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# 11, November 2010

Science and Education
The experience of designing test bench for testing large centrifugal pumps
# 11, November 2010
A.I. Petrov, N.D. Martynov, P.A. Pokrovsky, V.I. Pashchenko, P.Yu. Ustiyzhanin, P.V. Korolev, A.V. Artemov
In this article the tasks, which have to be solved while creating test bench for testing high-power main oil pumps with full speed of rotation, are designated. Feasible ways of introducing energy-efficient technologies to main electrical pump aggregates are defined. The necessity of using frequency regulation of main oil pumps is substantiated. Power supply and regulation systems of pump aggregates, included in test bench, control systems and information collection and analysis systems are shortly described. The general layout diagram of test bench is cited.
Technique of a choice of the scheme of cooperation
# 11, November 2010
I.N. Bulatov
In article methods of definition of an optimum kind of cooperation depending on parameters of development of the enterprise are considered. One of such methods by the author offers a method of strategic matrixes. Examples of realization of strategy of industrial cooperation are resulted. Conclusions are drawn on necessity of the detailed analysis of specificity of activity of the enterprise under concrete strategy.
Сalculated research of the all-wheel drive vehicles overcoming geometrical obstacles ability
# 11, November 2010
S.B. Shukhman, V.I. Soloviev, M.A. Malkin
The article is concerned with the method of the vehicles overcoming geometrical obstacles increase ability by means of rational supplied to wheels torque distribution. Mathematical models of overcoming of an geometrical obstacle (on the threshold example) by a single wheel and the all-wheel drive vehicles (4×4) are presented. Dependences for definition of the torque and pushing force on each wheel during each moment of time, demanded for overcoming an obstacle with the accepted height are received. Results of calculations on the received mathematical models are presented. It is shown, that at overcoming geometrical obstacles by the vehicles adaptive regulation of the supplied to wheels torque is required. Application of an “flexible” driveline system on off-road vehicles is proved.
Neuro-fuzzy prediction of the glucose level of patients with insulin-dependent diabetes
# 11, November 2010
S.,A. Chernetsov, I.A. Chuchueva
Optimal doses of artificial insulin depend on a variety of factors. Adjustment of insulin dosages is a sophisticated task and can be far too complex for most patients. In order to simplify the solution to the problem the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) and continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion systems (insulin pumps) were developed.Blood glucose level (BG) control systems based on CGMS and insulin pumps are being actively developed. Algorithmically, these systems consist of two subsystems: the BG forecasting subsystem and the optimal dose determination subsystem. The problem of blood glucose forecasting in type I diabetes patients is being researched here. Artificial neural network (ANN)-based and maximum similarity extrapolation model based on maximum likeness set (EMMLS)-based approaches have been considered. The approach effectiveness has been compared. It is shown here, that neural networks provide more accurate results for short-term forecasting, while EMMLS is more accurate on long-term forecasting. Prospects of combined EMMLS and ANN model are also shown.
Competentivity focused is natural-scientific obrazovanie as a basis of new quality of preparation of professional shots
# 11, November 2010
N.N. Dvulichanskaya
For today to formation questions компетенций in the course of training to not profile disciplines in attention vocational training it is given obviously insufficiently. In article set of principles of the organization of educational process of training to general educational subjects is natural-scientific a cycle in technical vocational training in frameworks competentive the approach is offered and proved. It is shown that to formation key компетенций (the general and common professional) promotes construction of process of training on the basis of culturological, is system-aksiologicheskogo, integrativno-differentsiativnogo and lichnostno-dejatelnostnogo approaches.
Method of the statistical estimation of the technical condition of optiko-electronic systems of reception of the specific information
# 11, November 2010
Yu.G. Veselov
In work modern ways of an estimation of a technical condition of optiko-electronic systems (OES) receptions of the specific information (RSI) are considered. It is offered to take advantage for an estimation of technical condition OES RSI of the statistical theory of recognition of images. The estimation of reference signs for each degree of product availability is offered to be carried out with use of the collected statistical material by results of operation of controllable systems, and also with use of strong methods of the decision of problems - expert systems. The theory of an estimation of a system effectiveness of recognition of technical condition OES RSI is developed. It is shown, that on the basis of the received analytical expression of average probability of an error, there is a possibility to estimate quality of signs and solving rule for any quantity of hypotheses and signs
Neuro-fuzzy prediction of the glucose level of patients with insulin-dependent diabetes
# 11, November 2010
S.,A. Chernetsov, D.A. Moor
Optimal doses of artificial insulin (further – insulin) depend on a variety of factors. Adjustment of insulin dosages is a sophisticated task and can be far too complex for most patients. In order to simplify the solution to the problem the Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) and continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion systems (insulin pumps) were developed.Blood glucose level (BG) control systems based on CGMS and insulin pumps are being actively developed. Algorithmically, these systems consist of two subsystems: the BG forecasting subsystem and the optimal dose determination subsystem. In the long run this research aims to synthesize the former of the two subsystemsThe problem of BG prediction of patients with insulin-dependent diabetes is considered in this paper. An approach to solving this problem by using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system ANFIS is proposed.  The results of research of efficiency of the method are presented. It was shown that ANFIS provides us with high quality of prediction when used on relatively short periods of time.
Increase informativity a site by means of the focused counts
# 11, November 2010
A.V. Sorokin, S.V. Belim
Speed of access to the information is defined not only throughput of communication channels, but also structure of communications. In other words the way of data storage essentially affects speed of granting of the information to the user. The quantity and architecture of communications start to play defining role at low throughput of communication lines.
Research work of students as the effective mechanism of formation of a personnel reserve of the higher school
# 11, November 2010
V.S. Zabolotskiy
Development of an innovative economy, based on the commercialization of new technological ideas, requires a significant change in the system of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff. Personnel problem in the scientific, technical and educational fields is becoming more expressed. In this paper we propose a method of formation of personnel reserve of higher education and scientific organizations, by increasing attention to research work of students through the creation of regional centers
Questions of planning of gait at designing четырехногих walking systems on an example of realization by a horse of a pace ╚a moderate lynx╩
# 11, November 2010
A.Yu. Vykolov
In article the basic problems of realization high-speed walk are considered by transport robotics systems, applicability of stroboscopic photographing as method of research of gait is proved, preconditions to realization рысистого a pace are given by walking robots of different function.


