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# 02, February 2012

Machine Building and Engineering Science

77-30569/362086 Efficient use of NC machines under conditions of multiproduct manufacturing
# 02, February 2012
I.L. Volchkevich
 The article covers the data on actual functionality of NC machines as part of multiproduct manufacturing facilities; the data is based on the author's production research. The main categories of fund consumption were analyzed. The main problems of introducing up-to-date high-performance NC machines at domestic machine building plants were considered. The results and recommendations presented in the article can be used to solve design problems or for technical re-equipment and upgrading machining process.
77-30569/345938 New method of research of material properties under high dynamic pressures
# 02, February 2012
DOI: 10.7463/0212.0345938
V.M. Yaroslavtsev
The author shows comparability of dynamic characteristics of cutting processes and tests of materials in high dynamic pressures environment. Possibilities and advantages of using the cutting method as a new method of studying physical-mechanical properties of materials were considered at high-speed deformation and destruction.
77-30569/341866 Research of phase transformations in ageing alloys Ni-Al, by the method of a differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).
# 02, February 2012
T.V. Kurihina, V.N. Simonov
By the method of differential scanning calorimetry the authors studied phase transformations in the binary alloy Ni-Al (7%Al) formed at the disintegration of a supersaturated solid solution. It was shown that formation process of phase Ni3Al is connected with hidden crystallization heat release.
77-30569/339658 Method of creation of a set of variants for item assembling based on oriented hypergraphs
# 02, February 2012
V.A. Tarasov, P.V. Kruglov, I.A. Bolotina
The article presents a method of generation of assembly variants for a multipart device. The model of the multipart device is based on oriented hypergraphs of constraints. The oriented hypergraph describes the impossibility of assembly when constructional, technological, economical causes are present. Visual interpretation of the hypergraph is proposed; examples of constructive and technological constraints for the shaped charge are described.
77-30569/339556 Nitrogen in the single-crystal heat-resisting alloys
# 02, February 2012
D.E. Kablov, V.V. Sidorov
The authors study the influence of nitrogen on the form of primary carbides in charge intermediates of alloy GS 30-VI. Metallographic researches of the structure and forms of primary carbides were conducted in initial charge intermediates with various impurity content of nitrogen. It was established that with the increase of nitrogen content from 0,0004-0,0008% to 0,0015-0,0035% carbide morphology acquires a rounded or polyhedral form instead of laminar. The authors present the dependence between the impurity nitrogen content in the heat-resisting alloy and the quality of produced single-crystals. The authors propose a formation mechanism of primary carbides of various morphology during melt solidification.
77-30569/319511 Instrumental methods of control over content and properties of polydisperse medium
# 02, February 2012
A.G. Grigor'yanc, M.A. Korotaeva, V.I. Alehnovich, I.N. Shiganov
Different methods of quality control of multicomponent mediums were reviewed in this article by the example of cow’s milk. Chemical, biological and instrumental methods were considered. Brief theoretical information, required equipment, achieved precision, advantages and disadvantages, ability of quantitative measurement of main components of the product were included. Particular attention was paid to optical – electronic methods as to the most promising for quality control both in laboratory and field conditions. Their application for determination of product’s components in various enterprises was considered. The development of new methods of analysis of the content of polydisperese mediums was planned on the basis of conducted survey.
77-30569/310908 Compressor-doser based on the pneumatic cylinder
# 02, February 2012
K.D. Efremova
Problems with precise estimation of volume and weight flows of compressed air, when investigating pneumatic automation elements’ and devices’ characteristics, are widely known. Precise compressor-doser was designed on the basis of pneumatic cylinder; it allowed to give objective estimation of weight flow of compressed air, when determining flow-drop characteristics of orifice meters. It was shown that flow gages had stable linear characteristics in the case when estimation of flow based on the measurement of the pressure at the entrance of the orifice meter at the stage of exhaustion.
77-30569/310057 The dynamic diagnostic model of the mount of the winding in slot of the stator core of a powerful turbo-generator
# 02, February 2012
A.L. Nazolin
The dynamic diagnostic model of the mount of the winding in slot of the stator core of a powerful turbo-generator is constructed. The range of possible values of parameters of model is defined. Dynamics of the symmetric distributed vibro-impact system "winding - core" for various values of system parameters and external exciting forces is studied. Tendencies of change of parameters of the signal of shocking forces with development of defect are defined. Calculation of the spectra of signals of shocking forces that excite the vibroacoustic vibrations of the stator design is carried out.
77-30569/308514 Research of the influence of fastener’s form on the strength of “metal-composite” joint
# 02, February 2012
I.I. Sorokina, M.V. Astahov
Practicable methods of fastening of the composite details with metal parts of designs were researched. The results of tests were presented; empirical dependence for the forecast of working efficiency of such joints was proposed. Regression and dispersion analyses of obtained test data were carried out. Future development of such joints was outlined.

Constructional Material Processing in Machine Building

77-30569/315087 Form error of thin-walled workpiece fixed with cams considering the size of contact area between mating parts.
# 02, February 2012
D.S. Blinov, V.F. Alyoshin
The case of thin-walled workpiece fixing with n cams was considered. Algorithm of calculation of main parameters when fixing the thin-walled workpiece. Proposed algorithm differs from known algorithms because it takes the size of contact area and diagram of contact pressure into account. Dimensionless graphics were plotted for the case when the workpiece is fixed with three cams. These graphics allowed to determine contact half-angle, form error of workpiece when it’s fixed with three cams and movement of median surface’s points of workpiece under the cam and strictly between cams. The example of the calculation was included in this article.

