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# 08, August 2010

Science and Education
The Analysis of Avalanche Effect Characteristics in Binary Cellular Automata with Balanced Transition
# 08, August 2010
B M Sukhinin
We analyze the dependence of avalanche effect in classical and non-uniform cellular automata with balanced transition functions on the choice of cell neighborhood. We introduce space and integral characteristics to describe avalanche effect and also introduce a notion of optimal avalanche effect. We show that non-uniform cellular automata have better characteristics given the same neighborhood cardinality. The obtained results can be used in development of different algorithms such as block ciphers, hash functions and pseudorandom numbers generators.
Modular principle of modeling of the jointed cars of double appointment
# 08, August 2010
E.E. Bajenov
Article is devoted questions of modelling of cars of double appointment. The analysis of system of elastic elements influence on fire power has allowed to formulate the basic requirements to mathematical model. Dynamic processes in real object are replaced by the simplified model in which properties of object essential to given research are kept only, and all other properties are not taken into consideration or replaced with more simple communications. The universal element with which help it is possible to receive any block diagramme wheel or a tracklaying vehicle is offered. In this case the two-mass model with two elastic elements and four degrees of freedom is considered. The model is constructed and the numerical decision of system of the equations is passed, allowing to estimate the response of the jointed car of double appointment to pulse influence from throwing installation.
Linear and angular dimensions optimization of one-section and two-section manipulators based on parallel kinematics
# 08, August 2010
DOI: 10.7463/0810.0154452
S.V. Volkomorov, A.P. Karpenko, A.M. Leletko
One-section and two-section manipulators based on parallel kinematics “hexapod” mechanism are considered. Linear and angular dimensions optimization problem is set. Minimal guaranteed suppleness of construction under applied force is used as criterion of optimality. The research is carried out by means of MatLab software system. MatLab program implementing SQP optimization method is used for solving the optimization problem. Mathematical models of manipulators are obtained by means of MatLab/Simulink system.
Features of process of crystallisation of metal of the fused bath at arc impulsno-periodic welding
# 08, August 2010
V.P. Morozov
Process of crystallisation of metal of a bath after pulse welding is characterised by a number of physical and chemical laws which have the general character without dependence from a mode of influence of a source of heating. Existence of the oscillatory mechanism of hardening of metal of a welded point in the form of formation of periodically repeating isotherms of the crystallisation having various density is experimentally confirmed. It is established, that own frequency of crystallisation of metal of a welded point remains a constant at moving from a line сплавления to the bath centre. The various density of isotherms allows to judge character of change of volume speed of crystallisation which according to a number of researchers can coincide with linear speed of moving of interphase border or carry the excellent tendency.  The account of heat conductivity of metal which нелинейно changes at temperature growth, allows to explain changing density of isotherms of crystallisation.                Possibility of regulation of frequency of hardening allows to operate effectively the oscillatory mechanism of moving of the interphase border, the dominating role in which is played by the internal reasons of periodicity. Achievement of resonant conditions at coincidence of frequency of action of an arc source and own frequency of crystallisation of welded metal, will allow to achieve substantial improvement of technological durability of welded connection for the account of crushing of cast structure of metal of a seam
Working out of designs особолегких tracklaying vehicles
# 08, August 2010
A.A. Anikin
  We consider the design of special lightweight tracked amphibious vehicle developed in the laboratory of TM and TTK the Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University named by RE Alexeev: all terrain tracked vehicle "Ukhtysh”; passenger and cargo versions all terrain tracked vehicle “Uzola"; two-tier all terrain tracked vehicle "Unzha”. The main technical characteristics of all terrain tracked vehicle: curb terrain vehicle, trailer weight, maximum speed, dimensions, track, ground clearance, the average ground pressure under full load, overcoming obstacles on firm dry ground, the minimum turning radius, power reserve of fuel, characteristics of the engine, transmission, suspension, caterpillars.
