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# 06, June 2009

Science and Education
Working out of an experimental fuel assembly for reactor VVER-1000
# 06, June 2009
A.A. Satin
In given article the design of the experimental fuel assembly is considered, allowing to conduct tests of fuel elements in the conditions of the reactor core of a nuclear reactor.
Formation of rational structure of means of the enterprise: criteria of a choice of the decision at use of expert methods
# 06, June 2009
A.V. Pilyugina, A.G. Ivanov
  Main factors affecting the formation of business capital structure are examined. The possibility and appropriateness of application of hierarchy analysis method are shown, concerning the choice of efficient capital structure.
The Current Distribution On The Mirror Collimator Surface
# 06, June 2009
K.A. Semenov
The method of synthesis of the quasi-optimal field distribution in the mirror collimator work zone is taken up. The algorithm allowing to calculate the field in the collimator work zone with the help of computer simulation by surface current method is presented. The structure of the field in the work zone corresponding to quasi-optimal current distribution on the offset collimator surface is shown.
The model of convective and diffusion transfer in rod bundle with mixing grids Annotation
# 06, June 2009
P.V. Markov, V.I. Solonin, S.I. Tsirin
The model of convective and diffusion transfer in rod bundle with mixing grids was developed. Result of calculations were compared with experimental data. Heat transfer in simulation of fuel bundle of WWER-1000 were modeled

General Problems of Engineer Education

Application of collection of mechanisms in teaching mechanism design
# 06, June 2009
V.B. Tarabarin, CARBONE Giuseppe
This paper reports an application of mechanism models in teaching activity. In particular, Bauman Moscow State Technical University has a significant collection of historical and modern mechanisms. A quick survey of other significant collections of mechanisms is also reported in the text. Then, possible applications of the above-mentioned models for studying and teaching mechanisms design is discussed by referring to experiences at Bauman Moscow State Technical University and at LARM in Cassino

Foreign Education

Panel eyes new schools for vocational education
# 06, June 2009
Japan: A key government panel on education suggested the establishment of a new category of school that will attach primary importance to practical vocational training for high school graduates. The idea was suggested by the Central Council for Education as a measure to broaden the range of career choices for high school graduates and reduce the high rate of young people leaving employment. The move reflects public concern over the increasing number of part-time job hoppers and NEETs, a term that refers to young people not in education, employment or training. On Monday, a special committee of the panel to the education, science and technology minister compiled the draft of a report on the vocational independence of young people. The report states that the new schools will create a new category of educational body in addition to universities and vocational colleges
DU colleges to get hi-tech library
# 06, June 2009
Colleges under the umbrella of Delhi University (DU) is going to be hi-tech. Library of Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) is going to be fully air-conditioned. To keep a track on the books, a radio frequency identification system (RFID) will also be installed. With the installation of RFID, manual system of issue and deposit of books will be replaced. SGTB Khalsa College is also planning to make its library web based."Our college library is well stocked with 1,33,000 books some even dating back to 1919," said Jaswinder Singh Principal SGTB. The library at Kirori Mal College (KMC) has around 1.2 lakh books. It has CCTV cameras installed at strategic locations above the book shelves.
VIETNAM: US$400 million to build world-class universities
# 06, June 2009
'New model', 'high-quality' and 'quick access to international standard' were phrases used by Tran Thi Ha, Director of the University Education Department in the Ministry of Education and Training, when talking about plans to build four world-class universities, reports VietNamNet Bridge. Ha said one of the four universities of international standard will be the Vietnam-Germany University, which has been operating in HCM City with Germany being the main partner. The second university will be the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, whose strategic partner will be the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.
Education and business hand in hand
# 06, June 2009
Last week, the government created the new Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, which will have responsibility for higher and further education policy. Nobody would disagree that our universities and colleges are as much about the cultural bedrock of our society as the competitiveness of the economy. So why bring them into a department whose core remit is Britain's economic development? asks Peter Mandelson, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, in The Guardian. The simple answer is that the mission of the new department is to build Britain's resources of skill, knowledge and creativity. These things drive our competitiveness directly, but also indirectly by reinforcing our cultural awareness, confidence and sense of our past and future.
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