Power Machine Building, Metallurgical Machine Building and Chemical Engineering

77-30569/340675 Intensification of Waste Water Flotation Treatment by Vibration Excitement for Water Recycling
# 02, February 2012
B.S. Ksenofontov, M.V. Ivanov
Ways of flotation treatment plants usage for water recycling is described in this paper. A critics of widely used water recycling systems is given. Ways to intensify waste water flotation treatment by vibration excitement for water recycling is shown. A principal scheme of vibro- flotation tank is given for water treatment. A design of this flotation tank is shown, based on the developed mathematic model. A good correlation between theoretical and experimental data is obtained. 
77-30569/339499 Numerical analysis of non-conservative acoustic systems for working process initialization devices in high-enthalpy flow generators
# 02, February 2012
A.V. Voroneckii, A.R. Pоlyanskii, K.Yu. Aref'ev
The development of non-electric systems of multiple ignition for gas generating devices of rocket and space technologies is a pressing task. One of the promising systems is a gas dynamic system of ignition allowing to implement the progressive technology of “automatic launch”. The authors carried our simulation of local heating of a working body in an acoustic resonator with the help of solving the Navier-Stokes equation system. The results of the development of a resonant system of working process initialization in the high-enthalpy flow generator and preparation for carrying out experimental research of the modeling gas dynamics igniter sample are presented in this work.

Transportation, Mining and Construction Machine Building

77-30569/343394 Mathematical motion simulation of multi-link wheeled transport complexes subject to coupling devices
# 02, February 2012
V.A. Gorelov
The author presents an approach to development of mathematical models of multi wheeled traffic systems and justifies the urgency of forecasting service properties of complexes at the design stage in order to improve the construction. The author gives a detailed account of the mathematical model of curvilinear motion of a two-link road-train; special attention is paid to the mathematical model of the link articulator. The author considers the principle of transport system simulation subject to the design features of the drawbar. Design diagrams for creating mathematical models of multi-tier transport systems are presented by the example of a three-link road-train subject to the number of wheels in the roller module of the level trailer. The author describes the principle of forecasting road-train dynamics based on using the mathematical model represented by rectilinear motion of two-link road-train off-the-road. The results of benchmark computing experiments as the visualization of movement of transport complexes are included in the article.
77-30569/293578 Technique of selection of characteristics of controlled suspension bracket with two levels of damping multi-wheeled vehicles
# 02, February 2012
M.M. Jileikin, G.O. Kotiev, E.B. Sarach
The required level of damping a multi-basic oscillatory system depends on the character of external disturbance. In connection with this, regulation of the characteristics of damping, depending on operating modes of amortization systems, is one of the basic directions of their further improvement. This direction for improving the quality of suspension systems in multi-wheeled vehicles (MWV) with the quantity of axes more than three is fairly promising. The authors show that for multi-wheeled vehicles, due to a narrow-band low-frequency spectrum of fluctuations of the case, the characteristics of damping which provides automatic reception in the zone of resonance of attenuation factor nearly 
ψ =0,4 … 0,6 on longitudinal-angular and vertical fluctuations irrespective of the weight of object and change of restoring force, was desirable. At the same time in the above-resonance zone, the damping level should be reduced, which leads to a significant decrease of vibro-load of the MWV. This leads to the necessity of creation of a suspension bracket of variable structure where there is an automatic change of the damping level depending on the kind of road roughness impact on the MWV. Two levels are enough: the basic (high), and low which joins only in the case of high-frequency road profile influence. The design procedure of elastic and damping characteristics of a suspension bracket with two-level damping was developed. The example of calculation for the MWV with the wheel formula 8x8 in the lump of 60 tons was included in this article.

Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling

77-30569/340943 About the period of generalized cellular automatons
# 02, February 2012
P.G. Klyucharev
This article deals with problems of creating generalized cellular automatons with specified lower bounds of the period. This property is very important for constructing pseudorandom sequence generators and stream ciphers based on generalized cellular automatons.
77-30569/330390 Mathematical simulation of time-dependent temperature field control in two-phase mediums
# 02, February 2012
Yu.S. Mel'nikova
This article deals with geotechnical systems, such as engineering constructions with foundation in particular geological medium, for instance, even-frozen or thawing rock mantle. The calculation and forecast problems of temperature field extension into even-frozen ground under building’s foundations in cryolithozone were studied. The mathematical formulation of the stationary thermal conductivity problem with different boundary conditions was given. Predicted results of ground’s thermal condition in different spatial sections were included in the article.
77-30569/315838 Representations of evolution semigroups with Feynman formulas and Feynman path integrals in phase space
# 02, February 2012
Ya.A. Butko
In the present paper a new method of investigation and description of linear dynamics was considered. This method was based on representations of corresponding evolution semigroups (or, what is the same, representations of solutions of the corresponding equations) with Feynman formulas, i.e. with limits of finite multiple integrals when n tends to infinity. Sometimes one succeeds to get Feynman formulas containing only integrals of elementary functions. Such Feynman formulas allow to calculate solutions of evolution equations directly, to approximate transition probabilities of stochastic processes, to model stochastic and quantum dynamics numerically. The limits in Feynman formulas agree with some functional integrals with respect to probability measures or Feynman type pseudomeasures. Nowadays, functional integrals (or path integrals) play one of the central roles in mathematical apparatus of theoretical physics; they are important objects of quantum field theory, especially in the theory of gauge fields. To solve a variety of problems it is worth to apply Hamiltonian formalism of quantum mechanics and to deal with (Hamiltonian) Feynman path integrals in phase space. There are many different approaches to define such integrals mathematically rigorously. And different classes of integrable functions arise in the frame of each approach. In this paper the approach of Smolyanov and his coauthors was used. This approach allows to connect Feynman path integrals in pahse space with Hamiltonian Feynman formulas for evolution semigroups. This method was actively used last decade to describe different types of dynamics in domains of Euclidean spaces and Riemannian manifolds, in infinite dimensional linear and non-linear spaces, to investigate p-adic analogues of equations of mathematical physics. The present work is expository, it brings together some of the results of recent articles of the author (joint with Boettcher, Grothaus, Schilling, Smolyanov), in which the method of Feynman formulas was subsequently developed to investigate Feller semigroups and the connection of such formulas with Feynman path integrals in phase space was studied. In this paper Feynman formulas for Feller semigroups and semigroups generated with different quantizations of a quadratic Hamilton function were obtained; a construction of Feynman path integral in phase space was introduced; Feynman path integrals in phase space for Feller semigroups and semigroups generated with different quantizations of a quadratic Hamilton function were presented.

