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# 08, August 2009

Science and Education
Designing of technological processes of manufacturing of details taking into account mutual influence of formed indicators of quality
# 08, August 2009
A.S. Vasyl'ev, A.A. Kudinov
The multiply-connected technological media generation on the level of the routing technological process for products manufacturing is considered. The strategy allowing to decide the problem of computer-assisted synthesis of routing technological process taking into account mechanisms of transformation, maintenance and mutual influence of generated quality characteristics is proposed.
Features of the high-intensity directed ultrasonic clearing of cooled channels of blade turbines engines
# 08, August 2009
I.A. Sirotkin
 In production and repair of aircraft gas turbine engines there is currently a great problem related to cleaning of turbine blades' cooling channels from various types of contamination. Nowadays a variety of cleaning methods has been invented which can be used for efficient cleaning of inner cavities. At the same time there is a problem of cleaning quality inspection in serial production. The article reports on the issue of cleaning quality inspection in modern gas turbine engineering.
THE integrativno-arsiologichesky approach to designing of teaching materials, programs and courses with application of the information technologies in the engineering education. 4. Ptdagogical innovations with use it of technologies in educational process of BMSTU
# 08, August 2009
G.,N. Fadeev, А.А Volkov, S.,A. Gastev
Term use "the information-educational environment" an essence reflexion of the situation which have developed in a traditional education system when was considered that it is system the organised set of databases of the information networks realising educational activity. Later there was a concept of "the information-pedagogical environment", presence of the databases realising information processes of open formation including besides. The concept "information field" of systems of the open remote formation, designating interrelations of information environments in a uniform information field has been put into circulation.
Research of dynamic cutting process by machining of high-temperature alloys
# 08, August 2009
M.G. Yakovlev
  The article is dedicated to development of nonlinear dynamic model of turning process that describes auto-oscillation of cutting tool
Neuronet-based methods of aircraft attainability domain scope approximation. 2. Three-dimensional case
# 08, August 2009
O.G. Kozlova
We discuss the problem of approximate three-dimensional dynamic system attainability domain construction.  We study neuronet-based solving approaches. As an example we discuss application of these methods for approximate construction of aircraft attainability domain distant scope.

Foreign Education

FRANCE: University grants rise by up to 3%
# 08, August 2009
The French government is increasing the size of the grants it gives to almost half a million university students by up to 3% to help them cope with rising costs, reports The Connexion. About 100,000 students from under-privileged backgrounds will be entitled to the 3% rise for this academic year. Another 350,000 students will see their grant grow by 1.5%. Higher Education Minister Valérie Pécresse has also announced a 10% increase in the emergency help fund for students who are not eligible for a grant but are in urgent need of financial support. The two combined measures will cost EUR50 million.
Macao to offer 1,000 internships in mainland to local college graduates
# 08, August 2009
Macao's Labor Affairs Bureau Tuesday announced an internship program under which some 1,000 local college graduates of the 2008/2009 academic year will have the opportunity to work as trainees in major enterprises on the Chinese mainland. The internship program will last for six to 12 months, which only college graduates with local residency are eligible to apply, according to the Bureau. Those mainland enterprises, where the Macao graduates will be trained, include banks, travel agencies and hotels.
US-CHINA: American graduates flock east
# 08, August 2009
Shanghai and Beijing are becoming new lands of opportunity for recent American college graduates who face unemployment nearing double digits at home, reports Hannah Seligson for The New York Times. Even those with limited or no knowledge of Chinese are heeding the call. They are lured by China's surging economy, the lower cost of living and a chance to bypass some of the dues-paying that is common to first jobs in the United States.
CANADA: Virtual textbooks transforming education
# 08, August 2009
The sound of students flipping through textbook pages may soon be a thing of the past, writes David Wylie for Canwest News Service. Instead, university and college students may be using their index fingers to silently scroll through virtual textbooks they've downloaded to their iPhone or iPod Touch. More than 7,000 post-secondary textbooks from 12 large publishers can now be downloaded though CourseSmart LLC for about half the cost of printed versions.
School offers reward for student recruits
# 08, August 2009
The perilous financial position for many independent schools in Jönköping in southern Sweden has led to one offering unusual incentives to persuade friends to sign up. Friskolan Vettergymnasiet in Jönköping is offering pupils hard cash if they can encourage their friends to sign up at the high school, Radio Jönköping reports.
SOUTH KOREA: Push for mergers of public universities
# 08, August 2009
South Korea's government is proposing a phased amalgamation of state universities as its efforts to restructure ailing institutions have been faltering in the face of stiff resistance, reports The Korea Herald. Under the plan, three or more universities in the same region will form an alliance with a single decision-making system but maintain separate campuses before fully merging within three years.
TAIWAN: Low enrolments for new academic year
# 08, August 2009
Latest figures show that Taiwan's colleges and universities will suffer their lowest enrolment and highest vacancies when the new semester begins in September, reports Taiwan News. Eighteen college and university departments in Taiwan failed to recruit any students for the coming semester, according to official figures.
THAILAND: Top seven to become research universities
# 08, August 2009
Seven Thai universities that appeared in the Top 500 of the Times Higher Education-QS World University Rankings in 2008 have qualified to become national research universities, reports Wannapa Phetdee for The Nation. The scheme to develop Thailand's leading institutions has been approved by cabinet and the Education Ministry will spend Bhat 12 billion - a third of a billion US$ - on it. They are the universities of Chulalongkorn, Mahidol, Kasetsart, Thammasat, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen and Prince of Songkla.
INDIA: Government plans 14 innovation universities
# 08, August 2009
India's Human Resource Development Ministry plans to set up 14 "innovation universities" from 2010 to build "disciplinary focuses" and push research and development, reports Business Standard. Minister Kapil Sibal also said last week that India had set a target of at least 30% of school leavers making it to college by 2020.
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