application of the digital code of technological information in the course of the additional issue but the products. Examines the concept of the lifetime of the order for the product. Shows the changes in the structure of the production process when using the digital asset management system. The conclusion is that the effectiveness of the development and application of digital assets allows to reduce time for the preparation of additional orders, carry out preparation of the operational, personalized and small series of products without attraction of additional resources for the development of technological operations, improve reliability and reduce the time the search for the desired information.
Analysis of constructive and technological parameters of device for rotary band grinding on the basis of examination of dynamics of relative motion of abrasive belt
# 06, June 2011
S.A. Shiliaev, A.G. Ivanov
Quality of the surface layer is a result of the impact of a cutting tool on work material while cutting. The work presents the conclusion of analytic dependencies of relative motion of an abrasive belt of a device for rotary band grinding which enable to establish the criteria and boundary values of operating mode of the device under which stable OS are observed, their frequency and amplitude being established as well. The results of study offer and explain rational constructive parameters of device and processing modes with the device for rotary band grinding

Foreign Education

London Gets luxury MBA while Shanghai Learns about Fashion
# 06, June 2011
From champagne to handbags and designer frocks to yachts, the growing consumer demand for luxury goods has resulted in a growing number of management programmes to train managers to work in these industries.In September Skema, the French business school created through the merger of Ceram and the Lille School of Management just a few years ago, will launch its Masters in Luxury and Fashion Management on its China campus in Suzhou in September. The programme is already taught on Skema’s Sophia Antipolis campus. Dean Alice Guilhon says the demand from students in China has been tremendous.But companies are also looking for such programmes, she says. “There’s a lot of demand from French (luxury) companies who want to be present in Shanghai. It’s a good opportunity for us to feed the market.”
Insead and Sorbonne Launch Joint Business and Law Degree
# 06, June 2011
Insead has joined forces with L’Université Panthéon-Assas, the Sorbonne law school, to launch a business law degree from September in Paris and in Singapore, where both institutions have campuses.The one-year LLM International Business Law (Droit International des Affaires) is organised around 16 seminars, eight in law and eight in business. The degree is intended for those with a masters degree in law or business and at least four years professional experience. The degree will prepare them to handle large-scale transactions such as cross-border mergers, major acquisitions, stock-market operations, financial engineering and leveraged buyouts.
Environmental Science to be Mandatory Graduation Subject from This Year
# 06, June 2011
Beginning this academic year, Environmental Science will be a mandatory subject at graduation level. On June 7, a Government Resolution (GR) to this effect was issued. The Supreme Court had earlier directed universities across the country to introduce a subject on environment and also directed the University Grants Commission (UGC) to consider the feasibility of making such a course compulsory. Many universities did not implement the guildelines at the time citing infrastructure issues.
British Students Turning to US Ivy League Universities
# 06, June 2011
Students are increasingly turning to universities in the United States amid growing competition for places on British degree courses. Harvard University – ranked the best in the world – has seen the number of applications from Britain rise by more than a third in just 12 months, figures show. Other elite Ivy League institutions, including Yale, Columbia and Cornell, have also reported an increase in demand. It is believed that the cap on places for home students at English universities – coupled with the prospect of £9,000 fees from next year – is fuelling the rise. The disclosure comes just a week after one of Europe’s leading universities – Maastricht in the Netherlands – reported a 10-fold rise in the number of applications from Britain.
HOLLAND: Dutch University Sees Tenfold Rise in UK Applicants
# 06, June 2011
The number of British teenagers applying to one of Europe's leading universities has risen dramatically this year. Maastricht University in the Netherlands has seen a tenfold increase with more than 400 applications from UK students compared with just 35 at the same time last year. A key factor in the rise is the cost of studying at Maastricht: only £1,526 a year, compared with £3,240 at present at English universities.
Korean Students Are Badly Served by Their Universities
# 06, June 2011
Korean university students are denied quality education services even though they are paying exorbitantly high tuition fees, according to an OECD survey that ranks the country last among member countries in terms of college education environment. Korean universities have 32.7 students per professor on average, more than double the OECD average of 15.8. The number is 16.9 in the U.K., 16.2 in France, 15 in the U.S., 14.4 in Mexico, 11.5 in Germany, 10.4 in Japan, and 8.5 in Sweden.
ISRAEL: Ministry Announces First Sites for "Excellence in Research"
# 06, June 2011
The sites for the first four research centers for the Israeli Centers for Research Excellence (I-CORE) program were announced by the Education Ministry on Tuesday, part of a multi-year plan to strengthen Israel’s position as a global leader in academic research and stem the brain drain of Israeli academics. Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar (Likud) said Tuesday that the selection of the four centers is “a landmark in the process of establishing Israel as a world center in advanced research.” Program is part of plan to strengthen Israel's position as global leader in academic research, stem the brain drain of Israeli academics.
India Proposes to Host Indo-German Higher Education Summit
# 06, June 2011
India today proposed to host an Indo-German higher education summit this year to explore issues like mutual recognition of qualification and joint research programmes.The proposal was discussed at length during a meeting between HRD minister Kapil Sibal and visiting German minister of education and research Annettee Schavan here.The education summit, which could be held between November and December this year, will also explore possibilities of development of junior faculty, doctoral and post-doctoral programmes, said a statement issued by the HRD ministry.
Japanese Universities Let Potential Academic Partners Know They're 'Open for Business'
# 06, June 2011
As various countries sell themselves as student destinations during the annual meeting of Nafsa: Association of International Educators, Japan is assuring conference attendees that it remains a safe place for study abroad, despite the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that struck the island nation in March.While concerns linger about radiation leaking from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant some 150 miles northeast of Tokyo, representatives from Japan are reminding people at the conference here that the problems affected only a small part of the country.Aside from glossy brochures and pamphlets highlighting academic programs and cultural benefits, the Japan Student Services Organization is handing out a public statement from Japan's minister of foreign affairs, declaring that the country is "open for business."
China to Promote Building of National Digital Library Network
# 06, June 2011
China will launch a national project to promote the building of a digital library network in the next five years.The project aims to build a nationwide digital library network with the National Digital Library of China at the center, integrating local libraries, said a statement jointly issued by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Finance on Tuesday.The focus of the project will be promoting the construction of an interconnected digital library platform and a group of widely-spread resource libraries that provide multi-media library services for the public, the statement said.The services will be available in public libraries and through the Internet, mobile phones and mobile televisions.
IRELAND: Scheme Aims to Reskill 6,000 Jobless
# 06, June 2011
University of Limerick, University College Dublin, Dublin City University and University College Cork have all signed up to offer courses under a new programme to be announced this week offering higher education opportunities for those out of work.The Government will announce the creation of 6,000 part-time higher education and training places for the unemployed this week as part a plan to get people back to work.The three-year “Springboard” initiative is aimed at skilled workers who have lost their jobs and who are living on benefits.It will offer them the opportunity to access free higher education and training without affecting their right to receive welfare payments.
KOREA: Overseas Study Loses its Luster
# 06, June 2011
An increasing number of students who left the country at a young age are returning home to continue their university studies here because they find it difficult to get jobs there. At the same time, the number of secondary schoolchildren going abroad is also declining. Kim Young Academy, a private crammer that prepares students for transfer between universities, saw enrolment by foreign-educated students jump from 134 in 2007 to 215 last year, and until April this year 70 had signed up.
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