Aeronautical and Rocket Space Engineering

77-30569/332009 The calculating analysis of strength of elements of ground equipment truss structures loaded with intensive high temperature jet
# 02, February 2012
V.A. Igrickii, V.F. Hlybov, A.V. Yazykov
The article describes aspects of the design analysis of strength of ground equipment truss structure loaded with the high temperature jet of launch vehicle engines. The reasonable limitations and calculating model development concepts for the thermal strength calculations were analyzed. Basics of the overall strength analysis were given. The truss structure local thermal strength analysis was considered by the example of joint of piped elements.
77-30569/322927 Analysis of methods and means of controlling Earth remote sensing systems
# 02, February 2012
E.I. Afinogenov, T.M. Volosatova, N.I. Sel'vesyuk, N.V. Chichvarin
This paper covers the research results oand analysis of methods and means of technical assessment of the condition of Earth remote sensing (ERS) systems during the test and on-stream periods. The obtained results are to provide a basis for further development of testing equipment for Earth remote sensing systems; moreover, they will provide a huge base of technical documentation (standards, guidelines for aircraft equipment testing etc.) for estimation of basic parameters which characterize the efficiency of application of digital observation equipment and their technical condition. The authors proposed a technique of online testing of the transfer function of remote sensing equipment during the on-stream period with a subsequent compensation of defocusing.
77-30569/299736 The results of research and development of low-temperature, fast-burning, gas-generating fuels for systems moving elements of actuators.
# 02, February 2012
A.I. Shabunin, S.V. Kalinin, V.I. Sarab'ev, D.M. Yagodnikov, A.R. Pоlyanskii
The results of thermodynamic, ballistic, physic-mathematical surveys of low-temperature, gas-generating, fast-burning fuels (LGFF) characteristics. These fuels are pyrotechnic type based on nitroguanidine, ammonium perchlorate and methenamine, proposed for systems to move elements of actuators (SMEA), in particular, for gas generators (GG), for systems to open-close the underwater missiles’ steering devices (SOCSD). There are strict requirements for reaction time of these devices; it leads to the necessity of LGFF with high burning rate usage. Twenty chemical combinations were considered as modifiers to increase the burning rate. Based on obtained characteristics for different kinds of modifiers, high efficiency LGFF was created. The fuel was tested in GG and SOCSD. The results of those tests completely meet the requirements.

Instrument Engineering, Metrology and Information-Measuring Devices and Systems

77-30569/339881 Assessment of resolving power for double-layer magnetic structures.
# 02, February 2012
S.B. Odinokov, A.S. Kuznecov
The article considers quality assessment criteria for recording/reading process of magnetic signalograms with correct information read-out. The authors analyzed the distortions arising during magnetic signalogram visualization. The article describes boundary conditions allowing to determine boundary values of spatial periods of recorded magnetic signalograms to which undistorted information corresponds. Recommendations on selection of double-layer magnetic materials parameters are given. The degree of the optical efficiency for reading process, image contrast and range of the reproducing of spatial periods is determined with the usage of these parameters.
77-30569/338644 The universal installation for determining parameters disbalancing of float sensitive el-ements of giroinstruments
# 02, February 2012
R.M. Goceridze
The installation of frame type for the purpose of balancing of floated sensitive element (ESE) of gyro-instruments in fluid, besides the frame, includes an electromagnetic suspension (EMS), an angle data transmitter (ADT), a torque sensor (TS) and two columns firmly attached to the foundation of frame.  Armature of ADT, TS and two aligning elements (AE) of EMS were fixedly attached to two semi-axis of the frame, and their stators were attached to the apertures of the columns. AE of EMS are used both for suspension of the frame in fluid (without ESE, and then together with ESE) and as force sensors (accelerometers) allowing to determine the values of forces applied to the armatures of AE of EMS. Residual weight of Δ G or floatability of Δ P and trim moment of Md of ESE were determined with the results of measurement. The feedback “angle data transmitter – torque sensor” was used to determine the moment of static unbalance Mst about suspension axis of ESE.
77-30569/326277 Hierarchical method of classification of oil pollution at earth's surface based on detection of fluorescence radiation within four narrow spectral bands
# 02, February 2012
Yu.V. Fedotov, O.A. Matrosova, M.L. Belov, V.A. Gorodnichev
Laser monitoring problem of oil pollution at earth's surfaces was considered in this paper. It was shown that use of laser method based on detection of fluorescence radiation within four narrow spectral bands and hierarchical method of classification, allowed to classify oil pollution at earth's surfaces with a probability of correct classification close to one.
77-30569/322339 Some features of shock testing
# 02, February 2012
A.K. Efremov, A.V. Kapustyan
Some issues relating to the simulation of shock pulse excitations were considered. Common schemes of shock equipment were presented as well as the method of calculating of the parameters of elastic and elastic-plastic contact zone of colliding bodies. It was shown that the conditions of simulation testing could be more severe in the sense of strength than the real object performance conditions depending on the dynamic factor value (shock spectrum).