Experience in the practical application of the method of adapting of interfaces of users on the terminology of a data domain in systems of creation and usage of distributed heterogeneous informational resources
# 11, November 2010
Y.S. Shevnina
This article describes how we used the method to adapt user interfaces to the terminology of subject areas in the systems of formation and use of distributed heterogeneous information resources in developing the working space department of the university.
Information technology and the physical experiment in teaching research laboratory of mechanics
# 11, November 2010
V.V. Dubinin, V.V. Vitushkin, A.V. Pashkov
The article represents the basic results of long-term work on creation and introduction to educational process of the automated laboratory at courses «Theoretical mechanics» and «the Theory of fluctuations». The short description of eight laboratory installations is given. Each of them is a hardware-software complex which gives the chance to automate made experiments both at the task of operating modes of installations, and at processing of results. The basic directions of researches connected with creation of laboratory and with its further use in educational process and in research work are stated.

Foreign Education

TAIWAN: Asia's first US-accredited university
# 11, November 2010
Taiwan's Ming Chuan University, MCU, has received accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education to become the first university in Asia to be accredited in the US education system, the university's President Lee Chuan said at a press conference in Taipei, reports The China Post.Lee explained that the MSCHE, one of six regional accrediting bodies in the US, granted MCU the honour on 18 November after more than five years of assessment carried out between 2006 and 2010.
JAPAN: Firms turning to foreign students
# 11, November 2010
University students are having a hard time finding jobs amid the economic downturn, with those who have secured employment starting after their scheduled graduation next spring hitting a record low of 57.6% in October, reports Kyodo News. But a new trend among firms to seek more aggressive and proactive employees may be creating more chances for foreign students seeking work experience in Japan, even in the increasingly competitive job market.
MALAYSIA: 133% increase PhD holders in universities
# 11, November 2010
The number of PhD holders among academic staff in Malaysia's public universities had increased by 133% since 2005, said Higher Education Department Director-general Datuk Dr Radin Umar Radin Sohadi, reports the official agency Bernama. He said now there were 14,000 PhD holders compared to 6,000 in 2005.
Swedish universities suffer enrolment drop
# 11, November 2010
The number of first-time students at the country's universities declined in the autumn session overall, but the number of new students from other countries increased ahead of the introduction of tuition fees for non-EU students next year. A total of 78,100 first-time students began university studies in the autumn, 2 percent less than last year, according to a statement from the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education (Högskoleverket, HSV).
INDIA: 44 million higher education students in 10 years
# 11, November 2010
India's higher education enrolment will increase to 44 million from the current 14 million in a decade, the central government said recently. Private players, distance education and foreign education providers will play key roles in ensuring this growth, reports LiveMint.
Home schooling: Fewer Japanese head to U.S. universities (Wall Street Journal)
# 11, November 2010
The report’s findings reinforce a growing trend among a younger Japanese generation that is keener on staying home - a similar tenor pervading the work force. It is a troubling concern for Japan in what is yet another symptom of the “Galapagos syndrome” afflicting the country - where a complacent Japan is increasingly looking inward while rival countries are globalizing at a clipped pace.  According to the IIE, the number of students from Japan studying in the U.S. has tumbled by nearly half from a decade earlier. The first double digit decrease occurred for the 2003 academic year when the student population fell 11.2% to 40,835.
CANADA: Teaching takes a back seat to research
# 11, November 2010
Only 61 per cent of Ontario professor think that teaching is important to their university. The current focus on research–and securing research funding–at Canadian universities could be taking away from teaching. According to a new survey by the Ontario Government’s Higher Education Quality Council only 61 per cent of the professors “believe that teaching is important or very important to their institution” and  “70 per cent of professors surveyed believe research has a bigger payoff than teaching in enhancing reputation, respect of peers, and access to funds.”
Ontario throws open its doors to graduate students
# 11, November 2010
As the governments in the US, the UK and other European countries continue to clamp down on admitting overseas students, Canada, it seems, is throwing open its doors. The province of Ontario is hoping to attract 75 overseas PhD candidates to study at local universities and is offering each of them $40,000 a year for up to four years as an incentive.
Report: China becomes No. 1 source for international students in U.S.
# 11, November 2010
Nearly 128,000 international students from China are studying in American universities and colleges during the 2009/2010 academic year, making China the No. 1 source for international students in the U.S. higher education system, a report said.Chinese student enrollment in the United States, increasing by a dramatic 30 percent despite a global economic downturn, represents more than 18 percent of the total international student population in the country, said the "Open Doors 2010 International Students in the U.S.", a report released by the Washington-based Institute of International Education (IIE).
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