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# 06, June 2010

Science and Education
To the question of estimation of resolution at scaling of digital images
# 06, June 2010
Yu.G. Veselov, A.S. Ostrovsky
The dependence of estimation of resolution on the type of interpolation at scaling is obtained. The application effectiveness of the different algorithms of interpolation at scaling during interpretation of digital images of test bars is in details analyzed.
Development of trade system based on Walsh functions and Markov chain theory
# 06, June 2010
D.V. Borodin
New adaptive trade system for stock market was developed. Its parameters are changed as far as new share prices information is received for maximizing its profitability by given level of risk. The distinctive feature of this system is long periods of trade position retention. This article could be useful for economists and traders, engaged in development of adaptive trade systems.
Influence of the excavation and the bulldozer effects be-ginnings by the curvilinear movement of wheel on the road resistance
# 06, June 2010
K.O. Goncharov, V.S. Makarov, V.V. Belyakov
The paper considers a question of  interaction of  basic draft elements of a mover with a surface of driving, in particular, the road resistance inside of  driving wheel from the excavation and the bulldozer interaction and milling of the material of a covering of a road in a zone of contact of an elastic mover with deformable road-ground foundation. Input the concepts of the excavation and the bulldozer effects inside of  driving wheel. The article include a concepts of conditional tread which consist of the front tread of the wheel, the tread from the snow mutilation inside of driving wheel and the tread from the snow milling by wheels lateral grouser in sideslip. Proposed dependences can draw a conclusion about the road resistance growth and describe of the process of the wheel rolling.
Use of possibilities of graphic systems for working off of new exercises of the sportsman
# 06, June 2010
K.V. Drozdov, V.A. Martynov
Heavy graphic systems (CATIA, UNIGRAPHICS, Pro-Engineer), and modern systems PDM and PDL (ENOVIA, DELMIA, etc.) incorporate the various means, allowing to simulate behaviour of working executors or pilots on the workplaces (on the conveyor, at machine tools, in a plane cabin, in car salon and so forth). Such imitation allows to define more full, for example, ergonomic characteristics of the designed workplace of the pilot, or visually to show occurrence of possible turns on processing in the course of assemblage on the conveyor etc.
Description of production system structure
# 06, June 2010
O.V. Spiridonov
The article is devoted to the matter of description of production systems’ structure while solving the tasks of selection of the optimal specialization direction. The system is represented as a complex of elements fulfilling certain actions: receipt, storage, relocation and transformation. A possibility of description of various level systems is shown. Examples of such systems’ elements are stated.
Multicriteria optimization based on neuro-fuzzy approximation of decision maker▓s utility function
# 06, June 2010
DOI: 10.7463/0610.0143964
A.P. Karpenko, D.A. Moor, D.T. Mukhlisullina
A direct adaptive method of multicriteria optimization based on neuro-fuzzy approximation of decision maker’s function is considered in this paper. Some results of the investigation of the efficiency of the method for solving two- and three- criteria test problems are presented.

Foreign Education

JAPAN: Government urging boost in number of PhD holders
# 06, June 2010
TOKYO (Kyodo). - Japan should increase the number of doctoral degree holders capable of being internationally competitive in their academic and business careers, a government white paper showed Tuesday. The white paper on science and technology refers to concerns that the number of doctoral students in Japan has been declining since hitting a peak in 2003, although the number of PhD holders in China and a number of other Asian countries has been increasing.
IRELAND: Plan to double PhD graduates slips off track
# 06, June 2010
A government policy drawn up four years ago to double the output of PhD students in Ireland is midway through its term, reports The Post. But now there are questions about whether the plan is on the right track and if it still has the merit it once had.In 2004 an Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) review found that Ireland was lagging significantly behind most of its EU neighbours in PhDs. In response, a government strategy was drawn up to cover the period between 2006 and 2013.
New Zealand seeing more foreign student enrollment
# 06, June 2010
The number of foreign students studying in New Zealand has risen for the first time in six years.New Zealand Ministry of Education figures show that 10,167 international students were enrolled for new semester starting from March 1, posting 4 percent up from last year. Half the enrolled students are at schools in Auckland, mostly in secondary schools.
Singapore top students prefer local scholarships: survey
# 06, June 2010
Singapore top students prefer scholarships by local universities, an annual survey by JobsFactory found.According to the survey of close to 3,000 students, the National University of Singapore (NUS) undergraduate scholarship is the most popular scholarship, local TV broadcaster Channel NewsAsia reported on Thursday.Other than the NUS undergraduate scholarship, two other NUS scholarships - the merit scholarship and the faculty scholarship - take up three places among the top five scholarships of choice for top students.
JAPAN: New teacher training topic of govt meeting
# 06, June 2010
Education minister Tatsuo Kawabata on Thursday consulted with the Central Council for Education on whether to continue the teacher license renewal system and whether the teacher training period should be extended. During last year's election campaign, the Democratic Party of Japan pledged to lengthen the training period to six years, but Kawabata did not include a specific length for the training period on a consultative document.
US: Three-year degrees? Not so fast
# 06, June 2010
As hot higher education ideas go, the three-year bachelor's degree continues to get a lot of attention and praise, writes Scott Jaschik for Inside Higher Ed. Most recently, an op-ed in The New York Times made the case for three years of undergraduate study. As more colleges have announced new three-year options, students haven't flooded the programmes, but the idea is increasingly cited as one that could be part of the solution to a range of problems, including rising college costs and low degree attainment for those whose parents didn't go to college.
INDIA: One website for all higher education information
# 06, June 2010
All higher education institutions in India and authentic information about them will soon become available on an official single web portal, writes K Sandeep Kumar for Hindustan Times. The proposed site - which will carry information on institutions' courses, infrastructure and resources and links to their websites - will act as a single window for all students, Indian and foreign, interested in studying in institutions that are recognised by competent authorities and bodies. The portal will also be linked to the higher education website of United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation, which contains similar information about educational institutions in 30 countries.
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