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# 07, July 2009

Science and Education
Neuronet-based methods of aircraft attainability domain scope approximation. 1. Two-dimensional case
# 07, July 2009
O.G. Kozlova
 We discuss the problem of approximate two-dimensional dynamic system attainability domain construction. We study neuronet-based solving approaches. As an example we discuss application of these methods for approximate construction of aircraft attainability domain distant scope.
Extrapolation of pseudorandom number sequence on maximum likeness
# 07, July 2009
I.A. Chuchueva, Y.N. Pavlov
This research in the field of extrapolation has begun in 2008 from developing model for extrapolation day ahead price on Russian energy market. Lately we notice that general idea of method is new so we decided to expand it for other pseudo random sequences. Objective of research is to obtain general algorithm of extrapolation of different pseudo random process (market and physical). We would like to implement comparison to any other models so we are open for any kind of cooperation
To a question of optimisation of designing of precision preparations under cold rolling of shovels gasoturbine engines
# 07, July 2009
V.V. Korshunova
  On the basis of the offered technique analytical dependences in a general view for definition of the geometrical sizes of preparation under cold rolling of shovels of gas turbine engines are established.
Research of process of expression of briquettes from a mix consisting of granules with various resistance to deformation
# 07, July 2009
D.P. Smirnov
  The Publication is dedicated to research of the structure composite material, which is got after pressing in briquette two alloys on base aluminum. The Source material - a briquette with determined by structure - is subjected to pressing under different temperature. Is it Herewith researched nature of the change the structure and deforming a component of composite material.
Manufacturing techniques of shovels with a sheeting a method of isothermal expression of bimetallic preparation under isothermal punching
# 07, July 2009
A.S. Kutykova
  Manner of the fixing of the defensive coating (covering) on blade is presented in publication. The Manner comprises of itself pressing stocking up, which consisting of two heterogeneous metals. The Internal part of composite stocking up is a base, and external part - a defensive covering. As a result got stocking up has a reliable defensive covering, which guarantee protection of the base metal when he working in gas ambience and under high temperature.

Educational Programs

Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning
# 07, July 2009
I. Stovall, M. Lindeman
  This workshop offered by instructors from the University of Illinois, in collaboration with Bauman Moscow State Technical University will provide participants with the knowledge needed to create, manage and teach high quality, interactive, fully online or Web enhanced courses.

Foreign Education

UK: Mandelson announces 10,000 extra university places
# 07, July 2009
The UK government last week announced an emergency 10,000 extra places at universities this autumn to ease the mounting pressure on the university admissions system - but refused to fully fund the expansion, writes Polly Curtis for The Guardian. The extra students will receive their grants and loans and pay tuition fees, but the universities will get no extra money directly from the government to cover teaching costs.
Tibetan monks and nuns turn to science
# 07, July 2009
Tibetan monks and nuns spend their lives studying the inner world of the mind rather than the physical world of matter. Yet for one month this spring a group of 91 monastics devoted themselves to the corporeal realm of science, reports The New York Times. Instead of delving into Buddhist texts on karma and emptiness, they learned about Galileo's law of accelerated motion, chromosomes, neurons and the Big Bang, among other far-ranging topics.
UK: Poorer students narrow the university gap
# 07, July 2009
More young students from poor backgrounds in Britain are going to university than ever before, narrowing the gap between rich and poor students' participation rates, new government figures suggest, writes Anthea Lipsett for The Guardian. Statistics on full-time young participation by socio-economic class released last week showed that the proportion of England's 18- to 20-year-olds from the top three socio-economic classes taking degrees fell to 41.2% in 2007-08, from 45.2% in 2002-03. Over the same period, going to university full-time became more common among the bottom four socio-economic groups, with participation rates increasing from 18.1% to 21%.
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