Radio Engineering and Communication

77-30569/253104 The development of clarifying targeting algorithm in radar systems with millimeter waves, used for detecting low earth orbit satellites.
# 02, February 2012
S.I. Nefedov, D.E. Koroteev, S.V. Papazyan
This article deals with the synthesis of clarifying targeting algorithms in radar systems  with millimeter waves and beam antennas, used for detecting low earth orbit satellites. The synthesis of the clarifying algorithm is carried out using the prior information about target trajectory, and also considers the constrained beam movement trajectory of real systems.

Informatics, Computer Science and Management

77-30569/345396 Analysis of properties of quasioptimal and optimal algorithms for the spacecraft spatial reorientation
# 02, February 2012
M.A. Velischanskii
The author presents a comparative analysis of two various approaches to the synthesis of control algorithms for spatial reorientation of a spacecraft. One of such approaches is based on the concept of inverse problems of dynamics, which allows of synthesizing smooth programmed control, building controls which stabilize program trajectories, considering restrictions and carrying out numerical optimization of a trajectory by the chosen criterion. The second approach is based on the synthesis of optimal program control using the Pontryagin maximum principle. The results of numerical simulation are provided in the article. The comparative analysis of the received results is also included.
77-30569/340957 Performance analysis of bilateral filtering algorithms
# 02, February 2012
T.V. Krapchatova, M.V. Filippov
Usage of bilateral filters for image smoothing allows of removing small-scale noises and details, and, at the same time, saving clearness of borders. The authors present the results of the comparative analysis for four well-known algorithms of bilateral filtering and give recommendations for their usage for image digital processing.
77-30569/341035 Nonlinear model of market sector of macroeconomic control system
# 02, February 2012
S.L. Chernyshev
The model includes the production function modeling supply and the utility function modeling consumption. This resulted in the nonlinear dynamic equation of market price subject to the factors affecting the price.
77-30569/339720 Recognition errors as a basis of implementation of computer arts mechanism
# 02, February 2012
V.E. Podol'skii, K.M. Grechischev, E.K. Pugachev
 In this paper the authors consider a new idea of implementation of computer art mechanisms on the basis of recognition errors by artificial neural networks. An approach using the mathematical theory of dynamical chaos to analyze the degree of originality in computer art image was also proposed in this article.
77-30569/340562 Method of fast restoration images blurred by motion
# 02, February 2012
E.E. Pеreslavceva, M.V. Filippov
Motion blur is a common defect that leads to blurry images with inevitable loss of information. If motion blur is shift-invariant it can be modeled as a convolution of a latent image with shift kernel, where the kernel describes the trace of the sensor. In that case removing the motion blur from an image becomes a deconvolution operation. The authors present a fast blind deconvolution method that produces a de-blurred image in only a few seconds. High speed of this method results from accelerating the steps of both kernel and latent image estimation in the iterative de-blurring process.
77-30569/334177 Mathematical simulation of the explosive devices’ performance
# 02, February 2012
V.I. Kolpakov
Physico-mathematical statement of the problem of performance of explosive devices of different purposes, the fundamentals of numerical method for solving of this problem and description of algorithm for its implementation were considered in this article. Various examples of calculations were compared with experimental data; the possibilities of developed numerical technique were demonstrated.
77-30569/334010 Estimation of conditions of coordinated work of Autonomous Information and Control Systems (AICS) and executing device at the initial design stages
# 02, February 2012
N.S. Soboleva
Problems of coordinated work of Autonomous Information and Control Systems (AICS) and executing device (ED) for wide range of conditions of application were considered. Hodographs of relative velocities were plotted for possible variants of a meeting of the rocket and the target and possibility of their usage for a choice of AICS and ED parameters already at the initial design stages was shown. For export variant of complex system «Shtil-1» the field of hodograph of relative velocities where coordinated work of AICD and executing device could be provided, was defined.
77-30569/325885 Training and certification of experts in industrial safety of nuclear, gas power plants and complexes based on computer technologies
# 02, February 2012
A.A. Barzov, G.A. Sarychev, L.G. Silant'eva, I.A. Tutnov
This article is devoted to the main provisions of the training and certification of experts working in the sphere of industrial safety expertize of various power systems, nuclear power plants, gas distribution networks and well storage fields. Proposals were made to improve the personnel training for industrial safety of expert and operating organizations of national fuel and energy complex of Russian Federation; these proposals were based on quality standards of personnel certification and prospect of wide application of computer databases, new mathematical software designed for automated personnel testing.
77-30569/325917 Enhancement of a flying vehicles’ efficiency using a resource redistribution approach
# 02, February 2012
M.V. Palkin
A problem of a flying vehicle’s efficiency enhancement by resource redistribution was defined. Approaches to the problem were suggested. Transfer of gyroscopic roll sensor’s functions to the optical image receiver was described as an example of such problems. Methods of roll determination using optical images were presented. On the basis of morphological and syntactical analyses algorithms of information processing and roll evaluation were developed. As the result of mathematical and seminatural simulation accuracy and reliability of algorithms (in comparison with gyroscopes) was estimated. Recommendations for application of methods and algorithms were given.
77-30569/324631 Theoretically-lattice model of machine and mechanical device decomposition
# 02, February 2012
A.N. Bojko
The theoretically-lattice model of product decomposition was discussed in this article; it allowed to synthesize all structurally implemented three-level schemes of machine and mechanical appliance decomposition. It was shown that the property of an independent assembly, that any candidate for the assembly unit should have, could be described as the effect of a closure operator defined on the Boolean set of parts. This set of all closed subsets was a Boolean sublattice and the scheme of decomposition could be described as a set of residue classes of top congruence relation.
77-30569/309596 Vibration-based diagnostics of elsactic model of a spacecraft.
# 02, February 2012
A.V. Sen'kin
The results of EMS development in the form of Euler dynamic equations with variable matrix of inertia tensor for analytical and experimental investigation of EMS dynamics with distinct resonating characteristics were presented in the article. Continuous model is likely suitable for large spacecrafts. Considered methods of vibration-based diagnostics are based on the suggestion that model or enumeration of models of diagnosable subject is known. The goal of diagnostics is the determination of this model’s parameters.
77-30569/308732 Fuzzy interpolation
# 02, February 2012
N.P. Demenkov, I.A. Mochalov
The general provisions of the fuzzy interpolation were considered for the case when the values of the grid functions were defined as fuzzy numbers. Attention was paid to Newton's interpolation, where fuzzy power polynomial was used to reach the same goals. The existence conditions of strong, weak fuzzy Newtonian interpolation and its absence were given. Examples were given for the case when the power polynomial was the first-degree polynomial used for fuzzy interpolation of two fuzzy numbers. Spline interpolation is usually used to eliminate the edge effect at the end of the specified period. So the task of obtaining spline from fuzzy data and analysis of this data for the type of spline (strong, weak or lack of a fuzzy spline) is very important.
77-30569/296095 Software for analysis of productivity indexes in distributed systems of data processing
# 02, February 2012
Yu.A. Grigor'ev
Concepts of complex that belongs to class of expert systems and designed for conduction of numeric experiments (simulation) in order to analyze productivity (timing data) indexes of distributed systems of data processing (DSDP) were considered. New class of analysis model of DSDP’s timing performances was developed in this work with optimization mechanisms of queries to distributed database taken in the account. Application of the decision-making process, based on holistic selection of architecture type was also developed. If frame of expert system is connected with SQL operator, then frames unite into network that corresponds to the sequence of SQL operators’ execution. Different resources of computer network are used when SQL operators are executed that is frame network goes into resources of computer network. 
77-30569/296127 Organization of data bases in the software solution for analysis of productivity indexes in distributed systems of data processing
# 02, February 2012
Yu.A. Grigor'ev
This article deals with the development of databases of ADSDP subsystem of software solution for analysis of productivity indexes in distributed systems of data processing, designed to analyze computer networks. Different problems were solved while developing schemes of databases for ADSDP; they included description of nodes, channels, DSDP topology, virtual communication channels and their characteristics; determination of node configuration and channel configuration based on the СMAT registries; distribution of transactions with description of SQL-queries and tables of DSDP databases over nodes; storage and maintenance of components of devices’ load ratio and execution time of transactions (these components are used for maintenance of ES explanation mechanism); maintenance of ADSDP data base integrity.


