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# 09, September 2009

Science and Education
# 09, September 2009
A.B. Gospodchikova, A.V. Vlasov
Modelling of technological processes of processing by pressure demands the task of a curve of hardening of a deformable material. In practice it receive by means of experiences on a stretching and on compression. And experiences on a stretching allow to obtain the data at small degrees of deformation since the sample collapses. At tests for compression because of more favorable scheme of a tension destruction comes at the big degrees of deformation. However the inevitable friction on contact surfaces leads to heterogeneity of deformation on volume of the sample, and, hence, to infringement одноосного a tension.
System engineering of numerical programmed control by hydraulic press ПД476 (force 1600кН) for tiksopressing
# 09, September 2009
I.M. Koidan, A.M. Polikushin, V.V. Ovsyannikov, Yu.A. Bocharov
Now the increasing requirements are shown to quality of a product, stability of technological processes, a resource of work of the process equipment. The given problems allow to solve control systems improved in due course of technological process and the equipment. However development of new manufacturing techniques of details by a method of processing by pressure puts also new problems in management questions these technological processes. One of such technologies is the technology of punching of metals.
# 09, September 2009
A. Ya. Pogorilchuk, A.V. Vlasov
Radial forge - process at which two are used and more moving towards each other the tool for creation of shaft with constant or variable diameter on all length or pipes with changes of the internal or external sizes. At radial ковке with use 4 бойков metal in the deformation centre is in a condition of all-round non-uniform compression that allows to increase its technological plasticity.
About a problematics of maintenance of efficiency of multinomenclature machine-building manufacture
# 09, September 2009
A.A. Kudinov, A.A. Nefedov
The modern mechanical engineering is multinomenclature: more than 85 % of its enterprises are manufactures individual-serial types, and the share of the last among them steadily grows
Automatic control of a drive of the mechanism of adjustment of the closed height KGSHP with application of frequency management for increase of accuracy of the high-rise size details
# 09, September 2009
A.A. Ancifirov
  In this article are viewing the automatic operational regulation by closed gap of forging press with frequency-controlled drive application. Frequency-controlled drive producing by KEB company and consist of frequency converter 18.F5.M1H-3AEA and synchronous motor F2.SM.000-2400. Forging press is equipped with eccentric mechanism regulation of closed gap press, embodied in punch slide. Using the control system by mechanism regulation of closed gap press in automatic mode, will be allow to elevate the accuracy of forged piece high dimension. Regulation is performed on elastic deformation size. Using the automatic control system mechanism regulation and elevate the accuracy of forged piece high dimension will be permit to reduce number of the next mechanical processing of forged piece. The operation by frequency-controlled drive can be produce with computer or PLC application. The accuracy of control by frequency-controlled drive is ±1 degree from destination point of shaft drive. It will allow to realize precision positioning by mechanism regulation of closed gap press and therefore the linear positioning by press slide.

Foreign Education

SOUTH AFRICA: Provinces to get new universities
# 09, September 2009
Two of South Africa's provinces are to get new universities, Department of Higher Education and Training director-general Mary Metcalfe said recently, reports Sue Blaine for Business Day. Northern Cape and Mpumalanga are currently the only two of nine provinces that do not have public universities.
CHINA: Postgraduates lose free tuition
# 09, September 2009
Most Chinese postgraduate students will be forced to pay their own tuition fees at Beijing's top universities from next year, writes Wang Wei for China Daily. The Ministry of Education will cancel government-funded postgraduate programmes at all 36 universities affiliated to ministries in the capital. It said the move is designed to enhance the quality of postgraduate education and encourage competition among students. The ministry said it had trialled cancelled tuition fees since 2006, and the practice would now be expanded to include all universities supported by the central government across the country. Students with an excellent academic record can receive scholarships that cover tuition fees and also some research, the ministry said in a circular published on its website.
SOUTH KOREA: Universities hire more foreign teachers
# 09, September 2009
Aiming to strengthen their global competitiveness, local universities look eager to recruit more foreign professors, reports The Korea Herald. Seoul National University has hired 19 foreign professors for this autumn semester. The figure accounts for 32% of newly recruited professors at the university, which hired eight professors (21%) in the fall semester of last year.
INDIA: 50 foreign universities may want in
# 09, September 2009
As the Indian government prepares to allow entry of foreign education providers in the higher education sector, about 50 foreign universities - mostly from the US, UK and Australia - have expressed interest in setting up campuses in the country, writes Pallavi Singh for LiveMint & The Wall Street Journal. The universities have approached the Ministry of Human Resource Development in the last three months, a senior official said.
ENGLAND: 50,000 students in loan delays
# 09, September 2009
Up to 50,000 students in England face starting university this month without all the grants and loans they expected, writes Angela Harrison for BBC News. The Student Loans Company has struggled to cope with applications and says full payments will be made by late October. But it now says everyone who applied on time should receive at least the 'basic level' loan soon after courses start.
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