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Scientific and Practical Commentary on Specialists’ Professional Standards in Thermal
Engineering Education # 04, April 2016
DOI: 10.7463/0416.0837485
This article presents a scientific and practical commentary to the Russian official professional standards for specialists in installation and testing of thermal equipment; analysis and diagnosis of the technological complexes for thermal treatment; automation and mechanization of the processes of thermal manufacturing. The norms for classifying of the professional engagements and skill levels of these specialists according to the technical difficulty of thermal and thermo chemical equipment and corresponding technological processes were clarified. The concrete examples are represented. The necessity to ensure a high level of professional training of specialists in these areas is shown.Key wards: professional standards; thermal equipment; technological processes; technical difficulty; levels of professional skills.
Influence of ion nitriding and vacuum carburizing on wear resistance of VKS-7 and VKS-10 steels
Engineering Education # 06, June 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0613.0579264
Significant resources for improving the set of performance characteristics of essential machine parts are gathered in development of new technologies of thermal and thermochemical treatment, based on activation of processes of diffusion saturation and providing volumetric and surface ultra-finely-divided or nanostructured condition of constructional materials. Results of estimating wear resistance and micro-hardness of VKS-7 and VKS-10 steels after complex treatment, including two stages: 1 - preliminary plastic deformation by a warm compression method and 2 - ion nitriding or vacuum carburizing were presented. A conclusion on the correlation between hardness and wear resistance was drawn.
Investigation of durability of VKS-7 and VKS-10 steels after vacuum carbonization and vacuum carbonitriding
Engineering Education # 05, May 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0513.0568124
Development of new technologies of thermal and thermochemical treatment, based on the activation of cementation processes and which could provide volume and surface finely-divided or nanostructured state of constructional materials appeared to be a very powerful method to increase the durability of critical machine elements. Results of estimating the durability and micro-hardness of VKS -7 and VKS-10 steels were presented in this article after complex processing which consisted of two stages: 1 – preliminary plastic deformation by means of warm shortening and 2- plasma nitration or vacuum carbonization. Analysis of the relation between hardness and durability was carried out.
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