77-30569/332595 Algorithm of automatic construction of meshes from quadrangular finite elements
# 02, February 2012
I.V. Stankevich, M.E. Yakovlev, Tu Htet Si
An algorithm for construction of finite element models consisting of quadrangular finite elements for two-dimensional domains with complex geometric design was developed. The main distinctive feature of the proposed algorithm by comparison with the existing ones was a possibility of construction of irregular meshes in multicoherent areas without their preliminary splitting into the one-coherent. It was established that meshes in areas of canonical form had expressed structured character, but meshes in areas with curved boundary were irregular. The developed algorithm can be used in the general finite element technology for solving the thermo-mechanical problems, which arise at creation and operational development of objects of the aviation and space technics.
77-30569/318597 Transverse migration of particles in the boundary layer of plane-plate
# 02, February 2012
O.D. Rybdylova
A comparison of known experimental data with numerical simulation of dispersed mixture flow in the boundary layer of a horizontal/vertical plane wall was carried out. The motion of that mixture was described with the model of interpenetration continuums; the influence of particles on carrier phase was neglected. Qualitative agreement between the calculated concentration profiles of particles with the experimental data was obtained. Taking the lateral force into account correctly described the experimental effects of local maximums of the particle concentration inside the boundary layer and the decrease of the concentration near the wall.
77-30569/318125 Mathematical model of axially symmetric vortex motion
# 02, February 2012
A.Yu. Anikin, T.E. Boyarinceva, N.I. Sidnyaev
This article deals with the structure of confined vortex motion. A mathematical model was proposed, and boundary conditions of vortex motion based on the Helmholtz theorem were formulated. A theory of vortex motion in the field of mass centrifugal forces was introduced. The developed mathematical model and formulated boundary conditions allowed to study the main features of motion which appear in vortex devices and to determine the influence of the chamber’s parameters on flow regime. 
77-30569/308455 Tunable acoustic filters based on the corrugated tubes
# 02, February 2012
N.V. Bykov
The author briefly describes the theory of acoustic resonator based on the corrugated tubes. For easy understanding, a situation with medium at rest inside a corrugated tube was considered. Classical solutions for the resonator were obtained. It was shown that the described structure could serve as an acoustic analogue of the optical resonator. Generalizations for the case of moving medium were made.

