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# 10, October 2010

Science and Education
Adapted model of the data on the basis of multidimensional space
# 10, October 2010
A.V. Baldin, D.V. Eliseev
The article is devoted development of the adapted data model. Disadvantages of the table data representation used in relation databases have been investigated and the data model based on the multidimensional space has been offered. The structure of the multidimensional space has been offered for the adapted data model and the workflow scheme with such multidimensional space has been resulted.
The technology of using a data warehouse and knowledge in the research of energy
# 10, October 2010
El Sayed Sheta Osama
The article describes the technology of data warehouse and knowledge in the research of power systems and tools for support of these technologies, which is used to coal power research. The main idea is using of metadata, which allow to build universal software components interacting with the data warehouse and knowledge. Implementation of the software for data warehouse and knowledge developed in Java, FireBird is applied as the underlying DBMS
Functions of transformation of parameters burn-current converters of movings
# 10, October 2010
V.M. Karpov
For вихретокового the gage of movings mathematical base of metrological model is the description of functions of transformation of parameters.The decision of such problems on the basis of the empirical data is a restoration of images by the limited quantity of experimental data.On an integrated image (model of function of transformation вихретокового the gage of movings) it is necessary to restore the characteristics described in increments of the higher usages малости (sensitivity, an error, error change).
Influence of an external pulsing source of heat on the fused metal of a welded seam in the course of its crystallization for the purpose of efficient control on the formation of structure
# 10, October 2010
V.P. Morozov
 Existence of the oscillatory mechanism of hardening of metal of a welded bath in the form of formation of periodically repeating isotherms of crystallization, is characteristic for different metals and alloys. Periodicity of process of crystallization of metal is connected with fluctuations of speed of crystallization of interphase border at its movement with accelerations both the subsequent delays and a stop.It is established that at influence of heat from an external periodically operating source with frequency to corresponding own frequency of crystallization of metal of a seam conditions of a resonance which promote not only to crushing of cast structure of metal of a seam and HEZ are created, but also causes influence of the growth of mechanism the direction heat.                 The fine-grained structure of welded connection received for the account of efficient control by the oscillatory mechanism of moving of front of crystallization, allows to raise essentially resistibility to formation of hot cracks at the expense of periodic changes of temperature in a germinal zone, overcooling of liquid metal and the subsequent changes of rate of internal shrinkable deformations in a temperature interval of fragility.
Physicomechanical properties of snow as cloths of a way for movement of cars
# 10, October 2010
A.A. Anikin, L.V. Barakhtanov, I.O. Donato
Considered depending on the strain of snow on the normal load, shear resistance of the snow and its frictional properties, as the most important parameters of the snow path, determining the resistance to movement, traction properties and off-road capabilities of the tracked vehicle. Examined quantitative relationships and the nature of the processes of the vertical deformation snow by the flat die. There are given the dependence for determining the immersion of a cylindrical punch in snow. There are proposed four types of snow to assess off-road capabilities of the tracked vehicle. There are introduced the concept of a distributed on the sliding surface of the specific force of friction and the dependences of the specific force of friction on the pressure for low and very low temperatures of various materials. There are given numerical values of the specific friction force  for carbon and alloy steels, duralumin, teflon
Technology master's degree in scientific and pedagogical activities. The thirteen
# 10, October 2010
G.M. Rudakova
In article the author shares methodological experience in preparation of masters in the field of the information technologies successfully working in academic and the educational institutions, and as engaged in management activity. Four aspects – quality of teaching, involvement in collective development and in brainstorming sessions, intense training to pedagogical activity, art education which are necessary components for achievement of success in preparation of masters Are considered. In a magistracy the interested persons were typed, special selection wasn't led. From hundred graduates of masters (1999-2009гг) twenty eight steels candidates of science.
Application of the permission of a lexical polysemy in classification of text documents
# 10, October 2010
A.S. Eprev
Classification of text documents is a problem of automatic definition of the document in one or several categories (headings, subjects) on the basis of its maintenance. The qualifier is automatically created in the course of training at which the set of documents with in advance certain categories is looked through.
Quality evaluation of an aviation technician object on the basis of neural networks theory
# 10, October 2010
S.P. Gulevitch, Yu.G. Veselov, A.A. Klyutchnikov, S.S. Gulevitch
In the modern market relations, one of the most significant components of competitiveness of production is its quality. Various methods and tools are developed for quality assurance. It, first of all checks, control cards, diagrammes Pareto, the analysis of time numbers, korreljatsionno-regressionnyj the analysis etc. However all of them, first, have private character, secondly, do not allow to apply the same approach to an estimation of quality of various production and especially to high technology production. In article on the basis of the theory of neural networks the technique an estimation of quality of the sample of aviation technics at a stage of developmental works that will allow to eliminate lacks specified above methods is offered.
Numerical methods in modeling of the jointed transport systems
# 10, October 2010
E.E. Bajenov, S.K. Buinachev
Article is devoted questions of modelling of difficult dynamic systems. The jointed transport system, its internal and external relations are presented in a kind three shares the column. The method of object-oriented programming in language of high level Python is applied. At modelling the two-step-by-step method of numerical integration is used. Such approach to modelling allows to reduce dimension of the equations of a solved problem, to increase speed of calculations and to facilitate drawing up of structure of model. Fragments of the program used for the numerical solution of equations of motion of articulated vehicles
Working out of the general scheme of synthesis of predesign anthopometrical 3D-model of the patient for maxillofacial surgery
# 10, October 2010
A.I. Dyomina
For last two decades there was a wide spectrum of methods of the beam diagnostics, allowing to receive the detailed information on structure, properties and features of functioning of various members of the body by the qualitative analysis of biomedical images. Until recently the analysis of biomedical images has been based on badly formalized heuristic methods
Nutless roller screws
# 10, October 2010
D.S. Blinov, V.F. Alyoshin, I.A. Laptev, A.V. Frolov, A.V. Kulish
    Further adoption of the prospective roller screws is complicated because of the difficulties one can find in the process of its production. The most complicated part of a roller screw is its nut’s high-precise threading. This complication gave birth to the idea of the whole subclass of roller screws – the nutless ones. The article represents the two general designs of nutless roller screws and its analysis. Being compared to the common screws, the nutless ones proved to have a number of shortcomings and a number of advantages at the same time. That is why one can easily find some applications for the newly-invented nutless roller screws. The absence of nuts makes the technology of production much more quick, easy and cheap, and thus gives an opportunity to start production in Russia. After the successful adoption of the nutless roller screws, Russian machine-building plants will easily continue with the common ones

