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# 07, July 2012
The new method of numerical estimation of mechanical impulse is passed to the channel wall by cavitating gas-bubble collapsed near the one, was developed.For the first time the process of influence of cavitating bubble on a channel wall was considered as a point explosion in an incompressible liquid. The process of  influence of empty cavity that is generated on the place of collapse cavitating bubble, on the channel wall was considered. The influence of  beginning radius of cavitating bubble and a distance to channel wall on a impulse value was investigated.    The  cavitating bubble has spherical shape, process of bubble evolution is adiabatic; liquid – water.
Model of the impact of a cavitation bubble on the channel wall in the approximation of point explosion in an incompressible fluid
Engineering Education # 07, July 2012
DOI: 10.7463/0712.0435175
The authors developed a method for numerical evaluation of the mechanical momentum transferred to the wall by the gas-bubble cavitation at the moment when it collapses near the wall of the channel. For the first time the impact of the cavitation bubble on the wall is considered as a point explosion in an incompressible fluid. The impact of the empty cavity formed on the spot of the explosion of the bubble on the wall of the channel. The authors obtained the dependence of the momentum transferred to the channel wall on the initial bubble radius and the distance to the wall on which the bubbles collapses. The cavitation bubble is considered spherical, and the process of its evolution is adiabatic. In the calculations the authors considered water as the liquid.
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