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# 04, April 2011

Science and Education
Test quality monitoring of training quality and quality criteria of educational tests. The review
# 04, April 2011
DOI: 10.7463/0411.0184741
A.P. Karpenko, A.S. Domnikov, V.V. Belous
The paper presents the general questions connected with a test quality monitoring of quality of training, and also various ways of classification of tests and test tasks. We present the review of the basic criteria for estimation of tests reliability, validity, difficulty and so on. A number of the validity measures of tests is offered. These measures are based on the knowledge of a subject domain of studied discipline in the form of a semantic network.
Expediency and directions of formation of a complex of marketing at realization of the high technology project of creation of the industrial equipment
# 04, April 2011
V.J. Moshchelkova
The role of tools of marketing in the high technology design management and directions of their perfection are analysed in this article. The complex of recommendations is offered to manufacturers of the high technology industrial equipment. It includes the recommendations for realization of commodity policy in view of specificity of stages of creation of the industrial equipment and formation of requirements to its development; for a choice of a method and model of formation of the price of the high technology industrial equipment at various stages of life cycle of the project; for realization of marketing policy of the manufacturer depending on a degree of readiness of the equipment - a product of the project. Besides the algorithm of development of communication policy of the manufacturer is offered. The application of this algorithm allows to consider a degree of readiness of the industrial equipment at stages of life cycle of the project and to choose optimum means and directions of promotion of the equipment in the market.
Between coordinates ties in theory of vibroprotection
# 04, April 2011
S.V. Eliseev, Yu.V Ermoshenko, R.S. Bolshakov
Methodical bases for building of transport mathematical models  vibroprotection systems are suggested. Considered systems have lever mechanisms and additional ties, which can be realized through using of elementary typical links of widen collection.
System analysis and reengineering of legacy program systems
# 04, April 2011
L.V. Massel, D.V. Podcamenny
The article describes method of legacy program  systems analysis  which is proposed by authors on the base of legacy systems reengineering experience in the field of energetic. Estimates of module stability, algorithm of  module stability degree identification and module concatenation are considered. There are described method of legacy systems reengineering proposed by authors and expert system Expacy made for support of this method.Given in this article results  are  supported  by  RFBR  grants ╧ 10-07-00264, ╧ 11-07-00192 and by RAS Presidium Program grant ╧2.29.
Blackout contour for gearings, projected on the set thickness of tooth on a top
# 04, April 2011
D.V. Dorofeev, I.V. Shevchenko
The design technique on the set width of a cog at an apex combines advantages of geometry of a design technique in combined parametres with obviousness of projection on OST 1 00258-77 «Transfers gear cylindrical involute straight-toothed an external gearing. Calculation of geometrical parametres».Design technique selection determines area of existence of the gearing. As a result of it the point which is in area of existence, at projection, for example on OST 1 00258-77, can be out of area of existence for the gearing designed on set width of a cog at an apex. Thus, there was a necessity for mining of a method of construction of blocking head loops for a new design technique.In the article the method of construction of blocking head loops for the aviation gearings designed on set width of a cog at an apex is presented. The method is grounded on use of nonlinear programming.
Mathematical model of thermal deaeration of water is in attachment columns
# 04, April 2011
А.G. Laptev, A.N. Dolgov
In this work describes basic approaches of mathematical design are examined in attachment vehicles. In this work describes the one- and two-dimensional models of transfer of impulse, the masses and energies in columns with attachment elements. For description of model are used the systems of differential equalizations in partials derivatives. The account of the second phase is executed due to by volume sources.  In this work presents the results of calculation of efficiency of absorption of acetylene with water and deaeration from water of oxygen by attachment elements: rings of Raschig 50x50, steel rings of Pallya 50x50, ceramic saddles of Intaloks 50 mm and attachment of «Inzhekhim-2000». In this work presents comparative structural descriptions of deaerators with the use of attachment elements. Conclusions are done about modernization warmly - and mass-transfer vehicles with the use of high-efficiency contact devices.
