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# 07, July 2010

Science and Education
Models of the fuzzy criterion and algorithm of the acceptance weakly outline decisions
# 07, July 2010
T.F. Bekmuratov, D.T. Mukhamedieva, O.J. Bobomuradov
It Is considered models and algorithms for semi-structured decision making in ill-defined initial information using fuzzy analogues of known criteria: Bayes, variance, Wald, Savage, Hurwicz. An optimal strategy dynamic decision-making process. The results of computational experiment designed to study the proposed algorithms for decision making on the example of evaluation and selection of suitable varieties of cotton. Results of computational experiment show that the technique improves the efficiency of selecting varieties with the best rates on yield at the lowest cost of labor and resources to grow.
Concept importance measures into semantic networks of ontology knowledge base
# 07, July 2010
DOI: 10.7463/0710.0151142
A.P. Karpenko
This paper presents some results of our investigations in area of ontology knowledge base. These investigations have methods development for support decision-making into corporative information system as a goal. We use the models of semantic networks of ontology knowledge base and ontology knowledge a document of this base as the weighted multi-graphs. A number of these networks metrics is introducing. The metrics are base on topology behaviors of these graphs. On foundation of the metrics, we realize clusterization of semantic network of ontology knowledge base. Next, we define the weights of the multi-graph nodes and its arcs of this network. Finally, the paper presents a number of concept importance measures into semantic networks of knowledge base. The measures can use to estimate relevance of database queries.
Approximation of compressor blade▓s profiles using Bezier curves
# 07, July 2010
M.A. Grushin
This article describes the method of 3rd grade Bezier curve approximation of turboshaft engine compressor blade’s profiles using the gradient descent optimization method. Also a process of creating a user function modules within Unigraphics NX environment is described
Choice of rational balance of assembly of a product
# 07, July 2010
A.N. Bojko
The article discusses the problem of choosing a rational product assembly sequence. Means to solve this problem are focused on technical systems with a predominance of mechanical linkages: machinery and mechanical appliances.
On the Modification of the Threading in the Details of the Planetary Roller Screws
# 07, July 2010
D.S. Blinov, V.F. Alyoshin, A.V. Kulish, I.A. Laptev
In latest time planetary screw drive mechanisms to avoid edge contact mating thread turns their details have modified the thread on rollers. Profile revolutions shaped rollers are made, performed along the arc of a circle. Most of the details after the production exposed process ofbreaking-in , which changes its initial profile. On the profile loop of roller’s thread  is formed straight section approximately in the middle, the starting and ending points are the points of the initial contact of mating thread turns. A similar profile loop of roller’s thread  formed in process of exploitation  by reason by deterioration. This article describes the mechanisms of the new, proposed modification of the thread of their parts. They differ from the known simplification of manufacturing technology, increased load capacity and axial stiffness, which remained stable throughout the resource.
The methods of data correction of incompatible linear combinatorial systems and its applying in classification problems
# 07, July 2010
V.A. Gorelik, O.А, Klimenko
It’s introduced the concept of combinatorial type matrix. The systems of linear equations and inequalities with such matrix are considered. It is discussed cases of incompatibility of such systems, the interpretation and possible ways to resolve the problem of inconsistency are proposed. The application of combinatorial systems in problems of classification is given
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