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# 12, December 2009

Science and Education
# 12, December 2009
DOI: 10.7463/1209.0134636
A.M. Guskov, A.F. Batanov, A.V. Vorobiev, G.V. Savrasov, S.G. Gusarov
In work the possible scheme очувствления the surgical tool for carrying out of operations in vessels is considered. The offered scheme allows the surgeon in operating conditions (on line) to receive the information on level of working efforts in the field of surgical intervention. It can be used for designing очувствленных working bodies of robots – manipulators of surgical appointment. A working out main objective is creation of the system, allowing to warn possible mechanical damages of biological fabrics in the course of carrying out of surgical operation.
Mathematical model of working process DVS and its identification
# 12, December 2009
S.N. Orekhov
In this article there is an description of mathematical model, which is used in computer program VIS, besides You can find some information about its identification. Empirical equations and coefficients were selected as a result of identification. A good convergence of calculation and experimental data confirm that identification is true.
Estimation of accuracy of the automated measurement of a deviation from straightforwardness of an axis of details of type of shaft
# 12, December 2009
V.F. Aleshin, A.Yu. Kolobov
In mass production the control of deviations from cylindric and straightforwardness of an axis of details of type of shaft can be carried out in the automated mode, using scanners which are located in N sections on length of a detail
Game Modelling of Geometric Accsess
# 12, December 2009
A.N. Bojko
In article the new approach to modelling of geometrical obstacles at assemblage of mechanical products is described. Is offered the teoretiko-game model, allowing to minimise labour input of check of conditions of geometrical resolvability. Pure strategy for the linearly-ordered sets and optimum – for partial usages of a general view are formulated.
Method of appointment of primary keys in the information of a tabular kind
# 12, December 2009
A.V. Breshenkov, V.V. Belous
In article the problem of appointment of key fields in the filled relational tables is formulated. The algorithm of revealing and primary keys in existing relational tables is offered. The algorithm of appointment of primary keys in the filled relational tables is offered. Possibilities СУБД Access for the decision of a problem of revealing and appointment of key fields are considered.
Operations over ultra- and hypercolumns for realisation of procedures of the analysis and synthesis of structures of difficult systems (Part 3)
# 12, December 2009
V.A. Ovchinnikov
Some operations reforming ultra- and hypergraphs are considered. These operations realize project procedures of analysis and synthesis the complex system structure using their mathematical models.
Electronic educational resources
# 12, December 2009
I.P. Norenkov
In the history of a human civilisation which is connected with technologies and accumulation and spread of knowledge systems, key achievements are allocated some
Development model of process in diamond turning for optical metals elements
# 12, December 2009
S.V. Grubyy
Results of modelling and calculations of the parametres characterising about diamond turning of reflecting surfaces of metals elements, chemical lasers a part to the optical scheme are resulted. By a subject of researches are accepted: process ultraprecise cutting edge processings surfaces of metals elements, regime parametres is diamond turning, forces, temperatures, processing errors. Recommendations about perspective possibilities diamond turning are developed.

Foreign Education

Top univs rush to open schools / Affiliated middle, high schools seen as way to attract brightest students
# 12, December 2009
From spring, renowned private universities in Tokyo and the Kansai region are expected to open a number of new schools, including attached or affiliated middle schools, in a bid to attract bright students at an early stage. Waseda University and Chuo University will open their first-ever attached middle schools in Tokyo. Waseda University and Chuo University plan to set up unified middle and high schools in Saga Prefecture and Yokohama respectively. Kansai University and Kwansei Gakuin University also are proceeding with similar plans.
IBM collaborates with four institutions on service education
# 12, December 2009
SINGAPORE: About 1,500 students in Singapore have signed up for courses or degree programmes in the relatively new field of Service Science, Management and Engineering (SSME) since 2008. These students hail from Nanyang Technological University, the National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and the Institute of Systems Science. SSME is a new academic discipline designed to produce students with the combined business, technology and social sciences skills needed in today's workforce.
CHILE: Record number sit university entrance exam
# 12, December 2009
Chile's once-a-year university entrance examination determines future professional options for hundreds of thousands of students. More than 280,000 students signed up to take the Prueba de Selección Universitaria (PSU) test last week, which according to the Education Ministry is the largest number ever, writes Pamela Morales for The Santiago Times. Monday morning began the first of two days of tests that will determine whether students are admitted to university; to which university, the best, the second best, or an also-ran; and in what discipline. PSU scores are the primary admissions factor at Chile's 25 public universities - among them the country's most prestigious schools - where students compete for one of the 51,000 openings.
KOREA: Higher education going global
# 12, December 2009
In a global age, Korean universities are naturally focusing on globalisation, writes Oh Se-jung, a professor of physics at Seoul National University, for the JoongAng Daily. Most universities say internationalisation is part of their central goal for development and that they are establishing international departments. Some select students who are fluent in foreign languages. They are also putting added effort into attracting foreign professors and students, and increasing the number of classes taught in English.
UK: Falling behind in the qualification race
# 12, December 2009
The UK is being overtaken in the international race for a well-qualified workforce, a report from a lecturers' union has said, reports BBC News. The University and College Union says that in terms of the proportion of young people in education, the UK is slipping into the "relegation zone". It points to figures from the OECD that show the UK has been overtaken by countries such as Hungary and Portugal.
Chinese gov't keeps expanding scholarships to foreign students
# 12, December 2009
The Chinese government is to grant scholarships to 20,000 foreign students next year, an increase of 2,000 over this year's number, Education Minister Yuan Guiren said here Friday. Yuan said at an evening party for foreign students in Beijing that the move was aimed at encouraging more young people from other countries to engage in communication between China and the rest of the world and contribute to bilateral and multilateral ties.
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