Interactive communication in control systems of the information resource organization
# 04, April 2011
M.F. Menyaev
We consider the system of interactive communications to generate new knowledge in order to manage manufacturing processes. The model is analyzed interactive communication, on the basis of which is determined by the concept of the source of formation (traffic, conversion, etc.) knowledge on the state of production. The property interactive communication use a variety of interfaces, which are determined by various technological гиями used in the process of transferring information. It is shown that the analysis of process of creation of management information in the online environment involves synthesis of structure interactive processes, management processes and information exchange on the basis of interface objects.
Construction the function of estimation for support and operational decision-making in the control state parameters of the spacecraft
# 04, April 2011
M.M. Matyushin, H.V. Sarkisyan
State of the spacecraft is characterized by a certain set of parameters obtained from the spacecraft through telemetry. For operational decisions based on of analysis of the parameters that need the function of estimation, which shows the variation of these parameters. The article describes how to construct the function of estimation for a continuous parameter and another one parameter with a bilateral constraint the feasible region. You can see also example of the function of estimation with using expert assessment and use of color coding for the automated estimates and for decision support. The functions of estimation are often used by operational management team for the prediction and identification off-optimum situation on spacecraft and also operational decision making to overcome the off-optimum situation.
Estimation of innovative potential as integral part of innovative process
# 04, April 2011
N.V. Sobchenko
Modern successful business is impossible without innovations, both tehniko-technological and social. Research of approaches to studying of innovative process, allows to draw a conclusion that at practical realization of the innovative project at the enterprise, necessary there are two stages of innovative process, namely, an estimation of innovative potential of the managing subject and examination of the innovative project.
Modeling of information space of system of management of science intensive production
# 04, April 2011
M.F. Menyaev
Organizational solutions, their efficiency and reliability, allowing to manage complex production, economic and financial processes, are based on the interaction of systems management knowledge- based organization and technology-recognition of reception, processing and distribution of information at the enterprise. The management of the organization is directed, first of all, to become a tool for the development of principally new business processes, acceleration of processes of innovation scientific and technical development. Interaction of the production process and information-technological system can be explored, defining the relationship between objects of production systems in their linkages and processes of information processing. The set-theoretic approach allows to develop the model of information space of the organization as a system of ordered sets with a certain structure and to develop the model of organization of information processes in the system of production management.
Accuracy of polygonal holes obtained by rotary broaching
# 04, April 2011
N.N. Zoubkov, A.V. Lomakin
The article presents data on deviations from the theoretical shapes and sizes of polygonal holes in the fasteners, obtained by rotary broaching. For this process estimated three types of shape deviations: hole taper, alteration of hole size, compared with tool size and helical hole configuration. Spiral-shaped sides of the hole bring main input in hole inaccuracy. The influence of technological factors and processing parameters, allowing to obtain hexagonal holes with the specified requirements for dimensional accuracy was determined.
Risk analysis of software licensing and control systems of industrial enterprises
# 04, April 2011
A.S. Kuzminov, M.F. Menyaev
The article is an analysis of the types of software licensing, their differences and ways of application, the basic problem of the legalization of software in use, both on large industrial enterprises and other businesses, as well as forms of risk in the case of counterfeiting. The urgency of the problem is important to most entities use in their activities, since Russia is still large amount of unlicensed software.This article reveals in detail the situation that can confront a company using illegal software, a method for calculating the efficiency of the legalization of software.
Interactive teaching methods as a means of forming of key competencies
# 04, April 2011
N.N. Dvulichanskaya
Orientation for new aims of education – competences – requires a change of forms and methods of the educational process. The article deals with interactive methods from the standpoint of their application for becoming a competent competitive specialist. Disclosed and substantiated efficiency of the method of the project, case method, discussion, research method, gaming techniques, brainstorming for the formation of key competencies in natural - science training in technical professional education. Set the direction for modernization of pedagogical techniques, based on integrative methods.
