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# 02, February 2011

Science and Education
Search for links in the information structures
# 02, February 2011
S.V. Belim, V.Yu. Bardychev
Properly built architecture significantly accelerates the deployment of information access and enables to identify different patterns. Most of the models can be represented as graphs. Arcs define some interaction or communication between nodes. In constructing the database is an important question about the relationship between the tables, then there is a reciprocal link. Two tables can not be linked directly, but to be strongly dependent on each other through intermediate tables. In this case, to accelerate access to information makes sense to add a direct link. For a sufficiently large database, this task is very important, especially if the database was designed initially not entirely, and grow in the process. Consideration of this system leads to the same model, if the vertices of the graph to take a table and set of edges will be determined by constraints. Therefore, the relevance of the article is how to find connections in intractable situations.
Research of the process control system for the processing of long soft work pieces by means of rotary band grinding.
# 02, February 2011
S.A. Shiliaev
This work presents the process control system for the processing of long soft work pieces by means of the device of rotary band grinding.Construction peculiarities of the equipment being taken into account, the given process control system for the processing has the following subsystems- kinematic, dynamic and thermalphysic.Having subsystems of the mechanical processing and their modeling enable to provide rational constructive, geometric and kinematic parameters as well as to choose and justify some rational technological modes of processing by means of the device of rotary band grinding.
The Use of Semi-realistic Methods of Modeling during Design Process of Complicated Laser and Optoelectronic Systems
# 02, February 2011
N.V. Baryshnikov
The paper presents an analysis of modern conceptions of semi-realistic modeling methods during the designing process, their role and application in systems projecting, especially for laser and optoelectronic systems. The role and application of semi-realistic modeling methods at the final stages of system designing during the adjustment of signal processing algorithms and experimental investigation of its characteristics in the whole effective range of external actions, and while the functional scheme is been developed, are considered.
The application of the stochastic approach to the analysis of industrial networks▓ income
# 02, February 2011
I.N. Omelchenko, M.Yu. Sheresheva, E.N. Gorlacheva, N.A. Kolesnik
The aim of the strategic management in modern economic terms is the achievement of stable competitive advantages which are sustained and developed by collaborative interrelation of independent firms. New forms of organization, being an inevitable part of economic landscape are needed to consider such issues as control procedures, regulation rules inside the network and income aspects. In the article the attempt to study income in industrial networks is presented. It is done on the base of stochastic approach with the help of Markov chains method
Efficiency of optimization by continuous interacting ant colony (CIAC)
# 02, February 2011
DOI: 10.7463/0211.0165551
A.P. Karpenko, K.A. Chernobrivchenko
This paper discusses a problem of multi-dimensional continuous global constrained optimization and continuous interacting ant colony algorithm to solve this problem. The work presents the results of extensive research on the effectiveness of this algorithm for solving a number of test multi-extreme and ravine optimization problems. Recommendations about optimization of a choice of free parameters of algorithm have been made on the basis of results of research. This paper also discusses a problem of approximate construction of the Pareto set for multi-objective optimization.The effectiveness of combination algorithms CIAC and MOPSO is investigated to solve this problem.
Developing the New Construction of the Planetary Roller Screws with Flexible Nut
# 02, February 2011
D.S. Blinov, V.F. Alyoshin, V.A. Vereschaka, I.A. Laptev, E.E. Ochkasov
The article is dedicated to the development of  the new construction for the planetary roller screws with flexible nut. The deformation of nut gives the possibility to compensate the gaps between the details’ thread. The newly-presented feature of the construction is the installation of two collets between nut and the assembly frame. Each collet transforms axial force into redial force to press the nut.

