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# 12, December 2010

Science and Education
The role of an interfirm cooperation mechanism for implementing the open innovation concept
# 12, December 2010
I.N. Omelchenko, E.N. Gorlacheva
The interfirm cooperation mechanism as a basis for implementing open innovations is considered. It is shown that the technological innovations are impossible without marketing information and communication organizational innovations. The advantages and disadvantages of the open innovation concept are identified and the main conditions for its implementation are detected. The intellectual property issues appearing in the process of open innovation concept realization are discussed.
Experimental studies multiaxis wheeled machine
# 12, December 2010
K.O. Goncharov, V.S. Makarov, V.V. Belyakov
The article is devoted to research trials multiaxis wheeled machine with an onboard method of rotation. Shows the object of study, describes the main specifications. The methodology of experimental studies of the layout and navigation methods for determining the parameters under study. Tests were conducted at various road-soil conditions. The results of research trials, showing the dependence of resistance force depending on the turning radius when driving on snow machines. Assessed the influence of turning radius on the resistance force.
Comparative assessments of accuracy of angular coordinate measurement in on-board radar when using α - β filter and modifications of Kalman filter
# 12, December 2010
A.A. Razin, S.V. Sharov
In modern on-board radars equipped with phased antenna array (PAA) the automatic tracking mode of several targets is designed upon the principle of discrete autotracking system. In this case there is a task to optimize the period of each target contact upon the number of targets / autotracking accuracy criterion. In the case of traditional approach the summary error of target coordinate estimation is treated as a random value comprising two components – dynamic component, connected with errors of prediction of a target motion and the fluctuation component, conditioned by measurement errors. Hence it follows the necessity to select the period of discrete multitarget tracking.
Geometry of multisectional ╚trunk╩ manipulator
# 12, December 2010
DOI: 10.7463/1210.0163391
S.V. Volkomorov, A.P. Karpenko
Tasks of optimizing form and sections dimensions of multisectional «trunk» robot-manipulator are considered. Approach based on manipulator representation by a cantilever bar and three following criteria of optimality is used for solving the first task: criterion of uniform flexural resistance using beam of uniform strength theory; criterion of uniform specific power rating; criterion of uniform energy density. Criteria listed above are used for optimization of manipulator form under different types of load: static load, exerted by external forces and torques; static load exerted by beam’s weight; dynamic load caused by accelerated motion of beam’s components; dynamic load caused by head resistance of environment through which the beam is moving. Manipulator is also represented by a cantilever bar for solving the second task. Approach based on criterion of uniform section stiffness is used.


Multithreaded searching the signals with given correlative properties on SMP-systems
# 12, December 2010
A.A. Chusov, A.A. Kovylin, L.G. Statsenko, Yu.V. Mirgorodskaya
The article introduces a program application for searching binary codes of variable length that have given autocorrelative and mutual correlative properties. Side lobes of them must be less than given values. The article contains speed analysis of the program working in the single threaded and multithreaded modes, conditions of speed reductions specific for multithreaded environment on the assumption of probability equations that are also introduced in the text.
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