Role of a germinal zone in the course of crystallisation of metal of the fused bath at arc welding
# 08, August 2010
V.P. Morozov
Process of fusion of metal at welding with its subsequent crystallisation is characterised by a number of features. Transition liquid расплава in the firm condition, occurring on interphase border in a so-called germinal zone, has a number of physical and chemical laws.                 A number of experimentally received facts allows to testify really to the existence, arising metal of a welded seam. In a germinal zone where there is an oscillatory mechanism at crystallisation, many processes influencing formation of a microstructure of a seam, mechanical properties of welded connection and especially the properties of technological durability defining reliability of work of a welded product as a whole originate.                 Management possibility the oscillatory mechanism of difficult and ambiguous process of the hardening, a dominating role in which is played by the internal reasons of periodicity, will allow to achieve substantial improvement of properties of welded connection for the account of crushing of cast structure of metal of a seam.                 Modelling of dynamics of movement of particles in simple liquids confirms transition of particles from a chaotic condition in ordered with preliminary formation кластеров from several particles.                 The mechanism of level-by-level stage-by-stage transition of particles is carried out at an establishment of a certain frequency mode of unstable balance or failure. Using an external source of fluctuations with synchronous to process of crystallisation by frequency, it is possible to operate structure formation, creating resonance conditions
Efficiency investigation of the bees algorithm into global optimization problem
# 08, August 2010
DOI: 10.7463/0810.0154050
A.A. Grishin, A.P. Karpenko
This paper presents the bees algorithm into global multidimensional optimization problem. We state biological foundations of the algorithm, shame of used method version and structure of corresponding Python program. We present also results of wide parametric investigation of method efficiency. The investigation carries by help of multidimensional test functions, which belong to three function sets - single-extremum functions, multi-extremum functions having not many extremum, multi-extremum functions having a lot of extremum.
The analysis of resistance to movement of tracklaying vehicles on snow
# 08, August 2010
A.A. Anikin, L.V. Barakhtanov
Consider the forces of internal and external resistance to the movement of tracked vehicles in the snow. There are shown the dependence of the resistance to movement due to vertical deformation of the snow tracks, including a resistance force due to the deformation of the snow under the track roller with the highest peak pressure, the drag force due to the additional deformation of the snow, extruded into internal space between track rollers. The expressions for the case bottom pressure heads in the snow, the value of the bottom case immersion in the snow, the resistance forces due to interaction with snow cover the case bottom. It is shown that this resistance is composed mainly of expenses for the vertical deformation of the snow and friction the surfaces on the snow. There are given a graph of components of the resistance movement depends of the snow height.
Structuring the computing and building of computation
# 08, August 2010
V.E. Wolfengagen, L. Yu. Ismailova, S.V. Kosikov
Computing and its development sets up the range of questions on the most part from which answers either are incomplete, or unknown. Some of them: what is ‘computation’? What is ‘information’? What is possible to learn, using computing? What cannot be learned, using computing? – have fundamental value. In the present work the main attention is given to finding-out of technological features of computations with objects. Their interaction is considered in applicative environment that allows finding out the internal structure of usual operations which knowledge allows understanding of their properties. The choice of initial constant entities, considered as primary and referred as combinators is discussed. These initial entities are used as the basic “building blocks”, entering in applicative environment in interaction with each other. This interaction results in the constructs, giving representative sets of usual operators and to the embedded computing systems
Semirealistic simulation of inertial/satellite navigation system sensors
# 08, August 2010
V.M. Tereshkov
In this paper a software environment is proposed for the semirealistic simulation of airborne strapdown inertial/satellite navigation system sensor measurements. In contrast to the existing ones, the suggested environment is capable of automatic error model parameters identification for gyros, accelerometers and the GNSS receiver after the system is tested onboard a land vehicle.
