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Problems of minimizing summary characteristic velocity required for maintenance and replenishment of satellite systems at non-coplanar circular orbits
Engineering Education # 09, September 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0913.0598333
This article describes cost estimations of summary characteristic velocity (SCV) required for replenishment of satellite systems at circular and near-circular orbits. TSCV costs optimization for maneuvering is based on using a parking orbit. All possible combinations of values of initial and final orbit parameters were investigated sequentially. The accompanying effects were analyzed; consideration of these effects allows to minimize SCV costs significantly. Analytical relations which determine a number of passive circuits at a parking orbit representing a compromise between time and SCV costs for coplanar flights were found. The obtained results could be used for minimization of temporal and energetic costs while designing and exploiting specified types of satellite systems. In addition, these results are applicable in exploitation of maneuvering space vehicles designed for collecting large-sized space debris.

# 07, July 2012
УДК: 629.762.2
Program module for graphic representation of aircraft flight parameters and coordinates
# 07, July 2012
In this article development of program module for postprocessing of aircraft flight parameters and coordinates, gained in the mathematical simulation of aircraft motion, is reported. An abstract of operating mathematical techniques is given. Developed module can be applied for graphic representation and preliminary analysis of data, obtained in mathematical simulation of aircraft flight. The introduced module can became in addition a prototype for more advanced postprocessing software.

# 05, May 2012
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