Equipment and methods of experimental physics

77-30569/325179 Complex research of thermal states of electroarc devices
# 02, February 2012
M.Yu. Dokukin
The paper considers problems of complex experimental research of high-beat states of electrode assemblies for electroarc devices working in a wide range of controlled environment pressures. The author describes methods and means of diagnostics of devices with hot cathodes (models with hollow cathode and with tungsten core cathode).  The experimental setup consisted of different diagnostic equipment which allowed to determine both local and integral thermophysical characteristics of the voltaic arc, namely: high temperature of the cathode (up to 3000 K) and its longitudinal distribution, large heat fluxes into the anode (QA ≥ 1 kW) and its distribution on the working electrode surface. The results of diagnostics of electrodes thermal states were discussed, and recommendations on their use in technological electroarc devices were given in this article.


77-30569/325981 Optical properties of globular photonic crystals based on ferroelectric-doped artificial opals
# 02, February 2012
V.V. Filatov
The method of introduction of ferroelectric nanoparticles into artificial opals' pores was proposed and implemented. The optical properties of the original sample and the ferroelectric-doped crystal were compared. The theory that can describe and predict the spectrum’s observed features was developed. The electro-optical properties of composites were analyzed. The possibility of the nanosystem's secondary emission spectrum control was discussed.
77-30569/307989 Physics of optical soliton, time and frequency characteristics of Rayleigh scattering
# 02, February 2012
A.P. Ovvyan, A.M. Horohorov
The author analyzed the process of optical soliton’s occurrence due to the balance between two competing physical processes; they are dispersion spreading of light pulse and phase self-modulation (PSM) which occurred due to the non-linearity of optical signal’s propagation medium (Kerr effect). The method of compensation of the optical signal’s chromatic dispersion in the fiber was proposed. Analytical expressions of mathematical expectation and dispersion of the repetition period of solitons and the value of the solution signal were obtained from random time of the pulse’s arrival to detector. The obtained data must be taken into consideration when calculating signal-to-noise ratio in soliton of the fiber-optic transmission system (FOTS). The analytical expressions of time response, amplitude-frequency characteristics (AFC) and phase-frequency characteristics (PFC) were obtained for different input signals: for Dirac delta function and for Gaussian. These characteristics were conditioned by Rayleigh backscattering.

Power Engineering

77-30569/331076 Choice of vehicle diesel engine full-load curve
# 02, February 2012
V.A. Markov, V.I. Shatrov
The mathematical model of automatic control system for a vehicle diesel engine was presented in the article. Calculation research on the influence of a full-load curve shape on diesel engine dynamic characteristics, exhaust toxicity characteristics in the transient process was carried out.
77-30569/322717 Theoretical and experimental research of Field Reversed Configuration.
# 02, February 2012
I.V. Romadanov
The main aim of this work was the study of the process of formation of reverse-field magnetic configuration (RMC) and search of the way to increase the plasma’s energy content at this stage. New method was proposed to manage this task; it suggested to form a compact tore. Experimental research of this method was carried out; it was shown that the usage of this scheme allowed to increase the efficiency of energy transfer from capacitors batteries into plasma. The main result was that method of RMC formation was experimentally confirmed. Efficiency of energy transfer up to 90% was achieved. The main distinctive feature of this method was a new technique of configuration formation. Obtained results could be applied to the research of possibility to use a compact tore configuration as a fundamental of fusion reactor that is the source of high-density plasma. Also the possibility of using RMC as a basis of a rocket engine was discussed. Various types of thrust were presented in this article. For a more detailed investigation of the properties of obtained plasma and possibilities of its application the future development of experimental set-up was needed.
77-30569/308995 Сonvergence acceleration of iterative solutions of SLAE by means of neutralization of big characteristic values in the transfer matrix
# 02, February 2012
V.I. Boevkin, A.B. Shnyrov
The authors propose a method of convergence acceleration for iterative solutions of SLAE from electrical network modeling systems. This method was based on the neutralization of the transfer matrix dominant characteristic values. By the example of AC electrical networks’ computation defined with matrices with complex numbers the dependence of iteration number of Gauss-Seidel method on the number of neutralized roots was shown. The calculated data corresponded well to theoretical convergence estimate obtained from the characteristic equation roots. The ability of additional convergence acceleration by means of root neutralization was shown in the successive over-relaxation method.
77-30569/306859 Creating and verification of pollution model of workshop in case of emergency emission of gaseous uranium hexafluoride
# 02, February 2012
S.P. Babenko, A.V. Bad'in
Pollution model of workshop in case of emergency emission of gaseous uranium hexafluoride was described. The results of calculation of parameters, which characterize the distribution of uranium hexafluoride hydrolysate in the volume of workshop, were presented in the article. The method of experimental determination of these parameters and the results of their measurement were described. The experimental results are in good correlation with calculated ones, that’s why developed model is suitable for the calculation of the dose that safe for the human in the workshop

Metallurgical Engineering

77-30569/327112 Ordered structures of clathrates as combinations of special helicoids
# 02, February 2012
A.L. Talis, V.S. Kraposhin, I.N. Veselov, I.A. Ronova, O.A. Belyaev
The symmetry of a clathrate crystal can be adequately displayed within the apparatus based on constructions. The apparatus of algebraic geometry and topology was proposed for fundamental description of tetrahedral and tetra-coordinated structures. Such a description allows to represent any structure as a combination of helices (rods) consisting of polyhedrons i.e. cavities of clathrates or coordination polyhedrons of intermetallic semiconductors. The crystal lattice can arise only as a variant of such a combination. Crystal structures of clathrates (gas-hydrates and intermetallic semiconductors) are described as a combination of helicoids with nonintegral swivelling axes 10/3, 12/5 и 15/4. The structure of clathrate IX (Ba24Ge100) for the first time was determined as dual to the β-Mn structure.


