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# 01, January 2009

Science and Education
The decision of the differential equation of a smooth irregular line of transfer with T-waves
# 01, January 2009
S.L. Cherny'shev
Calculation of superbroadband devices, including devices of a filtration, radiation, etc. on smooth irregular lines of transfer (NLP) with T-waves is carried out with application of numerical methods as there are no analytical methods of calculation of their configuration. In this connection there is a constant search of the most effective methods of their synthesis. In given article the decision of the differential equation smooth NLP which considerably facilitates such synthesis is considered.
Imitation mathematical model for determining parameters of hyper-flexible elastic material with memory
# 01, January 2009
Chih-Hao Chao
  Possibility of experimental determination a resilient member construction material physico-mathematical characteristics is based on analyzing it’s answer to a test harmonical stress by a linear oscillator . Resilient member material has a shape memory.
Decision Support System for buying a car
# 01, January 2009
A.S. Myasnikov
All people are consumers. Competition among manufacturers improves products quality, reduces its costs and forces buyers to choose among variety of goods the product, which would be the best choice for any private client. For example, any motorist at least once in his life was to choose a make of acquired car. The abundance of car techno-economic characteristics do not allow the buyer to make a clear choice. A decision support system for buying a car based on the mathematical apparatus of fuzzy logic is presented in this paper.
Development of internal combustion engine mathematical model by using software PRADIS
# 01, January 2009
DOI: 10.7463/0109.0120505
A.P. Karpenko, D.T. Mukhlisullina, V.A. Ovchinnikov
The paper discusses a parameterized three-dimensional model of internal combustion engine mechanical subsystem as an element of computer aided system of engines.  The model consists of some units which makes it possible to build a model of engine with various construction schemes. The problem is solved by using software PRADIS for analysis of dynamic systems.
Display methods of ontologies. The review
# 01, January 2009
DOI: 10.7463/0109.0115931
A.P. Karpenko, R.S. Sykhar
The review of criteria of similarity ontologies, and also display methods ontologies is resulted
Computer Simulation of Helical Rolling Process in Terms of Eulerian Description of Continuum Movement
# 01, January 2009
A.A. Voskaniants, A.V. Ivanov
The paper deals with 3-D finite element analysis (FEA) of solid billet helical rolling process in terms of Eulerian description of continuun movement. The strained and stressed state of solid copper billet under 3-roll cold helical rolling process was investigated. The metal flow during the rolling process was estimated by using lengthwise and transversal rods specially implanted into the finite element model of the billet. As a result of computer simulation the time-dependent stress and strain fields and deformed shape of the billet and implanted rods were obtained. Power consumption of the process was estimated too. The analysis results were compared to the experimental ones and to the results of FEA in terms of Lagrangian finite element modelling problem definition.

Foreign Education

US: MIT shrinks size of physics classes
# 01, January 2009
For as long as anyone can remember, introductory physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was taught in a vast windowless amphitheatre known by its number, 26-100, writes Jodi Hilton for the New York Times. Squeezed into the rows of hard, folding wooden seats, as many as 300 freshmen anxiously took notes while the professor covered multiple blackboards with mathematical formulas and explained the principles of Newtonian mechanics and electromagnetism. But now, with physicists across the country pushing for universities to do a better job of teaching science, MIT has made a striking change.
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