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77-48211/541868 Acmeology as a research, educational and applied branch of the humanities
Engineering Education # 07, July 2013
Data on the state and development of acmeology, which is a new scientific and educational branch of the humanities, are presented in this article. This sphere of science is not well-known in Russia and almost unknown abroad. The main aim of this article is to demonstrate a comprehensive and in-depth penetration of acmeology into scientific and practical knowledge. Scientific and social value of acmeology is conditioned by the novelty and originality of its object field. Development prospects of acmeology are associated with its openness to outer needs and with the development of the innovative methodology. Special educational programs for teaching acmeology were developed; they provide training of psychologists in acmeology. Acmeology is also focused on usage of psychological and acmeological data for professionalism upgrading and for activation of personal growth.
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