77-30569/332077 About possible usage of copper nanoparticles for increasing of durability of sealed CO2-laser
# 02, February 2012
A.K. Gorbunov, S.M. Jdanov, N.I. Pchelinceva
A new technology of manufacturing electrodes containing precious metals for high durability of the sealed CO2-lasers was proposed. Promising results were obtained at use of regenerators of CO2 based on copper oxide grown on a layer of copper nanoparticles.
77-30569/332405 Monitoring procedure of a nano-sized dielectric charge of MOSFET
# 02, February 2012
V.E. Drach, I.V. Chuhraev
A dielectric charge degradation monitoring procedure of nano-sized short-channel MOSFETs under high-field tunnel injection at different temperatures was proposed. The consequent Id(Vg) measurement in addition to injection stress was proposed. The proposed technique shows exponential dependence between charging/discharging of traps in dielectric versus time of measurement.

Economic Sciences

77-30569/332920 Ranking enterprises of mechanical engineering for estimation of their innovative potential and investment attractiveness
# 02, February 2012
N.S. Knyazev, V.N. Vasil'ev
Transition to an innovative way of development is a long-term task and, along with revealing the investment appeal, is aimed at results in the future. In this case comparison of financial and technological stability is more important than comparison of financial results. Interpretation of technological stability was defined as an ability of the enterprise to perceive achievements of science and technology, constant perfection of organization and production management on the basis of IT, transition from extensive to intensive technologies, development of personnel potential, transition to the process approach on the basis of reengineering of industrial and business processes. Economic stability is defined by indicators, while technological one is defined by factors. The importance of constantly operating factors was shown by the example of such factors as commercialization of innovations, enterprise competitiveness and the presence of constantly operating program of perfection of organization and production management and sale of production on the basis of IT and reengineering of processes.
77-30569/315824 Intellectual property protection of innovative companies in the medical industry.
# 02, February 2012
Yu.G. Gercik
The article contains necessary and demanded data for general managers of innovative companies in the national medical industry, for specialists, post-graduate students and students of economical specialties of technical universities in the field of intellectual property protection. The authors present a classification of patent right objects as well as forms and ways of know-how and technology transfers. Particular attention in the article is paid to the necessity of patent protection of inventions, useful models and results of intellectual activity, especially in such hi-tech industry as production of medical devices. Comprehension of this fact by heads of companies, undoubtedly, will raise their organizational-economic stability.
77-30569/310686 Development of complex approach to research and modeling of branch market demand for science-intensive industrial equipment
# 02, February 2012
V.J. Moshchelkova
The author proposes a complex approach to forecasting branch market demand for science-intensive industrial equipment. The approach is based on the multilevel complex model developed by the author; this complex model includes a model of forecasting general demand and a set of prognostic models of subproblems. Recommendations for implementation of each level with regard for specificity of science-intensive projects and branch markets were presented. Implementation of the proposed approach will allow manufacturers to estimate adequately the market potential of equipment created during developing high technology projects, to develop certain technical and economic requirements to a design-in-progress and to create preconditions for growth of cost-effectiveness of projects.

Education Sciences

77-30569/303288 Criteria and indicators of students` vocational thinking culture and levels of their development
# 02, February 2012
O.S. Matveeva
The necessity of development of students’ vocational thinking culture was described in this article. Besides, the author gives a definition of the "vocational thinking culture" concept and presents its components specifying the structure of this concept. The author also describes criteria, indicators and characteristics of levels of vocational thinking culture development; some testing materials were used to find out the level of vocational thinking culture and some results of the experiment at considering and evaluation stages of the experimental work were included in the article. The testing materials described in the work allowed to determine students’ levels of development of the vocational thinking culture. The developed criteria and indicators are of theoretical and practical importance for further research of vocational education problems.
77-30569/301014 Status and development of research on the activity-focused theory of learning in higher education
# 02, February 2012
Yu.G. Fokin
The first in the history of education, collective consideration of all parts and features of activity-based learning paradigm in higher education (concepts, learning theories and methods of analysis or development of specific training based on theory) is presented in this article. Application of the theory is provided by procedural guide to the implementation of activity-oriented teaching methods for the first time in the practice of secondary and higher school. Bibliography of author’s works on all stages of the paradigm’s development is also presented in this article.
77-30569/299700 System approach to teaching physics to engineers
# 02, February 2012
A.S. Chuev
The author proposes a new system of physical quantities and dependences that could be used in teaching physics. The author describes dimensional fundamentals of the multilevel system of physical quantities and the principle of determination and visualization of dependences, and also provides samples of such visualization for three divisions of physics: mechanics, thermal and emitting quantities and electromagnetic quantities and dependencies. The most valuable part of the system is that its users who understand the uniqueness of the system’s multilevel nature and formal rules of exploring dependencies could easily find dependences which present natural relationships. This way they can avoid thoughtless memorizing of numerous physical formulas. Furthermore, the skill of creating formulas from other formulas, which can be difficult for engineering students, becomes less important and not necessary.