Optimization technological planning: biparametricheskaya maxi-mine task
# 04, April 2011
A.G. Lazarenco, G.P. Lazarenro
The article refers to the possibility of  technological projects optimization on two opposite parameters (parameters raising and lowering quality of the project).  The schematic analytical optimization method is used for problem solving, based on modeling of designed technological process on directed network, loaded with two weight functions simulating optimized parameters of the designed process. The optimization mechanism includes: modeling of process on directed network; pseudo-hierarchical transformation of network; identification of  the maximum stream on network using the method of cuts; transformation of  pseudo-hierarchical network to the tree of through streams and search of topological configuration of the maximum streams on network; searching the configuration of the required maximum stream of minimum cost. The article also describes an example of practical use of the considered method by modeling the technological process of the maximum productivity and the minimum industrial cost.

Foreign Education

Yale and National U. of Singapore Set Plans for New Liberal-Arts College
# 04, April 2011
Yale University and the National University of Singapore have made official their plans to jointly establish a liberal-arts college in the city-state, one they would like to be a model for all of Asia."We hope to create a really exciting model of liberal arts, one many Asian countries will find attractive because of its broader perspective on the complex problems of the world," said Richard C. Levin, Yale's president, in an interview on Wednesday.The two institutions had originally made public a possible partnership last September but said at the time they still had to hammer out several budgetary and legal issues.
London Met University to cut two-thirds of courses
# 04, April 2011
London Metropolitan University is to cut hundreds of courses, in a bid for financial sustainability in a "much more competitive environment" when fees are increased in England next year. The university is to "consolidate its portfolio" by dropping from 557 courses to about 160, it said in a statement. A lecturers' union condemned the cuts as unprecedented and unjustifiable. 
UK university bids to open New York campus
# 04, April 2011
Warwick University is bidding to become the first UK university to set up a campus in the United States. It has entered a global competition to open a science campus in New York - competing against leading universities from the US, Europe and Asia. New York's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, said that creating the science campus would be a "game-changer" for the city's economy.New York wants a research base to strengthen its technology industries.Warwick is up against 17 other bids to open a science and engineering research campus - which would help New York compete with US research powerhouses in California and Boston.
POLAND: The highest private-sector enrolment in Europe
# 04, April 2011
With the highest private-sector enrolment in Europe, the Polish university system could be a tempting model for Britain's coalition government. Around 300 private universities – some small enough to share premises with local schools – educate about 630,000 students a year, the highest private-sector enrolment in Europe. Unlike their fellow students at public universities, they have to pay fees, though both kinds of students are eligible for state-backed loans. And unlike public universities, their institutions do not receive any direct government funding.
INDIA: Centre pushes for vocational courses
# 04, April 2011
Vocational education, research universities and faculty development are to get priority in the 12th Five-Year Plan starting April next year. The three areas have been marked as the key elements in a concept paper prepared by the HRD ministry outlining its vision for the plan. The paper says vocational students should account for 50 per cent of all enrolment in higher education by 2020. At present, that figure is less than 5 per cent.
Czech Republic: Private colleges see hike in student numbers
# 04, April 2011
The number of students at private colleges and universities in the Czech Republic has increased almost 30-times in the past ten years, the Czech Statistical Office (CSU) and the Institute of Education Information (UIV) said at a press conference yesterday.In 2000, 2000 students attended these institutions, which was a mere 1 percent of the total number of university/college students, while last year their number amounted to over 57,000, that is some 14 percent of all university/college students in the 10.5-million Czech Republic, the CSU and UIV said.On the contrary, interest in private kindergartens and primary schools is very low.
Poland's universities to be shaken up
# 04, April 2011
Poland's higher education system will undergo significant changes if a bill signed into law today by President Bronisław Komorowski remains on the statute books. The bill is due to enter into force from October 1 but its constitutionality has been called into question.The Polish Press Agency (PAP) reports that, after Easter, the opposition Law and Justice (PiS) party plans to raise questions abouth the constitutionality of the new law with the Constitutional Tribunal.
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