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# 03, March 2009

Science and Education
Functional model of a control system of medical diagnostic services.
# 03, March 2009
E.V. Sokolov, E.V. Kostyrin
In article working out of full and consistent functional model of a control system by medical diagnostic services is described carried out with use of the structural approach to designing
Review of the particle swarm optimization method (PSO) for a global optimization problem
# 03, March 2009
DOI: 10.7463/00309.0116072
A.P. Karpenko, E.Yu. Seliverstov
This paper presents review of the particle swarm optimization method (PSO) for a global optimization problem and its certain serial and parallel modifications.
Instrumental assessment of military equipment after the damaging effects
# 03, March 2009
In the article is considered the aufbau principle, the structure and the main deciding tasks of express-assessment system of technical state of explosive defense technologies after damaging influences. The offered tooling system of on-line diagnostics raises the efficiency of maintenance conditions of armament. This tooling system can be also the additional safety component by using of reactive, explosive and flammable products
Adaptive environments of creation of educational resources
# 03, March 2009
I.P. Norenkov, N.K. Sokolov, M.Yu. Uvarov
The content of education carried out by means of computer-aided learning systems is defined by electronic educational resources – electronic text-books, electronic tutorials, reference books, applied programs of virtual laboratories and soon. These resources are developed by special instrumental systems. The information about technology and instrumental system of electronic educational resources creation adaptable for individual features and demands of trainees is represented.
The mathematical models of objects for structural creation tasks
# 03, March 2009
V.A. Ovchinnikov
In this paper, the unified concept of  ultra-, hyper- and usual directed and un directed graph is given. The connection between this types  of graph models is shown. The formal rules for  matrix and  analytical representations each type of graph are cited. 
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