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The problem of choosing means of information protection in auto-mated information systems based on the model of an antagonistic game
Engineering Bulletin # 04, April 2014
УДК: 004.056+519.83+519.854
Choice of automatic systems’ means of protection has been made in the article using a game of two players: protection player (Protector) and attacker player (Attacker). Players solve problems of choice that are Boolean programming problems. Protector chose means of protection and Attacker chose means of attack. A quality index for players is an index that determines possible damage of attacks. Protector ought to decrease the index but Attacker ought to increase its. There is costs constraint for each player. A minimax criterion has been suggested for Protector to solve means of protection choice problem. Precise and approximate algorithms for Protector were considered according to minimax criterion. Result of experiments with usage of the algorithms and an example has been presented.
The problem of distribution of jobs between the client and server in the simulation based on cloud computing technology and results of experiments on its solution
Engineering Bulletin # 01, January 2014
УДК: 004.738.5 : 519.854 : 519.872
In this article it is considered the problem of distribution of jobs of simulation between the client and the server for load balancing in the computing system based on technologies of cloud computing. For implementation of simulation models we used the special class library of the Java language. On the server simulation models are implemented in the form of servlets, on the client side – in the form of applets. The problem of distribution of jobs is formulated in the form of the task of discrete programming with the non-linear quality index, setting overall runtime of the set of jobs and requiring minimization, and the linear constraints. It is provided the example of the solution of the problem of distribution of jobs and results of experiments.
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