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# 04, April 2010

Science and Education
Conceptual bases of information safety
# 04, April 2010
E.I. Zhuk
The article presents a conceptual framework for information security subject to modern development of society and information technology; it covers an interrelation of theory and methodology of information as well as the author's interpretation of the interdisciplinary approach of her research which includes a set of interconnected particular approaches - systematic, synergetic, informational, systemic action and historical. On the basis of the concept the author presents summarized characteristics of the essence of modern methodology for information security.
Investigation of cut geometry of carbon-carbon composite heater for hot isostatic pressing plants
# 04, April 2010
A.A. Kurneshov
The simulation method of electrical characteristics of heating elements of carbon-carbon composite material used in high-temperature high-pressure heaters is presented. The results of simulation and recommendations on construction of heaters of this type are provided.
Method of definition of average speed of rectilinear movement of a tracked vehicle at a design stage
# 04, April 2010
G.O. Kotiev, E.B. Sarach, I.A. Smirnov
The article describes a new analytical dependence for definition of average speed of rectilinear motion of a caterpillar with restrictions on cushioning system. The peculiarity of this dependence consists in taqking into account the hyperbolic sector of speed ability. It is shown that formula usage allows to receive a more authentic estimation of the average speed of a caterpillar, which is especially important for definition of loading and durability of suspension members elements.
Influence of weight of mobile parts of a floating cartridge on accuracy of expansion of apertures
# 04, April 2010
A.G. Kohan
  The article tells about the influence of the mass of the compensatory holder moving armature which provides radial reamer floating at various values of misalignment of the reamer and the axis of the hole δ. Two series of tests were carried out, and statistical checks of the results of the tests were given. Influence of changes of the mass of the holder moving armature on the hole layout was estimated.
Global unconstrained particle swarm optimization on graphics processors with CUDA arhitecture
# 04, April 2010
DOI: 10.7463/0410.0142202
E.Yu. Seliverstov, A.P. Karpenko
The article describes a parallel method of global unconditional optimization by particle swarm. Features of implementation in CUDA graphics processors are described. Study results of convergence, performance and scalability are given.
Investigation of particle swarm optimization efficiency in approximate construction of the pareto set
# 04, April 2010
A.E. Antukh, A.S. Semenikhin, R.V. Khasanova
This paper describes implementation of a particle swarm optimization method designed for Pareto set for a multicriteria optimization problem. The paper describes the problem definition, algorithm description, diagram and research result of the method efficiency in solving two-criterion test problem.
Analysis of the effectiveness of different scalar convolutions in multiobjective optimization problem
# 04, April 2010
D.T. Mukhlisullina, D.A. Moor
A study of application of different optimality criteria convolutions in problems of multiobjective optimization. The article shows some results of comparative analysis of the convolutions effectiveness for solving multiobjective optimization test problems.
Spacecraft▓s Landing Devices on the Basis of Polyfoams and Cellular Designs
# 04, April 2010
J.A. Petrov, V.P. Makarov, A.Yu. Kolobov, V.F. Alyoshin
The article describes questions of designing space vehicles landing devices which have energy absorbers constructed on the basis of polyfoams and cell structures.


The program module for input of mathematical functions on C #
# 04, April 2010
A.B. Djamanbayev, O.G. Petrosyan
In article creation possibility in the ready project of a special window for input from the keyboard of mathematical expressions, carrying out of numerical calculations and construction of schedules is considered.

Foreign Education

CARIBBEAN: Call for regional collaboration
# 04, April 2010
During a two-day Caribbean conference on higher education policy-makers, educators and experts discussed the situation of higher education in the region. The meeting was a joint initiative between the Surinam government, the Organization of American States and Unesco, reports the Office of the Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis.
Inspection team reports troubled universities
# 04, April 2010
Priority should be given to the establishment of private universities that have intensive investment or operate on a non-profit basis, while poor-quality ones should be shut down, an education supervisory team has said, reports the Communist Party paper the Saigon Giai Phong Daily. The National Assembly standing committee's supervisory team made the statement at a meeting on 9 April in Hanoi to hear feedback on its report on quality in Vietnam's higher education sector. The team's investigation showed that many private universities failed to meet requirements in terms of instructors and teaching facilities.
SINGAPORE: Fee hike unlikely to deter foreign students
# 04, April 2010
Recent news of fee hikes in Singapore's three public universities is unlikely to deter foreign students because the new fees remain internationally competitive, write Karen Zainal and Luke Vijay for the Straits Times.
MALAYSIA: Closer ties with the EU
# 04, April 2010
Bilateral ties between Malaysia and the EU are set to improve with the launch of the RM2.5 million (US$0.8 million) Malaysia-European Union Link (MYEULINK) initiative, writes Richard Lim for The Star. Funded by the EU with support from the Higher Education Ministry, the three-year project encourages cooperation and dialogue in higher education, while keeping decision-makers in Malaysia informed on a range of EU policy initiatives. Khaled Nordin said the effort showed the EU's willingness to foster closer ties with Malaysia. "MYEULINK may only last for three years but its benefit will go well beyond this time frame," he said in a press conference.
TAIWAN-CHINA: Two universities to set up joint labs
# 04, April 2010
Taiwan's National Tsing Hua University and China's Tsinghua University are planning to establish joint laboratories on both campuses to enhance cooperation between them, an NTHU official said last week, reports Focus Taiwan. The laboratories will be funded by both sides, with NTHU contributing NT$20 million (US$628,000) and Tsinghua four million yuan (US$586,000) annually.
CHINA: Autonomy on way for universities
# 04, April 2010
China will revamp its higher education system to ease the grip of red tape, granting colleges more autonomy, education authorities said last week. But, Xin Dingding reports for The China Daily, university leaders are worried that once they are stripped of their administrative titles they could face new problems. The new draft guidelines for education reform, which are out for public comment, plan to "modernise" the higher education system.
'Foreign student places under threat': agency
# 04, April 2010
New admissions regulations for Swedish universities set to be introduced in the autumn are likely to mean fewer places available for foreign students and could be in breach of EU law, according to the National Agency for Higher Education. "There is a high probability that fewer places will be on offer to foreign students," Alexandra Sjöstrand, an investigator at the agency, told The Local on Friday. In practice the changes mean that there will be four new sub-groups within the group of applicants admitted on their high-school grades: Swedish grades, Swedish grades supplemented with further study, foreign grades, and (Swedish) Folk High School grades. Previously, all the various non-Swedish standard grade systems were translated into an equivalent Swedish grade for consideration. Students, both Swedish and non-Swedish, will still be able to apply through the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (Högskoleprovet) or through the alternative application category, which has been increased to 30 percent of places under the new regulations.
CHINA: First open-access journal in Citation Index
# 04, April 2010
Nano Research, an English-language journal jointly published by Springer and Tsinghua University Press, is now listed in the Thomson Reuters' Science Citation Index-Expanded (SCI-E), reports PhysOrg. The journal, founded in July 2008, is part of Springer's Chinese Library of Science, a collection comprising more than 90 journals. Its open access publishing model allows readers to download full articles for free via the online platform SpringerLink.
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