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# 02, February 2010

Science and Education
The method of determination of the resonant level in superconductors
# 02, February 2010
T.T. Muratov
  The possibility impurity resonant scattering in superconductors is discussed. Within the framework of  scattering approach on the basis of the experimental data by thermal conductivity has suggested the method of determination of the resonant level. The analytical expressions for time relaxation and thermal conductivity are obtained. The formula for calculation of the resonant level over the maximal value of thermal conductivity has established. It’s shown that the Bardeen, Rickaysen and Tewordt’s result corresponds to ultimate case of impurity resonant scattering.
# 02, February 2010
G.A. Tarnavsky
The investigation of technological process parameters effect (sighting angle and energy of implantation) on concentrations distributions of doping impurities in silicon substrate are conducted by computer simulation with multiplex nanorelief of surface. 
Computer Simulation of Metal Forming Technological Processes in Terms of Eulerian Description of Continuum Motion
# 02, February 2010
A.V. Ivanov, A.A. Voskaniants
The paper deals with 3-D finite element analysis (FEA) of different metal forming processes in terms of Eulerian description of continuun motion. Three technological processes being characterized by high plastic strain ratio have been researched. The processes analyzed are: the piercing of solid cylindrical billet on a helical piercing mill; the high-reduction pendulum rolling of a flat bar; the lengthwise rolling of a rectangular bar billet in profiled roll pass of a heavy merchant mill. As a result of computer simulation the time-dependent stress and strain fields and deformed shape of the billets during the rolling process were obtained. Power consumption of the processes studied was estimated too. Eulerian problem formulation has allowed not only to solve a problem of high plastic deformations, but also to analyze the phenomena of intense mass transfer without finite elements grids distortion.
System for estimations and managements of credit risk
# 02, February 2010
E.V. Sokolov, I. Popov
Management of credit risk is understood as a series of measures, accepted by bank for reduction of size of losses in credit operations and maintenance of necessary level of own liquidity in case of infringement by the counterpart of the obligations.
Synthesis of functions of management by walking of the biped walking robot by means of the simplified mathematical model
# 02, February 2010
S.E. Semenov, V.O. Lomakin, D.B. Kulakov, A.K. Kovalchuk
The way of synthesis of functions of traffic control of the biped walking robot in a mode of dynamic walking on an equal horizontal surface by means of the simplified mathematical model is presented.

Foreign Education

Engineers set out to green air travel
# 02, February 2010
London: Carbon emissions from air travel could be reduced, thanks to collaboration between engineers from universities and aerospace industry. The research, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and aircraft manufacturers Airbus and GKN, will be using carbon fibers that are curved within flat plates to produce damage-tolerant, buckle-free structures. This will lead to substantial cost and weight savings of between 10 and 30 percent on structural components, saving fuel and reducing Carbon-di-oxide emissions from the aviation industry, in turn helping reduce the impact on the environment. Richard Butler is leading the University of Bath team, which includes H. Alicia Kim and Giles Hunt.
UK: Universities 'should offer courses for over-50s'
# 02, February 2010
Universities must offer suitable courses for people aged 50 and above, a Universities UK report says, writes Katherine Sellgren for BBC News. The study says the ageing population in the UK "offers higher education institutions a serious challenge". It says universities should set up centres in areas where there is a high density of retired people. They should offer a range of courses such as moving from full-time to self-employment, ageing healthily, human rights and environmental citizenship.
US: Science funding gets a boost
# 02, February 2010
A tough budget year could have meant big cuts for science research funding, but as mapped out in the Obama administration's plan for the 2011 fiscal year released on Monday, it doesn't, writes Jennifer Epstein for Inside Higher Ed. Though President Barack Obama vowed in his State of the Union address to freeze discretionary domestic spending, his $3.8 trillion budget shifts priorities to find increases for science and technology research and education that well outpace the 1.1% rate of inflation expected over the next year.
Foreign invested universities have slow growth in Vietnam
# 02, February 2010
VietNamNet Bridge - Only three foreign invested universities have been established in Vietnam over the last 12 years, while growth in domestic universities has been huge. The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has submitted a report on university education to the National Assembly’s Standing Committee outlining the state of higher education. According to MPI, in 1998-2005, Vietnam established three new universities and eight junior colleges as well as upgrading 32 junior colleges into universities and 40 vocational schools into junior colleges. Meanwhile, during that time, only two foreign-invested universities were set up in Vietnam, including RMIT and Dresden Vietnam Polytechnic University. MPI said that during that time, foreign-invested projects in education and training mostly focused on setting up short term foreign language and vocational training centers.

# 02, February 2010
Education Minister Batt O'Keeffe has accused some university professors of teaching as few as four hours a week, writes John Walshe for the Irish Independent. They are earning between EUR120,000 (US$166,000) and EUR143,000 a year for what the minister last week called a "light" teaching load, as well as for research and administration. The minister said he would like to see professors spend more time in the classroom, irrespective of the amount of research involved. Undergraduates deserved the best people in front of them in class so they could benefit from their professionalism and expertise.
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