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Simulation of air pressure losses in the finned tube bundle of an air condenser
Engineering Education # 03, March 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0313.0544307
The authors describe an approach to numerical simulation of air flows in the box of an air condenser by replacing the tube bundle geometry with an anisotropic filter - that is, with a selected area in the computational model with the given hydraulic resistance. Hydraulic characteristic of the finned air condenser’s heat-exchange surface was determined by using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) along with FlowVision, Phoenics and OpenFoam software in order to set the properties of the anisotropic filter correctly. The obtained results allow to simulate a three-dimensional air flow inside the box of an air condenser and determine parameter fields of the flow at the input and output of the tube bundle without direct numerical simulation of the air flow in the intertubular space.

Engineering Bulletin # 08, August 2012
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