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# 05, May 2010

Science and Education
Space activity and questions of maintenance of information safety
# 05, May 2010
E.I. Zhuk
In article the essence and the maintenance of space activity are considered, its classification, the basic aspects of space activity as много¬уровневой structures is resulted, the legal status of space activity in the Russian Federation reveals. The special attention is given to a role of the space information in modern conditions and the interrelation of space activity and information safety is shown.
Estimation of efficiency of a method of increase of rapidity articulated tracked vehicle, using management of a corner of folding of sections in a vertical plane during movement
# 05, May 2010
E.B. Sarach
In article the estimation of efficiency of the law of management by a corner of folding of sections articulated tracked vehicle which use raises smoothness of a course of the car at the expense of decrease in amplitudes of longitudinal-angular fluctuations section is presented. Application of the given law of management allows to raise average speed of rectilinear movement of the car, with restriction on smoothness of a course, more than on 75 %
Measuring the Points of the Primary Contact Between the Details of the Planetary Roller Screws: an Experience of Development
# 05, May 2010
D.S. Blinov, V.F. Alyoshin
This article is dedicated to the description of the process of development of the interaction between the contacting turns of threads in the planetary roller screws. The following cases are investigated: the interaction between roller and screw; and the interaction between roller and nut. The model serves as a basis for all further calculations of the wear resistance of the roller screws, that is a major criterion for their outage. The result was achieved in accordance with the outcome of the high-accuracy measuring of roller screws’ thread shapes and some theoretical development. The derived model permits to account for the intensive tear and wear of the turns of the threading in the details of the roller screws
Application of self-organizing neural networks for identification of blood glucose level of 1-st type diabetic patients
# 05, May 2010
A.G.Trofimov, I.S. Povidalo, S.,A. Chernetsov
Method for dynamical systems identification using self-organizing neural networks is considered. Using method VQTAM was constructed self-organizing neural model for blood glucose level of 1-st type diabetic patients. Set of experimental researches for constructed model is performed y is estimated its accuracy
Method of dialogue streamlining of alternatives
# 05, May 2010
A.N. Bojko
We consider the problem of choosing the rational linear order from the original set of linearly ordered sets. A new approach to solving this problem is proposed. It is based on the representation of the set of linear orders in the form of several partial orders
Modelling of processes of maintenance of information safety
# 05, May 2010
E.I. Zhuk
In article questions of modelling of processes of maintenance of information safety with use of space systems of a various special-purpose designation on the basis of the system approach in astronautics and applications of space methodology are considered. Features of information safety as object of modelling, theoretical and methodological bases of maintenance of information safety, and also possible approaches to modelling of processes in space sphere, in particular, maintenance of information safety with use of space systems reveal.

Foreign Education

CANADA: Universities pick 19 good men
# 05, May 2010
When the Canadian government created a $200 million pot to attract up to 20 of the world's best researchers in four target areas, university administrators had no trouble finding 36 stars that they wanted to hire. Diversity was another matter, however, writes Kelli Whitlock Burton for Science Insider. The list of 19 researchers was announced last week. The inaugural class of Canadian Excellence Research Chairs (CERC) have two things in common: they are all illustrious scientists. And they are all men. In fact, not a single woman was even nominated.
TAIWAN: PhDs more than double, but few job opportunities
# 05, May 2010
Taiwan has an increasing number of doctorate degree holders, yet it's getting harder for them to find full-time professor jobs, local media reported yesterday, reports The China Post-Asia News. Citing data from the Ministry of Education, the reports said PhD holders increased 2.5 times, from 13,000 to 33,000, between 1999 and 2009. However, job openings at colleges and universities did not catch up with the rise.
Skema opens campus in US
# 05, May 2010
The French business school SKEMA is to be one of the first European business schools to open a campus in the US, in Raleigh, North Carolina. This will be Skema’s third overseas campus - the other two are in China and Morocco.
MIT helps hatch Russian entrepreneurs
# 05, May 2010
In a bid to generate entrepreneurial businesses in Russia, Rusnano, the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, which combines an economic development body with a venture capital firm, has turned to MIT Sloan to develop an executive education programme to help it in its quest.
NEW ZEALAND: Enrolment restrictions to be fast-tracked
# 05, May 2010
Universities are looking to bring forward plans to restrict enrolments in response to tighter government funding and increased demand for tertiary education, reports the New Zealand Herald. Government funding criteria changed in 2008 to cover only an agreed number of students at each tertiary institution, prompting universities to cap student numbers.
SWITZERLAND: Students call for minimum grants
# 05, May 2010
Student unions in Switzerland are calling for the nationwide introduction of minimum grants for undergraduates at the country's 12 universities and 50 higher education colleges, reports SwissInfo. The Association of Swiss Students said it would begin to collect the necessary signatures to force the federal authorities to take a leading role in defining grants and streamlining the regulations in the country's 26 cantons. Cantons are largely autonomous on education matters.
Stockholm universities top student wish list
# 05, May 2010
Stockholm universities are among the top choices for students this autumn, with medicine, law and economics the most popular fields of study, according to a new report from the Swedish Agency for Higher Education Services (Verket för högskoleservice - VHS). According to the VHS statistics, the medical programme at Karolinska Institutet in Solna, in Stockholm County, has attracted the highest number of first choices among prospective students applying for courses in the autumn 2010.
Berkeley redesigns MBAs
# 05, May 2010
As graduating MBA students across the US continue the job hunt this year, two US business schools have announced new curriculum for the next incoming class, intended to make their graduates more exployable.
PAKISTAN: Only academics should be university heads
# 05, May 2010
The Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Associations has called on the Higher Education Commission to appoint only serving academics fulfilling the requirements of a professor as vice-chancellors or rectors in public sector universities, writes Rasheed Khalid for The News. Academics do not want universities headed by military of civil officials.
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