Foreign Education

Sweden to beef up teacher licencing system
# 10, October 2010
The Swedish government has proposed implementing a new licencing system for teachers starting in 2012. The government's aim is that the new licencing system will elevate the status of the teaching profession, which will entice more people to want to work as teachers.
Sweden opens online student visa service
# 10, October 2010
The Swedish National Migration Board (Migrationsverket) will allow visiting students to apply online for their entry visas and residence permits, as well as pay their fees on its website.The goal of the move is to offer better service, as well as reduce the waiting time to process applications. The service will be initially introduced on a small scale, then gradually be introduced to Swedish embassies and consulates.
MALAYSIA: Public universities to have more PhDs
# 10, October 2010
The Malaysian government will increase the number of academic staff with doctoral qualifications in public institutions of higher learning to enable easier recognition abroad, reports New Straits Times. Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Dr Hou Kok Chung said the initiative would be a key agenda of the government in view of the education sector's contribution to the socio-economic development of the country.
Japan teachers may get English training in U.S.
# 10, October 2010
The Japanese and U.S. governments are considering the establishment of a program that would send young Japanese teachers of English to the United States to improve their English ability, it has been learned. Prime Minister Naoto Kan plans to expand cultural, intellectual and human exchanges between the two countries, in addition to security and economic cooperation as part of the government's efforts to deepen the Japan-U.S. alliance. The government intends to reach an official agreement that includes the English-teacher plan when U.S. President Barack Obama visits Japan in the middle of next month.
UCLA Anderson to launch a global EMBA
# 10, October 2010
UCLA Anderson School of Management has become the latest business school to join forces with an institution in another part of the world to launch a global EMBA. The school is hoping to launch a dual degree with Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Escuela de Negocios (UAI) in Chile. The UCLA-UAI Global Executive MBA programme - which is awaiting final approval from the University of California Office of the president - will be taught in English and participants will be awarded a degree from both institutions. The first module begins in April at the UAI Miami campus in Florida. Subsequent modules will be held in Los Angeles, Santiago and Sao Paulo.
Robot Teachers Are the Latest E-Learning Tool
# 10, October 2010
Robots now build cars, defuse bombs, and explore distant planets, but can they teach? Researchers at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology think so and are building an army of robots to deliver English instruction to schoolchildren. It might be the most elaborate online-learning effort yet. The unusual project here is supported by more than $100-million in grants, mostly from the South Korean government, and involves more than 300 researchers, says Mun Sang Kim, director of the institute's Center for Intelligent Robotics. Mr. Kim and his team are designing the robots from the ground up—attempting to give them realistic facial features, arms that let them gesture, and sensors so they can keep their distance from students.
JAPAN: Digital braille opens door to world of letters
# 10, October 2010
As the rise of e-readers and similar devices continues apace, great efforts are being made to ensure visually impaired people benefit from new technology.  Braille texts can now be read via portable electronic devices with tactile interfaces, and a great amount of braille material is now available online. Digitization of braille texts is a great boon for visually impaired people, who would otherwise have to lug around bulky paper bricks, an inconvenience many e-book readers are happy to have left behind.
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