Foreign Education

The Stern school drops GMAT requirement for EMBAs
# 02, February 2011
New York University’s Stern school is to drop the requirement for students on its Executive MBA programme to sit the GMAT or GRE tests in order to gain admission to the programme. The school already operates a waiver policy for many of its EMBA applicants.Stern is following in the footsteps of many schools offering EMBAs - MBA programmes for senior working managers. The main reason is that EMBA participants are usually in their 30s or 40s, and are usually accepted or rejected on the basis of their previous academic achievements and, more particularly, the relevance of their work experience.
ESCP generates energy management programme
# 02, February 2011
Energy management, one of the most fashionable topics on the business school curriculum, is to be the subject of an executive masters programme to be taught in London and Madrid by ESCP Europe. The programme has previously been taught on ESCP’s Paris campus and in Norway.The programme, which will focus on the corporate management of energy issues, is designed for those who need an overview of the energy management business.
Business master's courses tempt overseas students to Stockholm
# 02, February 2011
A strong academic base, English-language instruction and superb career prospects have made Stockholm University School of Business one of the most popular destinations for overseas master's students in Sweden.Many students see postgraduate degrees in management or business as a way to make themselves attractive to the best employers and boost their earning potential. Stockholm University School of Business is attracting students from around the world with its English-language master's courses.
DUBAI: Mobile phones to be used as study tools
# 02, February 2011
Students at Abu Dhabi University will soon be able to register for courses, check their grades, take quizzes and contribute to classroom discussions on their mobile phones as the university launched its pilot of an application called Blackboard Mobile last week. As many as 75 students will participate in the trial before it is rolled out to other regional universities in September, writes Erin Conroy for The National.
WALES: Universities plan alliances to cut costs
# 02, February 2011
Bangor and Aberystwyth universities are planning a "strategic alliance" as institutions around Wales look to work more closely, reports the BBC. A decision to form a "super university" in Wales was also recently announced. Education Minister Leighton Andrews has challenged universities to "adapt or die".
MBAs: The growing appeal of healthcare
# 02, February 2011
With healthcare reform on the agenda in the US and the UK, business school students are showing much more interest in an industry that until a few years ago attracted only small numbers of MBAs.The increased interest comes at a time when the job market remains shaky and sectors such as finance are still recovering from the credit crisis and the recession. Healthcare, say career counsellors, is a growth industry that offers business graduates opportunities to solve complex challenges, work toward the public good and draw a substantial salary.Policymakers in countries around the world are dealing with the problems of rising healthcare costs as well as an increasingly older population. President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul aims to expand health insurance to cover millions of uninsured Americans while curbing costs. And in the UK, David Cameron, the prime minister, has pledged to make fundamental changes to the National Health Service, the state-run healthcare system.
Japan: Government to ease procedures for foreign doctors
# 02, February 2011
The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry likely will ease procedures to be completed by foreign doctors in entering this country to engage in medical training, ministry sources said.The move is part of the government's new growth strategy adopted in June, which includes an initiative to transform Japan into a center for foreign tourists seeking medical treatment.By relaxing such formalities, the ministry hopes to increase the number of foreign doctors coming to Japan under a government program designed to give them local medical training and improve their knowledge and skills.
CHINA: China issues academic degrees to 21 million students over past 30 years
# 02, February 2011
China awarded more than 21 million academic degrees, including 335,000 doctorates, since 1981 when a landmark regulation provided a legal frame for the country's higher education.The academic degrees also included 2.73 million masters' degrees and 18.3 million bachelors' degrees, according to statistics revealed on Saturday at a meeting to mark the 30th anniversary of the implementation of the country's Regulations on Academic Degrees.
UK: Ashridge MBAs gets iPads as part of the course
# 02, February 2011
Ashridge Business School in the UK has given iPads to all participants enrolling on its full-time MBA programme in 2011, in a move to reduce the environmental impact of paper-based text books and case studies. Previously, participants would have started their programme by being given an introductory manual and course presentation notes, and they would have used their own laptops or one of Ashridge’s desktop PCs. As well as helping to promote sustainability at the school, the iPad initiative is designed to make learning easier, according to MBA director Ilze Zandvoort.
UAE: - Sorbonne officially opens in Abu Dhabi
# 02, February 2011
More than a year after classes began, the University of Paris Sorbonne's Abu Dhabi campus on Al Reem Island was opened officially last week, with the help of the French Prime Minister Francois Fillon, who was making his first visit to the region, writes Caline Malek for The National.Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed, President of the Crown Prince Court, opened the ceremony by saying the establishment of prestigious universities was a significant step towards turning Abu Dhabi into a cultural and scientific hub.
Masters in Management takes a three continent twist
# 02, February 2011
Three business schools on three continents are to combine their talents to teach a one-year pre-experienced masters degree, the 3Continent Master of Global Management. The three business schools, Antwerp Management School, in Belgium, Fordham University, in New York, and the Xavier Institute of Management, in Bhubaneswar in India, will launch the programme in September 2011.“We need to have young people who have a global outlook on the world,” says Philippe Naert, dean of Antwerp Management School.
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