Adaptive classificator of multidimensional non stationary signals based on dynamical patterns analysis
# 08, August 2010
A.G.Trofimov, V.I. Skrugin
The problem of multidimensional non-stationary signal classification is considered. The method of signal feature vector construction based on analysis of dynamical patterns is described. The neural network approach is proposed to use for classification in feature space. The results of experimental researches of developed algorithms for applied problem of electroencephalograms recognition are described.
Interaction of links of the active jointed transport-technological system
# 08, August 2010
E.E. Bajenov
Imitating modelling of movement of the active jointed transportno-technological system provides the analysis of all possible conditions of the system considering various road conditions, change of a kinematic mismatch in a drive of wheels of the second section and, as consequence, various variants of power interaction of links. The method based on representation of conditions of system in the form of the focused count, allows to systematise and realise modelling at a design stage and honing tests of the active jointed transport system.

Foreign Education

SCOTLAND: Universities spread to Middle and Far East
# 08, August 2010
Scottish universities are breaking new ground this summer - literally - as work begins on Heriot-Watt's bespoke £35 million (US$55.7 million) campus in the Middle Eastern state of Dubai, writes Jackie Kemp for The Guardian. Glasgow Caledonian has opened a campus in London to help it to attract international postgraduates and, also this year, a nursing college in Bangladesh. Napier University has opened a biofuel research centre in Hong Kong within the last few months and an office in India last year.
High definition diagnostic ultrasonics on the nanoscale
# 08, August 2010
Scientists and Engineers at The University of Nottingham have built the world's smallest ultrasonic transducers capable of generating and detecting ultrasound.These revolutionary transducers which are orders of magnitude smaller than current systems - are so tiny that up to 500 of the smallest ones could be placed across the width of one human hair.
AUSTRALIA: Latin American students wooed
# 08, August 2010
During the past six years, Australia has had rapid success in recruiting students from a relatively new market: Latin America, writes Janaki Kremmer for The Chronicle of Higher Education. Since 2004, enrolment of students from the region has risen from 7,000 to 34,000.
CANADA: Rented textbook option gains ground
# 08, August 2010
Students at Carleton University in Ottawa will have the option of renting their textbooks from the beginning of the upcoming semester, reports CBC News.The school's bookstore is one of six across Canada trying out Rent-A-Text, which has been a successful programme in the United States, where it has helped to reduce student study costs.
CHINA: Phd quantity surpasses quality
# 08, August 2010
With a rapid increase in the number of Chinese graduates enrolling in PhD programmes in the past decade, it seems the quality of education doctoral students receive is falling short, writes He Dan for the official agency Xinhua.The survey, which interviewed 1,392 PhD candidates, degree holders, professors and employers, found several flaws in postgraduate education, especially PhD programmes, in the country.
ISB plans MBA in the Punjab
# 08, August 2010
The Indian School of Business will enrol more than 200 students on its new campus in Mohali, Punjab in April 2012, following the beginning of construction work there this month. The 70-acre campus, which will be completed by March 2010, will be ISB’s second campus in India - the school established its first campus in Hyderabad in 1999 with the help of international business schools such as Wharton, Kellogg and London Business School.
Elite program for young researchers proposed
# 08, August 2010
Sweden's higher education and research minister proposed launching an elite program for young scientists on Wednesday, citing the need to improve Swedish research.In an article on Dagens Nyheter's opinion page on Wednesday, Krantz wrote that the proposed elite program would give young researchers the chance to receive good funding for a certain amount of time and greater freedom to develop their research.Scientists will be recruited from different scientific disciplines. When fully developed, the program is expected to include around 100 scientists. The inspiration for the proposal comes from a similar project in the US, which has produced good results.
Lund reviews foreign student admissions
# 08, August 2010
Lund University in southern Sweden has introduced a separate admissions process for foreign students after criticism that the current system discriminates against even those with top grades.Criticism has mounted in both Sweden and Denmark during the summer over the new admissions system introduced in time for the autumn term 2010.The criticism has partly concerned the fact that applicants with foreign qualifications end up in their own quota group which is at times so small that few, or even none, get accepted, despite sound merits.
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