Documentary Data

77-30569/327076 About metrological examination and most compelling problems of metrological support
# 02, February 2012
V.V. Poduvalcev
The article deals with problems of metrological assurance and forms of state regulation in the field of assurance of uniformity of measurements. It was shown that in terms of successful implementation of the innovation policy metrological assurance was only one of the few instruments of innovation development of science, engineering, technology and material science for their critical issues. It is necessary to develop an order of organization and conduct of metrological examination of contractual documentation, procedures for formalizing and implementation of results of metrological examination of contracts and  agreements. And it must be a very serious document of real professionals.


77-30569/308104 Optimization of transient processes in technical systems using simplex method and MatLab system
# 02, February 2012
V.Yu. Aliver
The author developed a complex of programs allowing to automate numerical multiple criteria optimization of transient processes. The simplex method and MatLab system were used for optimization. The complex is convenient, easy to expand and applicable for a wide range of technical systems.

General Problems of Engineer Education

77-30569/323937 Monitoring and estimation of students’ knowledge using module-rating system
# 02, February 2012
V.V. Burlai, N.E. Suflyaeva, L.R. Yurenkova
This article considers different ways of improving the module-rating system applied to the “Engineering Graphics” department. The authors analyzed features of current and scheduled academic performance ratings. It was suggested to control academic performance ratings of students continuously during the whole term. The survey of graphical tasks’ labor intensity showed that students spent more time in classes than 30 or 40 years ago; the quality level of training didn’t increase proportionally to time spent. Proposals concerning revision of set of disciplines in general and reducing the number non-core disciplines in favor of fundamental and technical disciplines were made. The authors suggested using new methods to motivate students; these methods are widely used at BMSTU.

Foreign Education

UK Still Destination of Choice for MBAs, Says GMAC
# 02, February 2012
Controversy over the UK government’s work visa policy has not deterred aspiring MBAs from outside the UK from applying to UK schools, according to the latest (2011) test result figures from the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), administrators of the GMAT test. Indeed the UK is now the second country of choice for MBA applicants after the US, overtaking Canada, which ranked second in the 2007 survey.According to GMAC 4.49 per cent of all test-takers sent their test scores to UK schools in 2011, up from 3.39 per cent in 2007. The US still dominates as the MBA location of choice, however, with 77.24 per cent of applicants sending their test scores to US schools.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Launches Free online 'Fully Automated' Course
# 02, February 2012
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the world's top-rated universities, has announced its first free course which can be studied and assessed completely online.An electronics course, beginning in March, will be the first prototype of an online project, known as MITx.The interactive course is designed to be fully automated, with successful students receiving a certificate.The US university says it wants MITx to "shatter barriers to education".This ground-breaking scheme represents a significant step forward in the use of technology to deliver higher education.
UNITED KINGDOM: University Maths 'too Difficult' for British Students
# 02, February 2012
Universities are being forced to “dumb down” standards of maths because of the sheer number of children leaving school with poor numeracy skills, according to research.Many institutions are “marginalising the mathematical content” of degree courses amid fears English students are incapable of the most basic sums, it emerged. Researchers said many subjects – outside of full maths degrees – required good levels of numeracy, particularly those employing quantitative research methods. This includes disciplines such as the social sciences, medicine and psychology.
INDIA: Big Jump in Students Taking Global Graduate Exam (Graduate Record Examination (GRE))
# 02, February 2012
As an indication that more Indian students are looking at foreign countries like the US for higher education, the Graduate Record Examination, or GRE, witnessed an increase of 43% in students taking the test from India last year, reports the Deccan Chronicle.Some 800,000 students took the examination from around the world in 2011, an increase of 13% over the year before.
Degree Places Switch From University to FE Colleges
# 02, February 2012
Further education colleges are going to play a bigger role in offering degrees in England, as colleges are awarded funding for thousands of places previously held by universities.Universities Minister David Willetts has announced that about half of the allocation of 20,000 lower-cost places will be in further education colleges.Places were reserved for institutions with fees of £7,500 per year or less.
IRELAND Could Soon Have Four More Universities
# 02, February 2012
Ireland could soon have four more universities if plans by institutes of technology get the go-ahead. The political battle is now up and running among the colleges to get the badge ‘technological university’, Kim Bielenberg reports for the Irish Independent.All the institutes of technology except IADT in Dun Laoghaire have come together in clusters and are seeking the new title. From Letterkenny down to Tralee, there are hopes for university status and the economic benefits that this could bring.
BANGLADESH: Private Universities Asked to Move Within a Year
# 02, February 2012
Private universities that have failed to move to their own permanent campuses have been given an extended ultimatum of one year, reports The Daily Star. No universities will be allowed to open new courses, programmes, institutes or faculties or extend their campuses until they move to comprehensive campuses.The decision came at a meeting of the University Grants Commission with Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid last week. The meeting was convened to take a decision about private universities that have failed to relocate as per the Private University Act 2010.

History of Progress

77-30569/347553 In commemoration of Alexander Graham Bell (03.03.1847 – 02.02.1922)
# 02, February 2012
V.P. Samokhin
The article presents a brief review of the main achievements made by Alexander Graham Bell – an outstanding American inventor, the author of 30 US patents in the field of telephony and recording-playing sound. A. G. Bell’s background was included along with some interesting facts of his life. His invention of the telephone started the development of mass communication equipment in America and Europe. R&D company Bell Laboratories has produced thousands of inventions, including the first actual sound system for cinematography. Several scientists of Bell Laboratories received the Nobel Prizes.
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